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Power of Bhajan

Power of Bhajan

 Surdas ji was blind from birth, but look at the glory of bhajan, when he used to do bhajan, then Bal Krishna used to sit in front of him and listen to his bhajan. We cannot  see God even by looking through our eyes and Surdas ji could see him blindly.

Once he was doing bhajan, he got lost in the mood in which Krishnaji was dancing with Radha ji and then one of Radha ji's paayal fell.
So Surdas ji lifted the paayal, then Lord Krishna said that Surdas ji when Radha ji came to ask for his payal, then you grab her feet.
So when Radha ji came to take the payal , Surdas ji caught her feet and said untill both of you will give me darshan, I will not left your feet,
So both of them gave him darshan and he had internal eyes and but despite of they also gave him divine vision. And when she returned back to giving darshan, Surdas ji said - take these divine eyes.
Then Radha ji said - that you are blind from birth, now you do not want to see the world, then Surdas ji said that I have seen you, now I do not see anything.

We can not even see with our eyes and he looked blindly. 

Whose strength will be present in the bhajan, Banke Bihari will appear in the same way,  there is no age of the bhajan , then the one who did not do bhajan in his childhood, in teenage they says that I will do bhajan in old age.
So God also says that just as you are giving me the remaining time of your life, they will also do the same with you. Because the devotee who worships the God, like God gives him the same.
And when bad time comes in person life,then he start to curses the God. They forgets whether we did bhajan of God,

First ask ownself because unless that person does bhajan , then how will Banke Bihari come.

There was Haridas ji who revealed God to him through his music practice, how he revealed that there was power in his bhajan as he sang that raga, and Krishna ji appeared with Radha ji, so we have to see that there is a lot of power in the bhajan , Don't think bhajan is normal. 
God is far from bothering those who do his bhajan, he cannot even think of giving trouble to his devotees. They test him before appointing Jeeva in his daily blissful service.

God is anteryaami, he know well who has eligible, yet there is a need to take a test because it also helps to know the living being has advanced in the bhajan.
You must have noticed that nowadays fruits sellar bring raw fruits and ready them with carbide by taking them to their warehouse, but those fruits are neither tasty like natural ripe fruits nor good for health.

Similarly, if God brings the creatures to perfection without any bhajan , then they too will not be suitable for serving like fruits ripened with carbide.
Those who truly love God or want to receive his service, they do not feel it difficult to take the services taken by God, but they enjoy trials because God is always with the devotee at that time.
Those who do not want God from their heart or do devotion to God for any selfishness, they are afraid of trials, sorrows and sufferings.

Devotees only ask for trouble from God because everyone remembers God in sorrow except the wicked person. The second reason for this is that the devotees, after battling with their own troubles in our life, we want to teach the living beings that if such incidents happen in your life too, then you too should not give up the bhajan of God.

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