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Devotees and love of God

(A Beautiful Story - Love of Shri Krishna and Vidur) 

Lord Sri Krishna went to the Kaurava assembly as the peacekeeper of the Pandavas to save the world from the war of Mahabharata.

There, he proposed to provide 5 villages to the Pandavas, but did not consider Duryodhana, but instead started boasting, Prabhu is also a leeladhari, showing him great form who they are and then when Duryodhana requested Lord Prabhu ! Come, have a meal, then Lord Shreekrishna telling them the three conditions of food (feeling, effect and absence) and rejecting that meal.

After telling this the Lord decided to go to the house of his uncle-aunt Mr. Vidur and Mrs. Vidurani, who had been waiting for many years.

From the day Shri Vidur Vidurani saw Thakur for the first time (after the appearance of the Lord), she wished that he would come home one day.

Today it is as if God has run to give the results of a lifetime of penance to both of them.


It is early morning, Shri Vidur ji Maharaj, who laid down his life waiting for the Lord to come home, is not at home today, while the Lord is coming.
 Vidurani is taking bath.


God knocked on the door and said: Aunty! O aunty!
 (See, His compassion Nirgun Brahm is today connecting himself with his devotees and see the good fortune of Shri Vidurani ji. Lord himself is standing at the door waiting to see if  open the door then I can enter. That Shri Krishna  whose dhama(Residence) in there are many place where the incoming gods also lose while waiting for his darshan, today Shreekrishna are standing by the door of Vidurani.)


Mrs. Vidurani ji ran on hearing Lord's voice and opens the door without wearing any clothes.
 Did she see that Srikrishna, aged 75 years, is still looking like a young teenager of 16 years. What a beautiful look he has ... curly hair, earrings in earlobes, armlet in hands , necklaces, golden crowns on foreheads, sweet smile on his face, anklets at the feet,  Shyam Sunder who is wearing yellow peetamber,now he is standing at my door today.


Today, as if she coming without clothes, Vidurani's mother gave the proof that this physical body has no importance in the union of Jiva-Shiva. But by obeying the dignity of the woman, the Lord immediately put his yellow Pitamber on Vidurani.
 It is as if the fire of seperation has found its calm today, the lover has met the beloved.
 Mother brought the Lord inside by holding the finger.

Breathing is fast, arms and legs are inactive, tears are shedding in the eyes, bliss is not able to dissolve in the body, blood is running fast in the veins of the body, she has lost consciousness of what to do. ??
 Where should I sit them,what should I feed it or sit and say my mind and listen to them.


Devlok is watching all with compassionate vision and is not tired of appreciating the good fortune of Shri Vidur-Vidurani.


Now when little consciousness arose Vidurani said: Lala! I kept waiting for you every day, always kept refreshing butter, kept looking at you, laying eyelids, I and your uncle kept standing at the door every day and saw that the Dwarikadish must come today, but you have not come.


Today I have not even removed the butter and you have come, what will I feed my heart now.
 Prabhu said: Kaki, whatever is in the house… bring only , why do you think so much.
 Vidurani went and had only bananas in the house to offer to him , she started feeding Thakur and has forgotten senses herself so much that she is feeding with the peels except left the original part. And see Kanha too that he too is in love ..They are eating those peels with pleasure.
 Mother even laid the stall upside down to sit, but look at the ease of those God that they sat at the same stall without saying anything.

In this way Vidurji Maharaj came from the market and said: Kanhaiya! you ! Just then the word did not come on the mouth . He behold with a glance as if the poor had got the wealth of a lifetime.


When the consciousness returned, he said to Vidurani: Why is feeding him the peels, his hands started stopping, then the Lord grabbed Vidurji's hand and said Kaka! The joy that I do not find in food made from palace. Then the peels that Kaki is giving today - I am getting that pleasure, do not stop them.


It is only meant to say that God has assured this creature that I will come, I will meet! But when I will meet, how I will meet and how long I will meet .. It is not told, but it is sure that they will definitely meet their dear devotees .. !!

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