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Relationship between the devotee and God

Relationship between the devotee and God

The relationship between the devotee and God is very unique, once the relationship becomes firm and strong. The difference between the devotee and God also ends. God forgets his divinity too. Lord receives them in the form that devotees meditate on them. God is more eager than a devotee.

Once you have a relationship with God,God also maintains that relationship with all his heart. This is very true. Whether you look at Ram ji or Sabri, see Krishna or Arjuna, see Kunti or Krishna, see Vishnu or Dhruv Ji Maharaj. Look at Hanuman or Rama. See Mother Yashoda or Shri Krishna. Look at Sudama or Dwarkadhish Krishna. See the devotee and God!

Today a story is presented in this episode….Let's go to the original topic

  One such story is of Baba Vittal Das ji. Those who loved Radha-Krishna. Krishna considered his son and Radha Rani as his daughter-in-law.
Baba Shri Krishna believed God as a son and always called him my lala and Kishori ji as my dear laadli one. One day Baba Vittaldas ji was sitting outside his house meditating on Kishori ji. Then comes a bangle seller, Baba calls him and says, "Go in and get my daughters-in-law wearing a bangle and take the money that comes from me."
Then the bangle seller went in and after a while came out and said, "Baba is 8 rupees?"
 Baba asked, "How was 8 rupees?"
 The bangle seller said, "Baba, you had 8 daughters-in-law and then they wore a bangle of 1 rupee each."
 But Baba said, "I have 7 sons and they have 7 wife, then how are these 8 daughters-in-law?"

The bangle seller said, "Baba, why shall I lie to you?"

 Now Baba did not want like to argue much, now he thought that if I would argue with her , then Thakur's attention would be disturbed, so he left that Maniharin by paying  8 rupees and started meditating on his Yugal Sarkar , but mindly he felt like this, how  It was sad that the seller of the bangle had taken more money from him at telling lies. Because  anybody
 didn't had to tell lie to Baba Ji in the whole village.
He was worried about why that bangle seller told me a lie? Sleeping Baba at night, the Kishori ji comes to the dream and says, "Baba! O Baba!"
 Baba gets mesmerized and bow to the Kishoriji .
 Then Kishori ji says, "Baba, do you consider Thakur ji as your son?"
 Baba said, yes "Thakur ji is my son, he is my lala. "
 Then Kishori ji says, "If Thakur ji is your son, I am also your daughter-in-law? "

Baba said, "Yes, of course my Laali ."
 Then Kishori ji says, "Then why are you sad when the bangle seller gave me bangles too?"
 Then Baba starts crying bitterly and says, "Oh , how I am unfortunate , my Kishoriji herself came to my house and wore bangles and I could not even recognize?"
Then Kishori ji becomes disappeared and Baba's sleep opens and then the next day she comes again to his house selling bangles and Baba says, " next time you will bring 8 pairs of bangles and bring blue colour bangles for my youngest daughter-in-law. Bring blue bangles........."

Blessed are the devotees who establish their relationship with Kishori ji, Thakur ji and play him fully.

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