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karma result must will be suffer

karma result must will be suffer

 A king was very devout, judicious and a devotee of God. He built Thakurji's temple and appointed a Brahmin as his priest. That Brahmin was very virtuous, righteous and contented. He never pleaded with the king, the king was also very pleased with his nature. Twenty years passed while worshiping him in the king's temple. He never asked any question to the king.

A boy was born to the king. The king made him a scholar by teaching and when he grew up, married him with a beautiful Rajakanya. He  got married and brought Rajakanya to her palace, the Princess didn't sleep that night . When she came walking around here and there. when she came near her husband's bed, what did she see that there was a sword with handel and in attached to the diamonds and jewels.
When that Rajakanya took the sword out of the sheath to see it, she was frightened to see the sharp-edged and light-edged sword and in fear, the sword fell from her hand and went to the prince's neck. The prince was beheaded and died.

Rajakanya started mourning her husband very much. He prayed to God that 'Lord! How did I suddenly commit this sin? My husband died at my hands. You know, but I will not tell the truth in the meeting, because it will stigma my parents and in-laws and no one will believe it.
In the morning when the priest came to bathe on the well, Rajakanya started mourning after seeing him and said: "My husband was killed by anybody ." People gathered and Raja Saheb came and asked: "Who has killed?"
She started saying: "I don't know who it was. But I saw him going to Thakurji's temple" Everyone including the king came to Thakurji's temple and saw the Brahmin worshiping him.
 They caught him and asked: "Why did you kill the prince?"

The Brahmin said: "I have not killed the prince. I have not even seen his palace. God witnesses in this. It is not right to blame anyone without looking at them."
Nobody would listen to a Brahmin. When someone said something, someone said something… The King used to think again and again that this Brahmin is innocent but at the behest of many, the king said to the Brahmin:
 "I do not give you death, but the hand with which you have killed my son with the sword, I order your hand to be cut off."
Saying this, the king used to got Brahmin hand cut off. At this the Brahmin was deeply saddened and felt the king unrighteous and left the country and went abroad. There he began to search that if a scholar finds an astrologer, then  I should ask him to the what is reason for cutting off my hand without any crime.

Someone told him that a scholar astrologer lives in Kashi. Then he reached their house. When the astrologer went out somewhere, he asked his wife: "Mother, where has your husband Jyotishiji Maharaj gone?
Then the woman said unqualified, unbearable misbehavior from her mouth, which the Brahmin was shocked to hear and said in his heart that "I had come to ask the reason for cutting my hand, but now then firstly I will ask him own situation. "
At a time astrologers came. As soon as he entered the house, his wife disrespected him by saying many misdeeds. But the astrologer kept quiet and did not say anything to his woman. After that he sat on his throne. Seeing the Brahmin, the astrologer said to him: "Say, Brahmin deity! How did you come?"

"I came to ask about myself, but first you tell us your situation, why does your wife despise you so much with her tongue? Which is the reason for not being tolerated by anyone and how you can bear it?"
"It is not my wife , it is my karma. Whoever you see in the world, that is, brother, son, disciple, father, guru, relatives - whatever is there, everything is your own karma. It is not my woman, it is my karma , And it will not be cut without being bear .

*अवश्यमेव भोक्तव्यं कृतं कर्म शुभाशुभम्। नाभुक्तं क्षीयते कर्म कल्पकोटिशतेरपि॥*

* Avashyameva Bhoktavyam Krita Karma Shubhashubham. Nabhuktam kshyate karma kalpkotishterapi *


'Whatever your good deeds and bad deeds are done, one must will surely get . Without suffering, karma cannot be avoided even after passing hundreds-crores of kalpas. That is why I am enjoying my karma happily and do not even complain about my woman, so that the results of this karma is not to be suffered any further. "

"Maharaj! What deed was you do?"

 "Listen, I was a crow in my previous life and my woman was a donkey. She had a boil on its back, it was very sad due to the pain of the boil and also became weak, there were insects in the boil which I had to beak to eat then used to  eat. When it used to jump due to pain, it finally got plagued and went into the forest ten-twelve miles away from the village. Even after seeing it, I hit a loud beak on its back and my beak was sting in its bone.

She made several attempts at this, yet the beak was not missed. I also tried hard to get the beak out but it did not come out. "This wicked one will leave me out of fear of water." Thinking like this, she entered Gangaji, but I could not get out my beak even there. Eventually we entered a large stream. Due to the fast flow of Gangaji , both of us were swept away and died in between. Then with the influence of Ganga ji, she became a Brahmin and I became a great astrologer.
Now she became my wife . Which will make me sad for a few days and she hurt me by abusing own mouth but I did not hit the beak to hurt it, so her thought will be fine. I will continue to bear the result of my past actions. I do not blame it because It is the result of deeds done. So I remain calm and am waiting that at times it will be good in nature !! Now ask your question? "

The Brahmin told all his news and asked: "Why did the unrighteous sinner king cut the my hand. ?"whereas I was innocent.
 Astrologer: "The king did not cut your hand, your karma has cut your hand."

"which type ?"

 "In the previous birth you were an ascetic and Rajakanya was a cow and a prince was a butcher. When the butcher started killing the cow, the helpless cow for saving her life  ran into the forest in front of you. The butcher came from behind and asked you" Some cow here is it gone? "
When you pointed your hand to the side where the cow had gone, the butcher went and killed the cow. In the meantime, the lion came from the forest and ate both the cow and the butcher. The butcher got the prince and cow the birth of Rajakanya and that deed done in the previous birth gathered them both for one night.

Because the butcher had killed cow with a long knife ,due the this reason prince's head was cut off an unintentional sword falling at the hands of Rajakanya and he died. In this way, karma was retired by giving its results . The sinful work you did as a gesture of hand has got your hand cut off. Your only fault in this is that of no other, make sure to live happily. "

* How easy knowledge with life! If we accept this karma principle and know it,. Then predestined karma we will not be grieved even while suffering the result of hard to hard extreme deeds, but will be able to maintain our mind's equanimity.

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