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|| Shri Omkareshwar-Shri Mamaleshwar Jyotirlinga ||

|| Shri Omkareshwar-Shri Mamaleshwar Jyotirlinga ||

 This Jyotirlinga is situated on the banks of the holy Narmada River in Madhya Pradesh. At this place, Narmada has split into two streams, forming an island in the middle. This island is called Mandhata-Parvat or Shivpuri. A stream of river flows north and south of this mountain.
The south current is considered the main stream. The temple of Shri Omkareshwar-Jyotirlinga is situated on this Mandhata-Parvat. In the past, Maharaj Mandhata pleased Lord Shiva with his penance on this mountain. This is why this mountain came to be called Mandhata-Parvat.

Within this Jyotirlinga-temple one has to go through two chambers. Due to being dark inside, the light keeps on burning here. Omkareshwar Linga is not man-made. Nature itself has created it. There is always water around it. The entire Mandhata-Parvat is considered to be the form of Lord Shiva. That is why it is also called Shivpuri. People revolve around it devotionally.
Located on the banks of river Narmada.  At this place, Narmada has split into two streams, forming an island in the middle.  This island is called Mandhata-Parvat or Shivpuri.  One stream of the river flows north and the other south.

A very heavy fair is held here on the day of Kartiki Purnima. Here people offer gram lentils (Chana daal) to Lord Shiva, the Shiva Aarti of the night is celebrated with great grandeur. Pilgrims must visit it.
There are two forms of this Omkareshwar-Jyotling. One is known as Mamaleshwar. It is a short distance away from Omkareshwar on the south bank of the Narmada, despite being separated, both are calculated in one.

The story of the Linga having two forms is given in the Puranas in this way - Once Vindhyaparvat worshiped Lord Shiva for six months with Parthiv-Archana. Pleased with his worship, the lord Shankaraji appeared there. He gave Vindhya his desired  boon . On the occasion of this boon achievement of Vindhyachal, many sages and sages also appeared there. On his prayer, Shivji performed two parts of his linga called Omkareshwar. One was named Omkareshwar and the other was Amaleshwar. Even though the place and temple of both linga are separated, the power and nature of both have been considered the same.

The glory of this Jyotirlinga is described in detail in Shivpuran. The sacred result of Narmada-Snan is also described, showing the virtue of the philosophy of Shri Omkareshwar and Shri Mamaleshwar. Every human being must visit this region. The attainment of both cosmic and otherworldly gains is easily achieved by the grace of Lord Omkareshwar. All means of wealths , dharma , kama , salvation become readily accessible to him. Eventually he also attains the supreme abode of Lokeshwar Mahadev, Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva is going to bless the devotees without any reason. Then what is to be said about the fortunes of those who come here and see them? All the best virtuous paths are opened to them forever.

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