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Human qualities of Lord Shiva

Human qualities of Lord Shiva

These human qualities make Bholenath the God of the common man ---

Among all the Gods and Goddesses, Bholenath is the only one who is worshiped by gods, humans and demons.

According to the scriptures and the Puranas, Shiva is Adi Dev and since the beginning of creation man has been worshiping him. The reason for this is that Shiva has certain qualities that connect him to ordinary humans.

In the Leela stories of Shiva, such qualities and character of Shiva are mentioned which are not of any other deity.

This quality of Shiva motivates him from devotion common humans to all saints and Mahatmas to Shiva devotion. So let's know these amazing qualities and character of Shiva.

 Shiva's relatives and their leela----->

The first feature of Lord Shiva is that he lives in family life like a human. Lord Shiva has settled his family with Goddess Parvati and his family also has two children, Karthik and Ganesh.
In some Puranas, his daughter is also mentioned, his daughter's name is Mansa Devi. This goddess is the Kuldevi of the serpents. In folklore, a sister of Shiva is also mentioned. His sister's name is Asavari Devi.
Asavari Devi and Parvati's relationship is depicted in the same way as the in-laws have the relationship of sister-in-law(Husband's sister) and sister-in-law(wife) In this form, Lord Shiva is seen very close to human beings and humans consider them to be the basis for forging family relationships.

Shiva's wife disconnection----->

In Shiva's pastimes, suffering in the disconnection of his wife and getting angry and trying to take revenge also brings him closer to human beings.
Lord Shiva has many marriages. He was married to Daksha's daughter Sati before Goddess Parvati. Even after Lord Shiva's refusal, Sati reached her father's yagna. This insulted Shiva and Sati and Sati sacrificed her body by jumping into the Yagna Kund.
This caused Lord Shiva to suffer in disconnection and sent his gana Virbhadra to kill Daksha. Shiva started to cry like a mad lover.
 The picture of love and disconnection towards wife is found in Shiva Leela is like a common man. Therefore man finds Shiva close to himself.

Shiva Parvati's amazing love Leela --->

Another aspect is found in Shiva's Leela stories of displeasure and anger. The relationship between Shiva and Goddess Parvati looks similar to that seen in the married life of ordinary humans.
The love of Lord Shiva and Parvati is eternal and immortal. Despite both being the same body and the same soul, many times in married life, Lord Shiva goes to austerities with the get offense of Goddess Parvati, and sometimes Goddess Parvati goes to her maternal home after getting angry with Shiva.
Such things will be seen in our married life too. But after getting angry, just like ordinary people try to convince their partner, similarly Shiva and Parvati also try to convince each other. This Leela of Shiva Parvati attracts common householders. Such a leela does not appear among any other deities.

Shiva's Bhangia form ---->

Lord Shiva is said to provide enjoyment and salvation. Worship of any other deity can only bring salvation or enjoyment. But Shiva has the ability to grant both types of boons.
 The ability to offer enjoyment is because they have a form of ascetic and yogi .
In this form, Shiva ji is cool in himself. He is a complete recluse, he neither fears his insults nor wants respect.
This is possible only with Shiva. The common man also wants to forget everything and get excited. This quality of Shiva also brings man closer to Shiva.
But later on, ignorant devotees like us did not accept this virtue of Shiva and believed that Shiva was a drunk, bad luck is complete, those who can win the kama themselves, can consume Kamadeva, why would they need to be drugged. ..We have to completely change this thinking and ideology towards Shiva.

The Yogi Form of Shiva ---->

Shiva is considered the ultimate yogi of all the deities. They live with family. Maintains the family.
 He also loves love own wife, but despite being self-reliant, supreme power, he indulges in yoga and meditates to connect his self with God.
This form of Shiva gives a message to common householders that in order to attain salvation, you do not necessarily have to sacrifice family. Even if you remain a yogi in the family, you can attain moksha.
 This Yogeshwar form of Shiva has also been attracted to humans and has been meditating on them from householder to yogi.

Shiva's Kaal Bhairava form ---->

In the scriptures and the Puranas, drinking liquor is a sin. But many humans consume alcohol. In such a situation will they become a partaker of sin.Lord Shiva is gracious to every devotee, whether he offers milk and drink milk or offer alcohol and consumes alcohol. 
Alcohol is not offered to any other deity. Shiva is the only one who accepts alcohol in his Kalabhairava form. Shiva is considered beloved and close to humans due to his virtues.

The Nataraja form of Shiva ---->

Usually when a person is very happy, he dances, sings. The same quality is found in the character of Lord Bhole Nath. Lord Shiva also dances when he is happy.
 It is mentioned in the Natyasastra that Lord Bholenath has given birth to dance and singing. Therefore Lord Shiva is also called Nateswara and Nataraja.
This quality of Shiva is similar to ordinary humans. Therefore, man sees Shiva attached to himself and has devotion towards Shiva. The dancers and singers decorate the Nataraja form of Shiva at home to get Shiva's grace.

Shiva's makeup love ----->

You can hardly find the story of the decoration of the Gods and Goddesses. But his adornment is also found in Shiva's pastimes.
 Lord Shiva is adorned. They like to decorate a lot. It is a different matter that their makeup is not color lacquer and gold-silver jewelry.
They do their makeup with the help of pyre's ash. . Sandalwood is applied on the forehead and other parts of the body and wears a garland of snake and garland of the neck.
 This quality of Shiva's character also connects man to his personality and behavior.

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