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Praise and condemnation

Praise and condemnation

Every human being receives both praise and condemnation, no human being can escape it.  Even great men have to face it, so what should be said about ordinary people.  Even we humans, from time to time under circumstances, we praise God and sometimes condemnation.

Praise and condemnation are necessary to take this life to the highest level.  But we have become so accustomed to hearing praise that even if we get to hear our blasphemy, we lose our confidence at the same time.  And start making mistakes.  Today's story is also similar.

Let's go to the story.... 

It was a long time ago that a farmer named Mohan lived in a village.

 He was very hardworking and honest. People knew him and praised him for a long time due to his good behavior. But one day when he was returning from work in the fields late in the evening, on the way, he heard some people talking, they were talking about the same.

Mohan started following them slowly without telling them to listen to own praises, but when he listened to them, he found that they were doing condemn to him, someone was saying, "Mohan is arrogant". someones said that, "Everyone knows he pretends to be good…"

Mohan had only heard own praise earlier but this incident had a very bad effect on his mind and now whenever he sees some people talking, he feels that they are doing condemn to him. 

 Even if someone praises him, he feels that he is being made fun of. Gradually everyone started realizing that Mohan has changed, and his wife too was saddened by the change in her husband's behavior and one day he asked, "nowadays why are you so upset ; please tell give me the reason for this . "

Depressed, Mohan told about that day. The wife also did not understand what to do, but then she realized that a Siddha Mahatma had come to a nearby village, and she said, "Swami, I listened a news that a saint arrived in the neighboring village. Come on let's ask them some solution. "

 The next day they reached the camp of Mahatma ji.

Mohan narrated the whole incident and said, Maharaj, since that day everybody condemn to me and false praise, please tell me how I can get back my credibility! ! "
 Mahatma had understood Mohan's problem.
 "Son, leave your wife home and stay in my camp tonight.", The Mahatma said while thinking something.
 Mohan did the same, but when it was time to sleep at night, suddenly the sound of the frogs' turr-turr started coming.
Mohan said, "What is this maharaj, why is there so much uproar here?"
 "Son, there is a pond behind, at night time the frogs present in it start to sing their melody !!!"
 "But in such a situation no one can sleep here," Mohan expressed concern.
 "Yes son, but you tell me what we can do, if possible, help us", Mahatma ji said.

Mohan said, "Ok Maharaj, after hearing so much noise, the number of these frogs will be in thousands, I will bring 50 to 60 laborers from the village tomorrow and hold them and leave them in the distant river."

And the next morning Mohan reached with labourers , Mahatma ji was standing there watching everything.

 The pond was not very big, 8-10 laborers laid a net from everywhere and started catching the frogs… All the frogs were caught in a little effort.

When Mohan saw that only 50-60 frogs have been caught, he asked Mahatma ji, "Maharaj, last night there were thousands of frogs, but where did they all go today, only a handful of frogs left here  ."

Mahatma ji said with seriousness, "No frogs has gone anywhere, you heard the sound of these frogs yesterday, only a handful of frogs were making so much noise that you thought thousands of frogs were doing turr - turr. Son, similarly when you heard some people doing your condemn,
even then you sat making the same mistake, you thought that everyone does condemn to you, but the truth is that the people doing evil were just like a frog. So the next time you hear someone doing condemn, remember that there may be only a few people who are doing this, and also to understand that no matter how good you are, there will be some people who will Will do your condemn. "

Now Mohan had realized his mistake, he had again become the old Mohan.

 Friends, like Mohan, we should not understand the behavior of some people and treat our lives with a positive frame of mind. We can do anything but at some point in life, such a problem occurs which looks like in the darkness of night, as if thousands of frogs are doing turr turr in their ears.

But when we try to solve it in broad daylight, then the same problem seems to be small. Therefore, instead of worrying in such situations, we should try to find a solution and never panic with a handful of frogs.

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