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Story of curses(PART-04)

Story of curses(PART-04)

Hello friends, I welcome you once again to my blog.  In the series of curse stories, I have once again brought a collection of stories for the people.  Today I have described some curses of Mahabharata.  Some folk tales have also been included in the Mahabharata, which are not mentioned in the Mahabharata. But people have made new stories in a strange way which we believe to be true.The fourth part of the curse series is presented to you. And at the end of the article, a link to Part-3 will be given.

21.  Maharishi Vashistha curse to the Vasus.

Vasistha is a Saptarshi. Muni Vasistha is  also known by the name 'Aapav'.  He had an ashram and these Maharishi Vasistha used to meditate in it.  The daughter of Daksha Prajapati, known as Devi Surabhi, gave birth to a cow from the union of Kashyapji. Which was named Nandini cow.  She was the best among all those who fullfill wished.  Vasistha received the cow as his kaamdhenu and kept it in the beautiful forest where he used to do penance.
One day Prithu vashu etc. and the whole deity came into the forest ,where Vashistha rishi lived.  The wife of one of those Vasus saw that cow while walking in that forest.  Vasu's wife was surprised to see that beautiful Nandini cow.
Dhyo vashu, upon seeing that cow, describing its form and qualities, said to his wife - "This is the best cow divinity with bright eyes."  She is capable of fulfilling all wishes.  The man who will drink its tasty milk will live for ten thousand years and for that time his youth will remain stable. ”Hearing her husband, she said -“ Prannath!  A princess is my friend in this earth.
‘Her name is Jitvati.  She is adorned with a beautiful look and young.  I have a great desire for her to take this cow with the calf.  You bring this cow soon.  Therefore, by drinking her milk,  my friend survived alone in old age and physical illnesses.  To fulfill his wife's wish, Dhyo vasu,  abducted the cow with the help of his brothers Prithu vashu etc.
But when Vashistha did not show his cow with calf.  Then Vashistha searched the Nandini cow in the forest but he could not find the cow anywhere.  Then he looked divinely and knew that the Vasus kidnapped her.

Then he cursed the Vasus in anger - all of you have kidnapped my Kamdhenu cow, so all of you will be born into man-form.  After cursing him, Maharishi then sat down in penance.  When the Vasus came to know about the curse, they all started apologizing to Maharishi Vasishtha.
When the Vasus came to know that Maharishi Vasistha had cursed them, all of them reached his ashram.  He tried very hard to please Maharishi but could not get the blessings of Maharishi.
Then they asked for a solution to be free from the curse. Then the Maharishi said - "I have cursed you all, but you will be free from the curse one by one every year, but this is the name of the Dhyo vashu, due to which has got all of you cursed."
He will reside in earth for a long time.  But he will not have any children.  He will be godly and scholar and will abandon woman's love for the benefit of own father. "  After saying this, Maharishi Vasistha left from there.
After saying such a thing to all those Vasus, the Maharishi left from there.  Then all the Vasus gathered and went to the  near Ganges.  And pleaded with Ganga ji - 'Ganges!  As soon as we are born, you will pour us in your water on yourself.  That is why Ganga ji did the same to free the Vashus from curse to this earth.  And only Vasu named Dhyo became "Bhishma" in his next life.

22. Yudhishthira gave this curse to women.

This incident  is from the time of Mahabharata.  The battlefield of Kurukshetra was red with blood.  Brothers and brothers were thirsty for each other's blood.  There was no one who could stop this war.  On one side, Bhishma Pitamah stood as a shield of protection to protect the Kauravas.
On the other hand, for the Pandavas, Krishna's own incarnation of Lord Vishnu was conducting the ritual of Arjuna.  This incident dates back to the time when everyone was mourning the death of their close friends after the war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas.
 Surya son Karna was slaughtered by Arjuna in this battle.  After Karna's death, Mother Kunti rushed to near the Karna's body to mourn his death.
Yudhishthira, the eldest of the Pandavas, asked Kunti, "Why are you mourning over the death of our enemy?"
 Hearing this, Kunti told Yudhishthira that "He is not your enemy,  he is the  your eldest brother."  Hearing this, Yudhishthira's eyes filled up and he was very sad.
He told Mata Kunti that you hid such a big thing and made us the killer of our eldest brother.
Then cursing the entire female caste, Yudhishthira said, "I curse the entire women's caste from today that they will not be able to hide anything in their hearts even now."
 Yudhishthira gave this curse only because Karna would not have been killed at the hands of Arjuna if Kunti had first said to him the secret of Karna.
 Perhaps it is the effect of this curse that during pregnancy, the stomach of women starts to appear on the outside.

23. Rishi Kindam's curse to King Pandu

 Kindam was a sage who is mentioned in the Mahabharata.Due to ignorance rishi Kindam and his wife were killed by Maharaj Pandu, due to which Pandu had to spend the rest of his life cursed.
Once King Pandu of Hastinapur was roaming in the forest.  Then he saw a pair of deer.  Pandu aimed five arrows at him, injuring the deer.  In fact deer was a sage named rishi Kindam, who was doing pranay-vihar(love) with his wife.
Then Kindam rishi came in his real form and cursed Pandu that- "You have unabashedly shot arrows at me and my ascetic wife while we were doing Vihara (love)." Now whenever you cohabit with your wife, you will die at the same time and that wife will become sati with you. "Due to this curse when Raja Pandu was meeting(love) with his wife Madri, he died at the same time.

24.  Mandavya Rishi's curse to Yamraj.

 Before a person can do any karma, it must be ensured that from the karma, you are doing, there is no problem for any living being, because in the Karma cycle, that thing comes back to you, which you have given to destined.  Just like if you do evil to someone, you are returning evil to destiny in a way whose destiny will give you evil.  The karma cycle is the same for everyone, but under certain circumstances there is also an exemption from the karma cycle, such as any mistake made by an innocent child by mistake does not fall into the category of crime.
A similar story related to karma and age is found in Mahabharata.
According to the religious texts, after the age of man, the soul is taken with him by the Yamraj god of death and his messengers, but according to his deeds he gives him good or bad karma results.  But once according to a legend, Yamraj himself had to live a human life on earth after being born as a human.According to Mahabharata, there was a sage named Mandavya.  He was very patient, virtuous, ascetic and honest.  He used to do penance by raising his hands under the tree at the door of his ashram.  He had taken the rule of silence.
One day some robbers came there with the loot.  Many soldiers were following them, so they kept all the loot wealth in the ashram of Mandavya and hid there.  The soldiers came and asked Mandavya that where the robbers ran away, tell us quickly, we have to chase them. Mandavya did not answer them.The royal staff searched his ashram, found both wealth and thieves in it.  The soldiers grabbed the robbers and Mandavya Muni and presented them to the king.  The king contemplated and punished everyone to climb the gallows.  Mandavya sages were offered on the gallows.
Even after a long time, he sat on a gallows without eating and drinking, he did not die.  He did not give up his life, but invited many sages.  The sages came as birds in the night and expressed sorrow and asked what crime you had committed.  Mandavya asked, Whom should I blame, this is the result of my own crime.
The guards noticed that it had been a long time for the sage to sat on the gallowss, but he did not die.  They went and requested his king.  The king came to Mandavya Muni and prayed that I had committed your great crime by ignorance.
Please forgive me!  Mandavya pleased the king, forgave him.  They were taken off the gallows.  When gallows could not get out of his body even after taking many measures, it was cut.  Along with buried gallows, he did penance and received rare power.  Since then, his name became Anindmandavya. Then Maharishi Mandavya went to the court of Dharmaraja and asked what such sin I had inadvertently committed, which resulted in this.  Tell me fast, if not then see the strength of my penance.
Dharmaraja said, you had pricked a needle in the tail of a small moth(a species of insect). This is the result of that.  Just as a lot of charity gets manifold results, so also a little iniquity gets manifold bad result.  Anandmandavya said, when did I do this.

Dharmaraja said, in childhood.  Anandmavya said on this, what the child does till the age of twelve years, he does not have any wrongdoing, because he does not have knowledge of religion and unrighteousness.  You have given a big punishment for small crime.  That's why you have to become a human being.  Today I want to establish the dignity of karma-results in the world.
Karmas done up to the age of fourteen years will not incur sin, after that the deeds done will surely be rewarded.  Because of this crime, Mandavya cursed and Dharmaraja was born as Vidur.  He was well versed in theology and economics.  Anger and greed did not even touch them.  He was a visionary, a proponent of peace and a benefactor of the entire Kuru dynasty.

25. Amba cursed to Bhishma Pitamah.

Satyavati had give two sons named Chitrangad and Vichitravirya from Maharaja Shantanu.  After the death of Shantanu, Chitrangad was made king, but he died in a war with the Gandharvas, when the Vichitravirya were child.  Nevertheless, Bhishma sat on the throne to Vichitravirya and began to see the royal work himself.
When Vichitravirya was young, Bhishma forcefully kidnapped Kashiraj's 3 daughters and wanted to marry them to Vichitravirya, as Bhishma wanted his father Shantanu's family to grow somehow.
But later the elder princess Amba was abandoned, as she wanted Shalvaraj, but after going to Shalvaraja, Amba was refused by Shalvaraja.  This was a painful situation for Amba.  Amba considered Bhishma the reason for her plight and complained to Parashuramaji.  Parshuramji decided to fight against injustice.  Parshuramji told Bhishma that 'You have abducted Amba by force, so now you have to marry her otherwise get ready for war with me.'
Bhishma and Parashuramji fought fiercely for 21 days.  In the end, the Mahadeva said to Parashurama talking about all the agony and vows of celibacy and made him aware of the state of Bhishma as well, when Parashurama did a ceasefire somewhere.
Later Amba was very sad and said to Bhishma that 'You have ruined my life and are now refusing to marry me.  I am a helpless woman and you are powerful.  You misused your power.  I cannot spoil you, but I will be born again as a man and then I will cause you to end.
Significantly, this Amba gives up her life and takes birth as Shikhandi and becomes the cause of Bhishma's death.

26.  Why Draupadi gave big curse to dogs.

(Note:-It is a folk tale .So this story is not mentioned in Mahabharata)

We are talking about why Draupadi cursed the dogs for the reason that they have to do open sex, as I can tell you. When Arjun married Draupadi and brought his home, he first gave this good news to own mother.  But it was a mistake of his mother that he told Arjuna and the five Pandavas, whatever the you had brought, the five brothers should share among themselves.
After this, the authority on Draupadi to obey the mother's command became equal to that of the five Pandavas, that night when Draupadi was sleep , let us know what happened that night that Draupadi had to curse the dogs.
That night when Draupadi was playing own wife Dharma in turn with the five Pandavas, a condition was laid that when Draupadi was playing her wife Dharma with one Pandava, it was forbidden for the other Pandavas to enter the chamber.  Its symbol was kept that when a Pandava is in the room, he should take his Batukh (sandal) out of the room, so that it is known that there is someone in the room.
Similarly, Draupadi played her wife Dharma with Arjun, after that Yudhishthira had a great misfortune when  2 dogs came from outside and took away their sandals.
At this point, the third Pandavas came and they could not find sandals and entered the room.
On seeing the other Pandavas in the room together, Draupadi got very angry on this.  At the same time, these pandavas told no sandal in outside  and at the same time all the Pandavas went outside the palace and saw that they were playing dogs with sandal.  Due to this mistake of dogs, they got cursed that after today you will have to sex in the open and the world will see you.

27 .Draupadi cursed Ghatotkacha.

(Note:-It is also a folktale ,this story is not mentioned in mahabharata).

 When Ghatotkacha came to the kingdom of his father Bhima for the first time, as per the orders of his mother (Hidimba), he did not give any respect to Draupadi.
 Draupadi felt insulted and got very angry.  She shouted at him that she is a speci woman, she is the queen of Yudhishthira, she is the daughter of a Brahmin king and her reputation is more than that of the Pandavas.  And at the behest of his evil demonic mother, he has insulted her in a meeting full of elders, sages and kings.  O evil, your life will be very short and you will be killed without any fight.

In the Mahabharata, the life of Danveer Karna has always been surrounded by sorrows.  There are sorrows in Karna's life from birth to death.  Karna's curses shaken Karna and in the end, the curses led to Karna's death.

28.Parshuram curse to Karna . 

Karna made Shri Parashurama his Guru.  Karna knew that Parashurama would teach archery only to Brahmin boys.  But Karna did not tell this thing to his Gurudev.  It is a matter of one day that Guru Parshuram was resting on Karna's thigh.  A scorpion came over there and started stung Karna.
Karna used to bear the sting by not removing the scorpion so that the rest of the Guru is not disturbed.  In this way, blood started flowing from Karna's thigh but Karna did not get stuck from it. When Karna's blood flowed and reached to near Gurudev , then Gurudev's eye opened.  Guru Dev was shocked after seeing all this.
He said that only a Kshatriya can have such tolerance to bear a scorpion sting and not a Brahmin.  Parshuramji cursed him because of his false speech that whenever Karna would be most in need of his education, it would not be useful to him on that day.  It is said in some folklore that this scorpion himself Indra who wanted Karna's got true identity to the Guru.
Karna used to call himself a sutputra because he was swept away into the Ganges river when he was born by Mata Kunti and at that time Adhirtha, the charioteer of Dhritarashtra and his wife Radha saw him and adopted him and saved him.  He did not even know his own lineage.  But Gurudev came to know everything from own divine vision, when he was enraged at cursing Karna with anger, but he could not take back his curse.  He then gave Karna his bow called Vijay and blessed him that he would get what he wanted most - indelible fame.
By the way, the spiritual side is also tremendous.  If the Guru had not to cursed Karna, Brahmastra would have to use  by Karna in the war and the whole creation would have been destroyed. This was done to protect the world.

29. Brahman cursed to karna .

After left the Parshuramji's ashram, Karna wandered here-there for some time.  At the same time, he was learning shabdbhedi archery skill.  During the practice, he considered the calf of a cow to be any wildy animal and fired a wrenching arrow at it and the calf was killed.
The lord of that cow was a Brahmin.  The Brahmin said - you have killed an innocent whose punishment you should get.

Then Karna apologized.  The Brahmin said that you return his life, then I will forgive you.  But how could Karna return his life?
Now the Brahmin, the lord of the cow, cursed Karna that just as he has killed a helpless animal, one day he will also be killed when he will be most helpless and when all his attention is focused on something other will happen than his enemy.

30. Earth(Dharti) curse to Karna .

Mother Earth cursed that Karna, while fighting, one day the wheel of your chariot will sink into the ground.  According to the folk tales of Andhra, there is a story that once Karna was going somewhere, then on the way he found a girl who was crying due to ghee being shattered from her pit.
When Karna asked, she told that her ghee fell into the mud.  Because of which her stepmother would be angry with him.
Then Karna said that he would bring another ghee and give it to her.
But the girl said that she only wanted those ghee whose mixed in the soil and she refused to take new ghee.  Then, taking pity on the girl, Karna took the clay containing the ghee in own fist and squeezed it so that the ghee from the soil squeezed and fell into the pitcher.
While Karna was doing this, he heard the painful voice of a woman.  When he opened his fist and saw, he found Mother Earth.  Angry Mother, angry with pain, criticized Karna and said that  Karna today you have given me a lot of pain .
Saying this, Mother Earth cursed Karna that one day in a decisive battle of his life, she will also hold the wheel of his chariot as if he has caught them in own fist, so that he will vulnerable to own enemy in that war. And you all know that all these curses came in a decisive battle in front of Karna while fighting Arjuna and due to these curses, Karna had to sacrifice his life.

With this promise of bringing more new stories related to curses and now I take leave of you. See you soon.

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