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God, avatar and divine stories -2

God, avatar and divine stories -2

In the previous post of the blog, all of you learned about the Avatar and read some type of the avatar . I am presenting the second part of that series, moving forward. Hope that you all will like my efforts.  The link of the first part of the series will be given at the end of the article.

People often get confused about Lord Krishna who is this Mahavishnu?  Or is this almighty supreme powerful God?  Some great personalities have considered three major elements of God - 'Vishnu', 'Mahavishnu' and 'Maheshwar'.  All three are included in Lord Shri Krishna.

It has been described in Brahmavaivartpurana (Srikrishna Khand) that when the devi pruithvi (earth) is frightened and sad goes to the shelter of thecreator Brahma ji,  then Brahma ji along with the gods reach Maheshwar Shri Krishna's Golok dham. Narayan rishi also stays with him.  Lord Krishna accepts incarnation on the request of Lord Brahma, Earth and Gods, then the incarnation begins to take place. Suddenly a beautiful chariot made of unnatural elements, equipped with divine gems, is seen. Mahavishnu taking with sankha-chakra-gada-lotus in all four hands appears on that chariot. Mahavishnu descend from chariot and merge into the body of Maheshwar Shri Krishna. But even after the merge of Mahavishnu, the form of Shrikrishna's avatar was not fully formed, then the earth lord Srivishnu, who was mounted on a second golden chariot, was shown there and he also merged in the body of Shriradhikeshwar Shree Krishna. Now the for incarnation earthly elements was required. Narayana Rishi was there, he also merged in them and thus Mahavishnu-Vishnu-Narayana form himself Maheshwar Lord Shri Krishna was took avatar and Narayan's fellow Nar rishi also appeared as Arjuna an aid to Avatar leela. According to Shrimad Bhagwat, Kansa, Jarasandha, and other asura forms distraught with the misdeeds of evil kings and Pruithvi devi( the earth) taking cow form with sadly mind goes to Brahmaji and Brahmaji along with Lord Shankar and other deities reach Kshirsagar and worship the purush form God who is sleeping on the Sheshnag.

This purusha is the king of the earth, hence the earth narrates own grief to him. After worshiping of God , Brahma ji gone to meditation and in the samadhi state Brahmaji heard the voice of God. Subsequently Brahma ji say to the gods - "Gods!"  I have heard the voice of God, you all listen to me and then do it accordingly without delay.  God has to knew the problem of earth even before our request . He is God of God ,to solve the problem of the earth by own kaalshakti(destroying power) ,as long as he will play leela on the earth, till then you all also take birth in Yadukul and contribute to their leela. These supreme God himself will appear in the house of Vasudev ji. Devganas should also take birth there to serve him and his beloved (Shriradhaji). '
Kaal is very cruel.  As time progresses, so also the moment-hours, day-night, month-year, yuga-kalp etc. change.  Even after changing all this, God remains the same.  The one who was in Kritayuga, Treta and Dwapar, the same exists today in Kali Yuga. He is true in all three periods (present,past,future) and also his nature.

That nature includes the sun or the moon, the air or the fire, the water or the earth, the sky or the hades, the clouds or the rain, the winter or the summer. These are all contained in nature and no one can change them. Although twenty-four incarnations of Shri Paramatma are mentioned in the scriptures of our Sanatan dharma but many times the God have to come in this world by taking many forms for the devotees. It is said that devotees  Namdev, Tukaram, Dnyaneshwar, Eknath and Samarth Guru Ramdas, etc. had seen Shri Paramatma many times. According to a proverb, only Namdev ji had received darshan seventy-two times.  If we believe this fact to be true, then there is no shortage of such devotees on this earth, for whom he himself come in some form to fulfill their work or give darshan to them.
Once a devotee asked a saint “Maharaj!  Is it possible to see God with these eyes?  On this, these saints remained calm.  He then asked the same question, yet the saint kept listening quietly. When the inquisitor asked him for the third time, the saint smiled and said, "Vats!  Do you want to see or just want to hear ”? Hearing this, that devotee got into some confusion, but then thoughtfully said something, “Maharaj!  The best if you can show, even if you tell otherwise it is also fine ”.

At this Saint Ji asked him, "What is your name"?  He quickly answered 'Ramu'.  The saint held his hand and asked "Well what is this"?  So he said 'hand'.  Holding his feet and asking 'What is this'?  So he said 'feet'. In this way, he kept on asking all the parts of the body and that devotee kept telling him.  Finally, the inquisitor asked, "Maharaj!  Why are you asking all this?  Then the Saint said "Dear!  I was looking for Ramu in your body, but I could not find him anywhere.
Hearing this, the inquisitor said, "Maharaj!  What kind of thing are you talking about?  Hearing this, the saint said, “Friend!  Now you said that I am Ramu, then where did he go ”?  Sant said, "Ramu!
Just as your name is not seen anywhere in this body, similarly God cannot be seen with these eyes, even though it is absorbed in all. ”
The saint again told, "Lord Shri Krishna has said in the seventh verse of the fifteenth chapter of the Gita - that this soul is my eternal part in this body and it attracts the mind and the five senses located in these nature. Vats !  He would not have said this verse spontaneously?  Every sentence of Parmatma is meaningful and true, but what can anyone do if we do not understand it?
The saint further said, "If you want that I can see him with these eyes, then for that you will have to work very hard.  Paramatma takes incarnation of every moment, but to see him, we need an eye of knowledge. Just as according to science, there are many small creatures in every drop of water, to see which we need scientific microscope, similarly we need knowledge eyes to see the Creator. The disciple became enlightened after listening to the saint and he became a dependent of God.  From the above narrative, it becomes clear that God is everywhere, it is necessary to seek his grace for his vision . In the modern era, every human being is becoming alienated from the God and in front of their illusion, they are running after him.  Although every human being understands that nothing is going to be achieved in the end, but even then why does they do it.

That is why it should always be remembered that neither something has come together nor anything will go together. In this creation, God has made every human being his own form and make them as his child, because in nature, in  eighty four million species , the child of a creature like it, also takes the same form as the crow to crow.  Cuckoo to cuckoo, goose to goose, buck to buck, ox to ox, goat to goat etc.
It is clear from this that we are all children of the same nature as God and consider him to be our father and mother etc. If we live in the world, then there is no point in grieving.  Godly Father brings happiness to everyone. If we accept this fact as true, then it is a matter of consideration that in this human world, every day, every moments some human being must come to birth in this earth, that is to say, it is as if the divine God itself has soul form born in the earth. Therefore, service-worship of everyone should be considered as service-worship of Narayan.

 In this world, just as the worship of God or worship is organized, in the Indian culture, the worship of great men, Guru, acharya or saints is also done, that is, the holy post of God to his devotees also receives.  That is why God himself has revealed the glory of the devotees with his mouth. This law of the incarnation of Shri God in nature has been going on uninterrupted since time immemorial and will continue to go on.  This is the reason why in the Indian literature , Paramatma has been considered as eternal.

The rest will continue in the next article.....

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