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True devotion

True devotion

A beautiful story....... 

 There was a Pandit, he always went from house to house reciting the Bhagavad Gita. Once upon a time, one day a thief caught him and said, "Give me everything you have, Panditji listen to him." They started saying son, I have nothing, but you can do one thing. I use to read the Bhagavad Gita here at near in the house.

Those who are Yajmaan there are very generous, when I will narrating the story to them there, then you go to their house and take whatever you want. The thief liked this suggestion and also agreed to the pundit.

The next day when Panditji was narrating the story of that Yajaman, that thief also came there. At that time, Panditji was saying in the legend that miles away from here there is a village named Vrindavan, there lives a boy, whose name is Kanhaiya, he is always laden with jewels and gemstones , if anyone wants to rob him easily Can rob him, because he comes under a peepal tree in the village every night.

There is a hugely dense bunch of shrubs. The thief heard this and there was a greed in his mind that why not rob the child who has so much jewelery and happily he went from there to Vrindavan! The thief first went to his house and said to his wife that today I am going to rob a child named Kanhaiya. For eating tie something for me on the way, his wife tied him to Sattu and she started saying This is only what it is.

Listening to his wife, the thief took a pledge from the house that I will not come until I loot that Kanhaiya, take this pledge, that thief walked on foot to Vrindavan, that thief is only memorized Kanha's name all the way. Thinking about Kanha, he went on walking; when he reached Vrindavan in the evening the next day, he began to find the place that that Panditji had told!

The thief reached that place while searching and started thinking that if I stand like this and wait for that Kanhaiya, definitely he will run away after seeing me. And it would be pointless for me to come here, thinking he went into the bushes and cuddled, as soon as he went into the bushes, thorns of bushes started pricking him! And due to pain from his mouth, Kanhaiya's name came out, the thief's body started bleeding and only Kanhaiya's name started coming on the tongue, that thief started saying and come Kanhaiya come Kanhaiya.

Kanha ji could not see the condition of his devotee and could not see the sufferings of his devotee and God went to the thief to rob everything!

As soon as Lord Kanha ji came to see him, the thief came out of the bushes and he caught Kanha and said, Kanhaiya, because of you I had to bear so much pain! My blood comes out in your waiting, now I will not leave you, see that I have a weapon in my hand, give me all your jewelery. After listening to the thief God started laughing loudly and gave all his jewelery to that thief.

When the thief returned from Vrindavan to his village the next day, the thief first went to the Pandit ji who was narrating the story of that Yajaman, and half of all the jewels he had stolen and brought with him to the Panditji. He fell at the feet of Pandit. Seeing this, the Pandits were also surprised and started asking what is this, then he started saying thief. Panditji, the Kanhaiya, whose address you told me, did  go there and I have coming to rob the Kanha, you told me that I am giving you a part for this.

Pandit could not believe this! And the pundits started saying that I am doing worship here from many year and till today I have not got Kanha ji and where can a sinner like you get Kanha. The thief started saying that Panditji is true that all these jewelery belong to the truely Kanhaiya. On saying this, the pundits started saying that if this is the true in case then I will also walk with you and see what Kanha looks like, and both of them left for Vrindavan. !

As soon as he reached Vrindavan, the thief said Panditji come hide with me here, Panditji hide with that thief on the same bushes and both their bodies started bleeding. And just come to Kanha from the mouth, Kanha, come out. God again reached again and both the thief and the pundit came out from the bushes! Panditji saw that there were tears in his eyes and he started crying bitterly. And began to speak at the feet of the thief, whom he had been longing to see, who has been robbing people till date, you have robbed him today, you are blessed, today I have seen Kanha because of you.

 There should be a thirst for devotion, God himself definitely comes in some form.

 !!Jai Jai Shree Radhe!!

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