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|| Shri Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga ||

|| Shri Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga ||

 This story is told about its establishment - Once Rakshasraj Ravana went to the Himalayas to do austerities to get darshan of Lord Shiva.

He cut off his head one by one and started offering it to Shivalinga. Thus he cut off his nine heads and offered them there. When he was ready to cut his tenth and final head, Lord Shiva appeared in front of him, very pleased and satisfied. Holding the hand of Ravana, who was trying to cut the head, they stopped him from doing so. He also added his nine heads as before and, being very happy, asked him to ask for the boons.

Ravana, as a boon , asked Lord Shiva permission to take that Shivling to his capital Lanka. Lord Shiva gave him this boon but also imposed a condition with him. He said, you can take Shivling but if you place it somewhere on the way, then it will become immovable there, you will not be able to lift it again.

Ravana accepted this and picked up the Shivling and left for Lanka. On the way, he felt the need to toilet  in journey . He held the Shivling in the hands of an aheer (Lord Ganesha) and went for freeing toilet problem . That Ahir felt the weight of Shivling too much and he could not handle it. Forced, he placed the Shivling on the ground.

When Ravana came back, even after trying hard, he could not lift the Shivling in any way. Finally, after getting tired, after making a mark of his thumb on that holy Shivling, he left it there and returned to Lanka. After that the gods like Brahma, Vishnu etc. came there and worshiped that Shiva Linga. In this way, they returned to their respective dhams(destination) by doing his honor there. This Jyotirlinga is known as 'Shri Vaidyanath'.

This ShriVaidyanath-Jyotirlinga is about to give eternal results . It is eleven fingers high. It has a thumb-shaped girdle on top of it. It is said that this is the mark that Ravana made from his thumb. There is a law to offer water to pilgrims from far and wide. The glory of this Jyotirlinga is very famous for the cure of disease.

It is told in the Puranas that a person who visits this Jyotirlinga gets rid of all his sins. The grace of Lord Shiva remains on him forever. The physical, divine, physical troubles do not come to him, by the grace of Lord Shankar, they gets rid of all obstacles and all diseases. They attains the ultimate peaceful Shivdham.

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