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War between Mahadev and Shriram

War between Mahadev and Shriram

The return of Lord Shri Rama to Ayodhya was not the end of the Ramayana story… but the war continued even after Shri Ram returned to Ayodhya. One of these incidents is when Lord Shree Rama( the incarnation of Lord Vishnu) challenged for battle to Lord Shiva who the god of destruction .

Why are you surprised… You must have heard the battle between the demon and God, but what kind of war was fought where a fierce battle was fought between two Gods, Lord Shri Ram and Shiva. Actually, this battle was fought by Lord Rama to keep his reputation and Bholeshankar was to protect of his word. Let it be said that this was a fierce war, from which the whole earth trembled. The gods were eagerly waiting for the end of this war.

It is on those days when Shri Ram's Ashwamedh Yagya was going on. Under the leadership of younger brother Shatrughan of Shri Ram, an army of innumerable heroes was going to conquer the whole region, wherever the horse of the yagna was going. In this sequence, the horse of the yagna was captured by many kings but they had to bow before the army of Ayodhya. Apart from Shatrughna, there were many maharathis in the army including Hanuman, Sugriva and Bharat's son Pushkal, which was not to win possible even for the gods.
After traveling to many places, the horse of Yajna reached Devpur, where King Veeramani's kingdom was. King Veeramani was very devout and an ardent devotee of Shri Ram and Mahadev. His two sons Rukmangad and Shubhangad were superior among the heroes. King Veeramani's brother Veerasingh was also an atirathi . King Veeramani pleased Lord Rudra by doing penance and Mahadev gave him the boon to protect him and his entire kingdom. Due to being protected by Mahadev, no one dared to attack his kingdom.

When the horse of the Yajna reached his kingdom while wandering, Rukmangad, the son of King Veeramani took him captive and told the ordinary soldiers of Ayodhya that the horse of the yajna is with him, so they go and tell Shatrughan to duly doing war for redeem his horse.

 When Rukmangad gave this information to his father, he was very worried and told his son that you have inadvertently caught the horse of Shriram's yajna . Shri Ram is our friend and there is no justification for enmity with him, so return the yagna horse.
On this, Rukmangad said, "Father, I have even challenged them to war, so now returning them to horse without war will be an insult to both us and them." Now what has happened cannot be changed, so you should allow me to fight.

On hearing the son's logical things , Veeramani ordered him to equip the army. 

 King Veeramani, along with his brother Veerasingh and his two sons Rukmangad and Shubhangad, came to the battle field by taking a huge army.
Here, when Shatrughan got information that the horse of his yagna had been taken captive, he became very angry and along with his entire army came to the battlefield. He asked who would free the horse from enemies army?

Then Bharat's son Pushkal said, "Tatashri! Do not worry. With the blessings of your blessings and the grace of Tat Sriram, I will kill all these yodhas(warriors) today and get free the horse.

Both of them were talking in such a way that Pawansut Hanuman said - "O Shatrughna! I have no doubt about the valor of you and vatsa Pushkal but attacking King Veeramani's kingdom is difficult even for Parampita Bramha himself because this city Protected by Mahakal. Therefore, it would be appropriate that first we should explain Raja Veeramani by negotiation and if we cannot get explain then we should inform Shri Ram. King Veeramani respects Shriram very much, so he will not be able to avoid them and this problem will be solved without war.

Hearing Hanuman, Shatrughan said, "O Mahabali! I am seeing you for the first time wanting to get rid of war. 

 It would be a matter of great shame for us if Shri Ram had to come to war. If this city is protected by Mahadev, then it is impossible for us to win, but still we are Kshatriyas, that is why we cannot withdraw from the war now. ”Having said this, he reached the battlefield with the army.
In the battlefield, he once again asked Veeramani to return to the yajna's horse, but his refusal eventually led to a terrible war. Pushkal went directly to fight against King Veeramani.
Both were matchless heroes, both of them started fighting using different types of weapons. Hanuman started fighting with Mahaprakrami Veerasingh, brother of King Veeramani. Rukmangad and Shubhangad attacked Shatrughan.

A fierce battle ensued in Pushkal and Veeramani. Pushkal attacked Veeramani with eight sharp edges arrows which King Veeramani could not bear and faintly fell on own chariot. Veerasingh used many weapons on Hanuman, but what could spoils Pawanputra with him?
He uprooted a huge tree and attacked Veerasingh. Due to this, his chariot was destroyed and Veerasinh became unconscious while blood-spewing.
On the other hand, there was an extraordinary war between the  Shatrughan and King Veeramani's son, but Rukmangad and Shubhangad could not overcome the power of Shatrughan and lost war by them. Seeing his victory, all the heroes of Shri Ram's army started making roar.
On the other hand, when King Veeramani's unconscious was end away, he saw that his army's defeat was certain. Seeing this, he prayed to Lord Rudra for help.

Mahadev, knowing his devotee in trouble, sent all the Ganas including Nandi, Bhringi under the leadership of Virbhadra to the war zone. 

 All the followers of Mahakal attacked on Ayodhya's army shouting their Mahadeva's names.
Shriram's army felt as  the holocaust had come. When he saw the army of Mahadev, including Rudravatar Virabhadra, Nandi, Bhringi with terrible face, all the soldiers trembled with fear.
Shatrughna said - "How can the Veerabhadra who had cut the forehead of Daksha Prajapati, who was not defeated by Narayana himself and who is equal to Mahakal himself in sharpness and equanimity, how be defeated in battle?"
Hearing this, Pushkal said - "Hey Tatashri! Don't be unhappy. I will just a moment cut the head of this Virbhadra and secure  to the  our army." Saying this, Pushkal went directly attacked to Virbhadra.

When Hanuman saw this, he said to Shatrughna - "It is disastrous. Pushkal is fighting with Virbhadra in the heroic item. His war skills are only a game for Virabhadra."

Hearing this, Shatrughna dismounted and said - "O Mahavir! Puskal was sent by Bharat bhaiya to the battle ground on my trust. If anything happens to Puskal ,what I will answer him. O Pawanputra! You have helped Sri Ram in the war of Lanka, so Now save Pushkal from Virbhadra anyhow . "
Hearing this, Hanuman went towards Virabhadra to help Pushkal without delay. On the other hand, Pushkal used all his divine weapons on Virbhadra but Virbhadra destroyed it off laughing.
He said to Pushkal - "O child! You age not yet attained death, so move away from the battlefield." But Pushkal, not listening to him, attacked him with power, who went directly to the marmastan(weak part of the body) of Virbhadra. After this, Virbhadra, trembling with anger, cut Pushkal's forehead with a trident.

By the time Hanuman reached Virabhadra, Pushkal had died.

 On the other hand, Nandi, Bhringi etc., made a terrible attack on Shatrughna and tied Shatrughna in the loop when he was unhappy in the slaughter of Pushkal.
When Hanuman saw Pushkal's dead body, in a fit of rage, attacked Virbhadra. He attacked Virbhadra with his full power, causing Virabhadra to fall back several hands. He had never suffered such a powerful attack in his life.
He became frantic with anger and attacked on Hanuman. Then there was such a catastrophic war that both of army stopped their hands and started watching the war of both. Both were Rudravataras, both of them had no cross of force and the heat of both of them was causing such heat as thunderbolt.
Neither of the two was ready to retreat and it seemed that their strikes would destroy the creation. Seeing the horrors of their war, ordinary soldiers closed their eyes in fear. On the other hand, when Nandi saw that there could be no result of their war, they came to Veerabhadra's help and seeing no other solution, they used Shivastra and tied Hanuman in the loop.
Now seeing Shatrughna disappointed, Hanuman said - "I already told you that this city is protected by Mahakal but you did not listen to me. Now the only way to avoid this crisis is that Shri Ram comes here to stop this war. "

On hearing this, Shatrughan remembered Shri Ram.

 Hearing the call of his brother and devotees, Shriram immediately came to the battlefield along with Lakshmana and Bharata. Seeing them, as the whole army was got courage and they were convinced that their victory was certain. Sriram first freed Shatrughna and Lakshmana freed Hanuman.

When Shri Ram saw that Pushkal had passed away, he felt very sad. Bharata fainted with grief. Then Shri Ram got angry and told Virbhadra that just as you have killed Pushkal, now also consider the end of your life.

Saying this, Shriram attacked the Shivganas with his army. Soon he came to know that ordinary weapons are useless on Shivaganas, so he started to hurting all Shivaganas including Veerabhadra and Nandi from the divine weapons provided by Maharishi Vishwamitra and Mahadev himself.
The Shivaganas were unable to stop the weapons of their own Lord Mahadev and, not crossing the power of Sri Ram, Lakshmana, Hanuman, Bharata and Shatrughna, all the ganas invoked Mahadeva in one voice.

When Mahadev saw that his army was in trouble, he himself appeared in the battlefield. 

 In order to see the combination of Hari and Hari, all the gods themselves were situated in the sky with the Supreme Father Brahma. When Shri Ram saw that Mahadev himself had come to the battlefield, he gave up his weapon and offered pranaam to Lord Rudra and praised him.
Praising Mahakal, he said - "O lord of the whole universe! I killed Mahaprakrami Ravana by your majesty. You yourself came to Rameswaram as a Jyotirlinga. Whatever force we have is also due to your blessings and this The Ashwamedha Yagya I have done is also being done by your own will.
That's why please bless us and end this war. "Hearing this, Lord Rudra said -" O Ram! You are another form of Vishnu himself and similar to him in strength and power . I am who you are and I am who you are. But I have given the blessing of my devotee Veeramani to protect him, so I cannot withdraw from this war. So leave you hesitant and fight against me.

Shriram obeyed Mahakala and started fighting. Shri Ram used all his weapons on Mahakal but could not satisfy them. Then Hanuman suddenly showed own strength and wrapped Nandi in his tail.

At the same time, Shriram used the weapon which yawned at Mahadev, which caused sleep to Mahadev and he started yawning. Seeing this, Nandi tried to get rid of Hanuman's grip, but Hanuman put his full force to stop them.
Mahadev was not disturbed by this, but Nandi suffered immensely. Then Mahadev became alert and laughing freed the  Nandi from Hanuman's tail and praised Hanuman - "O Veer! You are definitely a part of me, otherwise stop Virabhadra and grab Nandi in own loop of any other warrior it is not possible. "
Hanuman, on hearing his praises from Mahadev, bowed to him and the war continued. On the other hand, Shriram fired Brahmastra on Mahadev after all his divine weapons failed. But what is the difference between Brahma and Shiva. That weapon also could not harm Mahadev.
In the end, Sri Ram ready to fired of Pashupatastra and said to Lord Shiva - "O Lord, you gave me this weapon in a boon. Also, you gave this boon that no anyone cannot be faced this weapon in Trilok. This Mahastra provided by you. With this great weapon, you destroyed Tripur in one chance .
Therefore, O Mahadev! I only use it on you with your command and desire. Now you protect your boon. "Saying this, Shriram threw the great weapon on Lord Shiva itself. That weapon fell directly into Mahadev's heart and Lord Rudra was satisfied with it.

He happily said to Shri Ram - "O Purushottam! You and Hanuman have satisfied me in the war. I am very happy that is why you ask for whatever you wish."

To this, Shriram said - "Lord! Please end this war. In this war, along with my brother Bharat's son Pushkal, innumerable warriors have attained death. If you are happy with me then give them life."
Then Mahadev smiled and said thaastastu and brought alive all the warriors on both sides, including Pushkal. After that, with his orders, King Veeramani returned the yagna horse to Sri Ram and handed over his kingdom to Rukmangad and he also went with Sri Ram's army to Digvijay.

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