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Story of Shaktipeeth

✨✨********* Story of Shaktipeeth ********* ✨✨

✨ Meaning of Shaktipeeth✨

 Shaktipeeth, Devipeeth or Siddhapeeth provide knowledge of the places where Shakti Rupa is the establishment (abode) of the Goddess. It is believed that these Shaktipeeths are going to give all good fortune to man. Just as Lord Shankar emerged as a stone linga in various pilgrimages for the welfare of human beings, similarly Karunamayi (Compassionate) Devi is also seated in various pilgrimages as in stones form on Shaktipeeths to grace the devotees.

✨Dakshaprajapati had a bad attitude towards Shiva  ✨

 Dakshaprajapati pleased Parambaa Jagadambika after doing austerities for thousands of years and asked him the boon to be born in his daughter form.  With the blessing of Parashakti, Dakshayani was born in the house of Daksaprajapati and the girl was named 'Sati'.  She was married to Lord Shiva.  Daksha's mind awaking against towards Shiva.  That is why Dakshaprajapati invited all the gods in his yajna, but did not invite Shiva.
 Sati wanted to give proper advice to the father due to this mental anguish, but Shiva was not commanding him to go to the father's house because he was not invited.  After somehow she persuaded her husband, Sati reached the place of yajna and started convincing her father.  But Daksha bluntly said - "Shiv is an incompatible form.  You have also become incompatible in his contiguity . '

मया कृतो देवयाग: प्रेतयागो न चैव हि।

देवानां गमनं यत्र तत्र प्रेतविवर्जित:।। (शिवपुराण)

Maya Krito Devayagh Pretayago na chaiv hi.

  Devanam gamanam yatra tatra havivarjith (Shivpuran)

That is, I have done Devyajan , not a phantomyajan. Phantom cannot go where there is movement of gods. Your husband is the lord of ghosts, monsters , vampires, so I have not called him. '
 Mahamaya Sati thought it appropriate to abandon the body associated with that father when the father insulted the husband. It is only by the austerity and worship of the creature that he gets the privilege of giving birth to power, but if ego and pranks arise in the middle, then power breaks the relationship with him. Then he has the same situation as that of Daksha Prajapati.

In anger at the father's disdain, Sati exalted (manifested) her own form of Chhayasati (illusion form) and submerged her Chinmaysawrupa (delightful form) in the fiery flame of the yajna. Lord Shankar became enraged after knowing the news of Sati's entry into the Yagyagni by Shiva's followers and Naradji. He dislodged a jata (bunch of hair) from his head and gave it to the mountain, causing it to split into two part. Bhadrakali appeared from one part and Veerabhadra from the other. Yagya was destroyed by him. All the gods went to Shiva and praised him. Ashutosh Shiva himself reached the place of yajan (Kankhal-Haridwar). Shiva completed the yagna by removing all the obstacles , but seeing Sati's body, he fell in love with her. Although Sati's body was dead, it was the abode of superpower. Lord Shankar of Ardhanarishwar was engaged in that superpower by him. Therefore, because of being fascinated, Shiva could not leave the dead body.

✨  Doing a Tandava dance of Lord Shankar with the dead body of Sati.✨

 The Lord Shankar dancing with Chhayasati dead body,he had sometimes dancing on the head, sometimes in the right hand, sometimes in the left hand, sometimes on the shoulder, and lovingly with the heart, began to dance while trembling the earth with the stroke of his feet - '”Lord Shankar was dancing frantically. Suffering from Shiva's feet, tortoise and Sheshnag began to leave the earth. Due to Shiva's dance, heavy winds started blowing, due to which trees and mountains trembled. There was a catastrophe everywhere. The sages started complaining on the orders of Brahma. The gods were worried about what kind of calamity came. How will this world destroyer Rudra be peaceful?

✨ Lord Vishnuji cursed by Lord Shankar.✨

 Knowing the discus of the world, Gods and Lord Vishnu wanted to free the body of superpower Sati from Shiva. Lord Vishnu made peace of lord Shiva sorrow. Lord Vishnu knew very well the body of Sati is the abode of fascination and eternal powers. Thinking that Shreevishnu had broken Chhayasati body in 51 part by Sudarshan Chakra.
 Lord Shankar cursed Vishnu and said - "In Tretayuga, Vishnu will have to be born in Suryavansha (the Sun Clan) on earth. Just as I had to become a parting of wife , similarly Raksharaj Ravan will kidnap Vishnu's wife and make him disjunctive . Vishnu, like me, will be disturbed by grief. '

✨ Appearance of Shaktipeeths ✨

 Various parts of Sati's dead body and the jewelery worn in them fell at 51 places, making them known as Shaktipeeths. On the part where the parts above the heart of Sati felt , there is accomplishment (fulfillment) of Vedic and Dakshinamaargi, and in the place of degeneration of the organs below the heart there is accomplish fulfillment of vaammaargi.

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