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Necessities of life

Necessities of life

We need many things to live a good life.  We all get so caught up in the matter of gathering material to improve our lives that life ends, but the desires of the mind do not end.  And we do not even live properly who is given by God. 

Today blog posts are also similar, let's move towards the story.......

Perhaps this situation would have come in everyone's life, but would not have noticed.

 Panditji was worshiping. People were sitting with folded hands.
 After the puja, there was a havan time come.
 Pandit ji invited everyone to join Havan. Havan material was placed in front of everyone.
 Panditji read the mantra and said, "Swaha."
As soon as Panditji used to say Swaha, people would take havan from the pinch and put it in the fire. The remaining people were given the responsibility of pouring havan in the fire, and the homeowner was entrusted with the responsibility of pouring ghee into the fire as soon as it was called Swaha.
Swah-Swaha happened many times. I was also putting havan in fire. I noted that every person put some little material, in fear that the material would not be finished before the Havan was over. Home owners were also pouring ghee from drop to drop. He was also afraid that ghee would not finished .

The chanting continued, the prayers continued and worship was complete.

 I saw that all those who were sitting in front of the havan materials in the fear that it would not be short, they all had a lot of left havan material . Ghee was less than half used.
After the Havan was completed, Panditji said to all the people to put all the remaining material in the fire. He also said to the home owner that you put this ghee in the kund.
 A lot of havan material was put in the fire simultaneously. All the ghee was also burnt. Now the whole house was filled with smoke. It became difficult to sit there.
One by one everyone exited the room.
 Everyone was saying that we had saved useless havan material. If it had been put in the right proportion, smoke could not have spread in the room. Ghee should also be spent in the right proportion instead of saving.
 Well, until now everything is burnt, it was not possible to go to the room. We all stood outside the room in the heat. We had to wait for a long time, waiting for everything to be destroyed.
 My story just stops here.
Yesterday I was thinking that every person present in that puja knew that the havan material he has, he has to put it in the havan kund itself. But everyone kept him safe. Everyone kept that the material would use to work in last time.

This is what we do. This is our nature. We save a lot for the end. We do not understand that every worship will be come to end.

We collect lot of things in preparation for living, but we are unable to use them. We buy clothes that we will wear one day. No day ever comes. We collect money so that one day it will work for us. He does not come one day.
 The worship of life ends and the havan material remains left. We are so concentrated in saving that we cannot understand what to do by saving everything when everything will have to go to the havan kund. Later he will only give smoke.

If we keep using the havan material in the right proportions at the time of worship, there will be neither smoke nor heat. Neither eyes will burn nor mind.

Remember, the world is a havan kund and life worship. One day everything will have to be go to in the Havan Kund. Good worship is the only one in which the havan material is used in the right proportion.

 A good life is one in which we do not have to work hard to collect. Our hard work should only be to raise the life to live.

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