Tuesday, December 24, 2019

True Bliss

* --------------- True Bliss ------------------ *

 A beggar went to beg a farmer's house,

 The woman of the farmer was in the house, she made bread of gram.

 The farmer came, he kissed the face of his children, the woman washed their hands and feet, he sat down to eat bread.

The woman put a handful of gram beggar, the beggar walked away with gram.
 On the way, he started thinking: "Do we have any life?" Walk around asking like a dog all day, then have to make it ourselves.
 Look at this farmer, what a beautiful house, there is wife, children in the house. Produces food on its own, loves food with children, in fact it is a happy farmer.

Here the farmer used to eat bread and said to his woman: -
 “The Neela bull has become very old, now he does not work in any way, if I gets a few rupees from the any where then this year will work.
 I will go to Sadhoram Mahajan, he will give me money on interest. "
 After taking food, he went to Sadhoram Mahajan, after pleading for very long. After then Saadho was agree to pay money for own condition on behalf of 1 rupee interest rate at per 100 rupee.

From an iron vault, Sadhoram took out a bag and counted it and gave the money to the farmer.
 The farmer walked to his house with money, he started thinking on the way- "We are also some man. Not even cash Rs. 5 in the house. On requesting how much he gave the money.
  Sadhoram he how is rich, has hundreds of rupees on him. He is really a happy man.
 Sadhoram used to do a small shop, he used to bring clothes from a big shop and sell it.
 The next day Sadhoram went to get clothes, took clothes from Seth Prithvi Chand's shop there.

He was sitting there in such a that time, many telegram came some from Bombay, some from Calcutta, some had written 5 lakhs profit, some one lakhs.
 Sadho Mahajan kept watching all this, he went with the cloth.
 On the way, he started thinking, "We too are some men, a hundred and two hundred rupee joined then we are called Mahajan."
 How is Prithvi Chand, the benefit of millions in a day "he is really happy."
 On the other hand, Prithvi Chand was sitting in the house. At same time a telegram was come that there was a loss of 5 lakhs. They were worried that the servant said: -
 Today there is a feast at Raybahadur Seth home, you have to go. The motor is ready. ”Prithvi Chand boarded the motor and went to Raibhadur’s bungalow.

There were gold and silver chairs lying there, the Collector-the Commissioner was shaking hands with Raibahadur, bigs Seth was standing,
 Who asked Prithvi Chand Seth there, he also sat in a chair.
 Many Lat Sahab(Land Lord's) came, shaking hands with Raibahadur, drank tea with him and went away.
 Prithvi Chand was returning in his motor, thinking on the way, we too are afraid of loss of 5 lakhs, how saucy of Raibahadur is there. Many Lat saheb
shake hand with him. Really Raibahadur is happy person.

Now here after leaving guests , Raibahadur got a headache,  biger to biger doctor came in a room.
 Many telegram had come together for losses, he also worried, remembered the business, theywere worried… They looked out of the window and saw a beggar going in his fun with a stick in his hand. .
 Raibahadur saw him and said: "he is really happy, it does not worry about loss nor profit, it does not even have to give the party to Lat Saheb. That's he is happy.

 * The meaning of telling this story is so much, that we consider each other happy. Who really is happy knows only those who have inner peace.

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