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"Glory to God Name"

"Glory to God Name"

"Glory to God Name"The name of God is greater than God. "

The name of God is Agniswaroop(form of fire). Just like anything we put in a fire, wet or dry, everything gets burnt in it. Anything we put in the fire will burn. In the same way, no matter how the person takes the name of God, he will show his effect, just like the work of fire is burning, in the same way you have taken the name of God, so he will show the effect.

Now, whether a person laughs, hears, singing, take how can he get up and down, say with anger, say with love, he never leaves empty. So he will show the effect, the name shows own effects .

The point is, why was there so much emphasis on the name of God? These are the four yugas, the Dvapar Yuga, Tretayuga, Satyuga and Kali Yuga are these four, they have different methods of attaining God.

Just as it has been said in the Satyuga that God meets "meditation and penance", we hear that people kept doing austerities for thousands of years,  it is a matter of the Satyuga, in the Satyuga meditation was attained by God, in that era people's was also thousands of years old life long, so people of that time used to meditate. Then came Tretayuga where peoples used to meet God by "Yajna and Havan". Because the age was reduced, it was less than Satyuga , then people used to do more havan.Then in Dwapar Yuga it was said that God meet by parichrya ("care"), that is God meet by the service so they started doing service. Then came the Kali Yuga, due to this the age was very short,  it started to be less than a hundred years, then in Kali Yuga neither a person can meditate, nor do service, nor can perform Yajna.

So the solution of attainment of God, the name of God was told. That his name is the simplest and easiest way to attain Bhagavata in Kali-yuga.God has filled all his power in the name. When Lord Rama had to cross the sea, the ocean told that you should build a bridge by putting stones named Rama in it, and upon seeing it, a bridge was built with stones named Rama. So the name Sankirtan itself is a pleasant path to attain Supreme God abode in Kaliyuga.

कलियुग केवल नाम अधारा,सुमिर-सुमिर नर उतरहिं पारा.....

kaliyug keval naam adhaara, sumir-sumir nar utarahin paara .....

The name of God has such indescribable importance for all ages, but here a question arises that why its importance is told for Kali Yuga only? Was there any basis in other eras?
Once some sages came together and thought that at what time even a little virtue also gives great results and who can do the rituals with pleasure?…. When he could not make any decision, the sage approached Vyas for decision. Vyasji was taking a bath in Gangaji at that time. The Muni congregation sat waiting for him near a tree on the banks of Gangaji …….
The sages sitting near the tree saw that Vyasji dived into the Ganges and rose above the water and after utter "Shudrah Sadhuh" , "Kalih Sadhuh", he took the plunge again. Rising above the water 'Yoshithah Sadhu Dhanyastabhyo Dhanyaro Sti Kah' he took the plunged again by saying.
The muniganas were skeptical after hearing this. The mantra uttered by Vyasji was not among the mantras recited during the bathing period, what he was saying means' Kali Yuga is praiseworthy, Shudra is saint, women are superior, they are blessed, who is more blessed than them. !!!
The muniganas had come to solve the doubts, but on hearing this, they were more in grave doubt than first doubt and started looking at each other out of curiosity.…… When Vyasji came to the ashram completing the routine work after some time, the munigana also approached him.

When all of them sat on the sit near Vyasji , Vyasji asked them the purpose of their arrival.The sages said that we had come to resolve a doubt with you, but let it remain at this time, only if possible we should be told that you had said many times while bathing that 'Kali Yuga is praiseworthy, Shudra is sadhu, women are superior, they are blessed, so what is the matter?

Please let us narrate it. After knowing this, we will say the internal doubt which we came to solve.
Vyasji said after listening to his words that I said to the Kali Yuga, Shudra and women who repeatedly said to be sages, superior, you should listen to them.  The result which is obtained by following celibacy etc. for ten years in Satyuga, human gets one year in Treta, one month in Dwapar and just one day in Kali Yuga….

The results which is obtained by meditating in Satyuga, Yagya in Treta and Devarchana in Dwapar, the same is attained only in Kali Yuga by naming God. In Kali Yuga,  to do little hard work people get great religion, for these reasons I called Kaliyuga superior. "...................................................................................... "It is written in the scriptures that the incarnation of God in Kali Yuga is in the form of 'Naam'. The era-religion in Kali Yuga is Naam Sankirtana.

Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has also said that only Harinaam can save us in Kali Yuga. Apart from this, there is no salvation from any other practice. Nanak Dev has said the same thing,

'नानक दुखिया सब संसार, ओही सुखिया जो नामाधार।'

'Nanak Dukhiya Sab sansar, Ohi Sukhiya Joe Namadhar.

The same is written in Ramcharitmanas, Kaliyuga kewal naam Adhara.

Go to any saint, pick up any scripture, all indicate that in the Kaliyuga, the description of God has come in the form of his name. This will result in salvation.

Here I would like to say one thing that this Bhagavad name is not rooted like other physical names. In the physical world we can see that a person's name is Lakshmipati but he is a beggar.
Or a person named Nayanamani is one-eyed . But this does not happen in the Bhagavad state. Lakshmipati Lord is really Lakshmi's husband and is the wealthiest.
Govind is the lord of all the senses and the senses are employed in his service. Those who names is Krishna, they really have to attract everyone.

The name of Bhagavad will protect us from the wicked, will cross us from this bhavasaagar, he will give us a boon according to our will. He will do everything, but for this we have to dedicate the name completely and perform the Kirtan. This will only happen. After all, God did not come until Daupadi had called upon God at the time of the vastraharan with full refuge and raising both hands. "............................................................

"Once Raja Parikshit was passing through the forest, he saw a bull standing on a leg. When the king asked the bull, he did not say anything clear because he could not condemn anyone due to own himself Dharmaraja .Then Parikshit found out with meditation that Kaliyuga is responsible for his condition.
The king thought that after the arrival of Kaliyuga, there will be an increase in various kinds of sinful activities like robbery, theft etc. around the world, so this Kaliyuga should be ended. When he had made up his mind to end the Kali Yuga, an idea came to his mind, due to which he abandoned the idea of ​​ending the Kaliyuga.

He thought that there are all kinds of evils in the Kaliyuga, but there is also a great goodness in it, which will benefit everyone in the Kaliyuga and that is that people will not have to do big yajna to attain God in the Kali Yuga. One will not have to do penance for many years only once a person with a genuine mind will pronounce the name of God once and remember God, only he will get God.Thinking that at that time, he took complete control of Kaliyuga only but did not kill him. This is mentioned by Tulsidas ji in Ramcharitmanas -कलियुग केवल नाम अधारा,सुमिर-सुमिर नर उतरहिं पारा......kaliyug keval naam adhaara,sumir-sumir nar utarahin paara......

How long do we worship God and meditate? It is of this importance, not just about its discussion or praise .... To love God is the work of the most intelligent, and being devoted to God is the greatest success ……….

If you have put sweets in front of someone, is it wise to discuss it or to eat it? I think that the wise person will be happy to eat it and the Judicious will keep thinking about how much sugar is in it, how much milk is there, how much cream are there, what method is made and what are the disadvantages of it - etc .
Similarly, God is also a juice. Take it, taste it, and drown in its juice. There is utility and joy in it. There is hardly any benefit from his deliberation.

How long do we pray or meditate? Ultimately this is the importance. Where does the mind live during meditation and prayer? If the mind moves everywhere in all four directions, then such a prayer is of no use. We have to go deep into meditation and remember God all the time.

We waste hours of time in small gossip, reading the newspaper and in entertainment, but even five minutes of the name of God seems to be heavy. The tenth part of the twenty-four hours, that is, at least two and a half to three hours, we should always meditate. When we sit in front of the fire, there is a feeling of heat, in the same way, sitting in front of God, we also get his grace. All our faults are consumed in front of the Lord. Meditation can bring complete change. Once we have decided that I do not want anything other than God, God has to comes. ---- God himself has given this assurance in the scriptures.

When there is absolute love and loyalty without selfishness in the heart, then God himself also give directions. Sadhguru also manifests automatically when there is eligibility.

The focus of own God should be just like on the lines of oil. If there is love, all further knowledge is obtained automatically and all the further gates open automatically. To love God is the work of the most intelligent, and being devoted to God is the greatest success.

Those who are retired should spend maximum time chanting and meditating.

One has to work at least eight hours a day to get his salary in a worldly job. The merchant's job is twenty four hours. For some time one should also do God's job.
The world gives wages, why won't God give? "----- When the world gives wages, why won't God give? You should not even ask for wages from them. Only love is to be sought, and no anything other than love , if their love is found, suppose everything is found.

Consider love as a wage. Keep in mind one thing ---- wages will be the same as you work hard. Without hard labor no wage will be available. There is nothing free in this world. Everything has to be paid.

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