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I laugh at this excuse

🐾I laugh at this excuse

 There was a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

🐾Mother-in-law, Thakur ji daily served with full rules and reverence.

🐾One day in winter season, mother-in-law had to go out of the city due to some reason.

Mother-in-law thought that by taking Thakur ji with him, his service-worship would may not be done on the way.
 Mother-in-law thought that the task of serving Thakur ji will now have to be given to the daughter-in-law, but the daughter-in-law has no idea how to serve Thakur Ji.
 Mother-in-law called the daughter-in-law and explained how to serve Thakur Ji.
 How to shows love to Thakur ji
Mother-in-law explained to the daughter-in-law that I am going on a journey and now you have to do all the work of worshiping Thakur ji.
 Mother-in-law explained to the daughter-in-law and woke up to Thakur Ji in the morning by ringing the bell three times.
 Then offer thakur ji to Mangal bhoga.
 Then Thakur ji got a bath.
 Dressing Thakur ji.
 Then make up Thakur ji and then show Thakur ji a mirror.
 After seeing Thakur ji's smiling face in the mirror, then Thakur ji starts offering Rajbhog.
 In this way mother-in-law went on the journey after explaining all the service rules to the daughter-in-law.

Now daughters-in-law started the service work of Thakur ji in the same way as the mother-in-law had explained.
 Woke up Thakur ji, bathed him, dressed him and showed him a mirror.
 Mother-in-law had said that after seeing Thakur ji smiley face in the mirror, impose Rajbhog.
 On seeing the face of Thakur ji in the mirror, Bahu felt very suspicious.
 Daughter-in-law thought that maybe I have made a mistake in service, then Thakur ji's smiley face is not visible in the mirror.
 Daughter-in-law again showed Thakur ji a bath and shows mirror.
 But the smiley face of Thakur ji was not visible.
 Daughter-in-law then realized that there might have been some mistake again.
 Daughter-in-law again showed Thakur ji a bath and shows mirror.
 When Thakur ji was not smiled, daughter-in-law again bathed Thakur ji.
 While doing so, daughter-in-law bathed Thakur ji 12 times.
 Every time she showed a mirror but did not see Thakur ji's smiley face.
 Now daughter-in-law made preparations to bathe Thakurji again on 13th.

Now Thakur ji thought that if she did not show his face with smile then it would be bathing all day today.
 Now daughter-in-law dressed Thakur ji in bathed clothes and showed him a mirror.
 Now as soon as Bahu showed the mirror to Thakur ji, Thakur ji laughed with his charming dim smile.
 Daughter-in-law was satisfied that now Thakur ji accepted my service.
 Now it became a daily rule Thakur ji used to laugh everyday.
 While doing service, it has become so that whenever Daughter-in-law goes to Thakur's room, Thakur ji starts laughing.

After some time mother-in-law returned.
 Mother-in-law said to Thakur ji that if God has forgiven you for any lack of service, then I have come now and I will worship you with great care.
 Then mother-in-law saw that Thakur ji laughed and said that there is no shortage in your service, you do very beautiful service, but I have to do the service of showing mirror by your daughter-in-law.

............. I laugh at this excuse............

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