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Legend of great Shiva devotee

Legend of great Shiva devotee

 In the jungles of the south there was a clan named Sangrila in which Bhil caste hunters lived. Sardar of this clan was a Bhil named Nag who according to his name was ferocious and powerful. In experts of archery,  Nag used to put venom on his arrows.
It did not take him long to kill his enemy. Nag's wife's name was Tatta. Tatta was also a big frightfully woman with a garland of lion teeth around her neck. Both spouses were considered dangerous among the tribes of the surrounding forests.
After a long wait, Tatta gave birth to a son named Tishna. The newborn was very weighing at birth. Therefore his name was appropriate. Tishna is called heavy in the language of there.
 Tishna continued to be nurtured and by the age of sixteen he became the master of the mountain body. He was also several steps ahead of his father in wielding weapons. Many times Tishna hunted wild boar unarmed. His physical strength was limitless.
When Nag would see his son swinging like a elephant , then his chest would be stretched with pride. Nag had grown old. He made Tishna the head of the clan. According to the rules, Tishna going out for hunting before becoming the chief of clan. The corridors of wild animals passing through Tishna would fall.

His two servants Nad and Kad picked up  and collected them at one place. When Tishna gathered a lot of meat , he got hungry. Meat was enough to satisfy hunger but there was no water. Then both his followers came there.
Now feeling hungry. The direction also seems to be confused. Can I have water somewhere? Let the hunger calm down. Tishna said. Yes, he is looking at the huge shawl tree, after that the river Suvarna flows behind the hill. Its water is also very cold. Nad said.
That hill is also very beautiful. There is a temple on it which has a statue of Lord Jata Jutdhari. You can worship them. Kad also said.
What is this god? Tishna asked. Kad was moving towards old age. Had traveled to the remote jungles for hunting and lived in the company of many saints. He had some knowledge.
 The person who has created this plant and animal is a god. Kad told according to his knowledge-ability: Where does this wind come from? Where does water come from? All is God's grace. Tishna's teenage mind became keen on that new information. He also asks Kad more about God.
 Where does this god live? I would like to meet such a person.
 He is involved in every particle. These flowers and leaves are also there, but to meet him one has to do devotion. We have to worship.
 I will Tishna said in a firm voice: I can do anything to meet a person who gives so much without taking anything.
 Then you walk in the temple and worship. The seed of Prabhu Milan sprouted in the mind of Tishna. In his heart a natural love for the gratitude of God had grown. All three started climbing the hill. As Tikha was climbing the hill, his hunger and thirst were fading.
 There was an indescribable curiosity in the inner heart. They reached the summit of the hill and reached in front of the temple. On seeing the idol of Mahadev, Tishna forgot his consciousness and after being overwhelmed, tied the idol in his embrace and started crying.
 O who gives water and life to the world! He said excitedly: Despite being so great, you live alone in this forest! Some flowers were placed on the head of the idol.
Tishna picked them up and threw them. Whose wickedness is this. Who placed this flower on my master's head?
 I often see a person. Nada said - He comes early in the morning and pours cold water on his head and leaves flowers and leaves. At the same time something keeps mumbling.
He is definitely an Aghori who is engaged in selfishness by making my lord a medium . Tishna said: He would not have even served them food. I will make them eat fresh meat every day.
He started taking food but he did not feel like going from the temple. He would return again and cling to the idol. God ! The mind does not want to leave, but you feel hungry so I go.
Tishna left from there and came down from the hill. The pulse was stunned while Kad was understanding the state of Tishna.
We were destroyed. Nada said: Swami went mad. Everything has happened because of you. Now the elder masters will roast and eat you. Kad did not say anything. What would he explain that intelligence?
 When Tishna returned, he had meat in both his hands. As soon as he came, roast the meat and put it on several leaves, then tasted the meat of each leaf to see if it remained raw. After that, he was satisfied and dedicated himself to God.
This is absolutely crazy. Such fragrant flesh is offering to the stone. It does not take care of our hunger. Nada spoke unhappily.
Tishna was sitting in front of the idol urging food. Owner ! It was evening. Now come home Will be waiting He spoke.
 I can't go The night is the time for the jungle creatures to roam. I cannot leave God alone. you go .
Kad now know his death Nada said with anger: Swami started talking like this because of you. I will get you punished by telling the elder master. I go now You stop here with this maniac.
 The nad descended from the hill. Kad also began to think that when Nirbuddhi Naad tells Nag, he will give him death without even thinking about it. Therefore, it was best to escape from there.
 Tishna remained alone in the temple. At night, he took a bow and arrow at the temple gate and started protecting God.
He kept watch all night. His love was going towards infinity. At dawn, Tishna came down the hill to get fresh meat for his God. Moments after he left, the priest who used to worship in the temple daily came.
He was shocked to see meat in the temple. Oh God ! Who did this corruption A wild hunter desecrated the temple. The priest cursed the hunter as soon as he cleaned the temple and himself took a bath in the river.
 After that, he praised his great mantras and went back to his home. Tishna returned. He collected and roasted the flesh of many animals and brought honey in it. He became angry after seeing the same flowers and leaves in the temple.
 He brought water in the mouth for the God to reach. For this reason could not speak. He removed flowers and leaves from his feet, then poured mouth water on the idol. God ! In my absence, that evil Aghori came. Someday I will punish him.
Take a meal Today I have also squeezed honey in fresh meat . Tishna said. In this way, for five days, Tishna used to spend day and night in his god's food as a protector. He himself was not able to eat and drink.

 Tishna's parents went out to search him elsewhere because when he came to the temple there was no one there. Then Nad said that the Kad must have seduced him and taken him somewhere.
On the other hand, the priest would see such a situation in the temple every day and mourn the corruption. Worshiping the temple cleaned and returned.
 It was God's leela that the priest and Tishna had never encountered. Perhaps the priest would have been hurt by the fiery instinct of Tishna. .
 When the priest started abusing Tishna on that corruption, Devadhidev Mahadev appeared to him in a dream night.
 Oh my devotee! You do not know whom you are abusing. He is my ultimate devotee. He tries to please me as per his ability.
There is no desire anywhere in his love. I love that very much. You do find his worship bad method , but not me.
Meat is his food which he surrendered to me after knowing everything. When he urges me for food in his language, I find his request even better than your chanting and Vedantras. If you want to see his devotion, then look somewhere tomorrow.
The priest jolted awake. There was nothing but God himself ordered, so he hid near the temple in the morning and started watching the acts of Tishna.
At that time Tishna went to get food for God. As he was returning, he stumbled and fell on the way to the earth.
It is a bad omen. Has anything happened to my God? Tishna thought and started running up the hill. The priest was stunned to see the giant figure. When Tishna reached the temple, he saw blood dripping from the left eye of the idol. Food was left out of his hand.
Hi, what happened to my God? Which sinner has injured my master? Tishna sat and wept: If I find that evil one, I will kill him. Tishna wiped the blood from the eyes of God but the blood flow continued continuously.
 Alas what do i do? What to cure, he started crying out loud: You must have been suffering a lot. First I find the evil one who has done this evil act.
 Tishna came out of the temple. The priest shivered at him. If he is seen somewhere, he will not be left alive. Hey Bholenath Protect But was Sarveshwar ignorant of the nature of Tishna?
 It was his leela that clearly visible priest was not visible to Tishna. When no one saw him, he sat back near the idol.
God ! I bring herbs. I do not know which herb will benefit you but go. I just return
Tishna came down from the hill and when he returned, there was a big bundle of jangali herbs on his head. On coming to the temple, he squeezed every single god into the eyes of the god but the bleeding did not stop.
What should I do now? Tishna was distracted. Then he remembered that the hunters used human flesh on the wound and the wound healed. I will try this also. The left eye of God is destroyed, so I keep my left eye on the wound, it may be possible.
 With a pointed arrow, the devotee took out his left eye. Blood flowed out of his own eye but there was no worry. Placed the eye on the palm and placed it on the eye of God. Immediately the Lord's eye stopped bleeding.
Tishna killed Kilkari happily. Started dancing My God became good. But what? Now the right eye of God started bleeding. Tishna was stunned. Don't worry lord! I have received treatment. I still do treatment.
 Tishna again raised the arrow and was anxious to take out the right eye when only then Devadhidev, who appeared from the idol, appeared and grabbed Tishna's hand.
 Even in Devlok, praise was started due to such devotion of Tishna! Your love and renunciation is of a higher quality than the practice of great ascetics.

 Selfless love has made me my slave. You have no desire even in your heart. Therefore, I give you the gift of all divine knowledge. You will get the answer of all the questions in your heart towards me. Kailashpati said with exasperation.
Thishna became enlightened at that moment. His divine enlightenment was looking at reality like a movie. He drowned in emotion and bowed down at his feet.
 The hidden priest became a witness to that incredible scene and he gratified his life by simultaneously interviewing such a devotee Vatsal God and great devotee.

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