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Story Of Curses.(PART-01)

Story of curses(PART-01)

what is curse...?

The meaning of a curse is to angerfully expose someone's evil.  Especially the negative words of sages, saints, ascetics etc. are called curses. When great moral offense be committed then curse was given .When a person becomes purified by body speech, mind and heart, then God himself dwells in his body, often at such times these people start to stay away from society and become alienated from the world, and in such  When something good or bad words comes out of their mouth, it starts to come true, but they also have to lose it by doing so, the energy of such people starts getting destroyed.

According to curses, Hindu beliefs, it is the power through which the word power is used to hurt others or a particular person by subjecting them to anger through spiritual power earned by the seeker over the years. In the same way, the curse that is given is hurt, but the curse itself loses its earnings and at the same time due to cursing (due to the curse of others), the sin in their actions also increased.  According to Hinduism and all religions says, stop hurting others, thinking of harm is also your harm.

The meaning of Sanatan culture is that culture which is applicable to every human being in the world.  Sanatan Dharma is the oldest religion in the world, which is equipped with scientific customs.  Many beliefs are associated with the gods and goddesses. Not only this, it is said about his curses that his influence still exists on this earth.  If you look at it, you will find that it is also really true.

Many examples of this are available in ancient literature.

 You must have heard the curse in many subjects under Hinduism texts.  Even the great kings were terrified by the fear of the curse of the sages.
God also had to suffer sorrow due to curse and had to be born in human form.  Even Yamraj, who kept track of the evil deeds of others, could not escape the curse. Ramayana, Mahabharata, Shivmahapuran, Shrimad Bhagwat, etc., have many references to curse in many texts.  Today,  I am telling about some such curses, about which you probably will not know yet. There is a description of many curses in Hindu scriptures and every curse had some reason or the other.  Some curses contained the goodness of the world, while some curses had an important role in the stories hidden behind them. Today we are going to tell you about such curses, which had an important contribution in the history, but can see their impact as evidence in the present. If we look at it thoughtfully, we will find that curses do not happen only to humans, curses of animals and even trees can be seen.  Along with the spirits on the trees, Yakshadevas also reside. Cutting down a healthy green tree has been called a great sin.  From ancient times,  rishis have called it a sin to cut down trees or kill innocent animals, birds and animals.  This is probably the reason behind this. Their energy condenses and destroys individuals.
Whether it is an eye defect or a curse or any other defect - energy plays an important role in all of these. Any curse or blessing has the will power and its effect is through eye, word and mental projection. Despite Ravana being so knowledgeable and powerful, he got such a curse that everything was destroyed. In the Mahabharata, the curse of Draupadi caused the destruction of the Kaurava dynasty. At the same time, the curse of Takshak Nag affected the Pandavas. Shri Krishna was cursed by Gandhari due to which the Yadav clan was destroyed.  The energy which Gandhari had gained from the austerities of her life, had made Duryodhana like a vajra by flowing through his eyes.  If you consider this, all the pain of Gandhari turned into an energy and made Duryodhana's body vajra.  The same energy came as a curse on Krishna and the entire Yadu dynasty perished.

Curse is a kind of condensate energy.  When there is immense pain in the mind, soul and soul. Then this particular energy starts flowing in form. By any means, whether it is by speech or by resolution, it appears on the front. Due to the curse, big palaces, kings and emperors, landlords were destroyed. The palaces turned into ruins and became part of the legend.

A blessing is such a positive energy, by whose survival the work of the people is successful and they get progress in life.  Blessing has been considered very important not only in our India but also abroad. We are blessed when we bow our heads in respect to our elders.  The exact opposite of blessings is curse.  Never hurt anyone's heart so that curse comes out of his mouth for you. In earlier times there used to be so many glorious people that they used to curse like that to do the same with him..  Because of this we have always been taught that always take the most blessings and do not curse anyone. You believe or not , but this curse has a great impact on your life.

Now let's know the story of curses in the context of religious texts.

Many of curses must have been heard in our religious texts, but do you know that Lord Vishnu has also received more than half a dozen such curses that he had to suffer.  Today, when we are most angry at someone, then we threaten to kill him or even think of killing him.  But if they have own selfishness or if they are own lover then it is okay, okay, no matter what, let us settle the matter.
But when the era was of religion i.e. the Satyuga, when all human beings were Brahmins and ascetics, at that time curses were used in place of all of them.  First any was not angry at all, but when there was some crime from the front, the curse would result in anger, which had terrible consequences. However, even in the curse of great men, there welfare is hidden and that curse was proved to be a boon over time.  It is also not that only humans and deities were cursed by Brahmins but Lord Vishnu himself was also included in the curse.

Now let's discuss the story of curses related to various events.

01. Curse given to Lord Vishnu by Bhrigu rishi.

 This story is about Matsya avatar.  According to this, Lord Vishnu incarnated on earth, but his incarnation was the result of Bhirugu curse.
Maharishi Bhrigu, father of Asura Guru Shukracharya, cursed Lord Vishnu to be born on earth many times and that is why he took birth in human form in the forms of Rama, Krishna, Vamana and Parashurama.
According to this Shukracharya was more knowledgeable than Brihaspati, despite this, Devraj Indra considered Brihaspati as his guru instead of him. Taking this as his insult, Shukracharya accepted becoming the master of the Asuras and decided to take revenge from Indra through the Asuras. But the Devas had the boon of immortality and not the Asuras, so Shukracharya knew very well that the Asuras would never win over the Devas. Shukracharya, to get a solution to this difficulty, pleased Lord Shiva and thought of a way to get the blessing of the mrit-sanjivani vidya.
It was the power by which even the dead could be brought alive. Shukracharya went out to do hard austerities to please Lord Shiva but before leaving he instructed the Asuras to stay in the huts of his parents Rishi Bhrigu and mother Kavyamata so that the gods could not harm him in his absence.
When Indra came to know about this, he considered it a golden opportunity to win the gods.  One day when the sage Bhrigu was not in the hut, they attacked there.  But Kavyamata built a protective shield with her penace power so that Devatas could not harm the Asuras.  In this way the gods started losing to the Asuras.
When Lord Vishnu came to know about this, he thought of protecting the Gods.  When the Kavyamata to defeat the Devas,  then he beheaded her with his Sudarshan Chakra.  When Sage Bhrigu came to know about this, he cursed Lord Vishnu that he too would have to feel the sufferings of birth and death by taking birth again and again on earth.  Though later the sage brought Kavyamata alive with the help of Kamadhenu cow but he did not take back the curse given to Lord Vishnu.

02. Tulsi cursed to Lord Vishnu.

Once upon a time there was a demon named Dambha who was rapt of devotion to Lord Vishnu but he lacked children in his life, for which he went to the ashura's Guru Shukracharya and Shukracharya gave him a mantra and said that you go to Pushkar and worship to the Lord Vishnu.
By obeying the Guru, he went to a place in Pushkar and started doing intense austerities of Lord Vishnu, which pleased Lord Vishnu gave him the boon of being a majestic son.  After some time, when the son was born in the house of the demon, he named his son Sankhachud.
The time passed and the Sankhachud became young and due to his demonic instinct, in the desire to get a boon, Sankhchud started doing intense penance to please Brahma Ji.
Brahma appeared pleased with his penance and asked him to ask for a boon.  Then he told Brahma ji that I want such a boon that I never killed by any god, demon, human, yaksha. Hearing this, Brahma Ji said that if you go to Badarivan and marry the daughter of Dharmadhvaj who is doing penance there,then no one will get to kill you according to you.

Then Sankhchud went to Badarivan and married to Tulsi . Now Sankhchud was known that his boon has fructified. Then he defeated the deity and took control of heaven.  After being deprived of heaven, Indra came to Brahma ji and asked him the secret of Sankhchud death, then Brahma Ji said that only Lord Shiva can kill him. Knowing this, all the gods reached Lord Shiva and requested to kill the Sankhachud.  Hearing the talk of all the gods, Lord Shiva sent one of his messengers Chitraratha to the Sankhachud and asked him to leave heaven.
But the Sankhchud rejected this message of Lord Shiva, which angered Lord Shiva and went out to kill the Sankhchud and both started to fight but due to the  satitva of his wife Tulsi it was not easy to defeat the Sankhchud and finally when Lord Shiva raised his trident, then akashwani said that Lord Shiva can not kill the Sankhachud ,as long as the wife of the Sankhachud would follow her pativrata dharma.  Hearing this Akashvani, Lord Vishnu, taking the form of an old Brahmin, sought divine armor of Sankhachud and after this he took Sankhachud forms and came to his wife Tulsi and destroyed the her sattitva.  After which Lord Shiva slaughtered the Sankhachuda with his trident. But when Tulsi came to know about this, she cursed Lord Vishnu that he will be transformed into a stone.

03. Sage Dadhichi gave curse to Lord Vishnu.

 Rishi Dadhichi was Bhriguvanshi and was a devotee of Shiva, he had a Kshatriya king friend named Kshuva.  One day, in the matter, there was an argument about the superiority of each other's cast, in which Kshuva got angry and  start to beat Dadhichi and broke his bones and left him there.
Then he worshiped Lord Shiva, then Shiva gave him darshan and healed him and made his bones incomparable (due to which became a vajra from bones).  Then Dadhichi defeated Kshuva, Kshuva was Vaishnav and started doing austerities of Vishnu ji only with a feeling of revenge.
When God appeared, he asked for a boon to be called on mouth of Dadhichi, the superiority of the Kshatriyas over the Brahmins, then Lord Vishnu said that the Brahmin is the best and my favorite too. But you asked for this thing as a boon by doing penance, then I will definitely make efforts because of being a bhakta vatsal, which will cause my insult in future. Then Lord Vishnu became a beggar in disguise as a Brahmin and started asking for a boon but Dadhichi Rishi recognized him with his tapobal and became enraged.  He then cursed Vishnu that in future you will be ashamed to lose fight with a Rudra gana. Due to this curse, Lord Vishnu could not win from Veerabhadra and had to run from there in the Daksha Yajna demolition.  But in this was his  bhatha vatsalata, that if he did not accept the  curse of the Brahmin, then the brahmin's penace power would have been destroyed. it was also his nobility and greatness.

 04. Why Narada cursed Lord Vishnu ?

It is not that only God punishes a man for his karma or prescribes birth and death.  Many times God has had to be cursed even for doing good deeds.  The thing to note here is that God has endured these curses received by himself after suffering many pains so that the values ​​of those who curse him will remain.  One such incident is related to Narada Muni, when he cursed Srihari Vishnu…
Once, Narada Muni sat down in devotion to Lord Vishnu.  Devraj Indra felt that Narad Muni did want to attain heaven on the strength of his tenacity.  On this, he sent Kamadeva to dissolve the tenacity of Narada Muni with the apsara's of heaven.  But Kamadeva's Maya had no effect on Narada Muni.  Then the scared Kamadeva apologized to Narada and returned to heaven.
Narada Muni became arrogant that he had conquered Kamdev.  In such a situation, he reached Baikunth near Srihari to declare his victory and started telling him the whole incident how he conquered Kamadeva.  Shrihari Vishnu came to know the arrogance that came in the mind of Narada and he decided to free his beloved Narad Muni from arrogance.
When Narada ji was returning from Baikunth, on the way he saw a very beautiful and prosperous city, which had a huge palace.  This city was built by Srihari from his Yogmaya.  Narada Muni could not understand anything because he was in tune and reached the palace of this city.  The king gave him a grand welcome and called his daughter and told Narada Muni that I have to do my princess's swayamvara.  Seeing its hand, tell us something about its future. Narada ji was fascinated by the appearance of the princess.  When Narada saw his hand, he was left looking at the palm lines.  According to her hand's lines, her husband will be world conqueror and the whole world will bow down at her feet.  Narada ji did not tell this thing to the king and tell other good things and left from there.  Narada ji had forgotten own Vairagya after seeing the form of the princess and the lines of her hand.
Wishing for marriage, Narada went back to Baikunth and requested Vishnu to make himself beautiful.  To this Srihari said, ‘Munivar I will do what is in your interest.’ Narada ji did not understand the meaning of what Narayana said and, returning from the Baikuntha in the idea of ​​marriage, went to the princess’s swayamvara.  He felt that now he has become very beautiful and the princess will now put a garland around his neck.  But the princess put the garland on another prince's neck and did not even look at Narada Muni.

Narada ji felt that Shrihari made me beautiful, then the princess did not even see me, he was surprised when he saw own face in water with these thoughts.  His face was like a monkey….  Narada ji was very angry and after filling in anger, he reached Baikuntha.  Where along with Srihari Vishnu he also saw the princess. On this, he called Srihari very good and cursed that you have ridiculed me by giving a monkey face, I curse you that you will be born on earth and you will have to take help of these monkeys.  You have given me the female separation, you also have to bear the female separation.
Shrihari Vishnu kept on smiling after listening to Narada.  Then the princess merged into the mata Lakshmi.  Seeing this scene, Narada understood that the princess was none other than Mother Lakshmi herself and that the prince was none other than Srihari Vishnu himself.  On getting knowledge, Narada Muni started apologizing to God.  But could not take back the curse.  Srihari also obeyed his voice and incarnated as Shri Ram.  In this, he also had to suffer disconnection from Mother Sita and Rudravatar Hanumanji in the form of monkey also supported him in the time of crisis.

Friends, this was the story of some curses, I will soon be presented with the next part of it… till then… Jai Shree Narayana

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