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The war between Mahadev and Shri Krishna.....!!!!!

The war between Mahadev and Shri Krishna...!!!!!! 

Hinduism is a very widespread and much more mysterious religion. The number of stories and events involved in it is so high that when we feel that we have understood it completely, then suddenly a new story, another mythological event, appears before us.

Sometimes this event is full of mysteries, sometimes it is related to the miracle of God. Those of us who think of ourselves as modern, sit down wondering whether this is really possible? Will this event or miracle really happen or is it nothing but a concoction? This mental irony can be overcome only when we have some evidence which can really prove that the true, but related incident must have happened in ancient times itself. The proofs we are talking about can either be derived from scientific discoveries or our mythological texts can become proof of them.

Today we are going to introduce you to a similar incident recorded in the Puranas which is related to the war between Lord Krishna and Mahadev.

Danveer Daityaraj Bali had the hundred aristocratic  son, the eldest among them was Banasura.

 Banasura did a lot of hard penance of Lord Shankar. Pleased with his tenacity, Shankar Ji gave him a thousand arms and immense force. Nobody fought him with fear of his thousand arms and immense force. For this reason Banasura became very egoistic. Even after a long time, when no one had fought with him, one day he came to Lord Shankar and said, "O God of the pasture world! I have a strong desire to fight, but no one fights me. So please you do battle with me . " Lord Shankar got angry after hearing his egoistic statement but Banasura was his devotee, so quenching his anger, he said, "O fool! A warrior has been born to destroy your ego. When the flag of your palace will fall-down and understand that your enemy has arrived. "

Banasura had a daughter named Usha. 

 Once Usha saw Anirudh, grandson of Sri Krishna and son of Pradyumna in a dream and was fascinated by it. He told own dream to her friend Chitralekha.
Chitralekha made a picture of Pradyumna before her meditation memory and showed Usha, "Did you see this in your dream"? Then Usha said that its appearance resembles it but he is not that. "Then Chitralekha made a portrait of Shri Krishna. Anirudh was the replica of Shri Krishna. Looking at the picture of Shri Krishna, Usha said -" Yes it is, but do not know why, seeing this an ancestral feeling comes in my mind. "

Hearing this, Chitralekha understood that Usha saw Anirudh in a dream. 

 Then she drew a picture of Anirudh and showed it to Usha. On seeing her, Usha bowed his head with shame and said - "Yes! I saw he in my dream. I have fallen in love with him and now I cannot live without them." Seeing his friend suffering from love, Chitralekha reached Dwarka and took the sleeping Anirudh with bed to the palace of Usha .

On waking sleep, Anirudh found himself in a new place and saw that he had a gorgeous beautiful girl sitting nearby to him. On Anirudh's questioning, Usha reveals that she is the daughter of Banasura and wishes to get Anirudh as a husband. Anirudh too became fascinated with Usha and started living with her in the palace.
After some time, the guards suspected that some outsider must have entered Usha's palace. He went and told about his suspicion from Banasura. At the same time Banasura saw the flag of his palace collapsed. He was convinced that some of my enemy had entered Usha's palace. He arrives at the palace of Usha, armed with weapons. He saw that a dark-colored attractive man with big eyes is sitting near his daughter Usha.
Vanasur got angry and challenged Anirudh to battle. Hearing his challenge , Anirudh also presented for the war and he picked up a
hard muddgar (iron pot) and killed all the bodyguards of Banasura by that. There was a fierce war between Vansur and Anirudh. Banasura was the lord of immense force and was considered the son of Shiva.

 Eventually he defeated and captured Anirudh in battle.

Here, Anirudh was searched in Dwarka Puri and he could not find by him. There was  mourning in Dwarkapuri . 

 Then Devarshi Narada reached there and told all the story of Anirudh. On this, Shri Krishna, Balaram, Pradyumna, Satyiki, Gad, Samb etc. along with all the brave warriors with Chaturangini army reached the town of Banasur, Sonitpur. They attacked and destroyed the gardens, the park, the towers etc. Shri Krishna dropped the flag of Banasura's palace with an arrow. Hearing the news of the attack, Banasura also brought his army along with his commander Kumbhand.
Shri Balarama ji confronted the demon Kumbhand and Kupakarna, Pradyuman crowded with many warriors together and Sri Krishna came in front of Banasura. There was a fierce struggle. There was a shower of arrows everywhere. Balarama killed Kumbhanda and Kuppakarna. When Banasura saw the flag of his palace being chopped off, he became aware of Mahadev's statement. He attacked Shri Krishna with all his might. Both were great warriors and were attacking each other with different weapons. Even a maharathi like Ravana himself fearly away from Banasura. Even then, Banasura's force had a limit, but what was the limit of Sri Krishna's force? Soon Banasura came to know that he cannot defeat Vasudev.

On the other hand, Krishna was continually destroying the warriors of Banasura.

 Now Banasura felt that if the war continues like this, his destruction is certain. Then he remembered her adorable Lord Shankar, who gave him a boon that they would protect him from every disaster. Then Banasura remembered Mahadev. Hearing the pray of Banasura, Lord Shiva sent Nandi, Bhringi and other Shivaganas to help Banasura under the leadership of Kartikeya. The Shivagans led by Karthikeya attacked Sri Krishna's army from all sides. Seeing such a fierce attack, Shri Krishna's army started fleeing.

Seeing the morale of his army shattering, Shri Krishna called for the Sudarshan Chakra provided by Mahadev.

 That great divine weapon with 1000 sharped edges began to heat up the Shivaganas emanating heat from the formidable fire . Shivgana could not stand in front of Shri Krishna, but Shivputra Karthikeya kept fighting because he was not impressed by it. Then along with Shri Krishna, Balarama also attacked Kartikeya with his divine plow. Karthikeya was not hurt by Sudarshan and plow and the  Shivaganas were no killed, but Banasura's army was destroyed in front of him. Krishna killed many warriors of Banashura with his bow "Sharanga". Now Kartikeya felt that he would not be able to save Banasura in this way, so he called upon his father with the Shivganas.

Hearing the call of his son and Shivaganas , and to protect his devotee, Lord Mahaudra himself now came to the battlefield. 

 Seeing Lord Shankar coming there, Shri Krishna sacrificed his weapons including Balarama and worshiped him and prayed for him. Lord Shankar blessed Shri Krishna and said in a melodious voice - "O Vasudev!  you are ready to kill the Banashura, who is my devotee and I like him my son just like Kartikeya. I have promised to protect him, that is so You retract the thought of ​​his slaughter and go back. "
Then Shri Krishna folded hand and said - "O Maheshwar! Just as Banasura is your devotee, I am also your devotee. My strength and power is bestowed by you. This Sudarshan, who is destroying the enemies, is your own. It has originated from the your third eye. You gave it to Lord Vishnu to destroy the Asuras. You know very well the secret of who I am and how I got this Sudarshan Chakra . Now I cannot insult you by retreating from the war . When Shree Krishna was not ready to retreat in any way, then Lord Shiva lifted his trident. The entire army of Banasura and Shri Krishna, including Kartikeya and Shivaganas, and the Supreme Father Brahma, along with all the gods, stayed into see this great war.
The entire army of Shri Krishna escaped to seeing great magnificence of Maharudra. Only Shri Krishna stood in front of him. Now both of them started fighting fiercely. When Banasura saw that Krishna was busy fighting Mahadev, he attacked Sri Krishna's entire army. On the other hand, Shri Krishna used all his weapons on Mahadev, but what worsened Mahakal with him? The war between them became so terrible that the gods began to worry about creation. Shri Krishna held his great "Shrang" bow received from Lord Vishnu and Mahadev lifted his great bow "Pinaka". This led to war in both, just as there was a time between Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu in mediation of the Supreme Father Brahma. The war of both was becoming fierce with time. In the end there was a conflict between the trident of Lord Shiva and the Sudarshan of Vasudeva, but both proved to be of the same strength.

Shri Krishna is believed to be the Paramavatar of Lord Vishnu, who was incarnated with all his 16 arts.

 That is why he had automatic knowledge of all the weapons that knowledge Narayan had. There is a description in the Harivansh Purana that he colligated Narayan's most powerful weapon "Vishnujvar" to end the war. This weapon generates extreme cold, which destroys all beings. Vishnujvar proceeded towards Lord Shiva with a terrifying sound. Then Mahadev also composed his great weapon "Shivajvar" and left it for the prevention of Vishnujvar. Unlike Vishnujwara, Shivajvara generates terrible heat, which destroys the universe. There was no other divine weapons in Trilok more powerful than these two greatest weapons . The temperature of both the arms was that all humans species and even gods  became unconscious.

Now the Supreme Father Brahma saw that now the destruction of his creation is certain. He had to come to the battlefield to stop this war.

 He mediated between the two and said - "O Krishna! O Mahadev! Why are both of you ready to destroy the creation? You are well aware that if these two weapons collide, then the destruction of the Tribhuvan is possible.
Whom will you protect when the world does not exist? Hey Mahadev! It was you who cursed Banasura to destroy his pride. Sri Krishna is fighting with Banasura for the approval of your curse. So you should calm your anger and end this war.

Seeing the Supreme Father speaking in this way, Shri Krishna also said to Mahadev, "Oh Mahakal! You yourself told Banasura that I will defeat him , but it is not possible if you are staying in war . Banasura is definitely your devotee but a malicious. Then Why are you protecting him? Mahabali Ravana was also a devotee of yours, but you only helped Sri Ram to kill him. Keep your blessings on me too. Everyone is know very well your word can not be false. Therefore, Lord! Now you have to protect your word. " On hearing this talk of Shri Krishna, Mahadev withdrew from the battle field giving him blessings.
After Mahadev's departure, Shri Krishna again attacked on Banasura. Banasura too attacked on him in extreme anger and started attacking him with a variety of weapons in his 1000 arms. Finally, Shri Krishna called his Sudarshan Chakra and started destroying the arms of Banasura. One by one, he cut the 998 arms of Banasura. In a full of anger, he decided to kill Banasura. Knowing the end of Banasura's life, Lord Rudra once again came into the battlefield. He told Shri Krishna that he had promised to protect Banasura and hence can not let him die.

He said to Krishna - "Vasudeva! Banasura has received enough punishment and his pride has come to an end.

 Now he has only two arms left, that's why give him life now. If you still wish for his death, then again Fight me By obeying Lord Shiva, Shri Krishna abandoned the thought of ​​slaughtering to Banasura. He said to Mahadev - "O Lord! Whoever is your devotee, no one can kill him in this universe. But he has kept Aniruddha captive, without which I cannot return." Hearing this, Lord Shankar ordered to free Aniruddha from Banasura. By obeying him, Banasura not only freed Anirudh but also married his daughter Usha to him. Then after living happily for some time,

Shri Krishna returned to Dwarka with Anirudh and Usha.

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