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Tension free life

Tension free life

If you do not want live a stressful life, then live this way !!

Today, as much as the level of education has increased, the number of complications is also increasing. Educated people are becoming so entangled in achieving their goals that a slight hindrance or delay leads them to stress. Those who are a bit courageous, they save themselves from stress, but become irritable.

Overall education made man intelligent, but also desperate. Every educated man must understand that some events keep happening that happen whether you want it or not. At that time, education should make sense. Dear people, death, separation, sudden loss, accidents, etc. do not control you directly. In such times, being educated means not giving up. Just as a healthy body is a pleasure, an education that gives understanding is also a great pleasure in itself. Therefore, this achievement should be of use to us. The bread of two times will only get educated, but apart from the health of body and mind, there is another health, which is called moral health. It gives education. A morally fit person treats love, service, benevolence, generosity and sweetness towards others. Actually education should become like an understanding, which can explain the combination of human body and soul, because man is the amazing combination of soul and body in the whole world and education makes this feeling mature.

Some habits of human life, which are necessary to leave the enemy.

In life, we apply some such habits to our life which have neither any meaning nor any purpose and start living them. Habits have the nature that they desire to do it again and again. Repetition is the basic nature of habit. If there is a habit of getting up late, then there will be a desire to get up again the next day. There is a loss in the business of people speaking, so if I am under stress, then they start drinking alcohol. It is not known that the habit of connecting with the past is removed by throwing the past into the future. That is why to avoid habit one has to understand his inner nature. Now we have made devotion also a habit, whereas devotion is a matter of nature. It is generally believed that those who are doing bhakti are either weak people or people of small rank. This is an illusion. Only those who have the ability to dissolve will be able to do devotion, because the more we disappear, the more our inner God will get an opportunity. We the more we save ourselves, the more we losses it. Bhakti is a suicidal art. Therefore, as devotion enters life, we will be able to get inside. There will be support in neutralizing the mind. Right now the mind is the master and the body a slave. But as soon as devotion comes to dissolve , the divine starts to appear and the mind becomes silent in front of the realization of God. When minds is silent and all our fun, all the bravery, the pomp will keep us very calm even after the material successes, the light will be the light And this light is called inner celebration. When every work becomes bliss, then the meaning of life changes.

What changes can God's attention bring to our lives !!

Do meditate on God once in twenty four hours. The more faithful you are, the more positive you will grow in you. Shraddha eliminates negativity! As soon as we meditate we are connected to the divine power of God, which is an achievement in itself. The second important thing is that a chemical change starts within us, this chemical change increases our power to cope with adverse situations. Stamina and ingenuity become the charioteers of our lives. Dhyan (prayer) makes one more aware. Meditators understand that not to left the world, which is meaningless is to be discarded. Meditation connects us to the ultimate power that created this world, how can we hate the world, it is created by him, when we are connecting with God.
If you forget what is futile in the world, then the remembrance of meditation will be divine in itself.

 Whenever meditation is done, do not consider it as mere ritual, consider it as experience, experience of confidence. In today's era, we get to experience the world in terms of others, except for our own experience. If meditation does not make you feel your presence, then do not understand meditation is just ritual. Sometimes you will find that your consciousness will be at the peak in meditation and from here you will feel happy with your heart and healthy with your body.

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