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Story of curses(PART-02)

Story of curses(PART-02)

In the previous post of the blog, all of you learned about the curse and read some stories related to the curse. I am presenting the second part of that series, moving forward. Hope that you all will like my efforts.  The link of the first part of the series will be given at the end of the article.

05. Shri Ganesh cursed Chandradev.

When it is dark after the sun sets, the moon starts dispersing its moonlight.  But do you know that the moon which provides coolness also has a curse.  The decreasing form of the moon is due to the same curse.
According to a legend, once Kuberji reached Mount Kailash with an invitation to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati for food.  But knowing his nature, Shivji understood that he is calling him on food only to show off his wealth. So he gave a reason to be busy with his sadhana and refused to leave.  Parvati ji also did not want to go alone so she also refused. Kubera ji became unhappy considering his entire system is failure and started requesting Shiva again.  Then he kept his promise and said that you take Ganesha with you.  Ganesh will give you full opportunity to serve.

Ganesh ji was also pleased to hear the feast and went with Kubera ji.  Ganapati dined with great fervor and enjoyed delicious dishes.  Finally, sweets were introduced, which Ganesh ji ate.
After this, more sweets were brought, Ganesh ji ate that too but later he was hesitant. So he got up from the food, but after getting up, he started thinking that some sweets would be taken with him to Kailash.  I would enjoy those sweets with Shiva ganas. When he said this to Kuber Ji, Kuber Ji gave him a lot of sweets.  Ganesha also rode in his mushak with a lot of sweets on his lap.
It was night and the moonlight spread all around. Then on the way Ganesh ji's leg of the Mushak got tangled with the root of a tree and he fell along with Ganesh ji.  All the sweets of Ganesha were scattered there. He felt very sad, then thought no one saw it, so he started taking those sweets. Then the Chandradeva that was watching them from afar started laughing out loud.  Ganesha looked at the sky and the Chandradeva was laughing at him. Ganesh ji was very ashamed to see this, he was sad that all his sweets were spoiled on one side and the falling Chandradeva on the other side saw him. He started to get angry with Chandradev, he said, O shameless!  Instead of helping me, you are ridiculing me.  This is an insult not only to me but also to my father. You are very proud of this beautiful form, Now, I curse you, after this your beautiful form will become ugly.  After today your light will be gone and no one will see you.
Due to the effect of Ganesha curse, the Chandra light went off at that time and the darkness of the night was covered all over the world.  Chandradev panicked and and started apologizing for holding his feet. He said, "O God, forgive me, I inadvertently sat doing such an act."  If you do not withdraw their curse, then my existence will be of no importance, I will not be able to do the work assigned to God.  And this will also violate the law of creation, God, so forgive me.
Then Ganeshji also saw the situation and his anger subsided.  He said that Chandradev realized about his mistake, it's a good thing.  But you also know that the curse given cannot be returned.
Yes, it can be remedied, so according to the curse your light will be lost but only one day in the month, after that you will slowly get back your full light.  And because of the curse of losing beauty, you will not lose your form completely, but there will be some stains on your face that will remind you of your mistake. Due to this curse, the full moonlight of the moon falls on Amavasya and on the full moon, he gets his light fully.  And the spots over Chandradev are still visible today.  Thus even today the curse given by Ganesha is working.

 06.Parvati's curse on rishi Vishrava.

 According to mythology, once Goddess Parvati invited Vishnu and Lakshmi ji to come for food on Kailash.  Then Goddess Lakshmi asked Goddess Parvati that you have spent most of your life like a princess, how do you live in such cold winds.
Mother Parvati was greatly hurt by this question of mother Lakshmi.  A few days later, Mother Lakshmi invited Goddess Parvati to come to her Baikutham Dham.  After which the mother Parvati reached Baikunth Dham with Shiva.
Seeing the splendor and opulence of Baikuntha, Goddess Parvati asked Bholenath to build a very magnificent palace.  On this, Shiva tried to convince mother Parvati very much, but when mother Parvati did not listen, Shiv ji gave the task of building the palace to Vishwakarma ji.  Only after that he built a palace of gold.
When the palace was ready, Mother Parvati invited all the deities there.  Ravana's father Rishi Vishrava, who was a great scholar, was invited to worship the object of the palace.  But seeing the glare of the palace, the mind of sage Vishrava was shaken and he asked Bholenath to donate the palace itself.  Shiva donated them to the palace, not disappointing them. After this, Mother Parvati felt very sad and angry, she gave a curse to burn the palace that was donated to rishi Vishrava.  It is said that due to her curse, Hanuman ji had burnt the gold Lanka.

07.Why did Goddess Rati curse to Goddess Parvati?

 Goddess Rati cursed Mother Parvati that no child will ever be born from her womb.  There is a legend behind the curse which goes like this.
A terrible asura named Tarakasura had created a lot of terror and all Dev gan got upset with him.  He had a boon that he would be killed only by the son of Shiva and Parvati. So the gods sent Kamadeva and Rati to distract Mahadev Shiva.  Lord Shiva was distracted but he got angry due to which he opened his third eye and consumed Kamdev.
When Lord Shiva was in deep meditation for years, Kamadeva was tasked to awaken Lord Shiva and fill his heart with love for Goddess Parvati.  This was necessary so that after their marriage they both gave birth to a son who could kill the tyrannical Tarakasura. Although Kamdev was successful in breaking Lord Shiva's attention, he was burnt by the opening of Lord Shiva's third eye due to anger.  Goddess Rati, Kamadeva's wife, felt deeply sad and thought that Goddess Parvati was responsible for all the events.  So she cursed Goddess Parvati that she would never be able to conceive. Therefore, the combined energy of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva led to the birth of Lord Karthikeya who ended Tarakasura.

08. Curse of Parrot to Mother Sita: -

 Due to the curse of a pregnant parrot, maa Sita got removed  by sri Rama from the important time when she was pregnant.  Religion teaches man to walk in the path of truth.  In Sanatan Dharma, sin have been regarded as a virtue for hurting others. God also has to bear the penalty of his mistake.
Sita was the daughter of the King of Mithila.  One day, playing in the garden, Sita was seen  a pair of male and female parrots.  Both of them were talking among themselves. The couple were talking about that there will be a great king named Rama in the Bhoomandal who will have a very beautiful wife Sita.  Curiously, Sita could not stop herself and started listening to them. She loved hearing about her marriage.  In the same mood, she caught the couple of parrots engulfed in conversation.
Mother Sita wanted to hear more about her and Shriram from them.  So she asked the couple where they came to know about these things about Ram and her marriage.  The parrot said that he heard this from the mouth of Maharishi Valmiki while teaching the disciples in his ashram.
On this, Mother Sita said that I am the only daughter of Janak who you are talking about.  Your words are making me excited, so now I will leave you when I get married to Shri Ram.  The parrot pleaded and said, "O Goddess!"  We are birds that cannot find happiness at home. Our job is to move around in the sky.  Mother Sita freed the male parrot and said that it is okay for you to wander happily, but I will leave your wife when I get Ram. The male parrot again begged and said, "Sita, my wife is from the womb;  I will not be able to disconnect it. Sita still did not leave the female parrot.
Saddened by this, the female parrot cursed Sita as if you were taking me away from my husband in my pregnancy.  Similarly, you will also have to disconnection your Ram in your pregnancy.
As soon as this was said, the female parrot gave up her life.  After some time, the distressed male parrot too gave up his life.  After years, due to this curse, Mother Sita sent to the forest during her pregnancy by Sri Ram.

09. These four people are suffering the curse of Mother Sita even today.

 As such, the people of India must be well aware of every saga of Ramayana.  But today we are going to tell you about that story related to the Ramayana, about which you hardly know.
Yes, today we will tell you how these four people are suffering the curse of Mother Sita.  Actually when Ram, Sita and Lakshman ji went to exile, then their father i.e. King Dasaratha ji died .
Tell that King Dasaratha could not bear the sorrow of separation from his sons and he gave up his life.  At the  time when Rama and Laxman ji were informed of his death, he went to the forest to collect the necessary things to arrange the pinddaan.

However, Rama and Laxman ji were very late during this period.  Due to which Sita ji became very worried.  Tell that, seeing the situation, Sita ji gave self pinddaan. On the other hand, when Rama and Laxman ji returned, Sita ji told them that you were late.  Due to which she gave pinddaan to Dashrath ji. Along with this, Mata Sita told Pinddan's witness Pandit, cow, crow and the nearby Falgu river. However, when Ram ji asked about the confirmation of all these bodies, they refused. It tell that not only Ram ji but Sita ji was also very angry due to the false testimony of these four.  But Sita ji invoked the soul of King Dasharatha in front of Ram ji to prove her truth.
After which the soul of King Dasharatha himself appeared there and then Dasaratha himself told  in front of Ram ji .Sita ji had given him pinddaan.
After this, four people who lied in front of Ram ji got curse of Mother Sita. Sita ji told the pandit that no matter how much you beg, your poverty will not be reduced. After this she cursed the Falgu river that this river would dry up and told the crow that you will never be able to fill your stomach.  With this, she told the cow that people will worship you, but you will always have to  eat half eaten food .

 10.  Six curses led to the destruction of Ravana.

Ravana was a great mighty warrior, supreme scholar, great devotee, trikalidarshi, knowledgeer of ten directions and the ultimate scholar of the Vedas. He waged many wars in his life.  The power of Lord Rama was the reason for the end of Ravana.  At the same time, there was also the curse of those whom Ravana had ever offended.  Ravana was mainly cursed by 6 people during his lifetime. Ravana born in the Brahmin clan,  being a scholar, despite of he was very sensual, degenerate and demonic.  He was fully influenced by his mother and maternal grandfather. He received many curses due to his evil tendencies which were resulted in him in the war with Lord Shri Ram.

Ravana got many such curses in his life which would later lead to his death, but 6 curses are specially mentioned.

01. In Ikshvaku clan, one of the ancestors of Shri Ram was Anarnya.  At that time Ravana was young and set out on a mission of world conquest.  At the same time, he faced to Anarnya.  Anarnya tried very hard to stop Ravana but was ultimately defeated by Ravana. Ravana killed him, but while dying, he cursed Ravana that a person born in his lineage would kill him.  His curse came true and later Ram killed Ravana.
02. Once Ravana went to Kailash to meet Mahadev.  At that time Mahadev was absorbed in samadhi, hence Nandi stopped Ravana from going further.  Seeing Nandi, he laughed at his appearance and called him as a monkey.
Then Nandi cursed Ravana that because of the monkeys, you will have an apocalypse.  Later, the monkey army of Sugriva assisted Rama which led to the destruction of Ravana.
03. The Emperor of Vyjayanthpur demon king Shambhar was the husband of the Maya. Maya was the daughter of the May daanav and Ravana's wife Mandodari's elder sister.  Once Ravana went to Vaijayantpur Daityaraja Shambhar. There he became fascinated by the form of Maya and Maya too became fascinated with the form of Ravana and a relationship was formed between the two.  When Shambhar got information about this, he took Ravana captive. At the same time, Shambhar was attacked by King Dasharatha and Shambhar died in that battle.  When Maya started becoming Sati, Ravana wanted to stop her, but Maya cursed her that you lusted attempt to break my satitva so my husband died.  Therefore, you too will be killed due to the woman's lust.

04. Once while touring, Ravana had seen a woman named Vedavati who was meditating to get Lord Vishnu as her husband.  Ravana pleaded with herfor love but Vedavati openly refused.
At this Ravana grabbed her hair and dragged her to take it with him.  At that moment, that ascetic gave up her body at that moment and cursed Ravana that you will die due to a woman.  It is said that Vedavati was born as Sita in the next life, due to which Ravana was killed.
05. Ravana attacked Indra and reached Swargalok.  There he saw Rambha who is an apsara(nymph) of swargloka. To fulfill his lust, Ravana catches her. Then the apsara said that you do not touch me in this way because I am reserved for your elder brother Kubera's son Nalakuber, so I am like your daughter-in-law but did not consider Ravana and mistreated Rambha. When Nalkuber came to know about this, he cursed Ravana that after today, Ravana will touch her without any woman's desire, then Ravana's head will be divided into hundred pieces.  This was the reason that even after kidnapping Sita, Ravana did not touch her.
06. Ravana's sister Surpanakha got married to a demon Vidyutjivah against Ravana's will.  He was the emperor of the Kalakeya demons.  When Ravana came out on World War, he had a war with Kalakeya and in that war Ravana killed the Vidyutjivah. When Surpanakha was sati with him, Ravana stopped her and brought her to Lanka by force.  Later, he understood and persuade and give  the kingdom of Dandakaranya with Khar-Dushan.  Then Shurpanakha cursed Ravana in his heart that because of me you will be the destroy .  It is said that Surpanakha deliberately got involved with Rama-Lakshmana in Dandakaranya so that Ravana could be destroyed.

That's it for today, see you with the next article

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