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learning of the monk

learning of the monk

Success and passion story

Friends, we want to succeed in every where of life. But to get success, one has to struggle, circumstances have to be adapted. But even more important is passion, knowing your goal. If passion and goals are combined then there is no delay in getting success. Today's story is also similar to this, so let's try towards the story to understand something and mix it in life.

* Today's story learning of the monk *

 There was a monk used to live in a village.
 Whenever he used to dance, it was rain. So whenever the people of the village needed baris, they would go to the monk and request him to dance, and when he used to dance, the rain would surely happen.
 A few days later, four boys came from the city to visit the village, when they came to know that it rain whenever a monk to dance. They didn't convince with that incident.
Due to in the pride of  urban studies, they challenged the villagers that if we too dance, then it will be rainy.  if it  not rain when we too dance then it will not possible to monk when he dance, then what was  the next morning, villagers took those boys go to the monk's hut.

 Monk was told the whole thing by villagers , then the boys started dancing, half an hour passed and the first boy sat tired but did not see clouds, in a while the other did the same and after an hour the other two boys too Sat down tired, but it did not rain.
Now it was the turn of the monk, he started dancing, spent an hour, it did not rain, the monk kept dancing… It did not rain for two hours…. But the monk was not taking the name of stopping, slowly evening started That was when the thunder of the clouds was heard and it started raining heavily. Boys were stunned.

 And immediately apologized to the monk and asked-

  "Baba, why did it happen that our dancing did not rain and your dancing did?"
 The monk replied - "When I dance, I take care of two things, first thing I think that if I dance, the rain will have to happen and secondly that I will dance until the rain is done . "

Friends, the same quality is present in those who achieve success, they are confident of being successful in the things they do and they do that thing until they become successful in it. So if we want to achieve success, then we have to achieve our goal like that monk

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