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Devotee Shri Jaydev Ji

Devotee Shri Jaydev Ji

Just as the devotee is care of own God, in the same way, the Lord is also concerned about his devotees. In any case, God wants to help his devotees in some way or the other. Sometimes devotees do not like this help, and innocent devotees fall into thinking. But in the end, accepting it as God's will. Today's story is similar to this. Let's go to today's story. 

Devotee Shri Jaydev Ji

The clan or families in which a Bhagavadbhakta is born, then all the ancestors and descendants of that clan are saved.
32 kilometers away from Veerabhoomi, there lived a couple named Bhojdev and Ramadevi in ​​Keduli village who were followers of Krishna .
Because of his immense affection for Krishna, he wished that a son should be born in his house which is like Krishna.   God always fulfill the desire of the devotee.  In 1107, a son was born to his house, named Jayadeva.
Born in the life of parents' rites and faith in Lord Krishna, Jayadev was also a worshiper of Shri Krishna.

 Due to unfortunate , the parents died in their childhood.  At that time Jaidev was a small boy.Others described the parents' death as a shock to their lives, but Jaydev considered this trauma to be a path of devotion to God, and loved his disinterestedness and gave his life the direction for which great learned people yearn for.

Krishna name used to be on his lips as a recluse.  By applying love to Jagannath ji, he reached the Purushottam region where the glory of Jagannath ji was spread everywhere.
When the journey of Jagannathji started, devotees and Krishna devotees used to come from far and wide.
 Jaidev had studied in learned Brahmin's ashram in Purushottam region itself and now that area had become the center of his devotion.
He was a recluse too. Apart from a kamandal and some old clothes, the harmony of Krishnadhara was his treasure.

 Used to sit under a tree and pray to his friend God.  Jagannath ji was very happy with this devotee's sumiran(devotion). 

 In Sri Jagannath Puri, a Brahmin named Sudev was a devotee of Lord Sreejgannath. He had no children, that Brahmin prayed to Shri Jagannath ji that if I will be getting childrens, then the first child I will offer to you. After some time, he had a daughter and when she was twelve years for able to marry , that Brahmin brought that girl (Padmavati) to the temple of Sreejgannath and prayed, O Lord! I have brought this girl to gift you as per my promise.
At the same time, Shri Jagannath ji ordered that at this time devotees named Param Rasik Jayadev are staying in Puri, so go with her it now and offer it to him and tell him that Jagannath ji has given such orders.

On getting the permission of God, that Brahmin went there in the forest, where Kaviraj devotee Shri Jayadev Ji was sitting and said to him - O Maharaj! You take this my girl in your service as a wife, Jagannath ji has given such a order.

Jaidev ji said - Left the things about Jagannath ji, if he also keeps thousands of women in service, then it is his glory, he is capable. But if I will have a woman is the just like the weight of the mountain. So now you return from here with the girl.

He is not even obeying the orders of God, seeing that the Brahmin was irritated and said to his girl - I have the greatly honorable of Jagannath ji, I can never avoid him.You are stay close to him .

Shri Jaydev ji got tired by explaining many types of things, but that Brahmin did not agree and went away unhappy. Then Jaydev ji started thinking very heavily. Then he said to the girl of that Brahmin - you should think well in your mind what is your own duty? What should be kind of husband about to you ?

Hearing this, the girl bow her hands and said that whether there is happiness or sorrow, I have sacrificed this body on you.

Shri Jaydev ji was pleased to hear the soulful determination of Shri Padmavati. He thought that it seems that it is Lord Jagannath's wish and then he mixed his desire in the will of God.

The marriage of Shri Jaydev Ji and Shri Padmavati Ji was completed . Made a hut for life subsistence. Now, roofing was on head, then they an idol of Lord Shyam Sundar was placed in it to serve.

When God himself wrote the verse completely with his own hands


Shree Jayadeva was a loving devotee of Lord Krishna. Sri Krishna used to take love in his heart. Fueled by the same love, you started writing a book called 'Geet-Govind' like Amrit-Ras.

One day in such a situation, Jaydev ownself, Lord Krishna will hold the feet of Shrimati Radha-Rani, could not dare to write this thing.

You went to bathe in the river in the same turmoil. Seeing you going to bath, Lord Krishna himself, as Jayadev ji started entering your house.
His wife saw Jaydev ji coming in so quickly and said - 'You had just gone to take a bath, and how did you come back so soon?'

Lord Shri Krishna in the form of Jayadeva replied - 'One thing came to mind while going. Later, I should not forget, so I came to write.

Lord Shri Krishna in the form of Jayadeva went inside, completed that verse by writing 'Dehi pad pallavamudaranm' --- on those written pages.
Lord Krishna, who came out of the room as Jayadeva, said - 'Well, I am very hungry. have something to eat ? '
 Shrimati Padmavati ji laid a pedestal, made him sit and offered decorated Thakurji's bhog in front of him. Lord form Jayadev started eating it . After some time, washing hands, went to rest inside.

Shrimati Padmavati ji was just sitting to get the Prasad left by her husband that someone knocked on the door. When she got up and opened the door, she saw Jayadev standing. She said with great surprise - 'Now you came from the bath, wrote something, ate prasad , went inside for rest ---------- I have some doubt about who he was and who you are ?

The supreme devotee Jaydev ji understood everything. He quickly went inside the house. All his attention was towards the unfinished verse which she had left half written. He opened own book and started seeing the divine letters. Thrilled, he and his heart swell in love. The teardrops started flowing through his eyes. He told own wife - 'I did not come earlier, Shri Krishna came in my form and he completed that verse. You are blessed, your life is meaningful. You saw Shri Krishna and he got food with your hands.

"Oh Devi !" He exclaimed with exuberance from Padmavati, saying: "I am blessed today that I got a Mahabhaga(luckiest) like you and a great worshiper of Krishna as a wife.

You had directly seen Lord Krishna, who had come to overcome the dilemma of my unfortunate person. ”Padmavati was both also surprised and very happy. Now she understood the secret of the smile that enchanted the trilok(world). She began to consider herself blessed.
And thus Jayadev's "Geetgovindam" was completed. In a short time, Gitagovindam became very famous and popular. The lyrics of Geetgovindam were coming out from the mouth of each devotee.
One day when Satvik Ram who was the king of Puri, reached the darshan of Lord Jagannath in the evening, his anger was not limited to seeing that the clothes of the god were torn also there were thorns in his costumes and the dust on the Lord's shrimukh(face).
He considered it a crime of the temple priest and called him .
"Pujari ji , do you worship here or hypocrisy?" Look at Lord Jagannath. His costumes is torn and the also thorns are set to dust. "Satvik Ram roared with anger:" What are you here for? "
"Your Majesty here it was all efficient at some time ago."
"You are also lying. This condition occurs in some time. You have committed an unforgivable crime, you must be punished.
The pujari ji started getting sad due to his innocence.

 "Stop, Rajan!" Then the voice came out from the lips of the idol of Lord Jagannath, "There is no fault of his." This condition of mine has happened because of me.

Shortly before, the pujari ji had dressed me and even bathed me, but when I heard a beautiful melodious voice, I could not stop myself. When I reached near the voice, a girl was singing a verse in a garden.
I kept listening to the verses following her, then my clothes must have got tangled in the tree. I found those verses very sweet Rajan. "
" Lord, O Lord of the world, what are the verses that you much like this, you left the temple and reached the bushes and gardens?" The king pleaded: "Tell us also Nath."
"Dhir Sameer Yamuna Tire, Vasati Vane Vanvari". This is the Ashtapadi of Jaidev ji's Geetgovindam ." The pujari ji told the king.

Pujari ji , now in the temple will have a regular recitation of Geetgovind." The king ordered and from that day onwards there is a recitation of Geetgovind in the temple.

Jagannath's love for Jaydev was more. Once in the winter season Jaidev ji was making the shed of his hut. Padmavati was giving the pallet standing below them.
When a lot of time was spent, then Padmavati remembered to cook food. Padmavati went to the kitchen. Jaidev started working alone. But he was meditative and engrossed in work.
Radhamadhav felt pity for Jaydev hard work, and he himself came there and started giving the pallet. Jayadev was so engrossed in the attention of his beloved that he could not even realize that now Jagatbihari himself is giving pallet him in place of Padmavati.
Finally the work was over and he came down. Then he saw that Padmavati was not there. There was also no any other person . When he reached inside in hut was surprise, he saw Padmavati preparing food in the kitchen.

He had a curious awakening in his heart and when he reached in front of the idol of Radhamadhav, he saw that Rasbihari had soot in his hands. It was decided that Radhamadhav himself was the one who giving pallet them.

This was a unique example of love and faith. Jaydev ji's fame started spreading far and wide. People started calling him a true devotee .Krishna was settled in the heart of Jaydev ji's heart and on the strength of this belief, he decided to celebrate Radhamadhava's celebration in his hut and started a padyatra(walking tour) to collect wealth .
Wherever he went, there would be a crowd of people and all would give him wealth according to their reverence.

One day some bandits surrounded him in the forest and snatched all the collected wealth from him and throw him in a well. The wicked bandits had also cut their hands and feet.

Jaidev was reciting 'Krishna-Krishna' lying in a well being helpless . Neither did he feel pain nor fear of death.

 How could Banke Bihari be alienated from his devotee? When a devotee is in trouble, God too becomes distraught!

 At the same time, there was a king's ride had come to hunt in that forest.
A follower of the king heard the sound of Krishna-Krishna coming from the well and told the king. Immediately by the king's orders, Jayadeva was taken out.
Jayadeva was got unconscious by the excess of pain. A follower identified him and tells the king that he is bhakta shiromani Jayadeva.

The king brought him to the palace and got treatment. Jaydev ji recovers and asks the king to leave. But the king persuaded him to stay there and invited his wife Padmavati there too.
The queen herself presented got ready to serve Padmavati. One day a conversation was taking place between Rani and Padmavati. "After my brother's death, my sister-in-law was became sati with him." Queen said.
"This is the tradition of love." Padmavati spontaneously said: "This is the dharma (religion) of one suhagan(married women) and this is her salvation."
.The queen make a plan to test Padmavati and one day sent Jayadeva to the garden with the king and according to the plan, a maid came to the palace and told her.
."Maharani ji "Mahatma Jayadev" was died . Maid said. The queen started crying. Padmavati was also there. She was understanding all but giving the test is also the work of the devotee. So she gave up her life at that moment.
The queen was shocked and called the king all story . The king was saddened by this act of his queen, he began to end his life by believing ownself guilty.
When Jaydev ji heard this news, he explained it to the king and finally singing the Ashtapadi of Geetgovind, then Padmavati became alive.

All male and female including the king bowed down to that miracle. The king's life was saved, so Padmavati took the command of her husband and gave up breathing again at that moment.

After some time Jaidev came to his village Kenduli. Despite old age and limbless, he used to go to the Ganges bath 5 miles away every day.
The Lord had immense compassion on his devotee and the holy stream of Ganga Maiya flowed near Jaydev Ji's hut. This stream became famous as Jayadevi Ganga.

Jaydev, believing in the law of life and death, left the body in Kenduli and went to Goloka.

Even today, Makar Sankranti of Magha is held a huge fair there and thousands of Vaishnavite devotees take a bath in the Jaidevi Ganga and sing the song Gitagovind.
Bhakta Shiromani Krishna lover Jayadev is alive in today people's memories after the death.

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