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When you wake up then morning

When you wake up then morning ....... ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

 A fakir used to meditate under a tree.

 He used to see a woodcutter cutting wood every day.

 One day he told the woodcutter that listen brother, you cuts wood all day long, even cannot get two times bread.

Why don't you go ahead, there is a forest of sandalwood ahead. One day will bite, seven days will be enough to eat.
 The poor woodcutter could not believe it, because he thought that who knows the forest as much as he knows! Life has spent in the the forest by cutting of woods.
 This fakir sits here under the tree, what will he know? Did not feel like accepting, but then thought what is the harm,

Who knows, you are right! Then why would he even lie? Looks like a very pleasant , a cool guy. Never even spoken before. It is important to try it once.
 Believing the words of the fakir, he went ahead. When he returned, placed his head at the feet of the fakir and said that I am sorry, I had a lot of doubt in my mind, because I used to think who knows more wood than me.
 But I did not know the sandalwood. My father was also a woodcutter, his father was also a woodcutter. We spent the same life cutting and chopping wood,


What do we know about sandalwood, what is the identity of sandalwood! Even if we had got sandalwood, we would have cut and sold it like this in the market. You showed identity, you smelled, you tested.
 How unfortunate am I too! I wish I had known earlier! The fakir said don't worry, it's only early when you know. Only when awake is morning The days began to reap in great fun.

One day would have been cut, seven - eight days, ten days there is no need to come to the forest. One day the fakir said; My brother, I used to think that you will have some intelligence.
 Throughout the life you kept chopping wood, did not go ahead; You never got the question that anything can happen in front of this sandalwood?
 he said; I did not even question it. Is there anything beyond sandalwood?
 The fakir said: If you go ahead with sandalwood, then there is a silver mine and stop cutting wood-sticks. Will bring one day, it has been done for two to four months.

Now he started trusting the fakir. Ran without doubt. Silver got his hands on, so what to say! Silver was silver! It would be missing for four-six months. One day it would come, then it would be missing.
 But the mind of man is so foolish that even then he did not think that anything else could happen. The fakir said one day that you will never wake up whether I have to wake you up.
 The gold mine ahead is stupid! You do not have any questions, curiosity, issues free from your side to look at?
 Now six months is cool, there is no work at home, it is free. Just looking forward in the forest, see if it does not come into consideration?

He said that I am also retarded, I did not think of it, I thought silver, it was just the last thing, what will happen now?
 The poor had never seen or heard the gold. The fakir said, a little further is the gold mine. And this is how the story goes. Then there is a diamond mine. And this is how the story goes.
 And one day the fakir said that mindless, now you stop on diamonds? Now that woodcutter also got a big swag, had become very rich, had erected the palace. He said leave now, do not disturb me now. Now what can happen next to diamonds?

The fakir said, "I am in front of diamonds. You have never thought that this man is sitting here cool,
 Who knows the diamond mine, it is not filling diamonds, it must have got something further! Will it have anything beyond diamonds, you never got this question?
 The man started crying. Slammed the head at the feet of the fakir. Said how stupid I am, I do not know this question. I remember when you tell.

This thought could not come in my births. That you have more wealth than diamonds. The fakir said: The name of that wealth is meditation. Now you have a lot of money, now there is no need for money. Now dig your inner mine, which is at the forefront.
 This is what I tell you: further, and further. Have to go on the go. Do not stop until all the experiences have calmed down.

As long as the experience of God is there, understanding is present, duality exists, observer and scene are present.
 Nirvikalpa samadhi when that experience also goes away. Then there was not only the scene left, nor the seer left, no one left.

 One is silence, one is zero. And in that void burns the lamp of perception. Just mindful! He is the ultimate. That is the supreme condition, that is supreme condition, that is samadhi.

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