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"Glory to God Name"

"Glory to God Name"

"Glory to God Name"The name of God is greater than God. "

The name of God is Agniswaroop(form of fire). Just like anything we put in a fire, wet or dry, everything gets burnt in it. Anything we put in the fire will burn. In the same way, no matter how the person takes the name of God, he will show his effect, just like the work of fire is burning, in the same way you have taken the name of God, so he will show the effect.

Now, whether a person laughs, hears, singing, take how can he get up and down, say with anger, say with love, he never leaves empty. So he will show the effect, the name shows own effects .

The point is, why was there so much emphasis on the name of God? These are the four yugas, the Dvapar Yuga, Tretayuga, Satyuga and Kali Yuga are these four, they have different methods of attaining God.

Just as it has been said in the Satyuga that God meets "meditation and penance", we hear that people kept doing austerities for thousands of years,  it is a matter of the Satyuga, in the Satyuga meditation was attained by God, in that era people's was also thousands of years old life long, so people of that time used to meditate. Then came Tretayuga where peoples used to meet God by "Yajna and Havan". Because the age was reduced, it was less than Satyuga , then people used to do more havan.Then in Dwapar Yuga it was said that God meet by parichrya ("care"), that is God meet by the service so they started doing service. Then came the Kali Yuga, due to this the age was very short,  it started to be less than a hundred years, then in Kali Yuga neither a person can meditate, nor do service, nor can perform Yajna.

So the solution of attainment of God, the name of God was told. That his name is the simplest and easiest way to attain Bhagavata in Kali-yuga.God has filled all his power in the name. When Lord Rama had to cross the sea, the ocean told that you should build a bridge by putting stones named Rama in it, and upon seeing it, a bridge was built with stones named Rama. So the name Sankirtan itself is a pleasant path to attain Supreme God abode in Kaliyuga.

कलियुग केवल नाम अधारा,सुमिर-सुमिर नर उतरहिं पारा.....

kaliyug keval naam adhaara, sumir-sumir nar utarahin paara .....

The name of God has such indescribable importance for all ages, but here a question arises that why its importance is told for Kali Yuga only? Was there any basis in other eras?
Once some sages came together and thought that at what time even a little virtue also gives great results and who can do the rituals with pleasure?…. When he could not make any decision, the sage approached Vyas for decision. Vyasji was taking a bath in Gangaji at that time. The Muni congregation sat waiting for him near a tree on the banks of Gangaji …….
The sages sitting near the tree saw that Vyasji dived into the Ganges and rose above the water and after utter "Shudrah Sadhuh" , "Kalih Sadhuh", he took the plunge again. Rising above the water 'Yoshithah Sadhu Dhanyastabhyo Dhanyaro Sti Kah' he took the plunged again by saying.
The muniganas were skeptical after hearing this. The mantra uttered by Vyasji was not among the mantras recited during the bathing period, what he was saying means' Kali Yuga is praiseworthy, Shudra is saint, women are superior, they are blessed, who is more blessed than them. !!!
The muniganas had come to solve the doubts, but on hearing this, they were more in grave doubt than first doubt and started looking at each other out of curiosity.…… When Vyasji came to the ashram completing the routine work after some time, the munigana also approached him.

When all of them sat on the sit near Vyasji , Vyasji asked them the purpose of their arrival.The sages said that we had come to resolve a doubt with you, but let it remain at this time, only if possible we should be told that you had said many times while bathing that 'Kali Yuga is praiseworthy, Shudra is sadhu, women are superior, they are blessed, so what is the matter?

Please let us narrate it. After knowing this, we will say the internal doubt which we came to solve.
Vyasji said after listening to his words that I said to the Kali Yuga, Shudra and women who repeatedly said to be sages, superior, you should listen to them.  The result which is obtained by following celibacy etc. for ten years in Satyuga, human gets one year in Treta, one month in Dwapar and just one day in Kali Yuga….

The results which is obtained by meditating in Satyuga, Yagya in Treta and Devarchana in Dwapar, the same is attained only in Kali Yuga by naming God. In Kali Yuga,  to do little hard work people get great religion, for these reasons I called Kaliyuga superior. "...................................................................................... "It is written in the scriptures that the incarnation of God in Kali Yuga is in the form of 'Naam'. The era-religion in Kali Yuga is Naam Sankirtana.

Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has also said that only Harinaam can save us in Kali Yuga. Apart from this, there is no salvation from any other practice. Nanak Dev has said the same thing,

'नानक दुखिया सब संसार, ओही सुखिया जो नामाधार।'

'Nanak Dukhiya Sab sansar, Ohi Sukhiya Joe Namadhar.

The same is written in Ramcharitmanas, Kaliyuga kewal naam Adhara.

Go to any saint, pick up any scripture, all indicate that in the Kaliyuga, the description of God has come in the form of his name. This will result in salvation.

Here I would like to say one thing that this Bhagavad name is not rooted like other physical names. In the physical world we can see that a person's name is Lakshmipati but he is a beggar.
Or a person named Nayanamani is one-eyed . But this does not happen in the Bhagavad state. Lakshmipati Lord is really Lakshmi's husband and is the wealthiest.
Govind is the lord of all the senses and the senses are employed in his service. Those who names is Krishna, they really have to attract everyone.

The name of Bhagavad will protect us from the wicked, will cross us from this bhavasaagar, he will give us a boon according to our will. He will do everything, but for this we have to dedicate the name completely and perform the Kirtan. This will only happen. After all, God did not come until Daupadi had called upon God at the time of the vastraharan with full refuge and raising both hands. "............................................................

"Once Raja Parikshit was passing through the forest, he saw a bull standing on a leg. When the king asked the bull, he did not say anything clear because he could not condemn anyone due to own himself Dharmaraja .Then Parikshit found out with meditation that Kaliyuga is responsible for his condition.
The king thought that after the arrival of Kaliyuga, there will be an increase in various kinds of sinful activities like robbery, theft etc. around the world, so this Kaliyuga should be ended. When he had made up his mind to end the Kali Yuga, an idea came to his mind, due to which he abandoned the idea of ​​ending the Kaliyuga.

He thought that there are all kinds of evils in the Kaliyuga, but there is also a great goodness in it, which will benefit everyone in the Kaliyuga and that is that people will not have to do big yajna to attain God in the Kali Yuga. One will not have to do penance for many years only once a person with a genuine mind will pronounce the name of God once and remember God, only he will get God.Thinking that at that time, he took complete control of Kaliyuga only but did not kill him. This is mentioned by Tulsidas ji in Ramcharitmanas -कलियुग केवल नाम अधारा,सुमिर-सुमिर नर उतरहिं पारा......kaliyug keval naam adhaara,sumir-sumir nar utarahin paara......

How long do we worship God and meditate? It is of this importance, not just about its discussion or praise .... To love God is the work of the most intelligent, and being devoted to God is the greatest success ……….

If you have put sweets in front of someone, is it wise to discuss it or to eat it? I think that the wise person will be happy to eat it and the Judicious will keep thinking about how much sugar is in it, how much milk is there, how much cream are there, what method is made and what are the disadvantages of it - etc .
Similarly, God is also a juice. Take it, taste it, and drown in its juice. There is utility and joy in it. There is hardly any benefit from his deliberation.

How long do we pray or meditate? Ultimately this is the importance. Where does the mind live during meditation and prayer? If the mind moves everywhere in all four directions, then such a prayer is of no use. We have to go deep into meditation and remember God all the time.

We waste hours of time in small gossip, reading the newspaper and in entertainment, but even five minutes of the name of God seems to be heavy. The tenth part of the twenty-four hours, that is, at least two and a half to three hours, we should always meditate. When we sit in front of the fire, there is a feeling of heat, in the same way, sitting in front of God, we also get his grace. All our faults are consumed in front of the Lord. Meditation can bring complete change. Once we have decided that I do not want anything other than God, God has to comes. ---- God himself has given this assurance in the scriptures.

When there is absolute love and loyalty without selfishness in the heart, then God himself also give directions. Sadhguru also manifests automatically when there is eligibility.

The focus of own God should be just like on the lines of oil. If there is love, all further knowledge is obtained automatically and all the further gates open automatically. To love God is the work of the most intelligent, and being devoted to God is the greatest success.

Those who are retired should spend maximum time chanting and meditating.

One has to work at least eight hours a day to get his salary in a worldly job. The merchant's job is twenty four hours. For some time one should also do God's job.
The world gives wages, why won't God give? "----- When the world gives wages, why won't God give? You should not even ask for wages from them. Only love is to be sought, and no anything other than love , if their love is found, suppose everything is found.

Consider love as a wage. Keep in mind one thing ---- wages will be the same as you work hard. Without hard labor no wage will be available. There is nothing free in this world. Everything has to be paid.

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Thoughts and Karma

Thoughts and Karma 

Thoughts are the seeds of karma

 The divine Father God has not kept the place of narrowness, limitation or poverty in the world. These evil things are not used in the world and have grown like weeds in our difference. Being born in conscience, they have devoured our self-confidence and latent power. This is the reason why the change of body is seen in many people, but the growth of mind, intellect, conscience and prosperity is not seen even a little.

 In this world, there is only one power that gives grief and that is the misdeeds of human beings. There is no discrimination in thought and action. Thought is the seed and karma is the tree produced from that seed. Happiness and sorrow are the bitter and sweet fruits of that. It is a matter of utmost grief that despite being in this world the store of prosperity, we shrink our soul.

Let's understand it through the story, it will be very helpful to understand the seriousness of the subject.

                  A story related to ours life.

 There was a great man, one day a poor man came to him and said, lend me your field, I will cultivate it and earn by farming ....
He was a very kind person ...
 He gave his farm to that poor person and also gave five farmers to do farming as an aid and said that take these five farmers together and do farming, it will be easy to cultivate ...
With this you will be able to earn more by cultivating good crops.
 The poor man was very happy to see that he got a farm on loan and also got five helpers to work together.
But that man got very lost in his happiness and that five farmers started doing farming on their own free will and that poor man was drowning in his happiness….
And when it came time to reap the crop, it was seen that the crop was very bad, those five farmers did not use the field well nor did they put good seeds in it, so that the crop could be good.
When that great kind man asked for his farm back, the poor man cried out that I was ruined, I was drowning in my happiness and could not keep these five farmers under control nor could they get good farming from them.

Now notice here

 He is the best kind person - "God" ....

 And he is a poor man - "we"

 The field is - "our body"

 And those five farmers are our senses:

 Eye, ear, nose, tongue and mind.

God has given us this body to do a good harvest (karma), and we should do these five farmers, that is, by keeping the senses under your control and do the deeds, so that when that merciful God demands this body to come back to us then We don't have to cry.

Just as a tree cannot be born in the absence of seed, similarly high karma cannot occur in the absence of high thoughts. The reason behind both auspicious karma and inauspicious karma is ours thought. The higher the level of our thoughts and the more pure our actions , then the 'better and pure' karma will be.A thief cannot steal until he first considers it. Therefore, any of our actions occur in thoughts before we act. The level of thoughts depends on our society . The better our society is, the richer we will be of rich good thoughts .

Until our thoughts are pure, even our actions cannot be pure. Therefore, it is futile to try to purify karma without purifying thoughts. Whose thoughts are pure, bad karma can never happen.

Where there is a deep desire for the mind, the man reaches there. Good karma, good association produces good thoughts in us, good journey in our life and bad karma, bad association produces bad thoughts and life goes towards downgrade.

Every great task is difficult and light work is simple. Regeneration is difficult and collapse is simple. It takes effort to climb a hill, but it takes no effort to get down. One does not have to work at the time of collapse but the result is sad… Apocalypse! There is no rest at the time of regeneration, hard work is done but the result is pleasant.

Some would say that in this abject Kali Yuga it is difficult to avoid disorders ... it is difficult ... '

Destroying your power by thinking like this, where is it wise? Instead, adopt good thoughts, good contacts (with great men) and do good deeds and make your life great.
 Humans do like having resolution then behaves the same, And then it becomes as it behaves.The things which are considered again and again, gradually become the same desire, then according to that there is a pace of dialogue, conduct, action and ordinance.
It is clear that good ideas should be brought for good conduct and character. Bad thoughts must be discarded before discarding bad deeds. One who does not renounce bad thoughts cannot get rid of deeds. The basis of karma is thought.

How many people want to give up misconduct, misbehavior, abuse etc. The alcoholic is sad due to own . He wants to quit addiction.

At the time when bad thoughts start coming, at that time, try to take the mind to the other side. With the meditation of God, chant the mantra, break the stream of bad thoughts with satsang. Similarly, for good deeds, firstly, good thoughts should be brought. Therefore, practicing good scriptures, associating with good men and living in a holy environment creates good thoughts. Bad thoughts and actions are left.

Mahakavi Tulsidas ji has said that "loss - profit, life - death, fame -disgrace " is in the hands of the Ram (God). That is, you have no control over them, but karma is in your hands. In karma you are free, but you are not free to its result.

When you did karma that taking own result and go into the universe.Now you can never know when, how that will return to you.No matter how perfect you are. God has kept many things in own hand. The result of good karma is good, the result of bad karma is bad, but people forget this while doing karma.
Thoughts are also karma, good thoughts are good and bad thoughts are bad karma. Thoughts keep circulating and it is sure to have an impact on you.
It is a matter that passes out of over the head of a common man. But the comes in a look, the educated man understands, knows, sees, but he still does not know reality or does not want to take lessons.
He remains forgotten, but God has justice for everything. Time is certain.The delay formula does not apply there. The fruit falls from the tree only when ripe. Sattkarma, Kukarma and Karma are now different. As you ate food, it is karma that result is not in your hands, what effect it will have on your body, you do not know.

If everything is done correctly then the result will also be good. Such are kukarma (bad karma) and sattkarma(good karma) . Helping someone, serving, donating, are the works of Sattkarma. Harassing, abusing, killing, torturing someone are all kukarma . There are many sattkarma, kukarma and karma.It is very good to do karma, but it comes from thoughts, so fill your brain with high thoughts and highest ideals, keep them in front of you day and night, out of them great deeds will be born.Man is punished only by his karma and only his karma give reward him. It is only human man who blames God for his suffering. A person is born alone and dies alone. One suffers from the results of his good and bad karma.

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Saraswati Puja and Vasant Panchami

Saraswati Puja and Vasant Panchami

First of all, heartfelt wishes to all of you Vasant Panchami.

 Saraswati is one of the major goddesses of Hinduism. She is the consort of Lord Brahma, considered to be the presiding goddess of learning.

She is also named 'Shatarupa'. Its other synonyms names are Vani, Vagdevi, Bharati, Sharda, Vageshwari etc. These are said to be Shuklavarna, shwet Vastradharini, Veenaavadanatatpara and shwetapadmasna.

By worshiping her , even a fool can become a scholar. The ritual of worshiping Magh Shukla Panchami is going on. According to Devi Bhagwatpurana, Saraswati is born from the Lord Krishna's tongue who residing in Goloka of Vaikuntha.

The description of Goddess Saraswati comes in the" Vedas - Upanishads, Ramayana, Mahabharata", besides the Devi Bhagavata Purana, Kalika Purana, Vrihat Nandikeshwar Purana and Shiva Purana. Basant Panchami is celebrated every year on Panchami of Shukla Paksha of Magh month.

In India, spring season begins from this day. On this day, worship of Mother Goddess Saraswati is celebrated. They are worshiped after sunrise i.e. in the middle of the day.

She is the supreme consciousness. As Saraswati, she is the protector of our intelligence, understanding and attitudes. The ethos and intellect in us is the basis of Bhagwati Saraswati. Her richness and splendor of form are amazing.

According to Devi Bhagwat Purana, Shri Krishna was pleased with Saraswati and gave her a boon that you will be worshiped on Vasant Panchami. As a result of this boon, the worship of Goddess Saraswati, the presiding deity of Vidya(Knowledge), began to be worshiped on the day of Vasant Panchami in India.

Other names of Saraswati Maa are known by various names like Sharada, Shatarupa, Veenavadini, Veenapani, Vagdevi, Vageshwari, Bharati etc.

Vasant Panchami is a major festival of India which is celebrated on the fifth of Magh month every year. For this reason, this festival is known as Vasant Panchami.

This date usually comes in January or February. From this date, the departure of winter season and arrival of spring season is considered, which is considered the most loved season in India. This festival is mainly dedicated to Mahadevi Saraswati and sometimes it is also dedicated to Kamdev and Rati as a form of love.

If all the seasons are seen, then Vasant is called the king of the seasons. This is the time of year when there is no answer to the beauty of nature. On the Shukla Panchami of the month of Magha, all the old leaves fall off and new flowers start coming.

Every person is fascinated by seeing this unique view of nature. This beautiful occasion of the season is celebrated as a celebration. Vasant Panchami is also called Shri Panchami and Gyan Panchami.

 Vasant Panchami is the day of birth anniversary of Mother Saraswati. The practice of worshiping Goddess Saraswati on this day has been going on for centuries. It is believed that at the time of creation, Goddess Saraswati appeared on the day of Vasant Panchami.

According to the Puranas, at the beginning of the creation, the Supreme Father Brahma meditated on Lord Vishnu by doing penance. Then with his will Brahmadeva created the whole creation. Even after his creation, he was not satisfied.
He was not experiencing perfection in own creation because he seemed to have an excess of doltishness instead of consciousness in his creation. Seeing this, he again meditated on Lord Vishnu and told him own problem.  Narayan suggested to him that one should create such a thing that gives rise to consciousness in the universe.
Inspired by this, Brahmadev sprinkled water from his kamandal and invoked a yogic power in his mind. At the same time, her psyche gave birth to a very beautiful and supernatural woman who had Veena in her hand.
When she came and bowed to the Supreme Father, Brahmdeva was enchanted to see her beauty and began to experience a kind of doltishness in himself. He requested the goddess to play his amazing instrument.
With the knowing desire of Brahmadev, she started playing the Veena and with her melodious sound, in the whole world started getting consciousness. Whatever was in its root state became conscious.
Water & air gots motion and Sound received to world organisms  . Since the whole world was received tone from the music of that goddess, so this reason Brahma named her "Saraswati" and declared her to the master of "music & all kinds of education and knowledge" . At the same time, due to her music "flow of work of the creation was complete" and Brahma gave him the place of his own wife.
According to a legend, by the grace of Goddess Saraswati in Dwapara Yuga, Shri Krishna attained knowledge of all the 64 disciplines in just 64 days. Pleased with this, he expressed a desire to give a boon to Goddess Saraswati.
After the acceptance of Saraswati, Shri Krishna gave him this boon that she would be worshiped on earth and since then the festival of Vasant Panchami is being celebrated. It is also believed that Goddess Parvati sought the help of Goddess Saraswati to break the tapasya of Mahadev.
By accepting her prayers, on the devine inspiration of Goddess Saraswati, Kamadev attacked on Mahadev with his arrow on the day of Vasant Panchami and after then became a part of his anger of Shiva.
On the request of Kamadeva's wife Rati, Mahadev gave the boon that on the day of Vasant Panchami, Kamadeva & Rati also would be worshiped along with Goddess Saraswati. On this day, Lord Rama met Shabari and her half - eaten ate jujube . Since then plum became an integral part of the offerings of Saraswati Puja and without plum the Prasad of Saraswati Puja is not considered complete.

¦ Legendary beliefs behind Saraswati Pujan ¦

 1. Incident related to Shriram

 In the Ramayana, when Ravana takes kidnapping Sita Mata to Lanka, Sri Rama and Lakshmana start searching for Mother Sita. During their search, they reach a place called Dandakaranya, where they meet with Shabri. Shabri is filled with great joy at the arrival of Lord Rama and she gave him own's tasted sweet jujube . It is said that Shri Ram met Shabri on the day of Vasant Panchami. Even today people worship one rock. It is believed that this is the place where Shri Ram was sitting.

2.  Sri Krishna did the first worship of Saraswati

 Lord Krishna and Brahmaji worshiped her first. When Goddess Saraswati saw Lord Krishna, she was fascinated by his adorable form and started aspiring to get her as a husband.
When Lord Krishna came to know about this, he said that he is dedicated to Shri Radha. But to please Goddess Saraswati, Shri Krishna gave a boon that one who wishes every learning will worship you on the Shukla Panchami of Magh month. After giving this boon, Shri Krishna himself worshiped the first goddess.

3. Mother Saraswati also as Shakti

 The glory of Goddess Saraswati is also described in the Matsya Purana, Brahmavaivarta Purana, Markandeya Purana, Skandapurana and other texts.  In these scriptures, Goddess Saraswati is addressed by the names Satarupa, Sharada, Veenapani, Vagdevi, Bharati, Pragyaparamita, Vagishwari and Hanswahini.  In 'Durga Saptashati', Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati forms of Mother Adishakti are described and It is said to be great.

4.  Saraswati became the reason for Kumbhakarna sleep

 It is said that Kumbhakarna did severe penance in Govarn for ten thousand years to get the boon .
When Brahma get ready to give the boon, the gods requested that you are giving it to the boon, but it is of devilish instinct and can misuse his knowledge and power at any time.
Then Brahma remembered Saraswati.  Saraswati sat on the monster's tongue.  With the influence of Saraswati, Kumbhakarna said to Brahma - 'I shall sleep for many years, this is my wish.'  In this way, Kumbhakarnam had sleeping in Treta Yuga and when awakened, Lord Shri Ram became the reason for his liberation.

¦ In context of historical events ¦

According to history, when Muhammad Ghori was successful in capturing Prithviraj Chauhan for the 17th time after lose in battle him 16 times, he took him to Afghanistan to punish him. Prithviraj's eyes were blown there and for the last time, he was given a bow and arrow in his hand to see the magic of his  shabdbhedi baan(worded arrow). Chanderbai said to Gori to strike the plate while sitting on his throne and at the same time as a stanza from the signal, he also tells Prithviraj that Ghori is striking the plate . As Ghori made the sound of the plate , Prithviraj's exact arrow sunk into his chest. After this, Chanderbai and Prithviraj sacrificed themselves taking each other's lives.  On 1192, this historical event took place on the day of Vasant Panchami.

There is also a mention of the a brave boy 'Hakikat Ray' in the history, who was a resident of Lahore. Once in the madrasa, other Muslim students abused the goddess Saraswati, due to which he clashed with other children.
When the teacher returned, the children lied that Haqiqat Rai had abused Bibi Fatima. As a result, on the complaint of Qazi, he was sentenced to death. The day of punishment was fixed on Vasant Panchami.
In the end, Hakikat Ray was told that if he accepts Islam, he will be forgiven, but he has a clear ignore it . He was hanged on the day of Vasant Panchami on 1734. Till before the day of freedom both Hindus and Muslims used to show examples of brotherhood on the day of Vasant Panchami at his samadhi (tomb) . Even today, in Lahore, it is a custom to fly a kite in memory of Hakikat Ray on the day of Vasant Panchami.

A fool can also become a scholar by worshiping Mother Saraswati.

By worshiping them, even a fool can become a scholar. The ritual of worshiping Magh Shukla Panchami the  is going on. According to Goddess Bhagwat, she is the "wife" of Brahma.
(Note - Devas do not have a physical body like human form, hence the relationship like wife, daughter and mother shows their moral mutual relations. Here, the wife is meant to be the "complement of Brahma ji", that is, in the work "creation and construction" of Brahma ji "the Goddess Saraswati '' works as a helper and supplement, so the wife is called!
Please do not associate it with the desire and attachment of the physical body! She has also been called Manas daughter!)
Saraswati is considered to be the goddess of literature, music, art. There is a three-way coordination of thinking, feeling and sensation. The expression is of "the veena of music, the book of education and the peacock vehicle of art".
Saraswati has been considered as the goddess of education in public discussion. Education is given the credit of making the animal to human (the animal has a vengeful tendency) - the blind (blind signifies being illiterate) and the eye (the eye is the symbol of being educated). Man becomes a person by contemplation. Meditation is a matter of wisdom. Without this achievement, a human being has to lead a life like an animal.

It is said that Mahakavi Kalidas, Varadarajacharya, Vopadeva, etc., people of low intellect, became high-class scholars with the help of Saraswati worship.

The general meaning of this is that these people had indulged in study with more enthusiasm and willpower.And must have been able to develop the brain capacity which remains dormant in the sleeping mode of the mind.
Today is a very special day for any student, because it is believed that on this day, whoever asks for the begging for knowledge from Goddess Saraswati must get it. On this day, remembering 11 names of Goddess Saraswati also gives many times more result . Those 11 names are - Sarada, Saraswati, Bharati, Veenavadini, Budhidayini, Hanasuwahini, Vagishwari, Kaumudiprayukta, Khyatva, Chandrakanta and Bhuvaneshwari.

Vasant Panchami come in the month of Magha, on this day spring season begins, Vasant is considered as Ritu Raj(king of all season). This whole month is very calm and balanced. The main five elements (water, air, sky, fire and earth) are balanced phase in these days.  And their behavior makes the nature beautiful and enchanting the mind.
That is, these days are not rain, nor are they very cool and neither the summer season, so it is considered to be pleasant season. The arrival of the spring in the form of the last stop of cold. The nature is drenched by the color.
In the spring, do humans even begin to cheer for animals and birds. Although the whole month of Magha is very encouraging, but the festival of Vasant Panchami holds some special significance for us.

Being a traditional festival, many ancient beliefs are also in the society. On this day children are taught to write the first syllable, Pitra tarpan is performed, Kamadeva is worshiped and the most important goddess of learning  Saraswati worshiping by us.

Clothing is also traditional.  Men wear kurta - pajama and women wears yellow or springy sarees in these day.  Other cultural programs including singing and dansing are organized which are offered to Saraswati Maa.Vasant Panchami is also called Shri Panchami and Gyan Panchami. People of Bengali community living in America celebrate this festival with pomp. On this day, they organize a special and elaborate ceremony of Saraswati Puja which involves the Indian community there.

The festival of Basant Panchami is celebrated on the fifth day of Shukla Paksha of Magh month. This year this festival will be celebrated on 29 January 2020. Goddess Saraswati is worshiped on this day. This day is very special for the students and on this day they seek blessings from Maa Saraswati for learning and wisdom.
Vasant Panchami on Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Vasant Panchami Muhurat - 10:45 AM to 12:34 PM
Duration - 01 Hour 49 Mins
Vasant Panchami Madhyahna Moment - 12:34 PM
Panchami Tithi Begins - 10:45 AM on Jan 29, 2020
Panchami Tithi Ends - 01:19 PM on Jan 30, 2020
Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of all learning and art forms. Saraswati is often worshipped by students, professionals, artists, and musicians seeking artistic and technical skills, academic strengths, wisdom, and good health. The Saraswati puja is performed on the Hindu holidays Vasant Panchami and Navratri, and you can perform a Saraswati puja in your home any time you want to call on Goddess Saraswati. To do the ritual, wake up early and take a bath, clean your home.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020



According to the beliefs of Hindu religious texts, God himself appears as an avatar in the world to eliminate the growing sins on the earth. Till now these incarnations of Lord Vishnu are known…

Avataars has great importance in Hinduism. Although many gods took avataar, but the importance of Avataars of Lord Vishnu is considered to be the highest. Lord Shiva also has many avataar, but for him Jyotirlingas are given priority over the avataar.

Of the ten avataars of Lord Vishnu, the first four i.e. Matsya, Kurma, Varaha and Narsingh (inhuman) in Satyuga, the next three i.e. Vamana, Parashurama and Shriram (human) in Tretayuga, Sri Krishna is in Dwapara. The incarnation of Buddha and Kalki is believe to be in Kali Yuga.  .

There is also a dissidence here. Vaishnava society considers Buddha as the ninth avatar of Vishnu, but many texts consider Balarama as the eighth of Vishnu and Krishna as the ninth avatar of Vishnu. According to this fact, the incarnation of Balarama and Krishna is considered in Dwapara.

[Matsya Avatar (Satyuga)] 

 In the avatar of Matsya (fish), Lord Vishnu asked a sage to collect all kinds of living being and when the earth was sinking in water, then in the Matsya avatar, God save those sage's boat was protected. In the Puranas and Manusmriti instead of the sage the description of  son of Bramha Manu name has come . After this, Brahma created life again. According to another belief, when a demon stole the Vedas and hid them in the ocean, then Lord Vishnu took the form of Matsya and received the Vedas and restored them.

[Kurma Avatar (Satyuga)] 

 In the avatar of Kurm(turtle) Lord Vishnu held the Mandar mountain on his backside at the time of the Samudramanthan of Kshirsagar. When the sea churning began, the Mandar Mountains started sinking into the sea.
To maintain the mountain , Lord Vishnu took Kachhap avataar and became the foundation of Mandar. In this way with the help of Lord Vishnu, Mandar mountain and the serpent named Vasuki, "Devas and Asuras got fourteen gems by churning the sea" .
The friction of the churning of the sea caused blisters on the back of the God of Kachchap, which is also seen as the backside of a turtle. At this time Lord Vishnu also took the form of Mohini but it is not counted in Dasavatara.

[Varahavatar (Satyuga)] 

In the avataar of Varaha (Boar) Lord Vishnu going to the ocean to protected the land goddess(earth) , who she had reached the bottom of the ocean.  According to a belief, in this form God also killed a demon named Hiranyaksha.
Diti's womb gave birth to two sons, those named was given by Prajapati Kashyap and these names was Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha. At the time of the birth of these twin many types of terrible conflicts took place in the three worlds.

Hiranyakashipu penanced and pleased Brahma. He took a boon from Brahma ji that his death should be neither in the day nor at night, neither inside the house nor outside. In this way he started ruling as all in all by conquering the three worlds.
His younger brother Hiranyaksha obeyed his orders and started destroying the enemies. One day while wandering, he reached Varun's residence.

Upon reaching Patal lok , Hiranyaksha pleaded for war with Varun Dev and said, "O Varun Dev! You have conquered all the demons and monsters of the world. I ask you to beg for war. You fighting with me and give proof of your war skills.

On hearing that monster, Varun Dev got very angry , but looking at the time, he laughed and said, "Oh brother! Now there is no desire to fight, and now I am not able to fight a strong brave like you .

You should go to Yajnapurusha Narayan. They are the only ones capable of fighting you. Hearing the talk of Varun Dev, that monster went to Devarshi Narada and asked for Narayana's address. Devarshi Narada told him that Narayan has taken the form of Varaha at this time to take the earth out of the ocean.

On this Hiranyaksha reached the abyss. There he saw Lord Varah on his molar bringing the earth. The Mahabali (ergastic) monster said to the Varaha lord, "Hey wild animal! Where have you came from in the water?" Hearing these words of Hiranyaksha, Varaha God got very angry but He did not think it appropriate to leave the earth and fight there and he tolerated his bitter words and soon came out of the water like Gajraj(Elephant) .

By placing the earth in the proper place on the water and providing its proper foundation, Lord Varah turned to the monster. There was a fierce battle between Lord Varaha and Hiranyaksha and in the end Hiranyaksha was killed at the hands of Lord Varaha.

[Narasimhavatara (Satyuga)] 

 Lord Vishnu in the form of Narasingha had protected his devotee Prahlada and killed Prahlada's father Hiranyakashipu. By this avataar, we get the knowledge of the attainment of God.

Hiranyakashipu did hard penance to become immortal. Pleased with his penance Brahma Ji asked him to ask for a boon. Hiranyakashipu said, "Lord, give me this boon that I cannot die from any creature that you have created , that is, man, animal, bird, demons, monsters, snake, eunuch, etc. Neither I can die inside the house nor outside. Neither I can die in the day nor at night. Neither in the earth nor in the sky
"Brahma ji went to his residence by saying tathastu".

"After receiving the boon, Hiranyakashipu thought of revenging the death of his brother Hiranyaksha and conquered all the three worlds - gods, asuras, nagas, gandharvas, humans, yakshas, ​​demons etc.
He defeated Indra and started living in heaven.
As a monarch of Amravati, he began to act
independently. The gods worshiped his feet. He used to stay carefree in the ebrious liqueur.  Hiranyakashipu had four sons. Prahlad was the youngest among them.

Prahlada had indulged in Bhagavadhakti as a child.  He had unwavering love at the feet of Lord Vishnu.  But due to hating Vishnu, Hiranyakashipu used to ready to punish his son as a criminal.  He called the demons and said that you guys kill it soon.

He worships Vishnu. After hearing the orders of his king, the demons took the trident and started kill to Prahlad. But Prahlada's heart was set upon in the supreme power of mind, speech and action.

Therefore all the impingement of those demons were redundant . Seeing this, Hiranyakashipu was very worried. He was  crush Prahlada under by drunken elephants. Gave poisoned by snakes. Dropped down from the mountain. Poison was given. Pressed into the ice .

He was throw into the fire.  But even the hair of Bhagwat Parayan devotee Prahlada was not burned. Prahlad became fearless and started teaching devotion of Lord Vishnu to the demons children.
Hiranyakashipu was very angry with this act and said to , "Oh lowly! You are only deteriorating yourself and want to spoil all the children of our clan as well. Oh fool! On whose strength do you fearlessly violate my orders.

"Prahlada said," O father!  I only trust the power of the Supreme God.  He is omniscient.  He is everywhere.  You too should leave your devilish feelings and go to the shelter of the these God.

"Hiranyakashipu, hearing such words of Prahlada, said," Oh fool! Now death is playing on your head. If your Jagdishwar is everywhere, then why don't you see it in this pillar? Saying this, he punched the pillar very hardly .

At that moment, one of the pillars made a terrible noise. As if the universe itself was torn. After tearing down that pillar, a strange form of God appeared.That form was neither of the whole man nor of the full lion, to make Brahma's word true, God was take Narsingh avatar.

Lord Narsingh took Hiranyakashpu to the door and placed it on his thighs and said, "Hey Asur! See, I am not a human being nor an animal. Neither are you outside the house nor inside. Neither are you on earth nor in sky.The sunset is over, but the night has not begun, so there is neither night nor day. "  Saying so, Bhagwane Narsingh torn Hiranyakashipu's body with his fingernails and killed him.

[Vamana Avatar (Tretayuga)] 

 In this Vishnu appeared as Vamana (dwarf). In order to protect the gods from Asuraraj Bali, the grandson of the devotee Prahlada, he took the Vaman avatar.

Lord Vishnu asked for three step of land in charity from Danveer Bali. When Bali was taking water out from the kamandal for Achman before the promise  , his guru Shukracharya took a subtle form and blocked the path for stop him.

On this Vamana said to Bali to clear the path of the kamandal by giving him a straw .  Shukracharya's eye damaged when Bali was clearing the path of kamandal, and in this reason Shukracharya got angry, then he cursed Bali to be deprived of all his possessions.

After that, when Bali said yes, he measured the earth with one step and the sky with the second step. When there was no place left to keep the third step, Bali offered his head on which Lord Vamana placed his third step.

Pleased with the sacrifice of Bali, Vamana Deva declared him the permanent Emperor of Patal lok. Even today when name comes to donor, the name of Bali and Karna comes on top.

[Parashurama Avatar (Tretayuga)] 

Vishvavandya Mahabahu Parashuramaji was born to Vaishakh Shukla Tritiya from the womb of  sage Jamdagni's wife Renuka as a boon to Devraj Indra, who was pleased with the putresthi-yagya performed by Bhrigushrestha Maharishi Jamadagni.

He was the avataar of Lord Vishnu's fury . Ram under the naming-rites performed by Pitamah Bhrigu, but being the son of Jamadagni was called 'Jamdagnya'. ' Parashurama' was called because of the holding of the parsu(poleaxe) given by Shiva.

With the initial education received in the ashram of Maharishi Vishwamitra and Ritchik,  he got a divine Vaishnav bow named Sarang from Maharishi Richik and duly indestructible Vaishnava mantra from Brahmarshi Kashyapji.

Subsequently, after learning in the ashram of Lord Shankar at Kailash Girishringa, he received the specific Divyastra Vidyudabhi from Shiva. He also received Shri Krishna's Tralokvijay Kavach, Stavraj Stotra and Kalpataru mantra by the Lord Shiva.

Pleased with the difficult austerity done in Chakratirtha, Lord Vishnu gave him the blessing of staying life long on the earth for an end of Kalpa period after Tejoharan (After loosing austerities) when being Ramavatar in Treta. He was a great master of armamentology(war skills). He gave armaments & weapon science education to Bhishma, Drona and Karna.

Parashurama slayed the sinner king named Sahastrajun, and established peace by killing evil kings 21 times the whole earth.  After Ramavatar, he retired from this and made his residence on Mahendra mountain.

[Ram Avatar (tretayuga)] 

 Shriram was the eldest son of Ayodhya's King Dasharatha and Queen Kaushalya . His wife's name was Sita and he had three brothers - Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna.

Hanuman is considered to be the biggest devotee of Lord Rama. Rama killed Ravana, the king of the demon caste. Rama, who followed the path of religion, received education from Guru Vasistha along with his three brothers.

In teenage, he went to forest with Vishwamitra and Lakshmana  to end the rampage caused by the demons. Rama was accompanied by his younger brother Lakshmana in this task. Rama then killed a female demon named Tadka, her son Shubahu and forced Marich to flee.

During this time Vishwamitra took him to Mithila. Videha Raja Janak of there organized a ceremony for the marriage of his daughter.

There was a bow of Lord Shiva on which Sita was to be married to the hero who  can lift the bow and tie its cord end . No any king got successed tied the bow, it was other thing even they were not lifted the bow. Then Rama not only lifted the bow after getting Vishwamitra's orders, but in while trying to tie the bow, the great bow was broken making a loud sound.

When Maharishi Parashurama heard the loud sound, he came and  started expressing anger when after seeing status of own Guru's (Shiva) bow. But knowing the reality of Shri Ram, he returned to Mahendra mountain from there.

On the other hand, Maharaj Dasaratha thought of handing over the kingdom to Rama. Kaikeyi wanted his son Bharata to be king, so she got Rama to exile for 14 years.

Rama obeyed his father's orders. Ram's wife Sita and his brother Lakshmana also went to exile. At the time of exile, Ravana kidnapped Sita. Shriram along with his brother Lakshmana killed Ravana with the help of Hanuman and Sugriva and got Goddess Sita freed.

[Balarama Avatar (Dwaparyuga)] 

There is a difference of opinion on Buddha being considered an avatar of Vishnu. In many places Balarama is considered the eighth avatar of Vishnu. However, he is undeniably considered the second (after Lakshmana) avatar of Sheshnag.

He was the elder brother of Shri Krishna who was in the womb as Devaki's seventh child.To protect against Kansa, Yogamaya transferred Devaki's womb into  Vasudeva's second wife Rohini womb. For this reason, Balaram also known as name Sankarshan and due to his matchless force, he became known as Balaram.

Balarama was always with Sri Krishna and played an important role in the transition of the era. These were the best Gadadhars and wrestler of the world who were invincible as well as the gurus of warriors like Bhima and Duryodhana.

There was a difference of opinion between him and Krishna regarding the Mahabharata. They said that this type of war should not take place between the brothers and that is why they refused to fight the war from any side and remained neutral.

[Krishnavatar (Dwaparyuga)] 

Lord Vishnu was born as Sri Krishna in the house of Devaki and Vasudeva. He was raised by Yashoda and Nanda.

 Although Lord Vishnu took many avatar , but his most important avatar was that of Shri Krishna.
He incarnated as the Krishna in the twenty-eightth Dwapara of the Vaivasvata Manvantara from the womb of Devaki in the jail of Mathura. Sri Krishna had incarnated to establish Dharma.

In all the incarnations, Shri Krishna was the one who appeared on this earth with sixteen arts. Whatever work he did, he considered it own important karma .

For the accomplishment of his work, he used the sam-daam-dand-bheda all because the only purpose of his incarnation was to free the earth from sinners.

He did whatever he thought fit to accomplish his purpose. He considered karma paramount, giving knowledge of karma to Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra, he composed the Gita, which is considered to be the most important book in religion in Kaliyuga.

[Buddha Avatar (Kali Yuga)] 

 In many places Balarama is considered an incarnation of Vishnu in place of Buddha. Vishnu appeared in the form of Buddha to prepare the Asuras for the education of Vedas.

Gautama Buddha was the originator of Buddhism. He was born as Prince Siddhartha in 563 BC and died in 483 BC. He is considered one of the greatest men of this world. Hinduism later considered Buddha an incarnation of Vishnu.
But it has been introduced in a way that most Buddhists consider unacceptable and extremely unpleasant.

It has been said in some Puranas that Lord Vishnu had taken the Buddha avatar so that he could spread "false teachings" and remove "asuras" from the true Vedic religion, so that the gods could conquer them. Buddhists do not consider Gautama Buddha to be an avatar or deity, but believe his teachings to be true.

[Kalki Avatar (Kali Yuga)] 

In this, Vishnu will come to the end of Kali Yuga in future. Kalki is considered to be the future avatar of Vishnu, when sin will cross the limits in Kali Yuga and Kalki avatar will appear for the destruction of the wicked in the world, which will be for the end of Kaliyuga.

When people stop following religion in Kali Yuga, then it will be avatar. The story of Kalki comes in the Kalki Purana, which describes the dialogues of Markandeya and Shukra Dev.

According to this, Kali Yuga has started, due to which the earth goes in front of Lord Vishnu along with the Gods and tells them about the his avatar . Kalki Bhagwan is born in Sambhal village as part of Lord Vishnu.

Lord Kalki goes to Sinhala Island for the purpose of marriage. There, during Jalakrida(water sports) , he is introduce to Princess Padyavati and then later married to her. By the Sri Vishwakarma was created  his supernatural and divine city.

In Haridwar, Kalki met the sages and described the character of Suryavansh and Lord Rama. This Purana, with five characteristics, is a delightful to the world, which has a beautiful and effective depiction of the most amazing activities of Lord Kalki, which is the true Vishnu form.

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Erudition and Belief

Erudition and Belief

 There was a Pandit ji(priest) . He was built own ashram on the banks of a river. Pandit ji was very scholar person . People from far and wide used to come to his ashram to get knowledge.

On the other bank of the river, a milkwoman named Lakshmi was live with her old father. Lakshmi used to take care of her cows all day. After getting up early in the morning, she used to bath her cows and then milked them, then prepared food for her father, then after readying and used to go out to sell milk.

 Milk used to come from Lakshmi's house in Panditji's ashram. Once Panditji had to go to the city for some work. He told Lakshmi that he will  go to the city, so he need milk early the next day. Lakshmi went to the next day promising to arrive early.

The next day Lakshmi got up early in the morning and finished all her work and hurriedly picked up milk and set out towards the ashram. She came to the bank of river and saw that no boatman had come yet. How was it possible for Lakshmi cross the river without a boat? What was it then, Lakshmi was late in reaching the ashram. In the ashram, Panditji was standing ready to go. He was just waiting for Lakshmi. On seeing Lakshmi, he scolded Lakshmi and asked her the reason for the delay.

Lakshmi also told Pandit ji with great innocence that- "There was no boatman on the river, how could I cross the river?" So it's late. "

While Panditji was angry, he felt that Lakshmi was making excuses. He also angrily said to Lakshmi, "Why makes excuses. People cross the ocean of life with the name of God, you cannot cross a small river? "

Panditji's words had a profound impact on Lakshmi. On the second day too, when Lakshmi went out to the ashram with milk, there was no boatman on the banks of the river. Lakshmi did not wait for the sailor. She remembered God and walking the surface of the water and crossed the river easily. Panditji was surprised to see Lakshmi in the ashram so soon, he knew that no boatmans comes so soon.
He asked Lakshmi- "How did you cross the river today?" No any boatmans is come in this early morning times. "

Lakshmi said very simply- "Pandit ji crossed the river in the manner you mentioned. I took the name of God and walked on the water and crossed the river. '

Pandit ji did not believe in Laxmi's words. He then asked Lakshmi to walk on water. Lakshmi went to the bank of the river and crossed the river very easily, chanting the name of God.

Panditji was surprised. He also tried to cross the river like Lakshmi. But while descending into the river, his focus was on protecting his dhoti from getting wet. He could not walk on the water and fell into the water from the sudden .

Seeing the falling of Panditji, Lakshmi laughed and said, "You have not even taken the name of God, all your attention was focused on saving your new dhoti."

Pandit ji realized his mistake. He was very proud of his knowledge. But now they knew that no knowledge is needed to attain God. One only needs to remember it sincerely to get it.

This was a matter of story, but its basic purpose is that when we all start some work, then we first start thinking whether the work will be done or not. We start analyzing whether the works are possible before we have the knowledge. I do not say that knowledge is not necessary, but more than that, faith of mind, will power to do work are more important. You can understand this by an example, when the Wright brothers were engaged in the construction of airplanes, how many people told them that these are impossible. The talk of the people was also right for that time. Even then, the Wright brothers did their work, they showed people flying. Proved people wrong, it was impossible for humans to fly in the air at that time, which was made possible by their efforts, their perseverance, their faith.

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Donation is the best religion

Donation is the best religion

Donation has been given great importance in our lifestyle . It is considered mandatory to spend a part of your income as donation. Our forefathers had declared charity as an essential religious duty by associating unwavering relationship with religion. There are big idols of charity in our literature and even today we are following the tradition of charity in some form or the other. From the poor to the rich, everyone donates something according to their situation. It is as if giving has become a part of our nature.

We should keep donating in life, it has many benefits. We will discuss about the benefits of donations later. In this world you can read about many rich people that they all donate in some form or the other. Yet their wealth keeps increasing day by day. These are the talks of knowledge, now let's move on to todays story. Today's story is based on the theme of the importance of donations .

There was a king a long time ago. He was very popular in public due to his justice.

  Once he was just sitting in his court, suddenly a question arose in his mind. The question was what would happen after the death of man?

 To get an answer to this unknown question, the king consulted all the ministers, members etc. of his court. All the people got worried about this curious problem of the king.

 After thinking for a long time, the king decided that in all my kingdom, it  proclaimed that the man who would lie like a dead person in the tomb and gives knowledge of all the actions that would take place after dying in the tomb overnight, would be given five hundred gold coins will be presented as a gift him.

According to the orders of the king, this news was spread in the whole kingdom. Now the problem had come, who is ready to die?

 Eventually, such a person in the whole state agreed to do this work,

 One who was so miser that in whole life he neither took food happily nor sleep well . He was presented to the king.

According to the orders of the king, a coffin was made for him and decorated with beautiful flowers. He was covered with white shroud lying on it and taken to the cemetery.
 On the way home, a fakir followed him and told him that now you are going to die, you are alone in the house. So much money will be destroyed in your house, give me something.

 Even after the once again refusal of the miser, the fakir did not left of the miser and kept on asking for something again and again.

 When miser became very upset, he picked up a handful of almond peels lying in the cemetery and gave it to the fakir.

 The miser was later laid in a tomb and the entire  was closed from above.

 Just a small hole was made towards the head with the hope that it would breathe through it and tell the king the next morning the whole situation after death.

 All the people went to home and the miser in that tomb. night fell.

 At night, a snake came to the tomb and looking at the hole, tried to enter it.

 Seeing this, the panic of the miser lying in the tomb was  longer there. As soon as the snake tried to enter, the almond peels came in the hole as a barricade.

 At next early morning, all the servants of the king came to the cemetery with great curiosity and soon dug out the tomb and took out the miser.

 To tell what happens after death, the miser is asked to walk to the king. The miser didn't listen to the king's servants even a little.
 He first went to his home and distributed all his wealth to the poor.

  Everyone was amazed to see this sudden donation of his kindness of miser . Many questions began to arise in publics mind.

In the end, the miser was presented to the king to narrate the entire situation in the court.

 Miser told the whole story of the struggle of snakes and almond peels last night, and said, Maharaj, after death the  donation is maximum useful.

Therefore donating is the best of all religions.

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Devotee Shri Jaydev Ji

Devotee Shri Jaydev Ji

Just as the devotee is care of own God, in the same way, the Lord is also concerned about his devotees. In any case, God wants to help his devotees in some way or the other. Sometimes devotees do not like this help, and innocent devotees fall into thinking. But in the end, accepting it as God's will. Today's story is similar to this. Let's go to today's story. 

Devotee Shri Jaydev Ji

The clan or families in which a Bhagavadbhakta is born, then all the ancestors and descendants of that clan are saved.
32 kilometers away from Veerabhoomi, there lived a couple named Bhojdev and Ramadevi in ​​Keduli village who were followers of Krishna .
Because of his immense affection for Krishna, he wished that a son should be born in his house which is like Krishna.   God always fulfill the desire of the devotee.  In 1107, a son was born to his house, named Jayadeva.
Born in the life of parents' rites and faith in Lord Krishna, Jayadev was also a worshiper of Shri Krishna.

 Due to unfortunate , the parents died in their childhood.  At that time Jaidev was a small boy.Others described the parents' death as a shock to their lives, but Jaydev considered this trauma to be a path of devotion to God, and loved his disinterestedness and gave his life the direction for which great learned people yearn for.

Krishna name used to be on his lips as a recluse.  By applying love to Jagannath ji, he reached the Purushottam region where the glory of Jagannath ji was spread everywhere.
When the journey of Jagannathji started, devotees and Krishna devotees used to come from far and wide.
 Jaidev had studied in learned Brahmin's ashram in Purushottam region itself and now that area had become the center of his devotion.
He was a recluse too. Apart from a kamandal and some old clothes, the harmony of Krishnadhara was his treasure.

 Used to sit under a tree and pray to his friend God.  Jagannath ji was very happy with this devotee's sumiran(devotion). 

 In Sri Jagannath Puri, a Brahmin named Sudev was a devotee of Lord Sreejgannath. He had no children, that Brahmin prayed to Shri Jagannath ji that if I will be getting childrens, then the first child I will offer to you. After some time, he had a daughter and when she was twelve years for able to marry , that Brahmin brought that girl (Padmavati) to the temple of Sreejgannath and prayed, O Lord! I have brought this girl to gift you as per my promise.
At the same time, Shri Jagannath ji ordered that at this time devotees named Param Rasik Jayadev are staying in Puri, so go with her it now and offer it to him and tell him that Jagannath ji has given such orders.

On getting the permission of God, that Brahmin went there in the forest, where Kaviraj devotee Shri Jayadev Ji was sitting and said to him - O Maharaj! You take this my girl in your service as a wife, Jagannath ji has given such a order.

Jaidev ji said - Left the things about Jagannath ji, if he also keeps thousands of women in service, then it is his glory, he is capable. But if I will have a woman is the just like the weight of the mountain. So now you return from here with the girl.

He is not even obeying the orders of God, seeing that the Brahmin was irritated and said to his girl - I have the greatly honorable of Jagannath ji, I can never avoid him.You are stay close to him .

Shri Jaydev ji got tired by explaining many types of things, but that Brahmin did not agree and went away unhappy. Then Jaydev ji started thinking very heavily. Then he said to the girl of that Brahmin - you should think well in your mind what is your own duty? What should be kind of husband about to you ?

Hearing this, the girl bow her hands and said that whether there is happiness or sorrow, I have sacrificed this body on you.

Shri Jaydev ji was pleased to hear the soulful determination of Shri Padmavati. He thought that it seems that it is Lord Jagannath's wish and then he mixed his desire in the will of God.

The marriage of Shri Jaydev Ji and Shri Padmavati Ji was completed . Made a hut for life subsistence. Now, roofing was on head, then they an idol of Lord Shyam Sundar was placed in it to serve.

When God himself wrote the verse completely with his own hands


Shree Jayadeva was a loving devotee of Lord Krishna. Sri Krishna used to take love in his heart. Fueled by the same love, you started writing a book called 'Geet-Govind' like Amrit-Ras.

One day in such a situation, Jaydev ownself, Lord Krishna will hold the feet of Shrimati Radha-Rani, could not dare to write this thing.

You went to bathe in the river in the same turmoil. Seeing you going to bath, Lord Krishna himself, as Jayadev ji started entering your house.
His wife saw Jaydev ji coming in so quickly and said - 'You had just gone to take a bath, and how did you come back so soon?'

Lord Shri Krishna in the form of Jayadeva replied - 'One thing came to mind while going. Later, I should not forget, so I came to write.

Lord Shri Krishna in the form of Jayadeva went inside, completed that verse by writing 'Dehi pad pallavamudaranm' --- on those written pages.
Lord Krishna, who came out of the room as Jayadeva, said - 'Well, I am very hungry. have something to eat ? '
 Shrimati Padmavati ji laid a pedestal, made him sit and offered decorated Thakurji's bhog in front of him. Lord form Jayadev started eating it . After some time, washing hands, went to rest inside.

Shrimati Padmavati ji was just sitting to get the Prasad left by her husband that someone knocked on the door. When she got up and opened the door, she saw Jayadev standing. She said with great surprise - 'Now you came from the bath, wrote something, ate prasad , went inside for rest ---------- I have some doubt about who he was and who you are ?

The supreme devotee Jaydev ji understood everything. He quickly went inside the house. All his attention was towards the unfinished verse which she had left half written. He opened own book and started seeing the divine letters. Thrilled, he and his heart swell in love. The teardrops started flowing through his eyes. He told own wife - 'I did not come earlier, Shri Krishna came in my form and he completed that verse. You are blessed, your life is meaningful. You saw Shri Krishna and he got food with your hands.

"Oh Devi !" He exclaimed with exuberance from Padmavati, saying: "I am blessed today that I got a Mahabhaga(luckiest) like you and a great worshiper of Krishna as a wife.

You had directly seen Lord Krishna, who had come to overcome the dilemma of my unfortunate person. ”Padmavati was both also surprised and very happy. Now she understood the secret of the smile that enchanted the trilok(world). She began to consider herself blessed.
And thus Jayadev's "Geetgovindam" was completed. In a short time, Gitagovindam became very famous and popular. The lyrics of Geetgovindam were coming out from the mouth of each devotee.
One day when Satvik Ram who was the king of Puri, reached the darshan of Lord Jagannath in the evening, his anger was not limited to seeing that the clothes of the god were torn also there were thorns in his costumes and the dust on the Lord's shrimukh(face).
He considered it a crime of the temple priest and called him .
"Pujari ji , do you worship here or hypocrisy?" Look at Lord Jagannath. His costumes is torn and the also thorns are set to dust. "Satvik Ram roared with anger:" What are you here for? "
"Your Majesty here it was all efficient at some time ago."
"You are also lying. This condition occurs in some time. You have committed an unforgivable crime, you must be punished.
The pujari ji started getting sad due to his innocence.

 "Stop, Rajan!" Then the voice came out from the lips of the idol of Lord Jagannath, "There is no fault of his." This condition of mine has happened because of me.

Shortly before, the pujari ji had dressed me and even bathed me, but when I heard a beautiful melodious voice, I could not stop myself. When I reached near the voice, a girl was singing a verse in a garden.
I kept listening to the verses following her, then my clothes must have got tangled in the tree. I found those verses very sweet Rajan. "
" Lord, O Lord of the world, what are the verses that you much like this, you left the temple and reached the bushes and gardens?" The king pleaded: "Tell us also Nath."
"Dhir Sameer Yamuna Tire, Vasati Vane Vanvari". This is the Ashtapadi of Jaidev ji's Geetgovindam ." The pujari ji told the king.

Pujari ji , now in the temple will have a regular recitation of Geetgovind." The king ordered and from that day onwards there is a recitation of Geetgovind in the temple.

Jagannath's love for Jaydev was more. Once in the winter season Jaidev ji was making the shed of his hut. Padmavati was giving the pallet standing below them.
When a lot of time was spent, then Padmavati remembered to cook food. Padmavati went to the kitchen. Jaidev started working alone. But he was meditative and engrossed in work.
Radhamadhav felt pity for Jaydev hard work, and he himself came there and started giving the pallet. Jayadev was so engrossed in the attention of his beloved that he could not even realize that now Jagatbihari himself is giving pallet him in place of Padmavati.
Finally the work was over and he came down. Then he saw that Padmavati was not there. There was also no any other person . When he reached inside in hut was surprise, he saw Padmavati preparing food in the kitchen.

He had a curious awakening in his heart and when he reached in front of the idol of Radhamadhav, he saw that Rasbihari had soot in his hands. It was decided that Radhamadhav himself was the one who giving pallet them.

This was a unique example of love and faith. Jaydev ji's fame started spreading far and wide. People started calling him a true devotee .Krishna was settled in the heart of Jaydev ji's heart and on the strength of this belief, he decided to celebrate Radhamadhava's celebration in his hut and started a padyatra(walking tour) to collect wealth .
Wherever he went, there would be a crowd of people and all would give him wealth according to their reverence.

One day some bandits surrounded him in the forest and snatched all the collected wealth from him and throw him in a well. The wicked bandits had also cut their hands and feet.

Jaidev was reciting 'Krishna-Krishna' lying in a well being helpless . Neither did he feel pain nor fear of death.

 How could Banke Bihari be alienated from his devotee? When a devotee is in trouble, God too becomes distraught!

 At the same time, there was a king's ride had come to hunt in that forest.
A follower of the king heard the sound of Krishna-Krishna coming from the well and told the king. Immediately by the king's orders, Jayadeva was taken out.
Jayadeva was got unconscious by the excess of pain. A follower identified him and tells the king that he is bhakta shiromani Jayadeva.

The king brought him to the palace and got treatment. Jaydev ji recovers and asks the king to leave. But the king persuaded him to stay there and invited his wife Padmavati there too.
The queen herself presented got ready to serve Padmavati. One day a conversation was taking place between Rani and Padmavati. "After my brother's death, my sister-in-law was became sati with him." Queen said.
"This is the tradition of love." Padmavati spontaneously said: "This is the dharma (religion) of one suhagan(married women) and this is her salvation."
.The queen make a plan to test Padmavati and one day sent Jayadeva to the garden with the king and according to the plan, a maid came to the palace and told her.
."Maharani ji "Mahatma Jayadev" was died . Maid said. The queen started crying. Padmavati was also there. She was understanding all but giving the test is also the work of the devotee. So she gave up her life at that moment.
The queen was shocked and called the king all story . The king was saddened by this act of his queen, he began to end his life by believing ownself guilty.
When Jaydev ji heard this news, he explained it to the king and finally singing the Ashtapadi of Geetgovind, then Padmavati became alive.

All male and female including the king bowed down to that miracle. The king's life was saved, so Padmavati took the command of her husband and gave up breathing again at that moment.

After some time Jaidev came to his village Kenduli. Despite old age and limbless, he used to go to the Ganges bath 5 miles away every day.
The Lord had immense compassion on his devotee and the holy stream of Ganga Maiya flowed near Jaydev Ji's hut. This stream became famous as Jayadevi Ganga.

Jaydev, believing in the law of life and death, left the body in Kenduli and went to Goloka.

Even today, Makar Sankranti of Magha is held a huge fair there and thousands of Vaishnavite devotees take a bath in the Jaidevi Ganga and sing the song Gitagovind.
Bhakta Shiromani Krishna lover Jayadev is alive in today people's memories after the death.

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