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God says I am a slave to the devotee

God says I am a slave to the devotee -

God take many forms for his devotees. Due to the devotional spirit of the devotee, sometimes they become friends, sometimes they become sons, sometimes they become welfare of their devotees by becoming servants. Today's story is also similar to this, let's move towards the story and enjoy God's compassion.

 There was a saint named Jagannath Das Maharaj.

 They used to worship God dearly. When he was old, his body started falling a little sick. On the upper floor of his house he used to live and his disciples stayed below the upper floor.

Baba used to get diarrhea once or twice in the night, so any one disciple would come and take his hand to the toilet when he used to make a noise. Those disciples serving Baba were young boys!

One night Baba knocked and no one came. Baba said - "Hey, no one has come! Old age has come, Lord!"

 Then a young man came and said - "Baba! I help you"

Taking Baba's hand, he took them to the toilet. Then he washed his hands and feet, then after lay down on the bed!
 Jagannathdasji said - "What kind of servant is this so soon come ! It feels good today with the touch of it, bliss is coming!"

On the way, the young man came back and said - "Baba! Whenever you do such 'knocks', I will come. I will come only if you think too!"
 Baba - "Son, how will you know?"
 Young man - "I come to know!"
 Baba - "Good! Don't you sleep at night?"

 Young man - "Yes, sometime I sleep, I take a nap. I am always in service!"

If Jagannath Maharaj used to 'knock' at night, the young man would immediately come and serve Baba. Many days passed while doing so. Jagannathdasji thinks 'how does this boy come immediately to serve?'
 One day, he held the young man's hand and asked - "Son, where is your house?"

Young man - "That's near . Well, it's everywhere!"

 Baba - "Hey! What do you say, is your home everywhere?"

 Baba's beautiful understand awakened. They started to suspect that 'Oh no, it is  own person who is not  son of anyone but ready to be the son of everyone, is ready to be a father, is ready to be a Guru, is ready to be a friend!

Baba tightly held the young man's hand and asked - "Tell the truth, who are you?"

 Youth - "Baba! Leave it, I still have many places to go"
 Baba - "Hey! You have to go to many places to go, but tell me who you are!"
 Young man - OK "I tell you "

Lord Divine form appeared immediately.

 "Devadhi Dev! Sarvaloke Eknath! The only lord of all worlds! You used to suffer so much for me! Come at night, take for the toilet, wash my hands and feet..Prabhu! Why not take my disease away when, you were taking care of me so much?"

Then God said with a dim smile - "Maharaj! There are three types of destiny: dim, intense, rapid destiny . With devotion, by virtue, charity disappears!
 The intense destiny is eradicated by the efforts of the saints and great men of their effort and God. But I have to suffer even a rapid destiny!

In Ramavatar, I had killed Baali by arrow by hiding , then in Krishnaavatar, he became a hunter and hit the arrow in my leg!

 Everyone has to suffer a severe destiny. Eradicate your disease and suppress destiny, then this reason  you have to take a another birth to suffer it and then what will be the situation?

It is better to be complete now… and I do not feel any difficulty in serving you,

 Devotee my crown jewel, I am the servant of the devotee "
 "Lord! Lord! Lord! O God! O God!"
 Saying that Jagannath Das Maharaj fell at the feet of the Lord and he was got fell in Bhagwatshanti with the beautiful feeling !
 God became disappeared !

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