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Donation is the best dharma

Donation is the best dharma

Donation has been given great importance in our lifestyle . It is considered mandatory to spend a part of your income as donation. Our forefathers had declared charity as an essential religious duty by associating unwavering relationship with religion. There are big idols of charity in our literature and even today we are following the tradition of charity in some form or the other. From the poor to the rich, everyone donates something according to their situation. It is as if giving has become a part of our nature.

We should keep donating in life, it has many benefits. We will discuss about the benefits of donations later. In this world you can read about many rich people that they all donate in some form or the other. Yet their wealth keeps increasing day by day. These are the talks of knowledge, now let's move on to todays story. Today's story is based on the theme of the importance of donations .

There was a king a long time ago. He was very popular in public due to his justice.

  Once he was just sitting in his court, suddenly a question arose in his mind. The question was what would happen after the death of man?

 To get an answer to this unknown question, the king consulted all the ministers, members etc. of his court. All the people got worried about this curious problem of the king.

 After thinking for a long time, the king decided that in all my kingdom, it  proclaimed that the man who would lie like a dead person in the tomb and gives knowledge of all the actions that would take place after dying in the tomb overnight, would be given five hundred gold coins will be presented as a gift him.

According to the orders of the king, this news was spread in the whole kingdom. Now the problem had come, who is ready to die?

 Eventually, such a person in the whole state agreed to do this work,

 One who was so miser that in whole life he neither took food happily nor sleep well . He was presented to the king.

According to the orders of the king, a coffin was made for him and decorated with beautiful flowers. He was covered with white shroud lying on it and taken to the cemetery.
 On the way home, a fakir followed him and told him that now you are going to die, you are alone in the house. So much money will be destroyed in your house, give me something.

 Even after the once again refusal of the miser, the fakir did not left of the miser and kept on asking for something again and again.

 When miser became very upset, he picked up a handful of almond peels lying in the cemetery and gave it to the fakir.

 The miser was later laid in a tomb and the entire  was closed from above.

 Just a small hole was made towards the head with the hope that it would breathe through it and tell the king the next morning the whole situation after death.

 All the people went to home and the miser in that tomb. night fell.

 At night, a snake came to the tomb and looking at the hole, tried to enter it.

 Seeing this, the panic of the miser lying in the tomb was  longer there. As soon as the snake tried to enter, the almond peels came in the hole as a barricade.

 At next early morning, all the servants of the king came to the cemetery with great curiosity and soon dug out the tomb and took out the miser.

 To tell what happens after death, the miser is asked to walk to the king. The miser didn't listen to the king's servants even a little.
 He first went to his home and distributed all his wealth to the poor.

  Everyone was amazed to see this sudden donation of his kindness of miser . Many questions began to arise in publics mind.

In the end, the miser was presented to the king to narrate the entire situation in the court.

 Miser told the whole story of the struggle of snakes and almond peels last night, and said, Maharaj, after death the  donation is maximum useful.

Therefore donating is the best of all religions.

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