Wednesday, December 11, 2019

God is very merciful

God is very merciful

One king had a huge fruit garden. There were different types of fruits in it and a farmer used to look after the garden with his family. The farmer used to go to the palace of the king every day with fresh fruits of the garden *

* One day the farmer saw on the trees that the coconut, guava, pomegranate, and grapes are being prepared , the farmer started thinking which fruits should be offered to the King today, then he felt that he should be ready because he is ready so he filled a basket of grapes  and went to give it to the king! The farmer arrived at the palace, the king was lost in some other thought and also seemed angry, the farmer put a basket of sweet juicy grapes in front of the king as usual and sat a little away, now the king thought of the problems, pick up the grapes in the basket and ate one and throw it on the forehead of the farmer.

* Whenever the king's grape was applied on the forehead or body of the farmer * * The farmer used to say, 'God is very kind'. The king used to throw the grapes again and loudly * The farmer used to say 'God is very kind' *
 * After a while the king realized what he was doing and * * what the response was coming he sat down, he told the farmer, I am hitting you grapes again and again, and these grapes are being get hurts by you. , Yet why are you saying again and again that 'God is very merciful' ***

* The farmer humbly said, Maharaj, coconut, pomegranate and guava were also ready in the plantation today, but I realized why I could bring guava and pomegranate to bring  for you today but I brought grapes. If coconut, pomegranate or big guava were kept in place of grapes, what would be my condition today? That is why I am saying that 'God is very kind' !! *



 * Similarly, God also lifts us out of our many troubles by lightening us, but these are the only inhumans who refuse to do it without blame, why should I do the same, what is my fault, whatever crop today We are reaping it is actually sown by us, then we  not guilty, we will also blame it on someone else, if no one else is found then God is there. *

* If we stand on the ground of reality and see what we have today, then in reality we are not even worth it, but in spite of that my God has given me more than I needed and instead of shrugging it we always blame him Are. But he is our father, our mother, never mind anything, and keeps raining his principles on us. If you look at his tips once, even the whole age will be less.

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