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what is knowledge?

what is knowledge?

After all what is knowledge? Accurate knowledge, implicit knowledge! So-called knowledge! We are always borrowed knowledgeable - never are we in ours, then we all have correct knowledge. No one is ever wrong. If the child is also, then he is right by his belief, do not argue with respect to you by rites, that is a different thing, otherwise he is right in his place.

 Leave it, it is childish but what about the elders? Thieves, corrupt, criminals, all these - are there any fools! Probably not. According to common knowledge, theft or corruption can all be wrong, but those who do this wrong do not consider these actions to be wrong at all. If they get it wrong - why should they do it?
Even this is fine but we get the same knowledge from others that we are right, due to which there is constant gratification of ego. The knowledgeable Mahatma is only sharing knowledge in all the TV channels - even a quarrel of religion shows that you are not right, even when he is saying the same thing. Religion has increased, temple mosques have increased, Mahatma has also increased, cults have also increased, the modern information and technological revolution has made it more advanced and make it easier for literal knowledge, but morality does not seem to have increased. Meaning there is a lapse somewhere. Perhaps the difference between speech and action?
What we were served is the basis of our knowledge, you were served what they wanted to serve. This knowledge is not our own self-discovery or self-assessment. Newspapers, TV play a key role in this. Whereas knowledge should be our own, original and when this knowledge belongs to our "I", then it should be the same self-knowledge. Then once the sugar grains are understood, all the grains of sugar will be automatically understood. When contrary to this, the knowledge prevailing either we must have heard it or read it somewhere or in childhood it will be charged with the name of Sanskar. Whereas knowledge is embedded in experience, it can be transformed into doing it automatically. And when the same thing emerges from the scriptures and after meeting the experience of doing it, we automatically start feeling good and at the same time we enter the first class of knowledge. This experience is frivolous, if we do, it doesn't feel good or it does - it feels good. The important here is that we do it with all our honesty, otherwise it will be hypocritical.

Maharshi Raman was more or less a teacher of literal knowledge, but what he used to say - when translators translated it from Tamil to Sanskrit, almost everything was written in the scriptures, Puranas, when they wrote any book Never even read. The experience of the Mahatma was very much his own experience, which he used to tell his disciples, I have searched through this way, but it is not necessary that if you go through this path then you will also get it, may it happen or not. 

Once, a learned Brahmin in Kashi challenged - I am a great scholar , I have heard that Kashi is a city of knowledgeers, either one of you should debate me and if not, declare me a great scholar . All the scholars of Kashi have consulted among themselves, either it is a really great scholar or someone will be of first rank hypocrite , but in both cases we will lose, no one knows where he belongs it is, if it is lost in the debate. What is it, it does not matter. But if we lose, as it seems from its belief, then we will be nowhere, both the challenge and the prestige is at stake! What should be done.
Ultimately, it was decided that a lower grade Mahatma should be sent as a great scholar for discussion. Even if he lost our partner in discussion , he would say that he had gone wrongly, now please debate with us, and by then we will also have to know that it is indeed knowledgeable or not. If he is defeated, we will get him into jalsamadhi so that in the future, no one should do such an adventure.
But the question was still that who should be sent, he should also be knowledgeable and he should also be ready for this task. There is no question of asking big learned idols and then it is also a question of prestige, they themselves were hesitant to go. Somehow those people reached Kabir, at first Kabir did not agree, he said - Brother, Sadhus - I am not only knowledgeable, I am less educated and I have to work with weaver even if there is no time Get, take any of the eligible person , they gave him the prestige of the city and the censure of others, ultimately they were persuaded after pleasing themselves.
On the due date, the scholar heard all the conditions and said that before the mahapanchayat, he would have to declare that any loser would have to take jalsamadhi. And  Mahatma Maharaj wants to ask me any clarification or something, then do it in advance.

Kabir said, I do not need any explanation or ask anything, just tell me that the knowledge about which everything is happening, your knowledge is read on paper or you will experience it yourself! (Saw eyes or read the paper). 

Immediately that scholar touched Kabir's feet and proceeded to the jalsamadhi, then Kabir said - till now I had won the experience of ego "I". Now since your 'I' has died from this procession.
So go - in your heart my and your "Sahib" (God Kabir was called Sahib) inside you in this life and do not let him jalsamadhi .

Knowledge is considered to be the real power of man. The real thing is that which is always going to be, every thing in the world is destroyed after getting it. Money is destroyed, body is shabby, companions and associates are left. Only knowledge is such an inexhaustible element, which does not leave man anywhere in any state and time.

Money, people have also been considered as a power of man. But this is not his real powers. Their basic source is knowledge only. Wealth is achieved only on the basis of knowledge and on the basis of knowledge, people in society are made their helpers and allies. No thing in the world is possible for an ignorant person.
Trade is done for money, employment and crafts are done, art skills are perfected. But before their achievement, a person has to acquire their worthy knowledge. If he remains ignorant about these remedies, he cannot prove these characteristics in any way and then he will be completely deprived of wealth as a result.
The same thing can be said about the people's power. Knowledge is needed to do manpower in its favor. When someone has knowledge of the public mind, needs and problems, he will have the ability to be seen as a person, he can have the wisdom to overcome his sorrows and pain , leaving his mark on the people's power. It can be done in your favor.
People have a simple natural nature that they only take the side of their true benefactor. Without knowing what the public interest is and how it can be edited, who is there who can make the man-power his power. Acquisition of manpower can also be possible only through knowledge.
Even after a power is available, knowledge is also required to protect and use it. Lack of knowledge is equal to lack of power. No benefit or enjoyment can be made of it. Suppose, for example, that one gets a lot of money in earning or succession, or by accident, he gets it accidentally, can it be assumed that he has become a money power. Because money itself does not have any power of its own, that power is created only when knowledge is included in its use or use with it.

If man does not know what business he should do with that money, donate it to which people-friendly organization, what should be established for the benefit of society. How can he help the afflicted, the handicapped or the needy people by money.
What kind of life should bear to spend on him, what and what kind of work he should make, so that he can be respected in the society, light in the soul and increase interest in charity - then that wealth will become his power.
Rather, in the state of ignorance, he will either stop the progress of society and the nation by keeping the money tied, will attract thieves, bandits and cons, or by dissipating and using the useless method will create distortions in the society, it spoil his life. This is not a symptom of the real power of man. The reality of the power of money comes only when there is a proper knowledge of its collection and use. Otherwise, the wealth accumulated by the imprecations is made for human weakness and apprehension. By misuse, it also leads to weakness in the society by becoming the target of exception, envy, malice etc. That is why it has to be believed that real power lies in wealth and not in people, it is in the knowledge that controls the achievement and expenditure of these achievements.
People often consider physical strength to be indisputable strength. But the reality is that if you do not have the right knowledge to control and use this power, then it is of no benefit. Where to apply physical power, how to use it - if it is not well known, then that power will either make sense to an exploiter or some crooked will use it to get into a crisis. Even if this is not the case, it will be destroyed either by not engaging in any creation or it will be established in some work, whose value will be negligible.
Without knowledge is physical strength, animal power. It can destroy a lot of herself and others. In such a way that he can try to perform such a demonstration in the pride of force, in which the limbs are broken, inspired by proud of power and can cause trouble by unintentionally confronting someone. With its audacity and arrogance, it can make the society hostile. Without the knowledge of good use, physical power that is not silent can go on wrong paths. And only by falling into this unintelligible and uncontrolled flow, many people become criminals, tyrants and sadists and then their power becomes the cause of various kinds of fears. Therefore, instead of considering body, mind, money and man-power as real power, one should only consider that knowledge, which governs its procurement, control and use.
Man's real power is knowledge - but what is real knowledge? It is also necessary to know it. Without doing this, a person can be misguided by considering any information as knowledge.
If they understands the knowledge of the measures of the acquisition of material personalities or considers the method of any wrong actions or any of his blind faith, then his welfare will be destroyed and he wanders in the darkness of ignorance.

The actual knowledge that the scribes and mystics have directed to accumulate is not the education found in schools and colleges. Neither should it be satisfied by attaining knowledge by accumulating it. School education is only a means to make a worldy life rich and to move towards real knowledge, not real knowledge.

Many people consider the knowledge of rules given in the scriptures and religious texts to be knowledge and many people only understand the knowledge by rote the sentences of Mahatmas or religious texts. But all these things are also a means to attain real knowledge. There is no real knowledge. The self-study of the scriptures and the satsang of Mahatmas can be helpful in gaining real knowledge, but a person has to earn it by self-thinking and meditation. By reading a book or listening to the statement of a Mahatma, real knowledge cannot be achieved. Real knowledge can only be possible through self-realization.
In today's scientific period, there is more confusion about knowledge. People are becoming obsessed with scientific research, inventions and discoveries as real knowledge. The knowledge of light, heat, electricity, water, air, motion and magnetism and its use, considering it to be true knowledge, are being drowned in the thick darkness of ignorance. Whereas the reality is that all the scientific knowledge today is just a means to obtain pure physical figures. And these scientific instruments of today have confused the truth to the extent that the soul is becoming a bad atheist forgetting the divine. The liquidation, if not reformed soon of ignorance and blind faith in science, will be in terrible ruin. How the knowledge that results in destruction can be considered as actual knowledge.

The symptom of real knowledge is the steady intelligence and its direction, after attaining which man is oriented from darkness to light, from death to nectar, from untruth to truth, from impermanence to peace and from selfishness towards charitableness. In true knowledge there is neither dissatisfaction nor requirements.

His realization is only for self-awareness , self-respect and self-confidence. The knowledge from which these divine personalities and inspirations are not obtained, it would be a mistake to consider it as real knowledge, even if that knowledge is similar to that of a mortal Brahmin. This type of real knowledge cannot be any kind of physical knowledge but pure spiritual knowledge. And even while doing worldly deeds, one should keep on taking measures to achieve it. Then for this, whether you have to do self-education, satsang or meditation, you have to worship, worship or worship. Without real knowledge neither one gets true peace in life nor does he get well-being.
Real knowledge is the essence of life and the light of soul. The only true knowledge is the renewable element and true companion in the world, everything else is mortal and false. However, for the knowledgeable man, this false world and mortal matter also appear in the self-mirror as reflected in the form of self-realization. The nectar of knowledge not only gives immortality to man but also his life world. The glory of knowledge is immense and inexplicable.

The real goal of man is the attainment of knowledge. Astu, by doing this truth in a very heartfelt manner, you should continue to do everything possible to obtain true knowledge that the power of body, wealth, or people is not real power and the only way to achieve them is knowledge. All these are merely means of incorporating resources into material life. Real knowledge is spiritual knowledge, and it is also the true power of man, with the help of which he can reach the soul and from the soul to the divine, and can accept the inexhaustible store of that happiness, that peace and that satisfaction, which he has been searching for from birth. But they are not getting. There is no limit to acquiring knowledge. Humans can acquire knowledge at any time of their lifetime, there are no age limits for this. Human beings live a dark life without knowledge and are like animals. Therefore young children are sent to schools to acquire knowledge since childhood.

Knowledge is very important to move forward on the path of success. One cannot achieve success without knowledge. To understand the difference between good and bad and to make decisions voluntarily, knowledge is very important. Today, knowledge has made us capable of progress and move forward in the fields of science.

Connecting the mind with the soul is spiritual knowledge

 Knowledge is the assimilation of external subjects. It leads a person to fineness. What is the basis of knowledge? Where knowledge is physical, its basis is mind. Where it is purely spiritual, its basis is soul. Knowledge combines the mind with the soul. This knowledge is a great feature in itself. The one who does not mix the mind with the soul is not knowledge, but the illusion of knowledge.
That is why ego arises in the mind through so-called knowledge. If you see an egoistic person, then you must understand that this person is not a knowledge, but an illusion of knowledge. Once two big pundits debated, "First the sound is heard or the lightning first falls. This debate went on for months, but no decision could be reached. Then those people decided that it should be seen sitting under a tree one night. The next morning it was found that due to lightning on the forehead, both of them died under the tree there. Therefore, this so-called knowledge is not knowledge at all, but an illusion of knowledge, which you certainly would not want to earn.

During the war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas, there was a lot of effort to convince the Kauravas the outcome of the war. Even Yudhishthira prayed to God to change the thinking of those people. Krishna was also compassionate to him, but Kauravas could not understand it due to his wicked mind . Only, they could easily understand Arjun's Gandiv's clang. Therefore, the unicellular mind is governed by physical rule, not by others. Worldly knowledge is physical-mental in its first level and mental after that. When this knowledge is implemented in the physical world, then it is mental physical. This physical mental knowledge does not have much importance in this material world. But its value varies. The principle that is preferred today may change tomorrow.

What is true knowledge?

What is true knowledge then? True knowledge is the knowledge of the entity in which there is no change even in the change of country, time and person. Everything in this world is with reason that is, action is the result of reason and result is the reason of action . It has been going on like this.
Work at one level becomes a cause at another level. Where the work-causal element works, there remains an imperfection. No one can ego from this knowledge or on the sources of this knowledge. The Vedas say, 'I do not say that I do not know, nor do I say that I know, because that ultimate authority is known only by one who knows that God is beyond out to' the knowing and not the knowing'. '
Therefore knowing this is also a special mental state, which is beyond the country, time and person.
 Within all living beings, there is a natural knowledge (Vivek). This knowledge is not born, because everything that is born is mortal. And this knowledge is not destroyed, it is proved by this, that knowledge is never born with anyone, but is embedded in itself.
Knowledge means to learn, Experience of any kind gives birth to knowledge. Just like you have learned that a lion is dangerous, it should not try to tame it with love. Yes, even if you domesticate a lion, you should be cautious of it at all times, this is knowledge. Because his nature may be quiet or full of discipline for some time, he is not like this forever.

Now how to awaken this knowledge?

 First of all, a guru is required to give information about it. Second, you should take shelter of such a system, to make you feel practical. Well, this knowledge is naturally inside you. Yet it requires effort (loyalty) and a guide (guru) to awaken it . Often you or we hear the ultimate knowledge . That supreme knowledge is also obtained by this effort. There is no other way to attain that ultimate knowledge. A guru will come, touch a finger, and we will attain supreme knowledge. Perhaps even if this happens, it will not happen to you. Why, because you are indolent, and are wait to sitting on a guru. We have to try, and when we have to do it, then why not do it from today itself. The foolish preaching of some of our masters is so ingrained in the minds of our people, that we are becoming completely inactive.

The proof of this is that you talk to any teacher. So hear the same things , that there is an absolute element, and to know it is the ultimate knowledge.
Nature is changing, the world is changing, everything is changing in front of our eyes, and change is the irrefutable principle of this world, then why can't we change. We should change ourselves and return to do things with our words, this is the welfare of the whole society.
The knowledge to know exactly what an object is like is 'knowledge'. If you want to know other things, then ear, skin, eyes etc. have to be used. You will see that there are many subjects but to see them, light is one. How many forms you have seen so far, but it is the same as the eye . Subjects are changed , knowledge is continual. There is no difference in knowledge with the difference of subject etc.
Today you are seeing red-white clothes from the eye with which you saw a blue-yellow cloths yesterday. The cloth separated, the eyes were united. The knowledge with which you are listening to the word through the ear, you are seeing the form through the eye with the same knowledge. The eyes are also sharp, some are normal and some are slow. This is the condition of all the senses. There is a difference in knowledge from the difference of subject, but the knowledge remains the same.

Can this knowledge be different from you?

What is the difference between knowing another thing and knowing oneself? You will know the other - it will be good, it will be happy , it will be useful, if you want to meet it, you will have the desire to get it and if it is bad, you will feel like giving up. This means that it is meant to gain or leave the knowledge of another thing, but not to gain or leave one's knowledge. The soul is eternal, it is not to be attained. The soul cannot be left. Then enlightenment only illuminates reality. To illuminate the reality, remove the confusion regarding the nature of the soul.
The thing known and remains in the past is remembered. The object that is going to be the subject of knowledge in the future is imagined. Your soul has neither been past nor will there be a future, it is here, at this time, it has been light in the form of an establishment consciousness. It does not even add memory and imagination. This means that a knowledge is made for memory by living in the form of belief and a knowledge becomes inspiring to live in the imagination, but knowledge of its form is neither a matter of memory nor of imagination. It is as it is. There is no separate ‘is’ and ‘knowledge’.

This matter is so simple that even an ordinary person can understand when given attention. That is, knowledge is not made by anyone. If a creature or God created knowledge then what was not knowledge before that creation? Knowledge will also be built with knowledge. God will be known only by knowledge. Only with knowledge will the organism be known. The world will be known only through knowledge. Nothing can be proved without knowledge. If God is seen then he will have knowledge. God will already be identified. Therefore, knowledge is not made of anyone, God, nature, ghost, mind, nothing - nothing. Knowledge is itself and this is where everything appears. Think about whether you can stay separate from this knowledge or can knowledge stay separate from you?

Enjoy the illusion.

 It is well known to you that you also know your parents by telling and believing, so on the nature of knowledge, you will need to tell a little more about faith. Yes, then whatever you listen to (Vedanta-knowledge), think before you. Favorable thinking is done with reverence.

What can I get from this knowledge - you cannot see, cannot know! Yes, you can definitely know which fault of my intellect is removed by this knowledge, which confusion is erased. If your knowledge wastes any ego of your life then it is useful for you. Just as the  polluted food is retired from the sacrificial ritual , in the same way as the knowledge comes closer to the knowledge of the truth, the confusion is dispelled. You will see that happiness has become incorporated with your hearing.

Do not take the pleasure of meeting, take the pleasure of dissolving the illusion. The same knowledge can lead to truth which is able to erase the mistakes and misconceptions of your life. Your information (of your nature) will tear each curtain and you will become closer to the great philosophy which is your own form. He is inter-related only with respect to intelligence. Without relation it is our own.

What is intuitive knowledge?

 Because of intuition, the immediate, sudden , intimate way is to be understood with intuition, without the aid of reason, in an idea or truth.
So intuitive is the knowledge that we use in our daily lives to allow us to reach around the world, through immediate experience, to order in particular events, i.e. to relate it to an event or experience that we live in And appreciation of who we are.
In itself, it allows us to solve problems, react to stimuli, new obstacles, and unprecedented situations. Gets intuitive knowledge without the need to analyze or use previous logic.
 Some examples of this type of knowledge:
 Know when a person is happy.
 Know when a person is unhappy.
 Generally, knowing that a person has different moods (loneliness, nervousness, crying, joy, liking, contempt, need for love, etc.).
 Seasons of the year.

What is the difference between books and social knowledge?

 It is said that books are the real Guru of our life and explain to us the art of living which is true. We have always heard the proverb spoken in a village that analysis is more important than reading. The meaning of analysing is social knowledge and the knowledge that we get by staying between people and earn by hard experience . Some people remain confused as to who is more sensible and better, who is connected with the world of books or he who has understanding of the real world. So let us tell you about it.
Books give us knowledge and it tells us how to live life, that is, the way of living, the way of speaking, the way of understanding society, etc. And the more you will get this knowledge, the more you will get into books. | But if we notice, one thing would be understood that we have to use the knowledge in society which is read in books. In a way, you understand that books are the theory of science class.
While society is its practical. That is, unless you do not use anything in science, then there is no point in reading or understanding it, just like it is in life. You have read a thousand books that we have to be successful and progress in life, but you cannot succeed in life unless you use the knowledge from those books in the society and do not use it properly.

Which is more important in both.

 It is not possible to say with some special distinction which of the two is more important, but if one looks at it, then the books do not come to success, that is, if you have a good knowledge of society and you know how to read people, then you do not book Even if you have studied, it will work.
For example, Dhiru Bhai Ambani was not very educated, but today his success story is in everyone's tongue, like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates etc. But the most important thing in all of his life was that he had better knowledge of his field, due to which the knowledge of books did not come in the way and he climbed the ladder of success in life. If you have not read books, but you have read the work that you want to do in life, then you will definitely be successful.
In the end, the essence of saying so much is found in books, unless you use it, it is meaningless. To live a good life and to be a right person, both have to be balanced.

Only by lighting a lamp of knowledge can the darkness of ignorance be erased. Only with knowledge can we make our life meaningful. Therefore, we should always look forward to knowledge. Today we all have a lot of knowledge but still if we see Everyone, despite being knowledgeable, seems to be ignorant, having knowledge but also anger, knowledge but kama, knowledge but intolerance.
Just think what kind of knowledge it is, we are surrounded by all these vices like kama, anger, greed and malice, yet we think that we are very knowledgeable, knowledge is the lamp that kama , anger etc. it is destroyed. The mind becomes pure and sinless and if something happens, just bliss.

Let us try to understand it through a short story.

A blind person would try to get out from inside the house again and again, but he could not get out, sometimes he would go into this wall and sometimes other wall, he would get very angry but what to do outside of it, he had to leave. A thought comes in his mind that why not touch the walls slowly and reach the door and after much effort, he reaches the door. His children who were sitting outside, he then makes a sound, children listen to father's voice and hold them.
Friends, consider that the blind person did not lose courage ultimately he found the door and he could get out with the help of that door, but he also got angry at this time but he used the power of this anger to find his way. And finally he took wall support and reaching own destination .
Friends, in the same way, we also have to go from darkness to ignorance to knowledge in the form of light. When we go towards knowledge, then we will try to stop kama, anger, etc. disorders, but like that blind person, we also use these powers of disorders. It is to be used to reach our goal, and you will see that one day we will reach the door of that supreme knowledge with the help of the utterances of great person.

What is the difference between cleverness, intelligence, and knowledge?

Cleverness, Intelligence and Knowledge: All three seem to be the same words but there is a subtle difference in them. How is it detected?
 If there are two or three small children in the house, a simple experiment can be done. Put some toffee or candy in a box and put it in the kitchen above the shelf where the children do not have access. Then you will be asked how they will take out the toffee.
First of all, they would say that toffee can be taken out by climbing on the kitchen platform by placing a chair. This is cleverness.
 Then tell them that they cannot use the chair. Tell them to think of another option. They will certainly find many ways. Appreciate their solution but remove that option as well. Are there any other options left? You will be surprised to know how many tricks children can apply to get toffee. It is intelligence .
And knowledge? This can now be easily explained. Even if you have enough ways to get toffee by taking all kinds of measures, it is wise knowledge to humbly ask for toffee.
The smart person (clever) knows how to get out of a situation while the knowledgeable person knows how to avoid falling into that situation.
Smart people(clever) seek solutions to problems. Wise people understand those problems. Knowledgeable people can tell us that what we are considering as a problem is a problem in reality or not.
Smart people(clever) react Wise people prepare themselves for action in advance. Knowledgeable people know what the past or present events can have in future.
Children are smart from birth. Intelligence can take place in them as they grow older. Knowledge comes from age and experiences.
 Cleverness is a gift. Most people get this gift right after birth.
Knowledge of various subjects yields intelligence. It is the processing of information and facts.
 Knowledge comes from increasing maturity with increasing age because during this time we learn from our and others' experience.
It is smart to know how something happens. It is wise to know why something happens. When that happens to us or someone else, then knowledge is attained.
If you ask how we can teach children to distinguish between these three…
 In them, develop understanding of subjects like language, mathematics, science and facts and let them learn from new experiences.

 And what is its formula? Knowledge = intelligence + experience

Let us understand the same thing by giving another example:

 Everyone is familiar with the episode of slaughter of Bali in Ramayana. Sugriva, in consultation with Rama, challenges Bali to battle. When both of them are fighting, Ram slays Bali by shooting arrows from behind a tree.
 We know that Rama was a very skilled archer and was far more skillful and capable in combat than Bali. Ramkatha also tells us that Sugriva showed Rama the hole made by the arrow left by Bali in a tree, describing the powers of Bali. Ram aimed the same hole and released an arrow which pierced the seven other trees standing behind that tree.

This is an example of learning or skill.

 But Rama knew that Bali had a special blessing. Half of the power of the enemy used to go to Bali and Bali became stronger.
That is why Ram sent Sugriva so that he would bring Bali out of his cave. They then killed Bali by striking an arrow with a tree.

It is wiseful work.

 Intelligence is about how you can use your art, knowledge or skills to achieve desired results.
 Knowledge of subjects or facts can be compared to fire-burning tools such as oil, wood, wax. Intelligence is the matchbox of small matches that can set fire to them.
Ram was a very wise man. He knew that Bali would prove more powerful and useful than Sugriva. If he wanted, he could defeat Sugriva along with Bali.
 Bali was very arrogant, fierce and persecutor, but if Ram wanted, he could have made a treaty between Bali and Sugriva.
 But Ram did not do this. He stood by the truth. He supported the weak in policy. He supported the side with which injustice was done. Using his skill and intelligence, he brought back his honor and kingdom to Sugriva.

This is knowledge.

 Knowing the difference between" suitable and unsuitable , right and wrong, religion and unreligion, truth and untruth, "and using it cleverly and wisely for greater purpose is knowledge.
Man is a creature who works on this earth with his ability and intelligence and performs that work in such a way that proper results are obtained.
How we give our contribution in this, how we do our work, how we run it smoothly, all this is the result of our understanding and on the basis of that we are able to ensure our place in society.
Social works that each person performs keeping in mind the interests of all and makes the destiny to work accordingly. This is to ensure the basis and way of working, from which we learn the way of working in the same way and keep going.

When man first appeared on this earth, then the way and basis of living and eating in it was wrong, after which he slowly moved forward in his work and started doing his work and the process of continuous development continued on the basis of that, they thought it appropriate to develop his life in a new and modern way, on the basis of that, he left the initial stage and continued to achieve new results and move forward and started doing his new work. Due to which he developed, his thinking, understanding and speaking and behavior conditions changed and he always started thinking about good works and new consciousness and thoughts in his brain started developing and seeing himself in this way. Based on his conceptual ability ie knowledge, he started doing his new works and started learning how to do any work in easy way. And how to make it possible.
This is the ability or power of thinking, we call knowledge, on the basis of which we do all kinds of tasks and move forward, that is, we progress, this developing progress is the power to progress and move forward and make the person better and better Inspires to work so that he always does good work continuously and continues to move forward in such a way to lead a simple and orderly life action is introduced to give knowledge.
Knowledge and sharing of awareness of any person or any thing that comes in contact in any given time which is used to run of life is called knowledge. That is, how we can run our life to the fullest and can gain knowledge by knowing, achievements is called knowledge, we get it through experience and through learning and seeing and observing how each person can do his work easily. They get action based on their experiences and get knowledge and complete every task in their own way.
This is what we have to earn by learning, searching, and to take education , but what we see or learn in practically always remembers us and we always remember that person or child and always receive it they takes off in his life and is always alert, do not do any such thing from the future so that he has faced problems, thus the ability of Person's effect to learn on his personality. He has maintains ever lasting knowledge.
The theoretical knowledge that we get from books and we are able to absorb it as much and as time passes, we are not able to remember it, so every person remembers each subject according to their conceptual capacity and uses it in accordingly to requirements of time.
When we teach, we impart knowledge, so we need to know which form of knowledge we are using, how we introduce the student to the real knowledge. Is the knowledge that we are giving him, it is complete, accurate knowledge, it is full of truth, we all know and understand whether it is very important for the teacher to be aware of these principles. The main purpose of education is to impart knowledge, and whatever fact we teach is based on truth, both truth and knowledge are related to each other, there is no difference between them. The eternal truth is knowledge. Knowledge is education for society.

Knowledge has two sides - direct knowledge and indirect knowledge.

 Man gets direct knowledge through experience from his senses. Indirect knowledge is obtained from others through statements or books. Both types of knowledge are important in education.
Types of knowledge
 # We gain inductive knowledge through our life experiences and through inspection which happens in front of us. Supernatural power has no place in it.
*Experimental knowledge ---- Purposeists believe that knowledge is gained by use. We understand and assimilate by using methods and using any facts.
*Self knowledge ---- Knowledge is understood as the self analysis of direct knowledge, like knowledge of mathematics is self knowledge , which is true, it is based on experience and - in itself, clear and definite knowledge is self knowledge .

Sources of knowledge - 

Always we get knowledge by looking at each other and listening to their words, we are never able to be full of our knowledge. No person can always move forward on his growth force until he gets to experience the work done by others because we always learn from each other in human life - whether directly or indirectly. A person learns his mental and physical abilities and observes and behaves himself, ie the desire and ambition to do the same work. Sector is based on as it progresses and learns constantly working. In this way, everyone learns by watching and listening and doing any work that is always learned on the basis of experience and on the observation basis, by learning the part and making his life simple and easy, man in life learns from all. We are learning from birth to death through environment and family and his experiences around him.

Man always learns through sources, this is the source.

1. Nature -

 Nature is the main source of knowledge and the first source is every human being receives knowledge, before birth and after birth, like Abhimanyu had learned to go the "Chkravyuh" and break it, in his mother's womb and we can each person learn from nature according to his ability. Just understand that a example.. a fruitful tree is always bent, it never stays like an autumn, always gives shade to the birds . The Sun revolves around the Universe, the Earth revolves around the Sun. The Moon revolves around the Earth, this action is all on its own and from that day,due to this it becomes night and the weather and thus nature obeys its laws and from them we Learn how to run your life properly. All the tree plants, rivers, ponds and mountain plateau plains around us, we learn day and night, can be both direct or indirect. And from this we keep our knowledge, in this way nature teaches us and we learn.

2. Books -

 Books are the main source of knowledge. In ancient times, when the paper was not produced, our ancestors used to write essential things on copperplate, stone and some leaves and based on them, that is, they followed the rules in this way, so that every generation has their requirements of time use it and always give compliments .
The present age is the era of modernity, in today's time, everyone studies through the text books and through the major books, through which we can increase quadruple by increasing knowledge. In today's era, we can get books on every subject, it is a store of knowledge, in today's time, we can buy a book of that subject in which we want and can acquire our knowledge. One can also study through e-library online.

3. Sense experience-

The sense is the physical organs that make a person aware of his / her life. He always experiences through them, and awakens the sensation, this sensation imparts knowledge, on the basis of experience, each person makes his own style and appearance, ie with all the substances that run our life. With the help of them, we move forward and continue in our life.

4. Evidence -

Through evidence, we believe in the experiences and knowledge of others, which we gain knowledge through our experiences. The person himself does not observe in evidence, takes knowledge of facts only on inspection of others. In this way we can say that we learn only through the experiences of someone else. Giving and explaining and telling knowledge of anything by someone else and understanding the same thing is evidence. Our physical environment which works by keeping us with nature, motivates, or inspires us to run life smoothly.

5. Logic intelligence-

We get knowledge from the experiences that happen in everyday life and this knowledge gets converted into our logic, when we accept it clearly with evidence, that is, by reasoning we organize and we build knowledge. It is a mental process.

6.  Intuition-

It means finding out something. This does not require any argument, we have full faith in that knowledge.

7. Enlightenment-

This knowledge is received by the talented people suddenly by some realization, like Mahatma Buddha got knowledge by sitting under the Bodhi tree and there are also saints and Mahatmas who got knowledge by sitting in different places. Experiments conducted on animals by many celebrated scientists have proved that the animal accidentally gets a solution to the problem while dealing with the problem, it happens when it gets complete information about the problem. This helps in the development of creative power of children in education.

8.  Exemplary knowledge-

 In human society, all human beings have different mental powers, some have very strong intelligence, some have lower intelligence. Those who are talented in them. He does every work in such a way that he becomes a theoretical. Therefore, the work done by them in any company that we accept becomes exemplary.
Only by imitation can we remove social evils, through this we can give new direction to the society.

Knowledge gain by human efforts.

1. Curiosity -

The desire to know, the desire to understand is the curiosity, the eagerness to understand any topic or episode, ie the title. Curiosity is such an action of a human being that always encourages knowing, understanding, until they gets a complete answer and is satisfied. They gets satisfaction only when they have not completely pacified the curiosity of the mind. In this way he collects knowledge and uses it forever. When the curiosity is fulfilled, each person uses the medium of discovery, invention and observation and learning and brings it into daily practice and shares their experiences, which increases the eagerness to do and move on to other people.

2. Practice -

Knowledge arises through practice. Every man learns through his experiences, every day he adopts new experiences and takes it as a proof and takes it further in his life and performs every task on the basis of that and all the people who come forward Accordingly, knowledge is imparted. It was through practice that different inventions took place and in this era of modernity, we have been able to reach the results of every action. If our practice is not complete then we cannot get results. God has a gift in every human being that, according to his intellectual ability, he can perform them by doing good works through practice in every field in which he is interested and can give a new direction to society whether it is science, society and education or other In any field, on the same basis, he always keeps his personality experiences moving in an inventive form.

3. conversation -

Dialogue is a means of propagating and enhancing knowledge through which we acquire knowledge and assimilate it, such as through folklore and idioms, and through many philosophies: through dialogue based on experiences inspired by social reformers and scholars. Broadcasting that benefits every human being. Examples of dialogue - "Swachh Bharat Swasth Bharat". "By filtering drink water, make Guru by knowing ". "When India will read, then grow India" etc.
 In this way, many dialogues affect the mind of every human being, due to which there is an emergence of knowledge and it directly affects the mind of every human being.

Human Knowledge and Social behaviour -

 Man gets knowledge from his experiences and sanskars, he will behave in the same way as his environment and on the basis of that his ideological ability and mental ability depends on his performance and his behavior if he comes in contact with any creature. Is, understands his point, treats him appropriately and believes that each person has his own problem and how he is doing his work from how he is fulfilling his daily needs, then he treats him appropriately and understands his problems and resolves them. This is called human behavior and social behavior.
A person behaves socially only when he considers himself to be an integral part of the society and thinks about his welfare and welfare, that is, understanding the problems of all the companions, solving their problems, showing them the right path, in their personality To develop, to cooperate, to give proper guidance, to talk about the welfare of the society, to get acquainted with the new schemes, and to make policies for the welfare of the common good. Example - Health, education, upbringing, broadcasting, encouraging young people to remove ignorance by literacy, every person should be educated and moving forward, it is the biggest problem to remove gender discrimination, no matter how modern era at present, but still the opinion of most of the public is still the same narrow-minded thought that makes a difference between son and daughter.
Removing this type of mentality, each person has his own importance through education, and in the same way to convince all the members of that society and change their mental ideology and remove other social evils of this kind. It is the duty of an educated and civilized citizen to remove the evils of the society and to create a good environment in the society and to arrange a healthy society so that hoarding, superstitions, evils and all kinds of social evils can end. The society could be established in an ideal manner and help in the progress of the country. In this way, it is our duty that if we are educated, the society will be educated, when the society will be educated, the entire country will be educated and everyone will progress and along with the development of all, the country will develop.
Therefore, knowledge is very important for social behavior. If a man has knowledge, no one will be able to make him weak in any way, that is, he will not be able to exploit it, thus education makes man a human being and helps in social development. In this way, through active knowledge, we keep our thoughts awake and meditate on them and discuss and follow them. In this way, through knowledge we get right guidance which makes our life simple and successful.
The knowledge that we receive both directly and indirectly, it is not necessary that we should learn by ourselves only through elders, that is, if someone is younger in age, then if he has knowledge then we can gain knowledge from him. Through his thoughts and activities and in this way we can complete social behavior through knowledge. And can give right guidance to the society.
There is no difference between truth and knowledge, which is true, that is the same knowledge, just like the sun's rise illuminates us, the moon is visible to us and provides coolness. It makes a difference at creature like this on this earth by season and according to time change, which is the reality, on the basis of this knowledge, we can foresee every accidents. Area are conscious and demonstrates our knowledge, which we have begun measures to avoid him and serves as an inspiration always cautious.

Knowledge is the only medium that teaches mankind manhood and it is written in our texts that there is no holy thing beyond knowledge. Knowledge always guides and motivates contact, and encourages us to do good deeds. If knowledge is in a human being, he will always consider his existence as a gift of God and will become a source of inspiration by treating society and all who come in contact.

This world is variable and everything involved in it is variable. Knowledge is like water flowing in a river, knowledge of anything is only for a moment. And how much knowledge can we remember from them? So is it possible to take all the knowledge in this variable world? So the question is, how much knowledge is enough?
All human beings have different life terms, but the goal is one, moksha. And as much knowledge is necessary to simplify this path, the same knowledge is sufficient for us. Like knowledge for salvation, body means for knowledge, food to keep the body healthy, enough money for food, job for money, etc. The more time man wanders in the path of salvation, the more time it will take to attain salvation. That is why we have the ability to read regularly along with our assigned deeds. Acquiring experiences / knowledge that are not in our path is a waste of time, and the path will also become longer.
Knowledge is to fully understand any subject, to fully experience it and to use it appropriately when the time comes. Knowledge is a belief that has been accepted as truth. Knowledge is considered to be an expensive thing even with precious gems, which no thief can steal. Knowledge is such a thing that no one has to be worried that someone will steal it . Knowledge can be acquired in every way whether it is by listening or seeing, understanding or experiences.
Knowledge means correct and good information about any thing . And to become knowledgeable, you do not necessarily have any major degrees or you have to study in expensive schools, colleges etc. Knowledge can be obtained from anyone, anywhere, whether it is received from the living or from the dead. The correct knowledge of a person leads him to the path of success.

"Knowledge is very important to shape our personality and correct behavior with people."
According to Plato - "Knowing the divine system of thoughts and the form of the soul-God is true knowledge".
Knowledge is the same, where all the disorders of the body are destroyed, if something happens then it is only - and only pleasure.
What is knowledge.? Knowledge is not limited to a limit. Or be tied in a circle. But it is only an achievement, there is no limit to knowledge. Knowledge is a deep ocean. Knowledge is a discovery. Whatever person beyond that limit in the bottomless ocean. Which changes or illuminates the life of any person in the world. Wavered the soul of any person. Make anyone's soul self-aware or self-satisfied. That is knowledge.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Tension free life

Tension free life

If you do not want live a stressful life, then live this way !!

Today, as much as the level of education has increased, the number of complications is also increasing. Educated people are becoming so entangled in achieving their goals that a slight hindrance or delay leads them to stress. Those who are a bit courageous, they save themselves from stress, but become irritable.

Overall education made man intelligent, but also desperate. Every educated man must understand that some events keep happening that happen whether you want it or not. At that time, education should make sense. Dear people, death, separation, sudden loss, accidents, etc. do not control you directly. In such times, being educated means not giving up. Just as a healthy body is a pleasure, an education that gives understanding is also a great pleasure in itself. Therefore, this achievement should be of use to us. The bread of two times will only get educated, but apart from the health of body and mind, there is another health, which is called moral health. It gives education. A morally fit person treats love, service, benevolence, generosity and sweetness towards others. Actually education should become like an understanding, which can explain the combination of human body and soul, because man is the amazing combination of soul and body in the whole world and education makes this feeling mature.

Some habits of human life, which are necessary to leave the enemy.

In life, we apply some such habits to our life which have neither any meaning nor any purpose and start living them. Habits have the nature that they desire to do it again and again. Repetition is the basic nature of habit. If there is a habit of getting up late, then there will be a desire to get up again the next day. There is a loss in the business of people speaking, so if I am under stress, then they start drinking alcohol. It is not known that the habit of connecting with the past is removed by throwing the past into the future. That is why to avoid habit one has to understand his inner nature. Now we have made devotion also a habit, whereas devotion is a matter of nature. It is generally believed that those who are doing bhakti are either weak people or people of small rank. This is an illusion. Only those who have the ability to dissolve will be able to do devotion, because the more we disappear, the more our inner God will get an opportunity. We the more we save ourselves, the more we losses it. Bhakti is a suicidal art. Therefore, as devotion enters life, we will be able to get inside. There will be support in neutralizing the mind. Right now the mind is the master and the body a slave. But as soon as devotion comes to dissolve , the divine starts to appear and the mind becomes silent in front of the realization of God. When minds is silent and all our fun, all the bravery, the pomp will keep us very calm even after the material successes, the light will be the light And this light is called inner celebration. When every work becomes bliss, then the meaning of life changes.

What changes can God's attention bring to our lives !!

Do meditate on God once in twenty four hours. The more faithful you are, the more positive you will grow in you. Shraddha eliminates negativity! As soon as we meditate we are connected to the divine power of God, which is an achievement in itself. The second important thing is that a chemical change starts within us, this chemical change increases our power to cope with adverse situations. Stamina and ingenuity become the charioteers of our lives. Dhyan (prayer) makes one more aware. Meditators understand that not to left the world, which is meaningless is to be discarded. Meditation connects us to the ultimate power that created this world, how can we hate the world, it is created by him, when we are connecting with God.
If you forget what is futile in the world, then the remembrance of meditation will be divine in itself.

 Whenever meditation is done, do not consider it as mere ritual, consider it as experience, experience of confidence. In today's era, we get to experience the world in terms of others, except for our own experience. If meditation does not make you feel your presence, then do not understand meditation is just ritual. Sometimes you will find that your consciousness will be at the peak in meditation and from here you will feel happy with your heart and healthy with your body.

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Legend of great Shiva devotee

Legend of great Shiva devotee

 In the jungles of the south there was a clan named Sangrila in which Bhil caste hunters lived. Sardar of this clan was a Bhil named Nag who according to his name was ferocious and powerful. In experts of archery,  Nag used to put venom on his arrows.
It did not take him long to kill his enemy. Nag's wife's name was Tatta. Tatta was also a big frightfully woman with a garland of lion teeth around her neck. Both spouses were considered dangerous among the tribes of the surrounding forests.
After a long wait, Tatta gave birth to a son named Tishna. The newborn was very weighing at birth. Therefore his name was appropriate. Tishna is called heavy in the language of there.
 Tishna continued to be nurtured and by the age of sixteen he became the master of the mountain body. He was also several steps ahead of his father in wielding weapons. Many times Tishna hunted wild boar unarmed. His physical strength was limitless.
When Nag would see his son swinging like a elephant , then his chest would be stretched with pride. Nag had grown old. He made Tishna the head of the clan. According to the rules, Tishna going out for hunting before becoming the chief of clan. The corridors of wild animals passing through Tishna would fall.

His two servants Nad and Kad picked up  and collected them at one place. When Tishna gathered a lot of meat , he got hungry. Meat was enough to satisfy hunger but there was no water. Then both his followers came there.
Now feeling hungry. The direction also seems to be confused. Can I have water somewhere? Let the hunger calm down. Tishna said. Yes, he is looking at the huge shawl tree, after that the river Suvarna flows behind the hill. Its water is also very cold. Nad said.
That hill is also very beautiful. There is a temple on it which has a statue of Lord Jata Jutdhari. You can worship them. Kad also said.
What is this god? Tishna asked. Kad was moving towards old age. Had traveled to the remote jungles for hunting and lived in the company of many saints. He had some knowledge.
 The person who has created this plant and animal is a god. Kad told according to his knowledge-ability: Where does this wind come from? Where does water come from? All is God's grace. Tishna's teenage mind became keen on that new information. He also asks Kad more about God.
 Where does this god live? I would like to meet such a person.
 He is involved in every particle. These flowers and leaves are also there, but to meet him one has to do devotion. We have to worship.
 I will Tishna said in a firm voice: I can do anything to meet a person who gives so much without taking anything.
 Then you walk in the temple and worship. The seed of Prabhu Milan sprouted in the mind of Tishna. In his heart a natural love for the gratitude of God had grown. All three started climbing the hill. As Tikha was climbing the hill, his hunger and thirst were fading.
 There was an indescribable curiosity in the inner heart. They reached the summit of the hill and reached in front of the temple. On seeing the idol of Mahadev, Tishna forgot his consciousness and after being overwhelmed, tied the idol in his embrace and started crying.
 O who gives water and life to the world! He said excitedly: Despite being so great, you live alone in this forest! Some flowers were placed on the head of the idol.
Tishna picked them up and threw them. Whose wickedness is this. Who placed this flower on my master's head?
 I often see a person. Nada said - He comes early in the morning and pours cold water on his head and leaves flowers and leaves. At the same time something keeps mumbling.
He is definitely an Aghori who is engaged in selfishness by making my lord a medium . Tishna said: He would not have even served them food. I will make them eat fresh meat every day.
He started taking food but he did not feel like going from the temple. He would return again and cling to the idol. God ! The mind does not want to leave, but you feel hungry so I go.
Tishna left from there and came down from the hill. The pulse was stunned while Kad was understanding the state of Tishna.
We were destroyed. Nada said: Swami went mad. Everything has happened because of you. Now the elder masters will roast and eat you. Kad did not say anything. What would he explain that intelligence?
 When Tishna returned, he had meat in both his hands. As soon as he came, roast the meat and put it on several leaves, then tasted the meat of each leaf to see if it remained raw. After that, he was satisfied and dedicated himself to God.
This is absolutely crazy. Such fragrant flesh is offering to the stone. It does not take care of our hunger. Nada spoke unhappily.
Tishna was sitting in front of the idol urging food. Owner ! It was evening. Now come home Will be waiting He spoke.
 I can't go The night is the time for the jungle creatures to roam. I cannot leave God alone. you go .
Kad now know his death Nada said with anger: Swami started talking like this because of you. I will get you punished by telling the elder master. I go now You stop here with this maniac.
 The nad descended from the hill. Kad also began to think that when Nirbuddhi Naad tells Nag, he will give him death without even thinking about it. Therefore, it was best to escape from there.
 Tishna remained alone in the temple. At night, he took a bow and arrow at the temple gate and started protecting God.
He kept watch all night. His love was going towards infinity. At dawn, Tishna came down the hill to get fresh meat for his God. Moments after he left, the priest who used to worship in the temple daily came.
He was shocked to see meat in the temple. Oh God ! Who did this corruption A wild hunter desecrated the temple. The priest cursed the hunter as soon as he cleaned the temple and himself took a bath in the river.
 After that, he praised his great mantras and went back to his home. Tishna returned. He collected and roasted the flesh of many animals and brought honey in it. He became angry after seeing the same flowers and leaves in the temple.
 He brought water in the mouth for the God to reach. For this reason could not speak. He removed flowers and leaves from his feet, then poured mouth water on the idol. God ! In my absence, that evil Aghori came. Someday I will punish him.
Take a meal Today I have also squeezed honey in fresh meat . Tishna said. In this way, for five days, Tishna used to spend day and night in his god's food as a protector. He himself was not able to eat and drink.

 Tishna's parents went out to search him elsewhere because when he came to the temple there was no one there. Then Nad said that the Kad must have seduced him and taken him somewhere.
On the other hand, the priest would see such a situation in the temple every day and mourn the corruption. Worshiping the temple cleaned and returned.
 It was God's leela that the priest and Tishna had never encountered. Perhaps the priest would have been hurt by the fiery instinct of Tishna. .
 When the priest started abusing Tishna on that corruption, Devadhidev Mahadev appeared to him in a dream night.
 Oh my devotee! You do not know whom you are abusing. He is my ultimate devotee. He tries to please me as per his ability.
There is no desire anywhere in his love. I love that very much. You do find his worship bad method , but not me.
Meat is his food which he surrendered to me after knowing everything. When he urges me for food in his language, I find his request even better than your chanting and Vedantras. If you want to see his devotion, then look somewhere tomorrow.
The priest jolted awake. There was nothing but God himself ordered, so he hid near the temple in the morning and started watching the acts of Tishna.
At that time Tishna went to get food for God. As he was returning, he stumbled and fell on the way to the earth.
It is a bad omen. Has anything happened to my God? Tishna thought and started running up the hill. The priest was stunned to see the giant figure. When Tishna reached the temple, he saw blood dripping from the left eye of the idol. Food was left out of his hand.
Hi, what happened to my God? Which sinner has injured my master? Tishna sat and wept: If I find that evil one, I will kill him. Tishna wiped the blood from the eyes of God but the blood flow continued continuously.
 Alas what do i do? What to cure, he started crying out loud: You must have been suffering a lot. First I find the evil one who has done this evil act.
 Tishna came out of the temple. The priest shivered at him. If he is seen somewhere, he will not be left alive. Hey Bholenath Protect But was Sarveshwar ignorant of the nature of Tishna?
 It was his leela that clearly visible priest was not visible to Tishna. When no one saw him, he sat back near the idol.
God ! I bring herbs. I do not know which herb will benefit you but go. I just return
Tishna came down from the hill and when he returned, there was a big bundle of jangali herbs on his head. On coming to the temple, he squeezed every single god into the eyes of the god but the bleeding did not stop.
What should I do now? Tishna was distracted. Then he remembered that the hunters used human flesh on the wound and the wound healed. I will try this also. The left eye of God is destroyed, so I keep my left eye on the wound, it may be possible.
 With a pointed arrow, the devotee took out his left eye. Blood flowed out of his own eye but there was no worry. Placed the eye on the palm and placed it on the eye of God. Immediately the Lord's eye stopped bleeding.
Tishna killed Kilkari happily. Started dancing My God became good. But what? Now the right eye of God started bleeding. Tishna was stunned. Don't worry lord! I have received treatment. I still do treatment.
 Tishna again raised the arrow and was anxious to take out the right eye when only then Devadhidev, who appeared from the idol, appeared and grabbed Tishna's hand.
 Even in Devlok, praise was started due to such devotion of Tishna! Your love and renunciation is of a higher quality than the practice of great ascetics.

 Selfless love has made me my slave. You have no desire even in your heart. Therefore, I give you the gift of all divine knowledge. You will get the answer of all the questions in your heart towards me. Kailashpati said with exasperation.
Thishna became enlightened at that moment. His divine enlightenment was looking at reality like a movie. He drowned in emotion and bowed down at his feet.
 The hidden priest became a witness to that incredible scene and he gratified his life by simultaneously interviewing such a devotee Vatsal God and great devotee.

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In the Sanatan Dharma, there has been a tradition of honoring the Gurus from the beginning. Many such gurus are found in our religious texts, who have given new heights to the Guru-Shishya tradition. Guru means one who leads from darkness to light, that is, the Guru guides the disciple properly for success in life.

Lord Shiva is beginning and infinite, that is, no one knows about their origin and neither knows the end. That is, Shiva is the Supreme Father. Lord Shiva has also imparted the ultimate knowledge to his disciples by becoming a guru. If it is said that Lord Shiva is the first Guru of the universe, then there will be no exaggeration.

Shiva gave weapons education to Parashurama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Parshuram made the earth devoid of Kshatriya many times only from the parshu (furs) given by Shiva. According to the Brahmavaivarta Purana, Lord Shiva is also the Guru of Jartaru (Mansa), the sister of Nagas.
Shiva taught the mrit sanjivani vidya to Shukracharya, the guru of the demons. Once a fierce battle took place between the gods and the demons. As much as the gods slaughtered the demons, Shukracharya would revive them with mruit Sanjivani lore. Seeing this, Lord Shiva swallowed Shukracharya and threw him out again after the war ended. Goddess Parvati considered Shukracharya as her son only after being regenerated by Shiva.

Disciples of Shiva:

Shiva is the Guru of the world. According to the recognition, he first gave his knowledge to the sapt rishis. Sapt Rishis took knowledge from Shiva and spread it in different directions and spread Shaivism, yoga and knowledge in every corner of the world. These seven sages did not leave any person who was taught the knowledge of Shiva karma, tradition etc. Today it get will be seen in all religions. Parashurama and Ravana were also disciples of Shiva. It was Shiva who started the Guru and Shishya tradition, due to which even today, the same tradition is being continued in all the saints like Nath, Shaiva, Shakta etc. Adi Guru Shankaracharya and Guru Gorakhnath carried this tradition further.

Sapta Rishi is the original disciple of Shiva:

Lord Shiva is the first yogi and he has the deepest understanding of human nature. He selected 7 sages to expand their knowledge and gave them knowledge of different aspects of yoga, which became the 7 basic aspects of yoga. Over time, hundreds of branches emerged in 7 points. Later, seeing the complexity in yoga, Patanjali assimilated the entire Yoga Shastra in just 200 sutras in 300 BC. The 8th stage of yoga is moksha. 7 th stage are there to reach that moksha .
"Ignorance" is the root cause of all the miseries of the world. Those who do not know the secret of life or creation, who do not know the divine, do not know themselves, who have never experienced it, even if they do  receive the innumerable food of the world - cannot be free from misery, they cannot be get introduced to real peace or bliss.
Avidya means the creature that takes shelter of ignorance, suffers the sorrow and gets to blindness.
Therefore, to take life in the right direction, it is necessary to light a lamp of enlightenment, in light of this you can achieve your only real goal. All the sorrows can get rid of toxins and get nectar.
But now you  an extinguished lamp, so you have to take shelter of fire to ignite. This fire is the true master and scripture.

With full devotion and faith, we need to be refuge of a resplendent Prakashpunj true Guru and Shastras, so that this extinguished lamp of our heart can be ignited by his unrivaled spiritual energy. Then there is no worry, no sorrow. God himself shows the path by holding hands on the steps, helping us. Whether it is alive or inanimate, whatever exists, it belongs to him. He drives the earth, fills the pools, makes satisfying the thirsty, transmits the nectar in life. Everything belongs to him, he is walking by it, so it is his. This creation is such a film that never ends, because it never starts… It is always going on and will always go on. Because the superhero of this film is infinite. So everything of the infinite will be infinite .... The name is also infinite, religion is also infinite, compassion is also infinite, affection is also infinite, forgiveness is also infinite, form is also infinite, eyes also, foot also, hand also.... everything is infinite. It is simple-accessible-easy because that is what is always available everywhere. And our only destination is the same… the same.

Come, make Shiva own Guru.

It is very small to say the word Guru, but for every human being, a master of great work is one who can give true knowledge, the soul is the form of truth, the doer is the only true and immortal soul in this world, soul is the body's honor. The status of fame is generated by all these qualities, all will be destroyed as soon as the body is released, understanding to know the soul is the best knowledge, and the world guru, etc., the master of this entire universe, is the only ever-present And that is why he is also called Vishwanath Vishveshwar. He is the Guru of everyone. He is also the Guru among the Gurus; The Mahaguru is the Adiguru. He was gurus and will remain gurus tomorrow, they have not known how many gurus have been created and destroyed. Shiva element is the basic essence of the soul. Land self as divine as the Hail Father Hail God.
If the Guru is severed, the Guru means Gu means the meaning of darkness, Ru means is the meaning of the light, or the form of light, that is the full meaning of the Guru, that leads us from darkness to light. Guru is a Brahmin, there is no one better than the soul for everyone, the soul is a symbol of true love, kindness and peace in pure form. The symbol of the reer is Maya changes, not the soul, if the soul is the best master for every soul, then the supreme master is the only one in the universe, only Shiva is not greater than the whole universe. Guru is Vishwa Guru, that is why he is called Vishwanath Vishveshwar.

Need of Guru in life: -

 A spiritual Guru is needed in every human life. The job of a guru is to get a connection with the divine. Whatever we do in life- worshiping, doing charity, fasting fast, studying or trying for our livelihood, it does not give complete success unless there is a spiritual master in life, because whatever we They do the work of sending it to God.
It is the work of the Guru to turn our mind towards the divine who is running towards worldly activities. Guru has been called a doctor of mind. Just as a skilled doctor makes us healthy by eliminating physical diseases, similarly a qualified teacher makes our mind healthy by removing our mental illnesses. These mental illnesses are stress, frustration, depression, despair etc. Today these diseases are spreading rapidly in the society. The basic reason for this is that there is no spiritual teacher in our life. Even if they are not qualified. Today, humans have started thinking of themselves as all-powerful. As a result, we are getting the means of material happiness, but instead of giving us rest, they are restless. Laughter - happiness, peace, all these are getting away from us, we have to go to the Laughing Club to laugh. All the temporal and supernatural pleasures of human life depend on Guru-Daya.

Why is Shiva the Guru?

 Making a guru is necessary in life, but why should Shiva be made a guru? There are many body-holding gurus on the earth. It is natural to arise in this question. It has been said that a Guru can be the one who has the qualities to become a Guru. Different scriptures describe different qualities for a guru. It has been said that in which Brahmani, Vaishnavi and Rudrani - these are the three powers, he can hold the post of Guru. These three powers are found in Maheshwar Shiva. It has been said in the Upanishads that Guru can hold the post only which protects our knowledge, destroys sorrows, brings happiness in life, gives us prosperity and in whose refuge all our abilities are developed. According to the Upanishads, these five qualities have been revealed according to the Upanishads - knowledge-protection, sorrow-decay, happiness, prosperity and all-enrichment. Maheshwar Shiva bears all these qualities. In this way, all the qualities mentioned by Guru are Shivguru's source. Shiva is called Jagatguru. Guru Panth has started with Shiva only. He has also been called Adiguru in the texts, has also been called Guru of Gurus, and also called the Tribhuvan Guru.

Can't humans be gurus?

 Of course it can happen. Even, every human is a guru and a disciple. To make Shiva your guru is not to ignore the rest of the gurus. Conversely, making Jagadguru his master becomes every gravest master of the world, whether it is gross, subtle, or microcosm.
But to make a human being a master, eligibility is required even before. For example, if you want to study in a medical college, then you should have already passed 10 + 2, from biology and if you want to study in engineering college, from mathematics. Along with Physics, Chemistry, English etc.
This is the reason that, of all the bodily beings who became famous Sadhguru, only a few disciples became famous, only 1 in most cases.
 Such as, 1 Kabirdas of Ramananda Swami or Vivekananda of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Because the pre-qualification of disciples is very rare. When it comes to a spiritual teacher, it is rare to find a guru and it is very rare to find a qualified disciple.
 Physical gurus can give material knowledge, but for spiritual knowledge, only spiritual master will have to do. In the case of spirituality, the external guru also has to be the inner guru, that is, the external guru also has to enter the inner being of the disciple with his yoga force.
 That is why it is said that the Guru descends on the bottom of the disciple and by scouring the consciousness of the disciple, he reveals the best side of his personality.
To make Shiva own Guru , there is no need for any prior eligibility . Because Shiva-Guru is present on every floor. They are also at the top and at the bottom. He is also the first and the last. They are inside as well as outside.
 That is why Shiva has been called Jagadguru or Guru of the masses.
The second reason is that man has become so demoralized that human has become a demon. Man has fallen below the demon. Ravana also kidnapped Sita and kept her in Ashoka Vatika. He asked for their consent for marriage. Today rapes are taking place publicly.
For own happiness brother, brother, son, father, husband and wife do not miss killing. Love, which is the basic quality of human, (the basic quality - that identifies that object, such as the basic property of fire - heat, the basic quality of ice is frosting). Today the environment has changed. In today's environment, it is necessary that man should again go to that Jagatguru. Today, human beings are no longer the control of worldly gurus.
It is said that Shiva created the universe. Gave Brahma the right to creation, Vishnu to preserve and Shankar to the destruction and placed the task of imparting knowledge.
A description of 112 disciples of Shiva is found in the Shiva Purana. Such as Rama's Guru Vashistha, Krishna's Guru Upamanyu, Gods 'Guru Vrihaspati, Demons' Guru Shukracharya, Gorakhnath's Guru Matsyendra Nath, Muni Agastya, all of whom were disciples of Shiva who attained unrivaled fame. These Shiva's disciples started the work of Guru with the energy of Shiva. Then from generation to generation i.e. hereditary guru work started going on. But the power that started from Shiva to Guru's duty has almost ended. Today there is a shortage of qualified gurus. Even if there are qualified gurus, then human life has become so busy that it is difficult for a human to find a qualified master in this time of runaway.

The third thing that a Guru needs is from the age when the child understands. Because Guru's job is to develop life and childhood is the right age for development. The Guru reveals the best side of his disciple's personality. People think that when they are free from all the work, then they will choose a guru. What a great fool act. When we have come into the world, it is our right to enjoy worldly pleasures. Cosmic pleasures are attained only by the mercy of the Guru. Otherwise we do not enjoy material happiness due to lack of understanding and knowledge, that is what we begin to enjoy. As a bhogi, to enjoy happiness and to become self-absorbed are two separate conditions.
It has been said that Guru's kindness is the secret of cosmic and supernatural climax. This should always be kept in mind to awaken your disciple. Therefore, there is a need of a guru from childhood All psychiatrists come only in childhood. Today children are stressed. Now, think where you will find another teacher suitable for children at this age from Shiva. Where will children find gurus who have many restrictions with them?
Earthly gurus feel bond because they are human beings, they cannot change our mind. There is a limit to the power and strength of the body gurus. So they say do not do such a thing, do not eat such a thing, which is impossible in today's environment. Today, wrong eating, behavior has become a part of our daily routine. Therefore, it is not possible for today's people to leave them and make a gurus. This is also the reason people are turning away from spirituality. But the Jagatguru does not put any restrictions. Any person who eats and drinks, can make them Guru, only then the name Jagatguru has meaning. They bring the creature into Shiva spirit only by their mercy. With his kindness the mind starts changing, the evils start to go away. He can make the mind healthy and disease-free which has made the mind. Just as a TV can fix what a mechanic does, a refrigerator can fix what a mechanic does. It is also the reason that motivates us to make Shiva a guru.

Shiva was a guru even before, he still remains tomorrow.

The whole universe is inside Lord Shiva.
 We always need the right guidance to live life and do karma. No matter how good we may be by nature, we all have a limit within which we can think good and bad. We do not deserve that we can always guide ourselves in the right direction. We always need a pioneer who always takes us in the right direction. And only a Guru can do this work. In childhood, parents are gurus, then primary teachers, then high schools, etc. They all guided us in their own way, but they left us one by one or they would be left free. We need a guru who will never leave us, who always has been and always will be. A Guru is one who makes a disciple like himself by teaching and imparting knowledge, and all these only one Guru can give us are Lord Guru Shiva.
In order to read science, we often used to consider an unknown number as something. Then he used to prove his value. In the same way, let us consider Lord Shiva as our Guru and then see if you are getting education or not? You will get education only through emotion. Both knowledge and understanding will come in you. By the way, I have been telling peoples about Shivguru since student life . Scientists have proved that a power (soul) emanates from the body after death. We all have a soul. The whole soul is part of a divine being. Someone named that god, Mahadev, someone GOD, someone Allah, and someone gave him the name Akalatkhat. Shivaguru can be associated with with emotion. Anyway, emotion is needed to connect with anyone.
You will not be connected to any other by staying in a house, unless you have the feeling of that relationship. By the way, science has reached only a few planets of the Sun. You will never be able to find such innumerable planets. Comparison of micro science with the creator of the universe, Shivguru, is meaningless.
By the way, if you want to understand spirituality, then you have to go to the spiritual master. I am a student myself. I cannot give you much information about spirituality. Apart from Jagatguru Shiva, no one can give complete information about spirituality. Where science ends, A, B, C, D of spirituality starts from then on. That's all i would like to say.

Shiva is the resultant guru.

 Shiva not only takes responsibility of his deeds after becoming someone's guru, but it is also the responsibility of Shiva Guru to take care of the happiness and grief of his disciple, who he performs well. He can never see his disciple disappointed or sad because his The disciple is their responsibility. It is said that what is written in luck is the same. It is right here, but only as long as Mahadev is only God. As God he is bound in his own rules that what he wrote ((which is the result of our previous deeds)), he will not change it but this does not apply in Guru Shiva because Guru would have mercy. Are Daya means to give someone what they do not even deserve or not to be luck . I mean to say that suppose my destiny is written in rain, then Mahadev will not stop the rain because rain is my luck, he cannot change it, but Guru Shiva will definitely give me an umbrella to avoid that rain Will help to survive and I will not get wet even when it rains, in this way Mahadev followed his rule, not stopping the rain and also took responsibility for his disciple Giving umbrella.
As Mahadev Guru, we are taught to do deeds while experiencing the joys of life - they do not say that do penance in the jungle or on the mountain. Life is like a bumpy road; It is compulsory to walk, but we can choose to ride with our own mind whether to go by bullock-cart or by car. It is obvious that on this bumpy-bumpy road, if we go by bullock-cart then you will get hit, get hurt. If you go by car on gay, then you will go comfortably no matter how bumpy or uneven the road is. Living life without making Shiva a guru is like riding a bullock cart on this path and living life by making Shiva a guru is like a car ride on this path. We will cross the road in both ways, but by car we will be comfortable. We will live life comfortably by making him a guru. The same thing happened that the bumpy-rough road is in our destiny, it cannot change, but to make Shiva a guru to walk on it is by car It is like taking, which does not let us feel despite the difficulties of life.

Way to make shiv ji a guru

Naturally, we see Shiva as God only. To make him a Guru , we have to realize. Like a summary, three (3) sutras can say:

First - to say to Shivji, O Shiva, you are my Guru and I am your disciple.
 Please pity me.

 Secondly - to discuss Shiv Guru, that is, to tell people about his Guru form.

 Third - Do "Namah Shivaya" anytime throughout the day.

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