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Story of curses(PART-08)

Story of curses(PART-08)

Once again I am present in front of you with interesting stories of the curse series.  Thank you very much to people who come to my blog and make me respect, increase my spirits. Enjoy the eighth part of the curse series with them and understand the vastness and depth of Sanatan culture. And also share on social media  So that more and more people have knowledge of it.At the end of the article, all of you will get the seventh part link.

55 . Brahma ji and king Daksha cursed to Narad ji.

When Lord Brahma was creating the universe, he had four sons.  They set out for penance.  After this came the turn of Narada Muni.  Narada was fickle by nature.
Narada, who pronounced the Narayan-Narayan all times own mouth, he was get cursed to remain unmarried.  According to the Puranas and scriptures, Devarashi Narada, who is called the messenger of Devaloka, is one of the seven Manas sons of Brahma.  Narada, one of the exclusive devotees of Lord Vishnu, used to transmit information while circling from one world to another.

Today I am telling you that although Narada Muni was fall in love many times but still did not marry anyone, the reason was the he got curse by his father, he was being unmarried in whole life.  A story is mentioned in the Brahmavaivarta Purana, Brahmakhanda, in which Narada got the curse of his father Brahma to remain unmarried for a lifetime.
 According to the story when Brahma said to Narada Muni, 'You help me in the creation of the universe and get married.  He refused his father.  Brahma became very angry on hearing his disregard.  He cursed Narada to remain unmarried for a lifetime and said, "You will experience love many times in your life, but you will never be able to get married even if you want to."  You run from responsibilities, so you only have to run around the world.  In this way Narada got cursed and he wandered from one world to another for ages.

King Daksha also gave curse to Narada ji to keep wandering.

 Because of another curse, Narada ji always had to wander around.  It is said that Asakti, the wife of King Daksha, gave birth to 10 thousand sons.  Narada Ji taught salvation to all the sons, due to which all of them mind was overcome by fascination. Daksha then married Panchajani and had a thousand sons.  Narada also taught these sons to stay away from fascination.  Enraged by this, Daksha cursed Narada ji that he would always wander around.

56 . King Daksha cursed to chandradeva.

 It is said that human beings should behave very thoughtfully.  Even a mistake done by him can invite a big disaster.  A similar story is also found in 'Shivpuran', in which Chandradeva was got curse due to his conduct.
According to the story of Shiva Purana, in ancient times, King Daksha married 27 of his daughters including Ashwini to Chandradeva.  Chandradeva was very happy as the husband of 27 girls.  Girls were also very happy to get Chandradeva as a groom.  But this happiness could not last long.  Because after a few days Chandradeva became more fascinated on one of them Rohini.
When King Daksha came to know about this, he went to explain to the Chandradeva.  Chandradeva listened to him, but after a few days, his attachment to Rohini again intensified.  When King Daksha came to know about this again, he went to the Chandradeva in anger.  He said that 'I have already explained you.  But it seems that my words had no effect on you, so I curse you that you will be suffering from tuberculosis. '
Soon after this curse of King Daksha, the Chandradeva became clouded by tuberculosis.  His light kept on going.  Sage Muni was very upset after seeing this.  After this, all the sages went to the shelter of Lord Brahma along with the sage and deity Indra.  Brahma Ji told him a solution.  According to the remedy, the Chandradeva had to meditate on Lord Shiva in Somnath and then according to Brahma, after Lord Shiva appeared he could be free from the curse of Daksha.
Chandradeva followed the order suggested by Brahma.  He continued to do hard penance for Shiva for six months.  Lord Shiva was pleased to see the harsh austerity of the Chandradeva.  Lord Shiva appeared to the Chandradeva and told to ask for the boon. Chandradeva asked the boon to say, 'O God, if you are happy with me, then give me freedom from this tuberculosis and forgive all my crimes'.  Lord Shiva said that 'the curse that has given you is also not an ordinary person.
But I will try my best to find the middle path of this curse. ”Shiva while taking out the middle path of this curse, says to the Chandradeva,“ There are two paksha in a month, one paksha of it will keep you growing. But on the other paksha you will also be weak. That means your light will be reduced.  This mythological mystery is the Shukla and Krishna Paksha of the Moon in which they grow in one side and they decrease in the other.

57 . Nandi cursed to Daksha and Brahmins.

According to the legend of Shiva Purana, once Sati's father Daksha organized a special religious program.  Mahadev was also invited in it, but he did not bow down to Daksha because of following the dignity of being God himself.  Daksha felt bad about this.  And Daksha said that not only being God, but being his son-in-law, Bholenath should have also bowed down.
Angered by this, Daksha cursed Shiva Shankar and said that he would never get any part in any yagya.  Angered by the curse on Shiva Bhole, Nandi cursed Daksha for wearing a goat-like body and being proud and humiliated throughout his life.
And Nandi cursed all the Brahmins present in the religious event as well and said that all these scholars, even though they are pundits and learned, should become knowledgeless in their old age and poor and poor will live their lives.  And these scholars will have to go begging from house to house of all castes for their livelihood.


Shani Dev is the son of Surya and Chhaya.  His vision is frightening. Such vision of Shanidev is due to a curse he received.  In today's article , I will tell you about the terrible curses got received by Shanidev. In astrology, Shani Dev has its own importance and it is said that if Shani Dev becomes happy on someone, then he crosses the life journey . It is said in the scriptures that Shani Dev walks with a limp, due to which his speed of movement is much slower than the rest of the planets and it takes him two and a half years to go from one zodiac to the next. But do you know how Shani Dev was lame?  If not, today I am saying to you the story of Shani Dev being lame, so let us know the story of Shani Dev being lame.

58 . Shanideva's wife cursed to Shanideva.

Shanidev had two marriages.  The first wife was named Neelima and the second wife was Manda.
Manda is also called Dhamini.  Manda was the daughter of Chitraratha.  Shanidev was a devotee of Krishna.  He was once absorbed in the meditation of Lord Krishna.  Then his second wife, Dhamini, came before him with a desire to have a son.  But Shani, engrossed in meditation, did not pay attention to her and remained engrossed in praise.  She kept waiting for a long time but Shani did not answer. Then Manda got angry and cursed Shanidev that whatever he looks at will be destroyed.  When Shanidev realized that he had made a big mistake.  By then it was too late.  Since then, Shanidev only looks at those who have to punish them for their sins.

59 . Maa Parvati cursed to Shanideva.

Whenever we know about our life through horoscope.  It is often seen that all the planets change the zodiac at a rapid speed, but the motion of Saturn is very slow.  Even Saturn stays in the same zodiac for years.  The cause of this slow motion of Shani is nothing but the curse given by  maa Parvati .
Once Shanidev reached Mount Kailash. He had his eyesight down. Mother Parvati asked him the reason for this. Then he said that anyone could be hurt a lot by his eyesight.  Hearing this, Mother Parvati began to ridicule him and called her son Ganesh there.
As soon as the sight of Shani fell on Ganesha, his head broke from the torso.  Then in anger, Parvati cursed that he would become devoid of limbs.
Due to this curse, Saturn became lame and his movement slowed down.  When Parvati ji's anger subsided, she could not take back her curse, but to atone it, she gave a boon to Shani that he would be the king of all the planets.

60 . Shanideva's stepmother cursed to Shanideva. 

Shani Dev was cursed by stepmother, due to which he became lame.  Actually, this story describes Shani Dev's father Surya Dev and mother Sangya Devi.
According to the legend, the heat of Surya Dev was not able to bear his wife  Sangya Devi, due to which he prepared an image similar to his body and named it Swarna.
Sangya ordered Swarna to serve the suryadeva in my absence and get wife happiness.  After giving this order to Swarna, she went to her father's house.
Surya deva was not able to recognize Swarna as the Sangya , meanwhile Swarna had five sons and two daughters from Suryadev. Swarna used to take care of her children but started ignoring the children of noun.  Then one day the boy, son of Sangya, Shani was hungry, so he asked his mother for food.
Then Swarna said, now you stay for a while, first I will offer food to God, feed your younger siblings and then give you food. Hearing this,  Shanideva got angry and he raised his leg to kick the food, then Swarna cursed the boy Shani that your leg may break now.
Due to fearing of curse, Shani went to his father Surya Dev and narrated the whole story.
Then the Suryadeva understood that no mother could curse her child like this.  Then Suryadeva became suspicious and he got angry and asked, "Who are you?"
Swarna was terrified after seeing the surya's face and revealed all the truth of the Sangya.  Then the Suryadeva told the boy Shani that Swarna is not your mother but she is a mother's model, so her curse will not go in vain but it will not be so harsh.
This means that your leg will not be broken by curse, but you will walk with a lame life.  It is said that from then till today Shani Dev walks only after limping and this is also the reason for his slowing movement .

61  . Pipalad rishi cursed to Shanideva.

Pipalad rishi was the supreme ascetic and learned sage of the Vedic Sanatan period.  Piplad was born under the Peepal tree, consumed the leaves of the Peepal as a food and under the Peepal underwent severe penance, which earned him the name Piplad.  Rishi Piplad ji is also considered as an incarnation of Lord Shiva, due to which he received a place of worship.
There are some stories in relation to Pippaladji, according to one of which when there was a famine in Tretayug at one time, then Kaushik Muni left the house with his family and left to take care of the family elsewhere. But being unable to follow the child, he goes away leaving his son in the middle of the journey under the Peepal tree.
When that child wakes up from sleep, he does not find his parents there and starts crying.  After a while, he starts to feel hunger and thirst, then he sees the peepal leaves lying near him, distraught with hunger, the child calms his hunger with those leaves and quenches his thirst by drinking the water of a pond situated nearby.  That child likewise, after taking leaves and water every day, is engaged in the meditation of God.

Once there Devarshi Narada ji approaches that child and in the opposite condition too, affected by the humble spirit of the child, completes all the appropriate rites of that child and gives them knowledge of Vedas and Puranas.  He asks the child to do devotion to Lord Vishnu, so that child would regularly do devotion to Lord Vishnu and be absorbed in meditation, pleased with the devotion of that child, Lord Vishnu appears in front of him and gives that child yoga and gyaan.  He teaches that child becomes a Maharshi.
After the passage of time, the child asks about the causes of his sorrows due to curiosity.  He asks Narada Muni ji that why he had to suffer so many sorrows and separation from parents at such a young age, why I have to suffer so much.
Hearing the questions of that child, Narada tells them that Shani is the cause of your sufferings due to which you have to suffer many problems, Piplad gets angry after listening to the statement of Narada Muni and curses Shani Dev, due to which Shanideva fall sky into the mountain on Earth, causing one of his feet to hurt.
Seeing such plight of Shani, Brahmadev, along with other devas, approaches Piplad and pacifies his anger.  He tells them that there is no fault of Shani in this, he only gives results to the person according to his deeds, so you place the dashed Shanideva in his place and Piplada muni follow the orders of Brahmadev.
 Another legend has also been associated with Piplad Muni in which Piplad has been called the son of Maharishi Dadhichi.  Maharishi Dadhichi had donated his bones to the gods for the slaughter of the demons of Vritrasura and when his wife Suvracha started going to the pyre to become Sati with her husband,  then is there a voice in the sky that Maharishi Dadhichi has the glory in your womb, which is the incarnation of Lord Shiva. Listening to Akashvani, Suvracha postpones her wish for some time and after the birth of a son, leaving her under a Peepal tree, she becomes Sati.  Animals and birds nurtured this baby and Som taught him all the genres.
As he grew up, he came to know that his parents had to face death due to the cruelity of Shani.  Enraged by this, Piplad meditated by sitting under the Peepal tree to please Brahma Ji.
Pleased with this, when Brahma Ji asked him to ask for the boon, Piplad asked for the Brahmand and hit Shanideva with brahamdand, when Shanideva sat on the Peepal tree .  This broke Shani's feet.  Shani Dev became unhappy and started calling Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva came and pacified the wrath of Pippalad and protected Shani.
There is another story of Shanideva walking limp, although its does not mention curses. However, it is necessary to have knowledge of the story.  The history of Shanidev's walking limp is also associated with Ravana's anger as well as the short age of his son Meghnath.
Ravana was a great scholar of astrology.  Ravana wanted his son to have longevity and no deity god could take his life.  So when Ravana's wife Mandodari was pregnent , Ravana wished that his future son should be born in such planetary constellations so that he would become super-powerful, skilled warrior and stunning.
It is due to this desire that Ravana ordered all the planets to be in auspicious and best position at the time of Meghnath's birth.  Because all the planets were very afraid of Ravana, so at that time all the planets except Shani Dev had sat in auspicious and high position as per Ravana's will.  Only Shanidev was the only planet who was not afraid of Ravana at all.
Ravana knew that Shanideva protects the age, but he also knew that Shanideva would not be easily auspicious by obeying him.  Therefore, Ravana, using his force, also kept Shanideva in such a position, that the life of his future son could be increased.

But Shani is the god of justice, so Shanidev may have been in the position of Ravana desire, but he tilled his sight during the birth of Meghnad, due to which Meghnad became shortage.  Ravana became very angry with this act of Shani and Ravana, in a fit of anger, hit Shani's feet with his gada.  Since then Shani Dev walks with a limp.  And that's why they move slowly.

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