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Ekadashis's Stories (PART :-06)

Ekadashis's Stories (PART :-06)

Welcome friends…  Today I am present with the service of all of you by taking remaining part in the story of Ekadashi, the sixth part of the series. Thank you for the love and affection you got from people.  If today's story is also liked by you, my happiness lies in this. Thank you from the heart and thank you for expressing your happiness through mail to me. All of you are requested again to share the article on social media.  So that keeps me excited and writing power.  At the end of the article, all of you will get a link to the fifth part. ................Thank you

13 .  Parivartini(Padma) Ekadashi.

Every fast and festival has a different significance in Hinduism.  Although there are not many fast-festivals in Bhadrapada month, Padma Ekadashi has its own different significance. The Ekadashi which falls on the Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada is called Padma Ekadashi and Parivartni Ekadashi.

According to the Padma Purana, the importance of Ekadashi during Chaturmas is similar to Devshayani and Devaprabodhini Ekadashi.  On this day Lord Vishnu turns sideways during the sleep of Chaturmas, hence the deities also worship him.

It is also called Bhadrapad Shukla Ekadashi Padma Ekadashi, Parshav Ekadashi, Parivartni Ekadashi, Jayanti Ekadashi and Vaman Ekadashi. There is a belief about this Ekadashi that maa Yashoda washed the clothes of Lord Krishna on this day.  For this reason, this Ekadashi is also called "Jaljhulani Ekadashi".

It is a common thing that we all wish to achieve all material comforts in this world.  Achieving salvation by fulfilling the obligations of a happy life is the last stop, but one gets it all and why one does not get success even after hard work. In fact, to achieve success in any work, spiritual power is required and we get it from the energy of this universe, which we can achieve by doing rituals done on a particular day and time.  Padma Ekadashi day helps us in achieving all this.
Performing Yajna on this day gives the results of Vajpayee Yajna. There is no better way to destroy the sins of sinners.  The person who worships Vamana on the day of Parivartini Ekadashi, worships all the three worlds. Therefore, a person desiring salvation must perform this fast.
 According to the Puran, fasting and worshiping on this Ekadashi eliminates sins, attains salvation and wills. On this day, devotees should worship the Vamana form of Lord Vishnu.

Pandunandan Arjun said- "Lord!  What is the name of Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada and what is the rule of its fast?  What is the result of fasting on that Ekadashi?  O Krishna!  Please explain and say all this. "

Shri Krishna said- “O Partha!  Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapad month is called Parivartini Ekadashi or Jayanti Ekadashi or Vamana Ekadashi. Just by listening to the story of this Ekadashi, all sins are eliminated and man becomes the possessor of heaven.
The bad sinners are also saved by the story of this Jayanti Ekadashi. If a pious man worships me on Ekadashi, I give him the results of world worship. The person who worships me gets my Baikuntha. There is no doubt in this. The person who worships Lord Vamana on this Ekadashi, worships all the three gods i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh in this form.   O Parth!  Human beings who fast on this Ekadashi, they have nothing left to do in this world.  On this Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu changes sleeping sides, hence it is also known as Parivartini Ekadashi. ”

Hearing this, Arjun said with astonishment - "O Janardhana!  After listening to your words, I am confused as to how you fall asleep and turn.  Why did you tie the Bali and what were you doing in the form of Vamana. What is the rule of Chaturmasya fast and what is the duty of man on your sleeping, please tell me in detail. ”

Lord Shri Krishna said- “O Kuntiputra Arjuna!  Now listen carefully to this story that helps to reduced all sins.  In Tretayuga, the demon dynasty had an absolute majestic king named Bali.  He was very devout, charity, truthful and serving Brahmins.  He always performed Yajna, penance etc. Bali did not adopt the policy of war to obtain the throne of Devaraja Indra like other demons or asuras.  He was inspired to attain the post of Devaraja by devotion and virtue.  Bali were performed yajna one after the other.  His charity was the best.  Bali started the yagna again on the advice of Daityaguru Shukracharya and invited all the gods, asuras, Bhupathis and sages in it.  Indra was felt his throne in danger while his age of rule remained. Bali may not have been the king of heaven but the earth and the kings of other worlds used to give him the respect which is reserved for Devendra.  In a way, he started enjoying all the rights of Devraj Indra.  Devraj Indra and other gods could not bear this point and went to Srihari and started praying.  In the end, I took the form of Vamana and conquered King Bali as a bright Brahmin child. "

Hearing this, Arjun said- “O Lilapati!  How did you win that Bali by taking the form of Vamana, please tell me all this in detail. ”

Lord Shri Krishna said- “I took the form of Vamana and pleaded with King Bali - O Rajan!  You give me three steps of land for yajna, this will give you the results of the donation of three worlds. King Bali accepted this small petition and agreed to give the land.  When he promised  to me, I increased my size and expanded own body so much that in his two steps, the earth, sky and heaven were merged.
At that time Surya, Nakshatra, Indra and other gods started praising me.

Then I asked King Bali, O Rajan!  Now where do I put the third step Hearing this, King Bali took down his head. Then I put my third step on his head and thus for the benefit of the gods, I sent that Asura devotee to the Hades. I was very happy to be the munificence of Bali. I promised Bali that you are eligible to receive the post of Devendra.  You will get this place. Your mistake is only that you cannot be patient. Now you go and live in the Sutal lok . In the next kalpa you will attain Indra's post.
When I said to Bali asking for any desired boon , then Bali said - You have fulfilled my wish. You also crushed my pride. Always I wish to see you. If you want to give something, then give me your fellowship so that the religiousness in me is always awake. I could not commit any wrongdoing even by forgetting. At the behest of Bali, I promised him that, O Bali! I will always be with you.

Lord Vishnu present in Vamana form became extremely pleased with the devotion and commitment of King Bali and asked King Bali to stay in Hades.  Along with this, Lord Vishnu gave a boon to King Bali that one form of Chaturmas will sleep in the Kshirasagar in four months and another form will be with King Bali to protect that kingdom.The story of Parivartini Ekadashi gives a message.The donor should not feel proud. Selfless donation is best. Its results is the best. God gives its results, but the donation made with some greed is not so good. King Bali boasted and went to Hades.This also shows that overaction in any work is bad.

14 .  Indira(Shraddh Paksha) Ekadashi .

Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month is called Indira Ekadashi. Indira Ekadashi is also called Shraddha Paksha Ekadashi.  The special thing of this Ekadashi is that it comes in the Pitri Paksha, due to which its importance becomes very high.  It is believed that if any ancestor is suffering the punishment of his deeds near Yamaraja due to his sinful deeds, then by observing fast on this Ekadashi and donating its virtue in his name, then he gets salvation and after death the fasting person also resides in Baikunth. Ekadashi fasting has special significance in Ashwin month.  With this, both mind and body remain balanced.  At this time fasting of Ekadashi protects against serious diseases. Indira Ekadashi of Ashwin month has special significance for the destruction of sins and peace of ancestors. Not only does this destroy our sins, ancestors also get moksha.

It is also said in the Padma Purana that if the virtues of this Ekadashi coming in the Shraddha Paksha are given to the ancestors, then the ancestors who went to hell also go to heaven after being freed from hell.  By observing this fast, all beings get freedom from all their sins.  A person does not have to face the torture of Yamlok by fasting on this Ekadashi. Being Ekadashi of Pitripaksha, this Ekadashi is considered to be best for the liberation of ancestors. This Ekadashi celebrated in Pitripaksha is considered special for ancestors. According to Padma Purana, Indira Ekadashi fasting affects even after the death of the seeker. With its effect, all sins of people  be destroyed and finally get heavens.  With the effect of this fast, the defect of the ancestors of the native is also eliminated. The fast and worship of this Ekadashi is the same as that of other Ekadashi. The only difference is that on this day Shaligram is worshiped.  On this day, Lord Shaligram should be bathed with panchamrit and offer bhog and perform aarti after worship. This Ekadashi falls during Shraddha, due to which this Ekadashi itself has a different significance. On this day, due to whoever observes fast, ancestor get salvation and they go towards Baikunath Dham.  Even keeping this fast opens up for oneself through heaven. Lord Vishnu is worshiped on this day and Vishnu Sahasranama is recited with full heart.

Sinking in the devotion of Lord Krishna, Arjun said - "Lord, now please tell the story of Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month. What is the name of this Ekadashi and what is the result of fasting it.  Please say in detail . "

Lord Shri Krishna said to Arjuna- "O Kaunteya! Only by listening to the story of this Ekadashi, human gets infinite result. I tell this story, you listen carefully.
In the Satyuga, a majestic king named Indrasen ruled in the city named Mahishmati.  He was full of sons, grandchildren, wealth, property etc. His enemies were always afraid of him.  One day the king was sitting happily in his Rajya Sabha that Maharishi Narada came there.  Seeing Naradji, the king got up from the seat, bowed and gave him the seat with respect.  Then Maharishi Narada said- 'O Rajan!  Are all in your state efficient?  I am very happy to see your piety. '
The king said- 'Oh God!  By your grace, all are well in my kingdom and with your grace all my Yajna deeds etc. have been successful.  O Maharishi, please tell me, for what purpose have you come here?  What may I serve you? '
Maharishi Narada said- 'O Great king!  I have a great surprise that once when I went from Brahmaloka to Yamlok, I saw your father sitting in the assembly of Yamaraja. Your father was a great sage, donor and pious, but he has gone to Yamlok due to the fast of Ekadashi. Your father has sent a message for you.

'The king eagerly asked- 'What is the message Maharishi?  Please say as soon as possible. '

Rajan Your father has said- 'Maharishi!  May you please go to my son Indrasen, the king of the city of Mahishmati, to give a message that I have got this Yamloka only because of the bad deeds of my previous birth.  If my son fasts for Indira Ekadashi of the Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month and gives me the results of that fast, then I will be liberated.  I will too leave this Yamloka and live in heaven.
Indrasen was very sad to hear that his father was lying in Yamlok and he said to Narada - 'O Naradji!  It is a sad news that my father is in Yamlok.  I will definitely measure their salvation. Please tell me the rule of Indira Ekadashi fast.
Naradji said- 'O Rajan! On the tenth day of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month, one should take a devout bath in the morning. After this, one should also take bath in the afternoon. At that time, pay obeisance to the ancestors by going out of water and have a meal on that day and sleep on the earth at night.  On the second day, that is, on Ekadashi, after daily routine, take a devotional fast after bathing, and resolve in this way - 'I will be hungry today and will sacrifice all indulgences.  After this, I will eat the next day.  Oh God! You are my protector. You complete my fast. '
In this way,  doing aachman in the afternoon, install the idol of Saligramji and call the Brahmin and provide food and give Dakshina. Do give some portion of food to cow and worship Lord Vishnu with incense, naivedya etc. and awaken at night. Thereafter, on the day of Dwadashi, keep food silently with the relatives . O Rajan! This is the method of fasting of Indira Ekadashi. If you abandon laziness and observe this fast on this Ekadashi, then your father will surely become the possessor of heaven. '
Naradji, after explaining all the rules to the king, became disappear . On the arrival of Indira Ekadashi, the king fasted on  this day.  This doing fast along with the relatives , led to the rain of flowers from the sky, and the king's father went to heaven on a chariot from Yamlok. Due to the influence of this Ekadashi, King Indrasen also went to heaven in the end after enjoying happiness in earth.
Lord Krishna said - O friend!  I have described before you the significance of Indira Ekadashi.  Only by reading and listening to this story does one get rid of all sins and in the end man becomes the possessor of heaven. "

15 .  Papakunsha Ekadashi.

Ekadashi date of the month is considered very sacred in Hinduism.  Ekavashi date falls after Navratri and Dussehra in Ashwin month.  Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month is called Papankusha Ekadashi.  Ekadashi fasting is considered to be a source of happiness by providing freedom from all kinds of sins.

The Papakunsha Ekadashi fast is observed on the Ekadashi of the Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month. Fasting of Ekadashi date helps in achieving the ultimate goal of the creatures, Bhagavad Bhakti. This day is considered very auspicious and fruitful to serve Shri Hari with full devotion.  On this day, the Padmanabha form of Lord Vishnu is worshiped to get the desired results. Although each Ekadashi has its own different significance, the person observing the fast of Papankusha Ekadashi has atonement for all the sins committed in knowing & unknowing.  By observing this fast, both mind and soul are purified.
Papakunsha Ekadashi gives the same results as performing one thousand Ashwamedha and hundred Surya Yagyas.  There is no other fast like this Ekadashi fast.  Apart from this, the person who awakens on the night of this Ekadashi becomes possessor of heaven.  Donating on this Ekadashi results in auspicious results.
Please tell that from this day Karthik will also start the last month of Chaturmas.  For your information, let us know that some people start Kartik from full moon and some from Papankusha Ekadashi. There is a tradition of doing special worship of Lord Vishnu and his avatars on Ekadashi date. But worshiping Tulsi ji along with Shri Hari also has significance, because Tulsi ji is forbidden to touch on the next day of Ekadashi i.e. on Dwadashi.  Tulsi is considered as the form of Lakshmi in the scriptures.  It is said that if Tulsi is worshiped on the evening of Ekadashi by lighting a lamp and chanting some special mantras, the result is twice as much.
One who observes this Paapankush Ekadashi fast, gets good health, happiness, prosperity, opulence.  For those who believe in Vishnu, this Ekadashi has special significance.  According to the customs, those who fast on this day worship Krishna and Radha.  This Ekadashi is also written in 'Brahma Vaivarta Purana', and it is considered to be the most essential for freedom from sin.
According to this Purana, Maharaj Yudhishthira asks Lord Krishna about this fast, then Krishna tells that the result which is not obtained by thousands of years of penance, this result gets from this fast.  It forgives a man's sins committed inadvertently, and he gets salvation.  Krishna ji says that charity has special significance on this day. If a person donates grain, shoes, slippers, umbrella, clothes, animals, gold on his own wish, then he gets the result of this fast completely.  He gets happiness, peace, opulence, wealth, good family in worldly life.  Krishna ji also says that after dying of this fast, one does not have to go to hell to see the face of Yamraj, but the path to heaven directly opens.

There is a mythology behind why Papapunsha Ekadashi is celebrated. 

In ancient times, a hunter named Krodhana lived on Mount Vindhya, he was very cruel.  All his life was spent in violence, looting, drinking and wrongful association with sin.
When his last time came, the messengers of Yamraj came to take the hunter and the Yamdoot said to the hunter that tomorrow is the last day of your life, we will come to pick you up tomorrow.  Hearing this, hunter became very afraid and reached Mahrishi Angira's ashram and fell at  Maharishi Angira's feet and started praying.  O sage!  I have committed sins all my life.
Please tell me some way that all my sins will be eradicated and salvation will be attained.  On his request, Maharishi Angira asked him to observe Ashwin Shukla's Papankusha Ekadashi fast.
According to Maharishi Angira, that hunter performed this fast and got rid of all the sins committed and by the grace of God, by the power of this fast, he went to Vaikunthadhama.  When the Yamadoot of Yamraj saw this miracle, they returned to Yamlok without taking hunter.

A poor person must also earn some virtue by giving some charity as much as possible.

People who build ponds, gardens, dharamshalas, the well etc. do not have to suffer the sufferings of hell. Those people, in this world, are full of healthy, longevity, sons and wealth, and enjoy happiness and finally go to heaven.  He is not suffered by the grace of Lord Shrihari. "
There is no one in the world more than a Guru. Parents are the first gurus.  After that the guru from whom you take initiation.  But many people come insulting their own parents and the initiators of the Guru by coming to the words of others or listening to them and hear the condemnation of the Guru from others.

It is clearly stated in the scriptures that the person who condemns his Guru or silently hears the evil of his Guru from others, is a participant in the same sin as the sin of killing Brahman.  Such a person lives a hellish life while living on earth.  He always lacks wealth, happiness etc. and after death he does not find a place in hell either.  If such a person wants to improve his  life in earth and the hereafter, then he must observe the fast of Papankush Ekadashi.

Man should be determined to avoid sins.  Though the remembrance of Lord Vishnu is soothing and sinkiller in any way, but the remembrance of the Lord on the day of Ekadashi kills all tribulations and sins. Ekadashi helps in achieving the ultimate goal of life, Bhagavad Bhakti. This day is considered very auspicious and fruitful to serve the Lord with full devotion.  On this day, if a person does devotional service to God with a pure heart, he becomes a blessing of the Lord.

The rest will continue in the next article.....

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