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Ekadashis's Stories (PART :-07)

Ekadashis's Stories (PART :-07)

Hello friends .... I am again present with three stories of Ekadashi.I hope that you will like this article like the previous article and your knowledge will increase. My purpose is to give you information only.  Whenever all of you have a desire to observe Ekadashi, do this fast only after taking advice from a qualified scholar. If you like my article, do share it on social media.  A link to the previous article will also be found at the end of the article. Till then you earn knowledge from this article and wait for the next article. Just like Krishna Paksha Ekadashi, so is Shukla Paksha; There should be no distinction between them. Like white cow or black color, both of them have the same milk, in the same way, both paksha' s of Ekadashi have the same results. Therefore, religious people should consider both Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha Ekadashi alike. Do not discriminate among them. Only pure and sattvic thoughts should be given place in the heart. A person who reads or listens to the glory of Ekadashi fasting, gets rid of all sins and is revered in Baikuntha.

16 . Rama(Rambha) Ekadashi .

Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month is known as Rama Ekadashi. This Ekadashi coming before Dhanteras and Diwali has religious significance. It is said in the Padma Purana that fasting on this day leads to salvation.

This Ekadashi is also called Rambha Ekadashi.  This is the last Ekadashi of Chaturmas. By observing this fast on this Ekadashi, sins are eliminated, women get the blessing of a happy married life. Lord Vishnu is worshiped as Lord Krishna in Rama Ekadashi. It is believed that by worshiping Shri Krishna on Rama Ekadashi through fasting's rule, one gets happiness and good fortune.  This fast gives men the blessings of a pleasant worldly and family life.  By observing this fast, not only human life is successful but salvation is attained after death. It is said that the person who performs this fast, all his sins are destroyed. The fortunes of fortunate women remain unbroken due to the impact of this fast. If anyone cannot fast, then read or listen to the fast story. The story of Rama Ekadashi fasting is very fruitful. Everyone who reads or listens to it has their wishes fulfilled.
Great sins like Brahmhatya are also destroyed by the effects of this Ekadashi.  If you have inadvertently committed any sin, then you can observe Rama Ekadashi fast to atone for that sin. The effect of this fast also gives freedom from extreme sins, it has been told in the Padmpuran.
The month of Kartik is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.  However Lord Vishnu is sleeping at this time and he wakes up after four months on Kartik Shukla Ekadashi. But all the festivals which come in Krishna Paksha are related to Goddess Lakshmi in some way or the other. On Diwali it is specially done till Lakshmi Pujan. Therefore, the worship of Goddess Lakshmi begins with her fasting on Kartik Krishna Ekadashi. Mata Lakshmi also has another name Rama, so this Ekadashi is also called Rama Ekadashi. According to mythological texts, when Yudhishthra asked Lord Krishna about Krishna Ekadashi of Kartik month, Krishna told him that this Ekadashi is called Rama Ekadashi.  By observing it, one gets happiness, prosperity and finally Baikuntha.

This story is mentioned in Sripadma Purana as follows-

 In one city there was a majestic king named Muchukund. He had a daughter named Chandrabhaga. The king married his daughter with Shobhan, the son of King Chandrasen. Shobhan was a bit weak. He could not live without eating even for a time. Once Shobhan came to his in-laws with his wife in the month of Karthik. Then Rama Ekadashi arrived.  Everyone used to observe this fast in the home state of Chandrabhaga. Shobhan was also asked to keep this fast. But Shobhan became worried about the fact that he could not stay hungry for a single moment. Then how will he fast on Rama Ekadashi.
Taking this concern, he went to his wife and asked for some solutions.  On this Chandrabhaga said that if this is the case then you have to go out of the state.  Because there is no one in the state who does deny observe this fast.  Even animals do not take food. But Shobhan refused to accept this remedy and decided to fast.  The next day Sobhan also observed Ekadashi fast with everyone.  But he could not tolerate hunger and thirst and gave up his life. The king carried Sobhan's dead body into the river. Chandrabhaga wanted to be Sati.  But his father ordered that she should not do so and trust Lord Vishnu's grace.  Chandrabhaga did not become sati according to her father's order.  She started fasting on Ekadashi by staying at her father's house.
On the other hand, due to the influence of Rama Ekadashi, Sobhan was taken out of the water and by the grace of Lord Vishnu, he got a enemy free city named Devpur, full of wealth and property , on Mount Mandarachal.  He was made the king of there. There were gems and golden pillars in his palace.  King Sobhan was sitting on the throne of gold and jewels wearing beautiful clothes and jewelery. Gandharvas and Apsaras were dancing and praising her. At that time King Sobhan looked as if the second Indra seemed.  At the same time, a Brahmin named Somasharma, who lived in Muchukund Nagar, was out for pilgrimage.  While wandering, he reached the state of Sobhan, saw him. The Brahmin saw him as the king's son-in-law and went near him.
King Sobhan stood up from the seat looking at the Brahmin and started asking his father-in-law and wife Chandrabhaga's well being.  Listening to Sobhan, Somasharma said, O Rajan, our king is good and your wife Chandrabhaga is also good.
Now tell us your story.  You gave up your life because of not consuming food and water on the day of Rama Ekadashi.  I am amazed how such a bizarre and beautiful city that I have never heard or seen, how you got it.

Sobhan said on this, O Brahmindeva, this is the results of the fast of Rama Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month.  This is why I got this unique city but it is unstable. After listening to Sobhan, the Brahmin said, O Rajan, why is it unstable and how can it be stable?  If I could do anything to stabilize it, I would definitely take that remedy. King Sobhan said, O Brahmindeva, I had do this fast forcely and without respect.  Due to its influence, I got this unstable city, but if you tell this story to Chandrabhaga, daughter of King Muchukund, then she can make it stable.
After listening to King Sobhan, the Brahmin returned to his city and told the whole story to Chandrabhaga.  On this Rajakanya Chandrabhaga said, O Brahmin Dev, have you come to see all those scenes directly or are telling your dream.
Listening to Chandrabhaga, the Brahmin said, O Rajakanya, I have seen your husband Sobhan and his city directly, but that city is unstable. Take some such remedy so that it becomes stable.
Hearing the talk of a Brahmin, Chandrabhaga said, 'Brahmin Dev, take me to that city, I want to see my husband.  I will make that city stable with the effect of my fast.
Hearing the words of Chandrabhaga, the Brahmin took her to Vamdev's ashram near Mount Mandarachal.  On hearing his story, Vamdev anointed Chandrabhaga with mantras. Chandrabhaga went to her husband taking a divine body with the effect of mantras and fasting. Seeing his wife Chandrabhaga, Sobhan happily seated with her on the throne.
Chandrabhaga said, O Nath,  now listen to my virtue, when I was eight years old in my father's house, I have been observing the fast of Ekadashi.  With the effect of those fasts, your city will become stable and will be stable till the end of the Holocaust after being filled with all the deeds.  Chandrabhaga started living happily with her husband, wearing a divine form and adorned with divine clothes.

Lord Srihari is very kind and forgiving.  Even if someone is worshiping or fasting Ekadashi fasting devoutly or helplessly, he also give him the best bless, but a man should worship God with full devotion. Sobhan was able to stabilize his kingdom due to the Ekadashi fasting done by his wife.  Such a meritorious wife can be attained only by the grace of Lord Shrihari.

Fasting should be done by only taking fruits, once a while and more and more of your time should be spent in Lord Bhakti and Harinam Sankirtan. Vishnupriya Tulsi is more glorified in the scriptures, therefore, worshiping Tulsi during fasting and circumambulating Tulsi is very good.

God blesses the devotees who do so, so that all their wishes are fulfilled easily. Well, it is very important to have believe and faith in any fast, but God is always going to destroy the sins of his devotees, so if any devotee does any auspicious act unintentionally, then the Lord is pleased with him . The Lord definitely removes all the sufferings of the devotees who do devotion to the Lord with devotion and faith, because by virtue of devotion, believes and faith in the virtuous deeds done on this day, man will get the steady virtuous results.

17 . Dev Prabodhani(DevUthani) Ekadashi.

The Ekadashi which comes eleven days after the Deepotsav is called Hariprabodhani and Devotthan Ekadashi.  It is celebrated in Kartik Shukla Paksha. What cannot be found in Triloki(Universe) can be obtained from Hari Prabodhini Ekadashi fast.

According to Vishnu Purana, Lord Vishnu sleeps for four months on Ashada Shukla Ekadashi in Kshira Sagar.  Four months later, they wake up on Kartik Shukla Ekadashi.  According to 'Bhagavata Purana', it is prohibited to conduct auspicious works in the four months of Vishnu's sleeping period. With the awakening of God, all the positive powers are infused in the creation.  On this day, the Gods also celebrate the awakening of God by fasting. On this date, worship of Lord Vishnu, Mother Lakshmi and Tulsi is done.  In many places, it has been a tradition to marry Tulsi to Shaligram on this day. This date is the waking of the Gods, of which it is also called Devotthan Ekadashi.
According to 'Adi Purana' fasting of Ekadashi date is wise and peaceful and satisfying.  According to 'Vishnu Purana', for whatever reason irrespective of greed, who greet Lord Vishnu on Ekadashi date, they are free from all sorrows and free from the cycle of birth and death. Sanat Kumar wrote that a person who does not fast or praise Ekadashi is a sufferer of hell. According to Maharishi Katyayan, if a person who wants childrens, happiness, wealth and salvation, then he should recite Vishnu praise, Shaligram and Tulsi glory on the day of Hari Prabodhini Ekadashi and keep fast.

This Ekadashi, which falls on the day of Tulsi wedding in the Shukla Paksha of Kartik month, is also called Vishnu Prabodhini Ekadashi, Dev-Prabodhini Ekadashi, Devotthan, Dev Uthav Ekadashi, Devuthani Ekadashi, Kartik Shukla Ekadashi and Prabodhini Ekadashi.  Also known as Dithavan Ekadashi.

Tulsi's worship is given special importance on Prabodhani Ekadashi. Some people also celebrate this day as Tulsi Vivah. People marry Tulsi to Shaligram on this day. Shaligram is considered to be the form of Lord Vishnu. Tulsi is married to Shaligram with complete legislation. The moment the God wake up.  At that time, the earliest first prayer is heard of Harivallabha Tulsi. Therefore, Tulsi marriage is considered to be a sacred auspicious time for the awakening of the gods. Tulsi marriage refers to the arrival of Lord Vishnu. Actually, Sri Hari is invoked through Tulsi.
Tulsi marriage is organized to make your life happy and attain ecstasy.  It is also believed that couples who do not have children should wedding ceromony of Tulsi once and do Kanyadaan. If someone does not have a daughter, then they can get the pleasure of kanyadaan by marrying Tulsi ji with Shaligram ji at morning on Kartik Shukla Ekadashi. According to Puranic stories, Kartik month is the month of Deepdaan, so every day one should light a lamp in front of Mother Tulsi to spread the light of happiness in life.  Actually, Tulsi got the curse of being a tree form which also has different mythological stories.

Even though God does not sleep for a moment, but according to the spirit of devotees - God sleeps for four months.There are many legends with Prabodhani Ekadashi, or Dev Uthani Ekadashi.  All the Ekadashis have their own importance in mythological texts.  But some Ekadashi are particularly lucky.  Ekadashi of Kartik Shukla Paksha is also one of these special Ekadashis.  There are many fast stories about Devotthan Ekadashi, some of which are as follows ……

1**. According to mythology, Lord Vishnu's sleep was irregular. Sometimes he would stay awake for months and sometimes slept continuously for several months. Goddess Lakshmi was unhappy with this. Even Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma, Devas and ascetics had to wait long to see Lord Vishnu while Lord Vishnu was sleeping.  Even the demons used to take advantage of the sleep period of Lord Vishnu and persecuted humans and wrongdoing was spreading on the earth.

One day when Lord Vishnu awakened from sleep, he saw the gods and saints who were seeking his help. They told Lord Vishnu that the demon named Sankhyayana had stolen all the Vedas, leaving the people deprived of knowledge. Lord Vishnu promised to bring the Vedas back, after which he fought for several days with the demon Sankhyayana and brought back the Vedas. Lord Vishnu kept awake after this battle and vowed to keep his sleep for four months. The rule of Chaturmasya is very important from the point of view of Veda's study, penance and sacrifice. This is the best time to indulge in devotion to Lord Shrihari. Householders can also take full advantage of their devotion to Lord Vishnu in Chaturmasya.
2** . There is also a legend that once Goddess Lakshmi asks Lord Vishnu that Swami you either wake up day and night or you remain in yognidra for millions of years, by doing this, all the beings of the world during that time they face many troubles. Therefore, you are requested to take sleep every year from the rule.  This will also give me some time to rest.  Hearing Lakshmi ji, Narayan smiled and said- 'Devi!  You are right  In my wake all the gods and especially you suffer.  You don't get any holiday because of me. Therefore, according to your statement from today onwards I will sleep in the rainy season for 4 months every year. This my sleep will be the ultimate blessing for my devotees. During this period, all my devotees will serve me with the feeling of sleeping and happily organize the celebration of sleeping and uplifting in their home, I will reside with you. '
3* *. Once upon a time, there used to be a very virtuous king.  But they used to show religion very much. Many times they used to force themselves with their subjects. To cook food in any house on Ekadashi, it was forbidden to even sell grains in the shops. Once a person came to him for a job, the king placed a condition in front of him that he would have to eat whatever he gave to eat.
By the way, the king has what to say the people have to accept , then this man was in dire need of employment, so he agreed. Now the king  was also impressed with his work, so he also got a good meal.  Once upon a day on Ekadashi, it was prohibited from not consuming food in the entire state. Now that person worked hard, but he was also a devotee of Lord Vishnu, but fasting was not a matter of his power.  On the day of Ekadashi, when the king told him to eating fruits, but he asked for food. Now the king told him that what I am giving you will have to be accepted. You had appointed  here on this condition.
But he said, Maharaj, whatever you say, I do not tolerate hunger.  Then the king, seeing his work, gave him grains.  Now, as usual, he goes to the bank of river and cooks his food and invokes God and asks for taking bhog. God also appeared and became disappear by eating with him.  Fifteen days later Ekadashi fasting came.  This time he asked the king to give double the grains and said that God himself dines with me, so it falls short for both of us.
The king thought that his mental balance had been disturbed, almost threatening him, he said in a loud voice that God has never appeared near to me for so many years of fasting and doing the work of religion and they have eaten food with you. He said, Maharaj, I am not lying, if you are not sure, so see yourself.  Just like how the king gave him food again, but this time said that if what you are saying is not true, then be ready to bear th consequences.
The person went and cooked food and started calling God.  The king was also watching from behind the tree.  God no longer appeared.  The person felt compelled to resolve that if God did not take food, then I would jump in the river and give up my life here. God still did not appear.  As soon as he stepped towards the river to give up his life with determination, God appeared and started eating with him as usual. Seeing all these incident, the king understood that all this is the illusion of God. They were trying to convince me that only true religion done with true devotion is fruitful.  After this, the king too became engrossed in godly devotion with true devotion and attained eternal salvation.
4**. Another story is about a king.  This king was very pious and a true devotee of Shri Hari.  The subjects lived happily.  Once God created the idea to test him and disguised as a beautiful woman and sat on the road through which the king had to pass. Now while passing through there, when the king's eyes fell on that woman, he kept staring at her.  He asked the reason for her being on the road.  Narayan, who became a woman, said that she is destitute, she has no one left, then the king asked her to be his queen.

Now seeing the king trapped in his trap, she said that I will become your queen but you have to hand over the reins of your kingdom to my hands.  You have to eat what I say.  In the charm of the form, the king's eyes were closed and the neck was shaking. The king brought her to his palace.  The very next day was the fast of Ekadashi and the new queen ordered that Ekadashi should be the same as daily food use and eating.  In the palace, non-vegetarian food was prepared and presented to the king.
Now the king said that today is Ekadashi and on this day I am absorbed in devotion to Lord Shri Vishnu.  I take fruits only during fasting.  Now the queen reminded the king of his word.  The queen said that I can only let you do this on one condition. Now the king said that I will be able to tell you something only after taking advice from the elder queen. When the king told all this to the elder queen about his crisis, she said that if God wished, the son would get more, but if he corrupted his religion then there is no other place.
The queen began to cry that when the prince returned after hunting, the prince asked his mother the reason for crying.  She narrated the entire story to her son .  The boy agreed to sacrifice to protect his  father's religion. Now seeing the loyalty of the whole family regarding religion, Lord Shri Hari also came in his actual form and asked the king to ask for a boon. The king said, God, you has given everything, just save us. Then he handed over the reins of his kingdom to the son and left for Baikuntha with Lord Vishnu.

According to Hindu belief, all auspicious works are started with Devuthani Ekadashi.  That is, the auspicious work like marriage and worship is started.  It is believed that Lord Vishnu wakes up on the day of Devuthani.  After waking up, they are fed with basil first.  It is believed that on the day of Devuthani Ekadashi, listening to the fast story of Vishnu ji, it is very vertious. Tulsi marriage is also done on this day.  At the same time, fasting on this day is also considered auspicious.

18 . Utpanna Ekadashi .

We have heard many stories of Ekadashi fast, but how was this Ekadashi fast born?  On which day did Ekadashi begin?  What was the purpose behind this? There are many questions that will be answered in the story of Utpana Ekadashi.

Ekadashi is an important fast in Hindu tradition. Religious people keep fast on every Ekadashi. Some people keep the fast of important and big Ekadashi.  But the question is also why Ekadashi has so much importance and when did it start giving importance to it. The most important fast in fasting is of Ekadashi. The fasting of Ekadashi ends the unstability of mind.  Wealth and health are attained.  It is believed that this Ekadashi all of year of Ekadashi fast is started.  The fast of Utpana Ekadashi is a fast for the healthy life, getting childrens and salvation.

Very few people know that Ekadashi was a goddess, because a beautiful goddess was born from the body of Lord Vishnu on this Ekadashi date at the time of Satyuga.  And this goddess saved the life of Lord Vishnu, which pleased Lord Vishnu gave  her a name Ekadashi. Ekadashi Mata was revealed to Krishna Ekadashi of Margashirsha month, due to which the name of this Ekadashi was named Utpana Ekadashi.  Ekadashi fasting started from this day.
Fasting of the Ekadashi is considered to be compulsory for all beings. It is considered appropriate to start the ritual of this fast from this date. Those who want to fast on Ekadashi should start the fast from the Utpanna Ekadashi. According to the rule of Ekadashi fasting, Ekadashi fast can never be started any time.  The fast of Ekadashi is started from Utpana Ekadashi.  It is believed that all Ekadashi starts from this Ekadashi.  Utpana Ekadashi falls in Hemant season. This Ekadashi is also called Krishna Ekadashi of Aghan or Margashirsha month's Ekadashi.
There was a demon named Mura in Satyuga. The monster Mur overcame Indra and the gods and drove them away from their place.  Then Indra and other gods go to Ksheer Sagar, Lord Vishnu.  Everyone, including the gods, begged Shri Vishnu to be free from the tyranny of the monster.  Hearing the words of Indra Dev, Lord Shri Vishnu said - Gods I will soon decimate your enemies.
When the demons saw Lord Shri Vishnu in the battle ground, they started attacking them with weapons .  All the weapons that Lord Shri Vishnu used to kill Mur, were destroyed by his power and started falling like flowers on it. Lord Shri Vishnu fought with that monster for thousands of years but could not win that monster. Finally Vishnu ji went to sleep in a long cave in Badriakashram with a desire to rest in peace. The monster also went to that cave, that today I will conquer all my enemies by killing Shri Vishnu. At that time a very beautiful girl was born in the cave and came in front of the monster and started fighting.  There was a long war between the two. That girl pushed him unconscious and on getting up, she beheaded that monster and that monster died.
At the same time, when the sleep of Vishnu was broken, who killed that monster, they started thinking like this.  The said girl told him that the monster was ready to kill you.  Then I originated from your body and killed it.  Vishnu wanted to know the girl, then the girl said that I am the power generated by your body. Vishnu was pleased and gave the girl's name Ekadashi and gave her the blessing that you will be able to bring the alienated beings to me in the world due to confusion and fascination.  Your creatures who worship you will be happy for life.  This is the fast of Ekadashi in the name of the girl. The importance of Utpana Ekadashi is unique among all the Ekadashis as it is considered to be the one born of Vishnuji's body. Hence its name is also called Utpana Ekadashi.

Ekadashi is the visible power of Lord Vishnu, the power that slaughtered the demon whom even God was unable to conquer, how can the demons of man's sins stand before that power?  The power, which defeats the sufferings of the Gods and gives them happiness, she eligible give to the beings- happiness, prosperity, peace and salvation are all easily attain. One name of Lord Krishna is Murari.  Actually, Krishna was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu in Dwapara Yuga.  In the Satyuga, he fought with a demon named Mur who attacked heaven and the gods. However, this demon was slaughtered by a girl named Ekadashi from his body.  Because of Mura being the enemy, he is called Murari i.e. enemy of Mura.

The rest will continue in the next article.....

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