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Death is an absolute truth

Death is an absolute truth

Death is the irrefutable truth of this world, every creature on this earth has to taste death. Whether it is a human being, animals, birds, trees - plants, aquatics, landmarks, celestial are all subject to death. Even the planet, the sun, the constellation here, our earth will be destroyed one day or that means death will be achieved.

In Hindu scriptures, our earth has been called (Mrityu lok ) death world. Nothing here is permanent. The greatest great man also died, even the incarnations of God had to sacrifice the human body after a certain period. Because those avatars were also bound by the dignity of this earth.

In this whole universe, only two are whose death is not possible, the first is God because they are eternal truth, and second is the death of death is impossible.

We all know very well that death cannot be avoided, this is an absolute truth.  Nevertheless, we do not want to accept it, but run away from it.
The story is very short, but it contains a confluence of human emotions, a man's dilemma. And after a bit of struggle, there is also the recognition of truth.

 Today's presented story is based on this ... let's go towards the story ...

There was a young man named Radheshyam . He was  very calm in nature.

 And he was a man of good thought . He had little family in which his parents, wife and two children.
 He loved everyone very much.
 Apart from this, he was a devotee of Krishna and had use to have compassion for all .He used served the needy anddid not give grief to someone.
Due to his qualities, Shri Krishna was very happy with him. And always lived with him. Radheshyam ownself could see and talk to Krishna.
 Despite this, he never asked God for anything.
 He was very happy because God always with him
 Used to live, give him guidance. Radheshyam also
 Used to call Krishna like his friend and ask him
 Used to share thoughts .

One day Radheshyam's fathers health suddenly worsened . He was hospitalized. Radheyshyaam bow hands to all doctors and praying to save his father life . But everyone told him that they did not give expect so much. And all told him to trust of God.

 Then Radheshyam got the idea of ​​Krishna and

 Radheyshyaam called his Krishna.Shri Krishna came running.
 Radheshyam said - Friend! You are my god! Please save my father.
 Shri Krishna said - Friend! It's not in my hands! if it is time for death it will definitely happened. Radheshyam gets angry at this and fights Krishna and began to cry.
God explained a lot to him but he did not listen to one.Lord Krishna said to him - Friend! I can help you  but for this you have to do one thing.
 Radheshyam immediately asked: what kind of work… ??

 Shri Krishna said - you have to bring handful of soil from any one house

 and also take care that in those family nobody has ever died.

Radheshyam quickly went out in search by saying yes.He knocked on many doors. There is a soil in every house.
 But he did not find such type of home there is no one died. Somebody's father, somebody's grandfather, somebody
 Brother, mother, aunt or sister had die.
 Even after wandering for two days, Radheshyam did not get such type of  home. Then he realized that death is an absolute truth,have to face everyone , no one can run away from it.
 He apologizes to Shri Krishna for his behavior.
 And decides as long as his father is alive
 will serve them.After a few days Radheshyam's father goes to heaven. He feels sad but because of that lesson given by God his mind remains calm.


Friends likewise we all accept this truth
 that death is an absolute truth, to deny it
 is a foolish act. It hurts but it is wrong to be trapped.  Because not only you are suffering from that sorrow but the entire human race is suffering to that misery. Life is the only way to accept this truth and go ahead.
Sometimes we are so much helpless, when someone special passed away that in front of standing life and these connected  people do not see us. Get out of this darkness is gets tough.

The person who accepts the truth of death.

 Life becomes weightless and no any difficulties
 can not break them , he go ahead in every area of where ​​life goes..

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