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Thoughts and Karma

Thoughts and Karma 

Thoughts are the seeds of karma

 The divine Father God has not kept the place of narrowness, limitation or poverty in the world. These evil things are not used in the world and have grown like weeds in our difference. Being born in conscience, they have devoured our self-confidence and latent power. This is the reason why the change of body is seen in many people, but the growth of mind, intellect, conscience and prosperity is not seen even a little.

 In this world, there is only one power that gives grief and that is the misdeeds of human beings. There is no discrimination in thought and action. Thought is the seed and karma is the tree produced from that seed. Happiness and sorrow are the bitter and sweet fruits of that. It is a matter of utmost grief that despite being in this world the store of prosperity, we shrink our soul.

Let's understand it through the story, it will be very helpful to understand the seriousness of the subject.

                  A story related to ours life.

 There was a great man, one day a poor man came to him and said, lend me your field, I will cultivate it and earn by farming ....
He was a very kind person ...
 He gave his farm to that poor person and also gave five farmers to do farming as an aid and said that take these five farmers together and do farming, it will be easy to cultivate ...
With this you will be able to earn more by cultivating good crops.
 The poor man was very happy to see that he got a farm on loan and also got five helpers to work together.
But that man got very lost in his happiness and that five farmers started doing farming on their own free will and that poor man was drowning in his happiness….
And when it came time to reap the crop, it was seen that the crop was very bad, those five farmers did not use the field well nor did they put good seeds in it, so that the crop could be good.
When that great kind man asked for his farm back, the poor man cried out that I was ruined, I was drowning in my happiness and could not keep these five farmers under control nor could they get good farming from them.

Now notice here

 He is the best kind person - "God" ....

 And he is a poor man - "we"

 The field is - "our body"

 And those five farmers are our senses:

 Eye, ear, nose, tongue and mind.

God has given us this body to do a good harvest (karma), and we should do these five farmers, that is, by keeping the senses under your control and do the deeds, so that when that merciful God demands this body to come back to us then We don't have to cry.

Just as a tree cannot be born in the absence of seed, similarly high karma cannot occur in the absence of high thoughts. The reason behind both auspicious karma and inauspicious karma is ours thought. The higher the level of our thoughts and the more pure our actions , then the 'better and pure' karma will be.A thief cannot steal until he first considers it. Therefore, any of our actions occur in thoughts before we act. The level of thoughts depends on our society . The better our society is, the richer we will be of rich good thoughts .

Until our thoughts are pure, even our actions cannot be pure. Therefore, it is futile to try to purify karma without purifying thoughts. Whose thoughts are pure, bad karma can never happen.

Where there is a deep desire for the mind, the man reaches there. Good karma, good association produces good thoughts in us, good journey in our life and bad karma, bad association produces bad thoughts and life goes towards downgrade.

Every great task is difficult and light work is simple. Regeneration is difficult and collapse is simple. It takes effort to climb a hill, but it takes no effort to get down. One does not have to work at the time of collapse but the result is sad… Apocalypse! There is no rest at the time of regeneration, hard work is done but the result is pleasant.

Some would say that in this abject Kali Yuga it is difficult to avoid disorders ... it is difficult ... '

Destroying your power by thinking like this, where is it wise? Instead, adopt good thoughts, good contacts (with great men) and do good deeds and make your life great.
 Humans do like having resolution then behaves the same, And then it becomes as it behaves.The things which are considered again and again, gradually become the same desire, then according to that there is a pace of dialogue, conduct, action and ordinance.
It is clear that good ideas should be brought for good conduct and character. Bad thoughts must be discarded before discarding bad deeds. One who does not renounce bad thoughts cannot get rid of deeds. The basis of karma is thought.

How many people want to give up misconduct, misbehavior, abuse etc. The alcoholic is sad due to own . He wants to quit addiction.

At the time when bad thoughts start coming, at that time, try to take the mind to the other side. With the meditation of God, chant the mantra, break the stream of bad thoughts with satsang. Similarly, for good deeds, firstly, good thoughts should be brought. Therefore, practicing good scriptures, associating with good men and living in a holy environment creates good thoughts. Bad thoughts and actions are left.

Mahakavi Tulsidas ji has said that "loss - profit, life - death, fame -disgrace " is in the hands of the Ram (God). That is, you have no control over them, but karma is in your hands. In karma you are free, but you are not free to its result.

When you did karma that taking own result and go into the universe.Now you can never know when, how that will return to you.No matter how perfect you are. God has kept many things in own hand. The result of good karma is good, the result of bad karma is bad, but people forget this while doing karma.
Thoughts are also karma, good thoughts are good and bad thoughts are bad karma. Thoughts keep circulating and it is sure to have an impact on you.
It is a matter that passes out of over the head of a common man. But the comes in a look, the educated man understands, knows, sees, but he still does not know reality or does not want to take lessons.
He remains forgotten, but God has justice for everything. Time is certain.The delay formula does not apply there. The fruit falls from the tree only when ripe. Sattkarma, Kukarma and Karma are now different. As you ate food, it is karma that result is not in your hands, what effect it will have on your body, you do not know.

If everything is done correctly then the result will also be good. Such are kukarma (bad karma) and sattkarma(good karma) . Helping someone, serving, donating, are the works of Sattkarma. Harassing, abusing, killing, torturing someone are all kukarma . There are many sattkarma, kukarma and karma.It is very good to do karma, but it comes from thoughts, so fill your brain with high thoughts and highest ideals, keep them in front of you day and night, out of them great deeds will be born.Man is punished only by his karma and only his karma give reward him. It is only human man who blames God for his suffering. A person is born alone and dies alone. One suffers from the results of his good and bad karma.

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