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Ekadashis's Stories (PART :-10)

Ekadashis's Stories (PART :-10)

Hello friends .... Today the series of stories of Ekadashis are ending on this blog.  The stories of 26 Ekadashis now end here. Now some days I will write some religious stories, I will try to write some topics related to spirituality as well. After this, I am planning to write fasts stories related to all the seven days of the week and also will be write  fasts stories coming in every month. If today's story is also liked by you, my happiness lies in this. Thank you from the heart and thank you for expressing your happiness through mail to me. All of you are requested again to share the article on social media and follow my blog. So that keeps me excited and writing power.  At the end of the article, all of you will get a link to the ninth part. ................Thank you

25 . Amalaki(Rangabhari) Ekadashi .

This Ekadashi is also known as Amalaki Ekadashi and Rangabhari Ekadashi.  Ekadashi fast has special significance in Hindu beliefs.  Ekadashi falls on both pakshas of month. The word amalaki represents Indian amla. According to mythology, it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu reside in the Amla tree.

Thus, this tree is considered highly auspicious. People worship and praise the tree on the eve of Amalaki Ekadashi. Amalaki Ekadashi is very important in terms of health. The seasons change after Phalgun. There is a knock of warmth after the departure of winter. The effect of this change in the weather falls on our health. If seen, an attempt has been made to establish the importance of Amla through Amalaki Ekadashi. Amla is a good source of vitamins.  The use of Amla in many diseases is panacea. According to the name, the person worships Amla and Amla tree in this fast. By doing this, you get victory over enemies and sudden problems and the person is freed from all kinds of sin.  Amalaki means Amla. Amla is nectar fruit. This fruit and its tree has been considered very sacred, in Hindu scriptures, it is said to be superior and holy like Ganges. According to the Padma Purana, the Amalaki or Amla tree has been born with the blessings of Lord Vishnu, that is why this tree is very dear to the gods, that is why the tree is also called the tree of gods, that is why the worship of Amla tree's worshiped on many auspicious occasions is performed. According to the belief, observing the fast of Rangbhari Ekadashi eliminates all kinds of sins and gives a virtuous result. In the Hindu scriptures, bathing, donating and fasting on the day of Rangabhari Ekadashi has been reported to yield results equal to  donation thousands of cows. On this day Baba Vishwanath is specially decorated and this day is considered to be the beginning of Holi festival in Kashi. On this day, the 6-day color festival of Rangabari Gyaras festival begins in Kashi, the city of Lord Shiva, which is celebrated till Holi festival. On this day special worship of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is done with Lord Vishnu. Amalaki means Amla has a great place in the scriptures.  When Vishnu gave birth to Brahma for the creation of the world, he gave birth to the Amla tree. Amla is revered by Lord Vishnu as the Adi tree. In every part of it, the place of God is considered. On this day, Khatu Shyam's fair is seen in the Sikar of Rajasthan. On this day in Kashi, there is tremendous love with color and gulal everywhere.

Therefore, it is also known as Rangbharni Ekadashi.  Let us tell you that there is a story related to Mahadev and Mata Parvati behind the name of Amalaki as Rangbharani.  Apart from this, there is another story behind Amla i.e. Amalaki Ekadashi, let us know in detail….

*** There is a story about Rangbharni Ekadashi that when Bholenath first visits his beloved city of Kashi after his marriage to Gauri, this incident is celebrates the same day as Rangbharni Ekadashi in the arrival of mother Parvati.  It is said that on that day, the whole city was decorated with various colors to welcome Mother Parvati. Since then, this tradition continues even today.  Here, celebrating Ekadashi which falls before Holi is celebrated as Rangbharni Ekadashi. The entire Kashi is decorated with colors and gulals.  Baba Vishwanath has a special makeup. The vast preparations are made to welcome Mother Gauri and Shiva.

*** Another story is associated with Amalaki Ekadashi. According to this, there is a story of giving a vision of Khatushyam in Sikar of Rajasthan. It is believed that on this day Baba Shyam's head appeared in Shyam Kund for the first time.  Since then, a fair is organized in Khatu Dham on the occasion of this Ekadashi which falls before Holi.  Where the devotees worship Khatu Shyam and pray to them for the happiness and prosperity of their family.

*** The story should be heard after fasting on Amalaki Ekadashi.  Which is such that one day Maharaj Yudhishthira asked Lord Shri Krishna about the importance of Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha in the month of Falgun. Then Lord Krishna says that this Ekadashi is called Amalaki Ekadashi.

The story is found once when Lord Vishnu revealed vow, a point resembling the moon was revealed on the earth. Amla plant was born from that.  At the same time Lord Vishnu originated Lord Brahma for the creation of creation. Also originated the gods, Gandharvas, Yakshas, ​​demons and monsters. Then everyone went to the this plant.  Everyone was surprised to see him. Because before that he did not know about any such plant.  Then there was the an Akashwani said that O sages! this is the best in all plants.This is Amalak tree . Which is very dear to Lord Vishnu. Not only this, the memorization of amla gets the blessings of cow donation.  At the same time, to touch this give doubling results and eating this give thrice results in virtue.  Amla tree is said to be the destroyer of sins.  The story goes further that at its core Lord Vishnu, Brahma and Lord Bholenath reside.  Muni in branches, Gods in twigs, Vasu in leaves and Prajapati resides in fruits. Therefore, whoever worships this Amla plant or tree gets special blessings of Lord Vishnu. Everyone asked that Akashvaani, who are you Then came the voice that the knower of pasts and the doer of present and future, who is present everywhere in the invisible stage. I am the same Vishnu. Everyone bowed to Akashvani. Lord Vishnu was pleased and asked everyone to ask for a boon. On this, all the sages said that if you are happy, then give some remedy that will attain heaven and salvation. After this, Lord Vishnu said that whoever observes Amalaki Ekadashi fasting of Shukla Paksha Ekadashi in Falgun month will fulfill all his wishes.
*** In the Brahmanda Purana, the significance of 'Amalaki Ekadashi' of Shukla Paksha of Falgun month is described in Mandhata and Vasishta conversation . Once Mandhata ji prayed to Vashistha, O sage!  If you are happy with me, if you are pleased with me, then please show me a fast that I can get real welfare by following. In response to this, Vashist ji was pleased and said, O Rajan!  Let me tell you the story of a secret, mysterious and very welfare fast of the scriptures, which is going to give all kinds of welfare . O Rajan!  The name of this fast is Amalaki Ekadashi fast.  This fast is the destroyer of the biggest sins, the results of the virtue of donating a thousand cows and the salvation provider.
The people of Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra varna lived very happily in the ancient city of Vaidish.  The people there were naturally healthy and strong. O Rajan!  There was no any persons, sinner or atheist in that city.  In this city where there was a ritual of Vedic Karma.  This city used to resonate with the sound of Vedas.  Chandravanshi kings ruled in that city. In this Chandravanshi dynasty, a charitable and dignified king named Chitrarath was born.  This king was very powerful, brave, rich, fortunate and also a scholar.  The subjects had great happiness in this king's kingdom. The whole environment was favorable.  All the subjects here were Vishnu's devotee.  All people used to observe Ekadashi.  No impoverished or miser was seen in this state. Thus the king, along with the subjects, ruled happily for many years.
Once Falgun Shuklapakshi Dwadashi Samyukta Amalaki Ekadashi arrived.  Knowing that this Ekadashi is going to give greatest results, the boys, old, young, women and men of the city and the king himself also followed this Ekadashi fast with full rules. On Ekadashi,  early morning the king finished bathing in the river and went to the temple of Lord Vishnu on the banks of the same river with all the subjects.  He established the God there by furnishing divine scented water vase with umbrella, cloth, paduka etc. After this, by lighting incense and lamps, worshiped Lord Sriparashurama with Amalaki i.e. Amla and finally prayed O Parashuram!  O Renuka's soothing!  O Salvation Provider!  Greetings to you. O Amalaki!  O  Brahmaputri!  O dhaatri !  O Papanashini!  Namaskaram to you ! You accept my worship. In this way, the king along with the people of his subjects performed the night awakening while listening to the sacred character saga of Lord Shri Vishnu and Lord Sriparasuram ji by listening to the saga, hearing and reciting the glory of Ekadashi.
The same evening a hunter arrived there hunting.

He used to spend the day by killing creatures. After seeing the night awakening while performing Hari Kirtan, equipped with Deepmalaas and gathered by many people, the hunter started wondering what all this is happening? On seeing Ekadashi fast there, he saw the devotees .  He saw Lord Sridamodar ji sitting on the Kalash and sat there listening to the character of Lord Shrihari. Even after being hungry thirsty, he also awakened the night while listening to the story of importance of Ekadashi fasting and glorifying Lord Shrihari.  At dawn, the king went to his city with his subjects and the hunter also returned to his house and he ate food on time. After some time when that hunter died, with the effect of spontaneously observing Ekadashi fast and awakening the night on Ekadashi date, that hunter in his second birth named huge wealth, army, feudal, elephant, horse, chariots etc. He Born as a son of a king named Viduratha of the  Jayanti city. He became mighty like the sun, forgiving like the earth, devout, sincere and with many virtues, devotion to Lord Vishnu and began to ruled on one lac villages.  He was also a great donor.  In this birth, its name was Vasurath. Once he went to the forest to hunt and lost the way.  Tired of wandering in the forest, tired of thirst, sleeping in the forest with a pillow of his arms.  At the same time, Malechha Yavan, who lives in the mountains, came to the sleeping king and tried to kill the king. They were bent upon killing the king as an enemy. They had some such confusion that this is the same person who killed our parents, son and grandson etc. and that is why we are wandering in the forest.  But surprisingly, the weapons thrown by those people did not fall on the king . The king did not even scratch.  When their weapons were exhausted, they all got scared and could not move even one step.  Then everyone saw that at the same time a supreme beautiful goddess appeared with many jewels with divine smell from the body of the king. She was becoming angry eye with fierce fury .  Seeing this form of that goddess, all the yavana started running here and there, but that goddess killed all the malechchha  in a moment with a chakra in her hand. When the king woke up and saw this terrible massacre, he was surprised.  Also became fearful.  Seeing those fiercely shaped malachis dead, the king wondered with awe that who protected me to  by killing my enemies ?? Who is my kind friend here?  However, I thank him very much for his great work.  At the same time, Akashvani said that except God Keshav, who else is there to protect the refugees? Therefore, only the refugee guard, the refugee protector Shrihari, has protected you.  The king was pleased to hear that Akashvani, at the same time, being very grateful at the feet of Lord Srihari, returned to his kingdom, praising God and started ruling the kingdom without fear .

Vashisht ji says, "O Rajan! Those who follow this Amalaki Ekadashi fast surely attain Vishnuloka."

The power of Lord Shrihari defeats all our sufferings.  It is fully capable of protecting not only humans but also the gods.  With this power, Lord Vishnu killed the demons Madhu-kaitabha.  By becoming this power, Utpana Ekadashi killed the demon named Mur and made him happy by defeating the suffering of God.

26 . Kamika Ekadashi .

Sawan is the beloved month of Shiva and Ekadashi is the beloved date of Lord Vishnu.  Krishna Paksha Ekadashi, which falls in the month of Shravan, is called Kamika Ekadashi.  Kamika Ekadashi is considered to be the best vow of Lord Vishnu. The importance of this Ekadashi is further enhanced by coming in the month of Sawan.  Lord Shiva should be worshiped along with Lord Vishnu in this fast.  Worship the sun god in this fast.
Due to the effect of this fast, spoiled works are also formed. Man is freed from all sins and attains Vishnu Loka. Kamika Ekadashi is considered very important for spiritual seekers, as it destroys all negativity from consciousness and fills the mind and heart with divine light. Dashami, Ekadashi and Dwadashi follow the rules of Kamika Ekadashi. During these three days the people should not consume rice.  Take food at a time on Dashami and nothing should be eaten after sunset. Awakening on the night of Ekadashi. On the day of Dwadashi one should worship and donate. Do not cut plants & trees on Ekadashi.  No one should be condemned. Worshiping Lord Shri Hari in Shravan worships all the deities, Gandharvas etc.  Deepdan has special significance on the night of Kamika Ekadashi. Must offer butter mishri and tulsi leaves to God.  Chant the name of Vishnu Sahastra.  Use Tulsi leaves in fruit diet.  Offer yellow clothes to Lord Vishnu.  Provide food grains for birds.

Lets go to story of Kamika Ekadashi. 

Once a Kshatriya lived in a village.  For some reason, one day he got upset with a Brahmin.  The quarrel grew so much that both came down on the melee, and then the Brahmin was killed at the hands of a Kshatriya by mistake. He did not want to kill him at all, but inadvertently committed this sin. To repent of his mistake, he urged the Brahmins to participate in the same last action. But everyone refused and said you have incurred the sin of killing a Brahmin, so if possible, repent and get rid of this sin, otherwise you will get hell.
Hearing this, the Kshatriya got scared and started asking him the solution of sin.

Then the Brahmins suggested her to observe the fast of Kamika Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Shravan month and said that by doing this fast you will get rid of sins and only then all Brahmins will be able to come to your house atonement. Hearing this, he obeyed Kamika Ekadashi in a devout manner and Vishnu was pleased with this fast and gave him darshan. He was very happy to see Shree Vishnu and he bowed him again and again.  Then Lord Vishnu freed him from the sin of killing Brahmahatya and gave place in the Baikuntha loka. Thus, whoever narrates this story, Narayana is pleased with it and saves him .

Ekadashi fasting is considered as one of the best fasts.  The Lord of Ekadashi Tithi is Vishwadeva and his worship fulfills desire.  All the deities get this worship by worshiping him.

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Ekadashis's Stories (PART :-09)

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