Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Shri Krishna belongs to everyone

Shri Krishna belongs to everyone

Thakur Shri Krishna belongs to everyone - he has read this, heard it; But what have we ever wondered what it means? This means that they are also within everyone, they all have their own and they are the ones who are truly "everybody" that they can also be found. Till date, everyone has enjoyed the world, but has not found it, but how many have found Thakur, how many are getting and how many will be able to get by the grace of Shri Radha Rani.

Shree Shukdev Ji Maharaj says - Rajan! This is what Lord Shankar is saying to Lord Prabhu in the middle of the battle field today.

 Bholenath is saying - Lord! You are the soul, beloved and God of all beings. The person who leaves you  and wanders after them with happiness in unnatural, sorrowful and trivial matters, is so foolish that he is drinking poison leaving nectar.
I, Brahma, all the gods and sages with a pure heart are your refuge in all ways and in all the best processes. Because * you are the soul, love and God of us. *

Brothers! It is irrefutable truth that lord is seated partly within everyone, whether it is man or animal and birds and see the biggest thing, is equally within everyone, ie the portion is in an ant, the same is in Brahma ji. , * There is no difference in the presence of the heart of the Lord, if there is a difference, then it is in this matter whether we have known whether we are within us, whether we have experienced this or not that we are not the operators of this body. J The one who experienced this, as if he understood the self-essence.

So here Lord Shankar is saying - God! You are in all of us, that's why we are alive, and * the ultimate purpose of my survival is in my understanding that after getting this body in any way by your grace, your hymn will be made, otherwise the human body can enjoy it even after drinking If this organism is lying there, it is like drinking poison in a pot of gold. *

Brothers! Lord Shankar's intention is to say that if we have got a human body, then in the world we will be able to discharge the deeds given by the Lord in a fruitless way, seeing the Lord in all, serving him with God, Bhajan. Live a divine and blissful life while doing, * This is the matter of ultimate welfare after attaining human life. *

Lord Shankar finally says - Lord! All this creation is your refuge, even if the creature does not accept it due to its pride, but it is a toy in your hand. You are the one sitting spiritually inside everyone, manifestly loved by everyone who cares for everyone and is the God of creation. Who will be as compassionate as you, Nath? Everyone who has your support and you play that support well.

 Hare Krishna..

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