Monday, December 9, 2019

This time will also go away

This time will also go away

Once pleased with the service of a king, a monk gave him an amulet and said that Rajan should put it around his neck and in such a situation in life that when you think that all is going to end now, the whirlpool of trouble. I can get myself trapped, there is no ray of light, there is despair and frustration everywhere, then you open this talisman and read the paper kept in it, not before that!

The king wore that talisman around his neck! Once the king went to the dense forest to hunt with his soldiers! Chasing a lion, the king broke away from his troops and  entered the enemy king's border, a dense forest and dusk, when the sound of the horses from some enemy soldiers came to the king and he also stopped his horse. Applied, the king in front and the enemy soldiers behind behind! The king could not escape from those soldiers even after running too far! Hungry with thirst, the king saw a cave in the midst of dense trees, he immediately hid himself and the horse under the guise of that cave! And sitting holding his breath, the sound of the feet of the enemy's horses slowly came near.

The lonely king, surrounded by enemies, saw his end, he felt that in just a few moments the enemies would capture him and kill him! He was disappointed with his life, his hand went to his talisman and he remembered the monk! He immediately opened the talisman, took out the paper and read it! It was written on that slip - "This time will also go away"

The king suddenly saw a ray of light in the dark darkness, drowning as if he had any support! He suddenly felt an inexplicable peace in his soul! He felt that even this dreadful time would be cut, then why should I be worried! Faithful to his lord and to himself he said to himself that yes, this too will be go away.

And the same thing happened, as the sound of the feet of the enemy's horses started to go away, after some time there was peace! The king came out of the cave at night and somehow returned to his kingdom!

Friends, this is not just the story of a king, this is the story of all of us! We all get so caught up in the pressure of circumstances, work, stress that we don't understand anything, our fear starts to dominate us, some way, The solution does not seem to be very far away, it seems that the all over ends now, right?

When this happens, sit for 2 minutes peacefully, take a deep breath! Remember your adorable and say aloud to yourself - it will also be cut! You will feel like magic, and you will feel the power to overcome that situation in yourself.

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