Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Who is giver ??

Who is giver ??

 Today I used thousands of poor people free food. Today we distributed this, today we donated that…

 But the reality is that God is getting his work done through by us . We are all just the medium, the giver and the giver is that God.

 We often say and believe this. Listen to an unforgettable story related to this ...

A woodcutter cut wood from day to day, but despite hard work, he could get half food for his stomach.

  One day he met a monk. The woodcutter told the monk that whenever then you met lord, put one of my complaints in front of him and ask the reason for my grief.

  A few days later he found the monk again.
  When the woodcutter reminded him of his complaint, the monk said that- "Prabhu(Lord) has told that the woodcutter is 60 years old and his fortune has only five sacks of grain for the whole life. So God gives him a little grain, so that he maybe possible to live for 60 years. "

time passed away . When the monk found the woodcutter again, the woodcutter said ---
 "Rishivar ... !! Now whenever you will talk to lord, you have to send my request to him to together give all the grains of my life, so that at least one day I can have a full meal."

 The next day the monk did something that a lot of grain reached the woodcutter's house.

 The woodcutter understood that the Lord had accepted his complaint and sent him all its parts.
 Without worrying about tomorrow, he made a meal of whole grains, fed the fakirs and the hungry peoples and ate himself well.

But on waking up the next morning he saw that the same grain had reached his house again. He then fed the poor. Then his stock was full.
 This trend continued every day and instead of cutting wood woodcutters, he started busy feeding the poor.

 A few days later, that monk got the woodcutter again, the woodcutter said --- "Rishiwar! You used to say that there are only five sack grains in my life, but now every day five sacks grains come to my house."

 The monk explained, "You did not care about your life and fed the grain of your share to the poor and the hungry.
 That is why God is now giving you the grain of those poor parts. "

Learn from the story:-

 We do not have the power to give anything to anyone, we think while giving, to whom I gave something, I gave it *!
 When we give donations, things, knowledge, even giving something to our children, we say that I got it done.
 The reality is that it is their own, only God has made you for the purpose. So as to reach them for their needs. So how is the pride of being as a mediator ??


Make a donation in life, serve poor, helpless, weak, neglected people with selfless spirit. In fact, this is the service of God here because through this you will become his partner in God's divine plans. Remember this is the quality of humanity, which only and only God has given its power to us humans. And from a practical point of view, humans are social beings, we need and want to be with someone every moment. So pledge to support social welfare and inspire others as well.

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