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God is formless or real

God is formless or real

God ie Brahma Paramatma Parmeshwar is formless or real.  People have always kept different views on this and often scholars and devotees have also given their opinion on this according to the success of their means .
It is necessary to understand here that it was the great grace of the Lord that they adored everyone who saw him and gave his opinion, according to the thoughts of his dear devotees, Karunanidhi and Bhaktavatsal Prabhu displayed themselves in almost all forms.
Nothing is impossible for God and it is everything anyway, whether we take the formless form or the shape form.
We have been saying and hearing for centuries that God is formless, there are light forms, the meaning of the formless which pervades every particle of the creation, the perfect man is always omnipresent, the omnipotent justly knows and believes the divine God forever.  Knowing the observer of all evil and good deeds,not committing misdeeds for a moment, not considering himself as separate from God. Because they knows what I will do worse than mind, words, deeds, then I will never be saved without judgment from the justice of this formless Brahma. Therefore, the worshipers who worship God in formless form, while sitting in particle, particle, while living a pure, pure life, inspire everyone to walk on the best path.  God is like an infinite sea, the seeker who took a dip as much as God.
It is said that this all-world universe and organism are the subtle powers that only manage to be seen, but the experience of its existence is equal.  But if you want to see the real form of God, then this world can be considered as God.
Visiting God in a real form is very easy and simple, it means that only the creature is a mere creature and it is said that even in a creature, God is inhabited by a child and a grieving person, that is why the worshiper of the real Brahma can serve the suffering humanity  Believes worship, chanting, meditation etc.
 Whether God can be anything other than real and formless, so God can be there as far as a person can think, whether it is a matter of virtuous realization or a  formless form or a mixed form of both.
Natural mind cannot be interpreted by the senses of God because God is conscious and is the administrator of all, and the mind is the root of senses, for God to say that it is real or formless is not rational because in this way we have the capacity of God  We tend to underestimate because it is well known that everything is possible for the Lord and often the formless and true worshipers of Brahm  Along with this, other scholars also confirm both forms of God and not their refutation.
These importance  for the lordship of a saint are very beautiful  that God is like an infinite ocean and we humans dip our thoughts stick into the sea to measure the depth of the sea and consider it as deep.  But even those who know a little about the sovereignty of God believe that God is infinite, they cannot be described properly.
God can be known by compassion by applying mind and mind to Karmayoga bhakti yoga or gyaan yoga because then the person (jiva) will be situated in his form soul (Chetan).
God has two forms, the real and the formless.  Whatever is visible in this world with these physical eyes, it is all a form of God.  In some form or the other we keep seeing God.  Whatever you are reading, you should understand the true vision of God.
We should dedicate this physical body in the service of Janata Janardhana in the worship of God for the same reason.  This realization is true worship of God.  This physical body is the realization of God.  It is our duty to hand over the blessings of God to God, otherwise we will be thieves of God.  We need to erase this material body in the service of Janata Janardan, only then we will be able to become true God devotees.
In this whole world, the same conscious power is widely absorbed, by which this whole world appears conscious, nature's atoms are vibrating from it.  The same soul is working in us in the whole world.  To know this soul is self-realization.  Atma Darshan is the true worship of the formless God.
If we want to become true devotees of the formless Lord, then we should always see that God like, widely-known and pervasive universe in the whole world, as the omnipotent and supremepower.
If it is interesting to worship the shape form, then every creature and substance of the world should be self-sacrificing with self-sacrifice to make it beautiful and orderly and satoguni.  It is a mixture of worship of both the real and the formless, considering that God is omnipotent and supremepower, avoiding sins and sacrificing more self-interest for the public interest.
In this way, a person who makes his thoughts and actions pure, serviceable, divine, thinks of himself as situated in God and looks into God within himself.  Devotion to God cannot be done only by meditation or chanting, for that there should also be coordination of conduct.
Whose life is divine.  He is a true God devotee and he has a vision of the greatness of 'Aham Brahmasmi' in his conscience.  The five elements of service, virtue, love, devotion and self-control which are present in the conscience cannot be deprived in any way from attaining God.


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