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Story of curses(PART-06)

Story of curses(PART-06)

The sixth part of the curse chain is presented, this time I have been bring less mythological stories.I apologize for this and at the end of the article a link to the fifth part of the curse chain will be given.

42. Nagmata Kadru cursed the serpents.

Although Maharishi Kashyap had thirteen wives, but he had a special attachment to his two wives Vinata and Kadru.  Both of them used to serve the sage a lot.  One day the sage said to both of them- You both love me the most, so today you can ask whatever you want from me.

Kadru immediately said that she wanted to be the mother of a thousand powerful sons.  Vinata also expressed her desire to become a mother, but she said that she only needed two sons.  Who are so powerful as to they can defeat the thousand sons of Kadru.  Maharishi told them that they are going to perform a yajna, by which these wishes will be fulfilled. Maharishi conducted a yajna and after then went to do penance.  Shortly thereafter, Kadru laid a thousand eggs and Vinita laid two eggs.  And after some time very powerful and beautiful snake emerged from the eggs of Kadru.  Kadru called Vinata and said look how beautiful children are.  Vinata was also very happy to see him and congratulated Kadru. Seeing Kadru's offspring, Vinata becomes impatient to see her soyns, Vinata goes to both her eggs and bursts an egg, but seeing the half-developed body of a child from inside the egg, she is frightened and repents in sorrow.  The child was not fully developed, and he was filled with anger and sorrow upon seeing his underdeveloped body. He said in anger to his mother- "You have committed a great sin due to your impatience, so I curse you that you will have to become your own sister Kadru's maid for this crime."
Then Vinata said, I have done mistake , but I am sad about it,son ! tell me some way to get rid of this curse.
The child felt pity on his mother and told her not to break the second egg, it would mature on its own time and break itself.  The powerful son that comes out of it will liberate you from slavery. Having said this, he flew away and went to a mountain and meditated.  The name of this child was Arun and by his tenacity he became powerful and became the charioteer of the chariot of the sun. Vinata waited till the second egg was matured and when the time came, the egg burst and a great bright child was born from it, named Garuda.  As a boon, Garuda was very powerful , he was  became painful on all snakes.  As a result, relations of Vinata and Kadru were also getting worse.
One day Vinata and Kadru set out on a trip.  Kadru saw a horse on the banks of the distant ocean, shining brightly.  Kadru also attracted the attention of Vinata and said that how beautiful is the horse, full white, but its black tail is spoiling its beauty.
Vinata looked at him and said, no,  Kadru look carefully his tail is also white.  Kadru made a bet that if his tail turns out to be white, she will become the maid of Vinata and if the tail turns black, Vinata will become her maid.  Faith-rich Vinata also said yes.  And it was decided to go near horse in the morning. Then Kadru told his Naga sons to reduce their size and wrap it with the horse's tail, so that the horse's tail would look black and win that bet.  At that time some Naga sons refused to do so.  Then Kadru cursed his sons that you will be consumed in the yajna of King Janmejaya.  Hearing the curse, all the snake sons clung to the tail of the white horse according to their mother, causing the tail of that horse to appear black. And when both of them saw close in the morning, his tail turned black.  And thus Arun's curse became true and she became Kadru's maid.

43. Vashistha ji cursed to king Saudas Mitrasah.

One of the ancestors of Lord Shri Ram was Saudas Mitrasah, one day he went out to hunt the deer, and while walking, he saw two tigers, then the king killed one of the tigers with his arrows, but in fact, they were two demons disguised as tigers, one tiger was killed by King Mitrasah but the other tiger ran away saying that he would avenge it and went invisible, sometime after that the king organized a yagna.  After finishing the yajna, when Brahmarshi Vashist ji went out, the demon took the form of Vashisht ji and came to the king and said, "O Rajan Yajna is over, so you should got make human flesh for me.  Arrange that i come now.
Having said this, he went out and disguised the cooks, by the king's orders, he cooked the flesh of the man and presented it to the king and the king also kept it in the golden vessel and waited for Vashishtha ji, and the man's flesg came to him as soon as Vashistha came.  Served, and requested that it be accepted, now Vashistha thought that look at the evil of this king, he has been giving me intentionally to eat meat, so he meditate that  Asked, Whose meat is this, when he noticed that it was human flesh, then Vashishtha ji's anger reached its climax and angry Vashishtha cursed the king that "like you gave me today to eat human flesh , Likewise you will also become cannibal.
Now the king started to sweat and said trembling that "O Brahman you had given such a ordered , then Vashistha said if I had said this and knowing the truth through meditation, he said kindly to the king that" O Rajan you will not eat human flesh for a long time, only you have to do it for 12 years,
At the instance of Vashisht ji, King Saudas also proceeded to curse Munishwar by taking water in his hand, as soon as King Saudas's wife Madyanti stopped him and started saying "Swami this is our kulguru and  It is not right to curse, the Saudas became silent on hearing this and due to the protection of the grain , that water did not throw the earth and the sky, but he drenched his feet with it. But due to his angry curse water, King Saudas's leg was burnt to pied, and then his name was Kalmashapad.
He started eating humans walking in the forest absorbing a demon nature, one day a muni was having sex with his wife during the monsoon season, when that king reached in the form of a terrible demon, causing both the couple to run away in fear.  Then the demon caught the Brahmin, then Brahmani prayed in many ways and said, "O Rajan, you are not a demon but you Ikshvaku king Saudas Mitrasah, you are knowing about the happiness of the woman's love, I am still unhappy, so it is not right to kill my husband, she started crying, saying, but his demon-like king devoured the Brahmin like a tiger eats up animal.
  Then the angry Brahmini cursed the king that "Just like you ate my husband while I was unhappy, similarly when you too indulge in sex, then you too will end, saying that the Brahmini entered the fire.  After 12 years that the king was freed from his demon form, and after becoming a human again he took over his kingdom, one day to wish the king to have sex with the queen Madayanti.

But Madyanti reminded the king of the curse of Brahmani, since then the king gave up thought of female intercourse. But the king had no children, so at the request of the king, sage Vasistha ji fertilized the Madyanti, but when the womb was not born even after seven years, Madyanti hit her stomach with a stone, so that  At the time Madayanti received a son, named Asmak, there was a son of Asmak named Moolak, when the earth was being devoid of Kshatriya by Parashurama, then that moolak was saved by naked women surrounded that due to this reason he also called Narikavach.

44.  Rishi Vashistha ji cursed to Sahastrabahu.

Once upon a time, all the differences between the gods and the demons had ended.  At that time, the rule of the Kshatriyas was on earth, the Kshatriya kings were becoming autocratic in terms of authority and power.  At that time, the rule of cruel ruler named Sahashtrabahu was prevalent about him that he also defeated Lankapati Ravana.
Sahashtrabahu was touring the state with his entire convoy one day when on the way he saw the ashram of sage Vashisht.  On reaching near the ashram, he does not know what happened to him, he thought without thinking and filled the entire ashram with water without any reason.
When the sage saw this, he asked him the reason for doing so, instead of answering, Sahashtrabahu laughed shamelessly.  Enraged at this, the sage Vashishta scolded him, on which he replied arrogantly that O weak Brahmin, if I want I can kill you now. In anger, the sage Vashistha cursed Sahashatrabahu that only a Brahmin will break your pride.
Sahashtrabahu received a boon from Lord Dattatreya that during the war he would get thousands of hands and because of this he was named Sahastrabahu.  Because of the curse of Maharishi Vashishta, the destruction of him and his entire clan was certain and Parashurama was the only Bahubali Brahmin in whose hands this work was to be done.
Parashuram was the son of sages Jamadvagni and Renuka.  Parshuram had many blessings from Lord Shiva, in which knowledge of the all type of weapon and all the Vedas was prominent, as well as the power to go anywhere at the speed of mind.
Once Sahastrabahu demanded Kamdhenu from sage Jamadvagni, on this, the sage said that this cow is the cow of the Saptrishis and they have got the opportunity to serve it for a few days.  On hearing this, Sahastrabahu became mad with anger and forcefully walked towards his palace with Kamadhenu.
But when Parshuram came to know about this, he stopped Sahastrabahu on the way and asked him to give the cow back.  Sahastrabahu said that you are my people and the king has the right over everything of the peoples , if you have the courage, fight with me and win and take back the cow.
 Parashurama had a boon from Lord Shiva that no Kshatriya would defeat him.  In a fierce battle with Sahasrabahu and his ten thousand sons, Parashurama cut off thousands of Sahastrabahu's hands and most of his sons were also killed.
After this Kamadhenu went to the ashram and went on pilgrimage himself.  Seeing the appropriate occasion, the remaining Kshatriyas cut the head of sage Jamdvagni and also tortured mother Renuka. When mother Renuka made a voice to Parashurama, Parashurama arrived with the help of power and vowed that he would destroy all the Kshatriyas from the earth. After this, he destroyed the Kshatriyas twenty-one times on earth.

45. Rishi Vashistha cursed to king Nimi.

A total of nineteen kings who ruled Mithila region have become "Janak".  All Mithila kings were called Janak.  He was considered Videha, as his ancestor was not birth by mammalian .  This is about  when the region was not known as Mithila-Pradesh and "Nimi" was the king of this place.
In ancient times, Ikshvanku, the son of Vaivasvatmanu and Nimi, the son of Ikshvanku, became the majestic emperor here.  Once Nimi wanted to perform a yajna with the desire of salvation, at that time Vashishta the clan guru of Nimi had gone to perform a yajna at Indra's heaven.  The king started the yagya by knowing the time period, called the other learned Brahmins and started the yajna, Vashistha reached the yajna place in the last phase of the yajna.
Vashisht ji, seeing this, was extremely angry and said, "You have disrespected me, the king has not given me any information as a clan guru and is making yagyas with other pundits, so I curse you that your body will be died."  Then King Nim said, Munivar itself you have cursed me without thinking about my situation.
Here, after sacrificing the body of King Nimi, the Brahmins in the Yajna pavilion thought that because of us Muni Vashistha cursed the king which caused the king's body to be sacrificed, we will feel the blame, worldly it is an insult to all of us Brahmins or insult of brahm Shakti.  Hence, all these Brahmins, rich in knowledge, churned the Nimi king's dead body with their knowledge and mantras to keep the king's dead body on the sacrificial fire.  As a result, a child with divine body emerged from that sacrificial fire.  The Brahmins kept three names of that child.
1. Janak due to taking birth in Yajna 2. Due to being born without any body, Videha 3. Due to being born by churning, the name Mithi was born.  When Mithi became king when he grew up, he settled a city in his name, where he built his capital .  The city was named Mithila or Janakpur.  The territory of King Mithi is called Mithilanchal.

46. Braham Kumars cursed to Jai and Vijay.

According to legend, Ravana and Kumbhakarna were the gatekeepers of Lord Vishnu in his former birth.  Apart from being killed by Lord Rama (the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu), Ravana and Kumbhakarna took 2 other births to attain liberation.  So let's know about this story.

During the process of construction of the universe by Lord Brahma, 'four child sages' or 'four kumaras' was constructed.  Because these four kumaras were born from the mind of Brahma, they came to be known as Manasaputra of Lord Brahma.  He was named Sanak, Sanandan, Sanatan and Sanat Kumar. When the four kumaras came into existence, they were all incarnations of pure virtues and there was no indication of negative qualities like kama, anger, greed, fascination, ego etc.  Lord Brahma created these four kumaras to help in the process of creation.
However, the Kumaras refused to obey Brahma's order and devoted themselves to God and Brahmacharya and sought the boon from his father to remain as a five-year-old boy for the rest of his life.  One day when all Kumar went to see Lord Vishnu, then Jai and Vijay the gatekeepers of Vaikunta, stopped the Kumaras at the door and forbade them to enter, saying that Lord Vishnu was resting.  The Kumaras explained to him that God loves his devotees and is always available to them.
Although Braham Kumar never had anger, Prabhu planned to teach his gatekeepers a lesson and instilled anger in Brahm Kumar's pure hearts.  The enraged Kumaras cursed both the gatekeepers Jai and Vijay that they would have to renounce their divinity and be born as mortals on earth and stay there.
Thereafter Lord Vishnu appeared and the gatekeepers requested Vishnu to erase the curse of the Kumaras.  Lord Vishnu tells them that the curse of the Kumaras cannot be withdrawn, but they give them two options, the first option being born seven times as a devotee of Lord Vishnu on earth and the second option was three times born as enemies of Lord Vishnu.  After which they can regain their position in Vaikuntha and stay with them permanently.  Jai and Vijay did not want to stay away from Vishnu for seven births, they agreed to another option to become enemies.
 In the first birth, Jai and Vijay were born in Satyayuga in the form of Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu, who were slaughtered by Lord Vishnu with the incarnation of Varaha and Narasimha.  In the second birth, Jai and Vijay were born in the Treta Yuga as Ravana and Kumbhakarna, and were slaughtered by Lord Vishnu in the incarnation of Sri Rama and Lakshmana.  At the end of the Dwapara Yuga, Jai and Vijay took their third birth as Shishupala and Dantavakra, who were slaughtered by Lord Krishna and Balarama.  In this way Jai and Vijay i.e. Ravana and Kumbhakarna were liberated from this curse after three births.

47. Durvasha rishi cursed to apsara vapu.

There are many mythologies of our Hindu religious text Mahabharata, one of which is the four mysterious birds born on the battlefield of Mahabharata, who were born by an apsara of heaven, and who were called the knower of all Vedas.  According to the legend, it is believed that once Maharishi Jaimini had many doubts about the events related to the Mahabharata war, and he went to the Markandeya sage to solve those doubts.
Markandeya Rishi told the Jaimini sage that you will get rid of your doubts from the 4 birds named Pingaksha, Nivodh, Suputra and Sumukh living on the Vindhyanchal mountain.  These four birds are the sons of Drona, who have complete knowledge of the Vedas and the scriptures, and are nurtured by Shamik Rishi.  Hearing this, the Jaimini sage was surprised and asked how could these birds be sons of Drona?  And how can these birds solve my doubts.
On this, Markandeya Rishi said - Once Devmuni Narada went to Amravati.  Indra and Gods welcomed Narada Muni there.  Both asked Narada Muni to choose the best among the Apsaras of Rambha, Urvashi, Menka and the rest of the heaven.  Narada Muni told all the apsaras that the dancer who can fascinate Muni Durvasa in his love trap is the best for me.  Hearing this, everyone became silent but among them the nymph named Vapu said that she can disturb the penance of Muni Durvasa.  On this, Mahendra was pleased and said that if you can dissolve the penance of Muni Durvasa, then you will get a reward asked for.
At that time, Muni Durvasa was doing intense penance on the Himalayas, when Vapu Apsara started singing sweet music near Ashram.  Hearing the sound of music, Muni Durvasa woke up from his penance and in anger, Muni Durvasa went to Vapu Apsara. Muni Durvasa cursed Vapu Apsara to dissolve austerity, O girl, you came here with a plan to dissolve austerity, so you will be born as a Garuda bird in the next life.  Hearing this, Apsara Vapu became frightened and the started apologizing to Durvasa.  Muni Durvasa took pity on the Apsara Vapu and said that you will live in a bird form for 16 years and give birth to 4 sons and at the same time you will be injured by arrows, abandon your bird form and get back your Apsara form.
Due to the curse of Durvasa, Apsara Vapu was born from the womb of Madanika, the wife of a bird named Garudvanshi Kandhar, named Takshi.  She was later married to Drona, the son of Mandpal. At the age of 16, Takshi became pregnant, one day Takshi wished to see the war of Mahabharata and at that stage she reached the battlefield of Mahabharata flying in the sky,  But in the meantime, the arrow fired by Arjuna on his enemy came out piercing Takshi's wings.  Due to which she dropped her womb eggs on the ground and abandoned her bird form and went to heaven again in the form of Apsara.
Incidentally at the same time, a huge neck bell of Gajraj(elephant)named Supravik of Bhagadatta, who was fighting at the same time, fell down on the same egg, which covered the eggs, and after some time the eggs broke out of which the birds came out.  At the same time, Muni Shamik was going through the path that he saw those birds and took them with him to his ashram.  There they started to nurture them, after some time those birds started speaking and started bowing to their guru ie Muni.
Surprised by this, Munivar Shamik asked the birds, "How do you know man's speech?" Then those four birds told the story of their past birth, they said that there was an ascetic sage named Vipul in the rebirth who had two sons Sukrit and Tumbur.  , We were the sons of all four Sukrit.  One day Indra reached our father's ashram in the form of a bird and asked for man's flesh, our father ordered us to become Indra's diet to pay off the paternity.  We refused, angry that our father cursed all four of us to be born as a bird and  self agreed to be a bird's diet.

Then Indra was pleased and said that I asked for the flesh of man to take your exam.  Indra went to his heaven , saying that you are very kind.  We then apologized to our father and prayed to be released from the curse.  Our father told us the way to become curse-free, that you will become omniscience in the form of a bird and stay on Mount Vindhyachal for a few days, and the day Maharishi Jaimini will come to you to get rid of own doubts, the curse will be free on that day.  Hearing this, Munivar Shamik told the four birds to go to Vidyanchal mountain.  As per the orders of Munivar, four birds went to Vindhyanchal.
After narrating this story, sage Markandeya asked the sage Jaimini to go to Vidyanchal mountain for the relief of his doubts.  Hearing this, the sage Jaimini left for the Vidyanchal mountain.  When he reached, he saw four birds reading Vedas, he was very surprised to see, Sage Jaimini bowed to all four birds and asked him four questions.
Why has the Lord, the doer of this world, taken birth of man?
 Why did Draupadi, the daughter of King Drupada, become the wife of five husbands?
 For what reason did Sri Krishna's brother Balarama make pilgrimages?  And…
 - Why did the five sons of Draupadi, Uppandavas, die such a heinous death?
 In response to all these questions, the four birds narrated a very long story that solved the doubts of Sage Jaimini.  And after this, the four birds were freed from this birth and went to heaven.

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