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In the Sanatan Dharma, there has been a tradition of honoring the Gurus from the beginning. Many such gurus are found in our religious texts, who have given new heights to the Guru-Shishya tradition. Guru means one who leads from darkness to light, that is, the Guru guides the disciple properly for success in life.

Lord Shiva is beginning and infinite, that is, no one knows about their origin and neither knows the end. That is, Shiva is the Supreme Father. Lord Shiva has also imparted the ultimate knowledge to his disciples by becoming a guru. If it is said that Lord Shiva is the first Guru of the universe, then there will be no exaggeration.

Shiva gave weapons education to Parashurama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Parshuram made the earth devoid of Kshatriya many times only from the parshu (furs) given by Shiva. According to the Brahmavaivarta Purana, Lord Shiva is also the Guru of Jartaru (Mansa), the sister of Nagas.
Shiva taught the mrit sanjivani vidya to Shukracharya, the guru of the demons. Once a fierce battle took place between the gods and the demons. As much as the gods slaughtered the demons, Shukracharya would revive them with mruit Sanjivani lore. Seeing this, Lord Shiva swallowed Shukracharya and threw him out again after the war ended. Goddess Parvati considered Shukracharya as her son only after being regenerated by Shiva.

Disciples of Shiva:

Shiva is the Guru of the world. According to the recognition, he first gave his knowledge to the sapt rishis. Sapt Rishis took knowledge from Shiva and spread it in different directions and spread Shaivism, yoga and knowledge in every corner of the world. These seven sages did not leave any person who was taught the knowledge of Shiva karma, tradition etc. Today it get will be seen in all religions. Parashurama and Ravana were also disciples of Shiva. It was Shiva who started the Guru and Shishya tradition, due to which even today, the same tradition is being continued in all the saints like Nath, Shaiva, Shakta etc. Adi Guru Shankaracharya and Guru Gorakhnath carried this tradition further.

Sapta Rishi is the original disciple of Shiva:

Lord Shiva is the first yogi and he has the deepest understanding of human nature. He selected 7 sages to expand their knowledge and gave them knowledge of different aspects of yoga, which became the 7 basic aspects of yoga. Over time, hundreds of branches emerged in 7 points. Later, seeing the complexity in yoga, Patanjali assimilated the entire Yoga Shastra in just 200 sutras in 300 BC. The 8th stage of yoga is moksha. 7 th stage are there to reach that moksha .
"Ignorance" is the root cause of all the miseries of the world. Those who do not know the secret of life or creation, who do not know the divine, do not know themselves, who have never experienced it, even if they do  receive the innumerable food of the world - cannot be free from misery, they cannot be get introduced to real peace or bliss.
Avidya means the creature that takes shelter of ignorance, suffers the sorrow and gets to blindness.
Therefore, to take life in the right direction, it is necessary to light a lamp of enlightenment, in light of this you can achieve your only real goal. All the sorrows can get rid of toxins and get nectar.
But now you  an extinguished lamp, so you have to take shelter of fire to ignite. This fire is the true master and scripture.

With full devotion and faith, we need to be refuge of a resplendent Prakashpunj true Guru and Shastras, so that this extinguished lamp of our heart can be ignited by his unrivaled spiritual energy. Then there is no worry, no sorrow. God himself shows the path by holding hands on the steps, helping us. Whether it is alive or inanimate, whatever exists, it belongs to him. He drives the earth, fills the pools, makes satisfying the thirsty, transmits the nectar in life. Everything belongs to him, he is walking by it, so it is his. This creation is such a film that never ends, because it never starts… It is always going on and will always go on. Because the superhero of this film is infinite. So everything of the infinite will be infinite .... The name is also infinite, religion is also infinite, compassion is also infinite, affection is also infinite, forgiveness is also infinite, form is also infinite, eyes also, foot also, hand also.... everything is infinite. It is simple-accessible-easy because that is what is always available everywhere. And our only destination is the same… the same.

Come, make Shiva own Guru.

It is very small to say the word Guru, but for every human being, a master of great work is one who can give true knowledge, the soul is the form of truth, the doer is the only true and immortal soul in this world, soul is the body's honor. The status of fame is generated by all these qualities, all will be destroyed as soon as the body is released, understanding to know the soul is the best knowledge, and the world guru, etc., the master of this entire universe, is the only ever-present And that is why he is also called Vishwanath Vishveshwar. He is the Guru of everyone. He is also the Guru among the Gurus; The Mahaguru is the Adiguru. He was gurus and will remain gurus tomorrow, they have not known how many gurus have been created and destroyed. Shiva element is the basic essence of the soul. Land self as divine as the Hail Father Hail God.
If the Guru is severed, the Guru means Gu means the meaning of darkness, Ru means is the meaning of the light, or the form of light, that is the full meaning of the Guru, that leads us from darkness to light. Guru is a Brahmin, there is no one better than the soul for everyone, the soul is a symbol of true love, kindness and peace in pure form. The symbol of the reer is Maya changes, not the soul, if the soul is the best master for every soul, then the supreme master is the only one in the universe, only Shiva is not greater than the whole universe. Guru is Vishwa Guru, that is why he is called Vishwanath Vishveshwar.

Need of Guru in life: -

 A spiritual Guru is needed in every human life. The job of a guru is to get a connection with the divine. Whatever we do in life- worshiping, doing charity, fasting fast, studying or trying for our livelihood, it does not give complete success unless there is a spiritual master in life, because whatever we They do the work of sending it to God.
It is the work of the Guru to turn our mind towards the divine who is running towards worldly activities. Guru has been called a doctor of mind. Just as a skilled doctor makes us healthy by eliminating physical diseases, similarly a qualified teacher makes our mind healthy by removing our mental illnesses. These mental illnesses are stress, frustration, depression, despair etc. Today these diseases are spreading rapidly in the society. The basic reason for this is that there is no spiritual teacher in our life. Even if they are not qualified. Today, humans have started thinking of themselves as all-powerful. As a result, we are getting the means of material happiness, but instead of giving us rest, they are restless. Laughter - happiness, peace, all these are getting away from us, we have to go to the Laughing Club to laugh. All the temporal and supernatural pleasures of human life depend on Guru-Daya.

Why is Shiva the Guru?

 Making a guru is necessary in life, but why should Shiva be made a guru? There are many body-holding gurus on the earth. It is natural to arise in this question. It has been said that a Guru can be the one who has the qualities to become a Guru. Different scriptures describe different qualities for a guru. It has been said that in which Brahmani, Vaishnavi and Rudrani - these are the three powers, he can hold the post of Guru. These three powers are found in Maheshwar Shiva. It has been said in the Upanishads that Guru can hold the post only which protects our knowledge, destroys sorrows, brings happiness in life, gives us prosperity and in whose refuge all our abilities are developed. According to the Upanishads, these five qualities have been revealed according to the Upanishads - knowledge-protection, sorrow-decay, happiness, prosperity and all-enrichment. Maheshwar Shiva bears all these qualities. In this way, all the qualities mentioned by Guru are Shivguru's source. Shiva is called Jagatguru. Guru Panth has started with Shiva only. He has also been called Adiguru in the texts, has also been called Guru of Gurus, and also called the Tribhuvan Guru.

Can't humans be gurus?

 Of course it can happen. Even, every human is a guru and a disciple. To make Shiva your guru is not to ignore the rest of the gurus. Conversely, making Jagadguru his master becomes every gravest master of the world, whether it is gross, subtle, or microcosm.
But to make a human being a master, eligibility is required even before. For example, if you want to study in a medical college, then you should have already passed 10 + 2, from biology and if you want to study in engineering college, from mathematics. Along with Physics, Chemistry, English etc.
This is the reason that, of all the bodily beings who became famous Sadhguru, only a few disciples became famous, only 1 in most cases.
 Such as, 1 Kabirdas of Ramananda Swami or Vivekananda of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Because the pre-qualification of disciples is very rare. When it comes to a spiritual teacher, it is rare to find a guru and it is very rare to find a qualified disciple.
 Physical gurus can give material knowledge, but for spiritual knowledge, only spiritual master will have to do. In the case of spirituality, the external guru also has to be the inner guru, that is, the external guru also has to enter the inner being of the disciple with his yoga force.
 That is why it is said that the Guru descends on the bottom of the disciple and by scouring the consciousness of the disciple, he reveals the best side of his personality.
To make Shiva own Guru , there is no need for any prior eligibility . Because Shiva-Guru is present on every floor. They are also at the top and at the bottom. He is also the first and the last. They are inside as well as outside.
 That is why Shiva has been called Jagadguru or Guru of the masses.
The second reason is that man has become so demoralized that human has become a demon. Man has fallen below the demon. Ravana also kidnapped Sita and kept her in Ashoka Vatika. He asked for their consent for marriage. Today rapes are taking place publicly.
For own happiness brother, brother, son, father, husband and wife do not miss killing. Love, which is the basic quality of human, (the basic quality - that identifies that object, such as the basic property of fire - heat, the basic quality of ice is frosting). Today the environment has changed. In today's environment, it is necessary that man should again go to that Jagatguru. Today, human beings are no longer the control of worldly gurus.
It is said that Shiva created the universe. Gave Brahma the right to creation, Vishnu to preserve and Shankar to the destruction and placed the task of imparting knowledge.
A description of 112 disciples of Shiva is found in the Shiva Purana. Such as Rama's Guru Vashistha, Krishna's Guru Upamanyu, Gods 'Guru Vrihaspati, Demons' Guru Shukracharya, Gorakhnath's Guru Matsyendra Nath, Muni Agastya, all of whom were disciples of Shiva who attained unrivaled fame. These Shiva's disciples started the work of Guru with the energy of Shiva. Then from generation to generation i.e. hereditary guru work started going on. But the power that started from Shiva to Guru's duty has almost ended. Today there is a shortage of qualified gurus. Even if there are qualified gurus, then human life has become so busy that it is difficult for a human to find a qualified master in this time of runaway.

The third thing that a Guru needs is from the age when the child understands. Because Guru's job is to develop life and childhood is the right age for development. The Guru reveals the best side of his disciple's personality. People think that when they are free from all the work, then they will choose a guru. What a great fool act. When we have come into the world, it is our right to enjoy worldly pleasures. Cosmic pleasures are attained only by the mercy of the Guru. Otherwise we do not enjoy material happiness due to lack of understanding and knowledge, that is what we begin to enjoy. As a bhogi, to enjoy happiness and to become self-absorbed are two separate conditions.
It has been said that Guru's kindness is the secret of cosmic and supernatural climax. This should always be kept in mind to awaken your disciple. Therefore, there is a need of a guru from childhood All psychiatrists come only in childhood. Today children are stressed. Now, think where you will find another teacher suitable for children at this age from Shiva. Where will children find gurus who have many restrictions with them?
Earthly gurus feel bond because they are human beings, they cannot change our mind. There is a limit to the power and strength of the body gurus. So they say do not do such a thing, do not eat such a thing, which is impossible in today's environment. Today, wrong eating, behavior has become a part of our daily routine. Therefore, it is not possible for today's people to leave them and make a gurus. This is also the reason people are turning away from spirituality. But the Jagatguru does not put any restrictions. Any person who eats and drinks, can make them Guru, only then the name Jagatguru has meaning. They bring the creature into Shiva spirit only by their mercy. With his kindness the mind starts changing, the evils start to go away. He can make the mind healthy and disease-free which has made the mind. Just as a TV can fix what a mechanic does, a refrigerator can fix what a mechanic does. It is also the reason that motivates us to make Shiva a guru.

Shiva was a guru even before, he still remains tomorrow.

The whole universe is inside Lord Shiva.
 We always need the right guidance to live life and do karma. No matter how good we may be by nature, we all have a limit within which we can think good and bad. We do not deserve that we can always guide ourselves in the right direction. We always need a pioneer who always takes us in the right direction. And only a Guru can do this work. In childhood, parents are gurus, then primary teachers, then high schools, etc. They all guided us in their own way, but they left us one by one or they would be left free. We need a guru who will never leave us, who always has been and always will be. A Guru is one who makes a disciple like himself by teaching and imparting knowledge, and all these only one Guru can give us are Lord Guru Shiva.
In order to read science, we often used to consider an unknown number as something. Then he used to prove his value. In the same way, let us consider Lord Shiva as our Guru and then see if you are getting education or not? You will get education only through emotion. Both knowledge and understanding will come in you. By the way, I have been telling peoples about Shivguru since student life . Scientists have proved that a power (soul) emanates from the body after death. We all have a soul. The whole soul is part of a divine being. Someone named that god, Mahadev, someone GOD, someone Allah, and someone gave him the name Akalatkhat. Shivaguru can be associated with with emotion. Anyway, emotion is needed to connect with anyone.
You will not be connected to any other by staying in a house, unless you have the feeling of that relationship. By the way, science has reached only a few planets of the Sun. You will never be able to find such innumerable planets. Comparison of micro science with the creator of the universe, Shivguru, is meaningless.
By the way, if you want to understand spirituality, then you have to go to the spiritual master. I am a student myself. I cannot give you much information about spirituality. Apart from Jagatguru Shiva, no one can give complete information about spirituality. Where science ends, A, B, C, D of spirituality starts from then on. That's all i would like to say.

Shiva is the resultant guru.

 Shiva not only takes responsibility of his deeds after becoming someone's guru, but it is also the responsibility of Shiva Guru to take care of the happiness and grief of his disciple, who he performs well. He can never see his disciple disappointed or sad because his The disciple is their responsibility. It is said that what is written in luck is the same. It is right here, but only as long as Mahadev is only God. As God he is bound in his own rules that what he wrote ((which is the result of our previous deeds)), he will not change it but this does not apply in Guru Shiva because Guru would have mercy. Are Daya means to give someone what they do not even deserve or not to be luck . I mean to say that suppose my destiny is written in rain, then Mahadev will not stop the rain because rain is my luck, he cannot change it, but Guru Shiva will definitely give me an umbrella to avoid that rain Will help to survive and I will not get wet even when it rains, in this way Mahadev followed his rule, not stopping the rain and also took responsibility for his disciple Giving umbrella.
As Mahadev Guru, we are taught to do deeds while experiencing the joys of life - they do not say that do penance in the jungle or on the mountain. Life is like a bumpy road; It is compulsory to walk, but we can choose to ride with our own mind whether to go by bullock-cart or by car. It is obvious that on this bumpy-bumpy road, if we go by bullock-cart then you will get hit, get hurt. If you go by car on gay, then you will go comfortably no matter how bumpy or uneven the road is. Living life without making Shiva a guru is like riding a bullock cart on this path and living life by making Shiva a guru is like a car ride on this path. We will cross the road in both ways, but by car we will be comfortable. We will live life comfortably by making him a guru. The same thing happened that the bumpy-rough road is in our destiny, it cannot change, but to make Shiva a guru to walk on it is by car It is like taking, which does not let us feel despite the difficulties of life.

Way to make shiv ji a guru

Naturally, we see Shiva as God only. To make him a Guru , we have to realize. Like a summary, three (3) sutras can say:

First - to say to Shivji, O Shiva, you are my Guru and I am your disciple.
 Please pity me.

 Secondly - to discuss Shiv Guru, that is, to tell people about his Guru form.

 Third - Do "Namah Shivaya" anytime throughout the day.

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