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Bhishma did not get female pleasure due to this curse

Bhishma did not get female pleasure due to this curse

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             The curse was given by the sage Vasishta to Pitamah Bhishma, which is described in the Adi Parv of Mahabharata.  Actually, this curse was found in Pitamah Bhishma in his previous birth.  That too because of his wife.  The result of which he had to repay in his next birth as Bhishma.

According to the story : -

           Pitamah Bhishma in his former life, was a vasu who lived with his wife in Swargalok.  His name was Dhou.  Once, he and his wife were traveling.  So his wife saw on Maharishi Vasistha's ashram where Nandini cow was eating grass.  Seeing Nandini's cow, Dhou's wife insisted on getting that cow.  Now Dhou knew that Maharishi Vasistha would not give Nandini cow at all.

Hence, he along with his brothers decided to steal the Nandini cow and in accordance with the plan, Nandini cow stole from Vashistha's ashram.  But he did not know the powers of Maharishi Vasishta.  So when Maharishi Vashistha did not see Nandini cow in his ashram, he started looking for his all around, but even after finding it, when she could not find it, he used his divine eye by meditating which he knew the theft of Nandini cow.
Therefore, the angry sage cursed the Vasus that even as a resident of heaven, the way you all have done this vile act, you all will fall from heaven and you all will have to bear the punishment of this crime by taking birth in the earth and cursed the dhyo that "You  At the behest of a woman, you have committed this sin. So you will not get female happiness in the earth. When the Vasus came to know about this, they started apologizing to Muni Vasishtha, then Maharishi Vasistha granted forgiveness to all the Vasus except Dhyo.  .

Due to this curse Bhishma had to stay on earth for a long time while Goddess Ganga gave salvation to her other Vasu brothers soon after birth.

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