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Sri Rameshwar Jyotirlinga

| Sri Rameshwar Jyotirlinga ||


This Jyotirlinga was founded by Maryada Purushottam Lord Sriramandraji. Its glory is described in detail in Skandapurana. This story is told about it - when Lord Sri Ramandraji was going to attack Lanka, he worshiped it by making a Shivling from the sand of the sea.

It is also said that Lord Rama was drinking water while staying at this place, that there was a voice in the sky that you drink water without worshiping me? Hearing this speech, Lord Shri Ram made a Shiva lingam from the sand and worshiped it and asked Lord Shiva to win the victory over Ravana. Mahadeva gave this boon to Lord Shri Ram with pleasure. Lord Shiva also accepted everyone's request to reside there as a Jyotirlinga for public welfare. Since then this Jyotirlinga sits here.

A second story about this Jyotirlinga is said in this way -

 When Lord Shri Ram was returning after killing Ravana, he made his first stop on the Gandhamadan mountain across the sea. There many sages and saints came to see Lord Shri Ram. Honoring them all, Lord Rama told them that due to the kill of Ravana, a descendant of Pulasya, I have been charged with the sin of brahmahatyaa , you  theologian tell me some way of absolutness . Hearing this, all the sages and saints present there said with one voice that you should establish the Shivling here. With this you will get rid of the sin of killing Brahman.

Lord Shri Ram, accepting this, ordered Hanumanji to go to Mount Kailas and bring Shivalinga from there. Hanumanji reached there immediately but he did not see Lord Shiva there at that time. So they started doing penance by sitting there to get their darshan. After some time, Hanumanji returned with Shivling after getting the darshan of Shiva, but by then, the work of establishing the linga had been done by Sitaji here in the hope of passing away auspicious time.

Hanumanji was very sad to see all this. He narrated his agony to Lord Shri Ram. God told Hanumanji that the reason for the establishment of the first linga is that if you want, remove this linga from here and remove it. Hanumanji started getting rid of that linga with great pleasure, but even after doing a lot of attempt, he did not moved own place.

In the end, he tried to uproot the Shivling by wrapping it in his tail, yet he remained unmoved as ever. On the contrary, Hanuman ji fell on
by pushing and became unconscious . Seeing that blood started flowing from his body, all the people got very upset. Mother Sita started crying mournfully on the body of her Hanuman, beloved of her son.

When the unconsciousness was removed, Hanumanji saw Lord Shri Ram as the ultimate brahma. God enlightened him by telling him the glory of Shankar. The linga brought by Hanumanji was also established nearby.

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Mahadev took the test of Arjun

Mahadev took the test of Arjun

 The Pandavas lost their royalty in the gambling game organized by Duryodhana at Hastinapur. Together they lost the Draupadi who was dignity of his family . After Krishna's intervention, the members of the king's assembly , who were religious, condemned the incident to follow the truth. After heavy opposition in the gathering, Dhritarashtra wanted to return everything to the Pandavas. But Shakuni again did a tricky trick. The game of gambling was once again played due to Duryodhana's dogma. This time also the Pandavas lost. The conqueror Duryodhana told his condition to the Pandavas in front of the whole assembly. According to the condition of Duryodhana, the Pandavas were to spend 12 years in exile and one year in exile.

The Pandavas had to wander from here and there during their 12 years of exile. The Pandavas wanted to avenge their insults to the Kauravas.
 This required raising power.

 Sri Sri Krishna advised Arjuna to get Pashupatastra from Mahadev. Then what was Arjun doing intense penance of Shiva and achieved Pashupastra.

 The four years of Pandavas, wandering here and there, passed the exile. The fifth year proved to be very important for Arjun. He  away from his brothers and went to the penance of Shiva in the snowy valleys of Uttarakhand.

The motive was to obtain Pashupastra from Shiva. From Badrinath, on the way to Swargarahini, a place named Chakratirtha falls.
 It is said that archer Arjuna did penance there to get Pashupastra from Shiva. But Arjuna was quite arrogant about his archery. So Shiva decided to take Arjun's exam.
 Here Duryodhana came to know about the penance of Arjuna. Then Duryodhana began to worry a lot, he wanted to dissolve Arjuna's penance in some way. He asked the monster named Muk to break Arjuna's penance and kill him. Muk demon visits the austerity site to kill Arjuna by taking the form of a wild pig.
 Suddenly Arjun was distracted after hearing a loud voice towards him.

Arjuna angrily picked up the Gandiva bow and released an arrow on the boar.
 When Arjun reached the boar, there was a Bhil standing in front.
 And there were two arrows sunk in the pig's body.
 To decide who was the hunter of killed boar - there was a fierce battle between Bhil and Arjuna.
 Arjuna fainted while fighting. When he regained consciousness, he found Bhil smiling in front. Arjun felt that he could not be an ordinary

He started to remember Mahadev in his mind repeatedly.

 Shivji appeared to Arjuna in his real form and told that he composed this Leela only for the destruction of Arjuna's ego. Arjuna's penance was successful and he got Pashupastra. After this Arjuna met his brothers.

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I laugh at this excuse

🐾I laugh at this excuse

 There was a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

🐾Mother-in-law, Thakur ji daily served with full rules and reverence.

🐾One day in winter season, mother-in-law had to go out of the city due to some reason.

Mother-in-law thought that by taking Thakur ji with him, his service-worship would may not be done on the way.
 Mother-in-law thought that the task of serving Thakur ji will now have to be given to the daughter-in-law, but the daughter-in-law has no idea how to serve Thakur Ji.
 Mother-in-law called the daughter-in-law and explained how to serve Thakur Ji.
 How to shows love to Thakur ji
Mother-in-law explained to the daughter-in-law that I am going on a journey and now you have to do all the work of worshiping Thakur ji.
 Mother-in-law explained to the daughter-in-law and woke up to Thakur Ji in the morning by ringing the bell three times.
 Then offer thakur ji to Mangal bhoga.
 Then Thakur ji got a bath.
 Dressing Thakur ji.
 Then make up Thakur ji and then show Thakur ji a mirror.
 After seeing Thakur ji's smiling face in the mirror, then Thakur ji starts offering Rajbhog.
 In this way mother-in-law went on the journey after explaining all the service rules to the daughter-in-law.

Now daughters-in-law started the service work of Thakur ji in the same way as the mother-in-law had explained.
 Woke up Thakur ji, bathed him, dressed him and showed him a mirror.
 Mother-in-law had said that after seeing Thakur ji smiley face in the mirror, impose Rajbhog.
 On seeing the face of Thakur ji in the mirror, Bahu felt very suspicious.
 Daughter-in-law thought that maybe I have made a mistake in service, then Thakur ji's smiley face is not visible in the mirror.
 Daughter-in-law again showed Thakur ji a bath and shows mirror.
 But the smiley face of Thakur ji was not visible.
 Daughter-in-law then realized that there might have been some mistake again.
 Daughter-in-law again showed Thakur ji a bath and shows mirror.
 When Thakur ji was not smiled, daughter-in-law again bathed Thakur ji.
 While doing so, daughter-in-law bathed Thakur ji 12 times.
 Every time she showed a mirror but did not see Thakur ji's smiley face.
 Now daughter-in-law made preparations to bathe Thakurji again on 13th.

Now Thakur ji thought that if she did not show his face with smile then it would be bathing all day today.
 Now daughter-in-law dressed Thakur ji in bathed clothes and showed him a mirror.
 Now as soon as Bahu showed the mirror to Thakur ji, Thakur ji laughed with his charming dim smile.
 Daughter-in-law was satisfied that now Thakur ji accepted my service.
 Now it became a daily rule Thakur ji used to laugh everyday.
 While doing service, it has become so that whenever Daughter-in-law goes to Thakur's room, Thakur ji starts laughing.

After some time mother-in-law returned.
 Mother-in-law said to Thakur ji that if God has forgiven you for any lack of service, then I have come now and I will worship you with great care.
 Then mother-in-law saw that Thakur ji laughed and said that there is no shortage in your service, you do very beautiful service, but I have to do the service of showing mirror by your daughter-in-law.

............. I laugh at this excuse............

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 God has made man very superior by adding the qualities of humanity. This quality separates us from all the creatures on the earth, because all the other castes eliminate other castes to preserve their existence, but cannot protect them. God has given that power to us humans, in which we can also provide protection to our different creatures with our caste. That quality is called humanity.

.Let us understand this thing very well through this story ..

.A farmer had many puppies, so he wanted to sell some puppies. He put a board of sale outside the house.
 One day a ten-year-old child came to the farmer's door and said, "I want to buy a puppy." How much will you give a puppy?

.The farmer said, "A puppy is worth two hundred rupees.

 Hearing this, the boy said, "I have only a hundred rupees." I will pay the rest of the price by giving you 25 rupees every month. Can you give me a puppy
 The farmer took a hundred rupees and used the whistle to call the puppies. Four small puppies came out.
 The child caressed a puppy. Suddenly, he saw the fifth puppy. He was walking limp.

I want that puppy, ”the child said.
 But he won't even be able to play with you. It has a bad leg.
 No problem. I like that puppy. This is what I need, the child said.
 Then you take it away. No need to pay for this - the farmer said
 No, this puppy is equally important and I will give you its full price, ”the child said.
 But why do you want this puppy? While there are so many more puppies - the farmer said

So that there is someone to understand and share his pain. So that he does not think himself alone in the world. Saying this, the child picked up the puppy and went back.
 When the boy started going, the farmer noticed that the child also wore a special shoe in one leg.
 The farmer started thinking that one can know the sorrow of the injured only suffering from injured.
 In this story, the boy bought that lame puppy because he knew the sorrow of that puppy. That boy himself was also limp with one leg.
 So instead of taking healthy and beautiful puppies, he chose lame puppies.


 Grief is the biggest extract of our life.


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|| Shri Nageshwar Jyotirlinga ||

|| Shri Nageshwar Jyotirlinga ||

 This famous Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva is located about 17 miles from Dwarkapuri in Gujarat province. The scriptures of the philosophy of this sacred Jyotirlinga are told in great glory. It has been said that the one who will listen to the story of its origin and greatness devoutly, will get rid of all sins and enjoy all the pleasures and in the end will attain the ultimate holy abode of Lord Shiva.

In connection with this Jyotirlinga, this story is described by the Puranas-

 There was a big religious and virtuous Vaishya (buissnesman) named Supriya. He was an exclusive devotee of Lord Shiva. He was constantly engrossed in their worship, worship and meditation. He used to do all his work by offering it to Lord Shiva. With mind, speech and deeds, he was completely immersed in Shivarchan(worship of Shiva). Due to his devotion to Shiva, a demon named Daruk very aggressive with him.

He did not like this worship of Lord Shiva in any way. He constantly tried to make sure obstacles of Shiva's worship . Once, Supriya was going on a boat and going somewhere. The evil demon Daruk, seeing this opportune occasion, attacked the boat. He captured all the passengers in the boat and took him to his capital and imprisoned him. According to his routine in the Supriya prison, he started worshiping Lord Shiva.

He also began to inspire other devout travelers to Shiva devotion. When Daruk heard this news about Supriya from his servants, he became extremely angry and came to that prison. At that time, Supriya was sitting with both eyes closed at the feet of Lord Shiva. Seeing this pose of that Supriya , the Monster scolding him in a very fierce voice said- 'Hey wicked Vaishya! You are closing your eyes and thinking what there are the fuss and conspiracies here at this time? Even after he said this, the meditation of the divine Shiva devotee Supriya was not broken. Now Daruk monster got completely mad from  anger. He immediately ordered his followers to kill Supriya and all the other prisoners. Supriya was not at all distracted and frightened by his order.

He started praying to Lord Shiva for the liberation of himself and other prisoners from the concentrated mind. He had full faith that my adorable Lord Shiva would definitely rid me of this disaster. Hearing his prayer, Lord Shankarji immediately appeared as a Jyotirlinga, situated on a shining throne in a high place in that prison.

In this way, he appeared to Supriya and also gave him his Pashupat-astra. With this weapon, after killing the demon Daruk and his assistant, Supriya went to Shivdham. This Jyotirlinga was named Nageshwar according to the order of Lord Shiva.

  ♥♥ Om Har Har Mahadev♥♥

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Story of Shaktipeeth

✨✨********* Story of Shaktipeeth ********* ✨✨

✨ Meaning of Shaktipeeth✨

 Shaktipeeth, Devipeeth or Siddhapeeth provide knowledge of the places where Shakti Rupa is the establishment (abode) of the Goddess. It is believed that these Shaktipeeths are going to give all good fortune to man. Just as Lord Shankar emerged as a stone linga in various pilgrimages for the welfare of human beings, similarly Karunamayi (Compassionate) Devi is also seated in various pilgrimages as in stones form on Shaktipeeths to grace the devotees.

✨Dakshaprajapati had a bad attitude towards Shiva  ✨

 Dakshaprajapati pleased Parambaa Jagadambika after doing austerities for thousands of years and asked him the boon to be born in his daughter form.  With the blessing of Parashakti, Dakshayani was born in the house of Daksaprajapati and the girl was named 'Sati'.  She was married to Lord Shiva.  Daksha's mind awaking against towards Shiva.  That is why Dakshaprajapati invited all the gods in his yajna, but did not invite Shiva.
 Sati wanted to give proper advice to the father due to this mental anguish, but Shiva was not commanding him to go to the father's house because he was not invited.  After somehow she persuaded her husband, Sati reached the place of yajna and started convincing her father.  But Daksha bluntly said - "Shiv is an incompatible form.  You have also become incompatible in his contiguity . '

मया कृतो देवयाग: प्रेतयागो न चैव हि।

देवानां गमनं यत्र तत्र प्रेतविवर्जित:।। (शिवपुराण)

Maya Krito Devayagh Pretayago na chaiv hi.

  Devanam gamanam yatra tatra havivarjith (Shivpuran)

That is, I have done Devyajan , not a phantomyajan. Phantom cannot go where there is movement of gods. Your husband is the lord of ghosts, monsters , vampires, so I have not called him. '
 Mahamaya Sati thought it appropriate to abandon the body associated with that father when the father insulted the husband. It is only by the austerity and worship of the creature that he gets the privilege of giving birth to power, but if ego and pranks arise in the middle, then power breaks the relationship with him. Then he has the same situation as that of Daksha Prajapati.

In anger at the father's disdain, Sati exalted (manifested) her own form of Chhayasati (illusion form) and submerged her Chinmaysawrupa (delightful form) in the fiery flame of the yajna. Lord Shankar became enraged after knowing the news of Sati's entry into the Yagyagni by Shiva's followers and Naradji. He dislodged a jata (bunch of hair) from his head and gave it to the mountain, causing it to split into two part. Bhadrakali appeared from one part and Veerabhadra from the other. Yagya was destroyed by him. All the gods went to Shiva and praised him. Ashutosh Shiva himself reached the place of yajan (Kankhal-Haridwar). Shiva completed the yagna by removing all the obstacles , but seeing Sati's body, he fell in love with her. Although Sati's body was dead, it was the abode of superpower. Lord Shankar of Ardhanarishwar was engaged in that superpower by him. Therefore, because of being fascinated, Shiva could not leave the dead body.

✨  Doing a Tandava dance of Lord Shankar with the dead body of Sati.✨

 The Lord Shankar dancing with Chhayasati dead body,he had sometimes dancing on the head, sometimes in the right hand, sometimes in the left hand, sometimes on the shoulder, and lovingly with the heart, began to dance while trembling the earth with the stroke of his feet - '”Lord Shankar was dancing frantically. Suffering from Shiva's feet, tortoise and Sheshnag began to leave the earth. Due to Shiva's dance, heavy winds started blowing, due to which trees and mountains trembled. There was a catastrophe everywhere. The sages started complaining on the orders of Brahma. The gods were worried about what kind of calamity came. How will this world destroyer Rudra be peaceful?

✨ Lord Vishnuji cursed by Lord Shankar.✨

 Knowing the discus of the world, Gods and Lord Vishnu wanted to free the body of superpower Sati from Shiva. Lord Vishnu made peace of lord Shiva sorrow. Lord Vishnu knew very well the body of Sati is the abode of fascination and eternal powers. Thinking that Shreevishnu had broken Chhayasati body in 51 part by Sudarshan Chakra.
 Lord Shankar cursed Vishnu and said - "In Tretayuga, Vishnu will have to be born in Suryavansha (the Sun Clan) on earth. Just as I had to become a parting of wife , similarly Raksharaj Ravan will kidnap Vishnu's wife and make him disjunctive . Vishnu, like me, will be disturbed by grief. '

✨ Appearance of Shaktipeeths ✨

 Various parts of Sati's dead body and the jewelery worn in them fell at 51 places, making them known as Shaktipeeths. On the part where the parts above the heart of Sati felt , there is accomplishment (fulfillment) of Vedic and Dakshinamaargi, and in the place of degeneration of the organs below the heart there is accomplish fulfillment of vaammaargi.

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* --------------- True Bliss ------------------ *

 A beggar went to beg a farmer's house,

 The woman of the farmer was in the house, she made bread of gram.

 The farmer came, he kissed the face of his children, the woman washed their hands and feet, he sat down to eat bread.

The woman put a handful of gram beggar, the beggar walked away with gram.
 On the way, he started thinking: "Do we have any life?" Walk around asking like a dog all day, then have to make it ourselves.
 Look at this farmer, what a beautiful house, there is wife, children in the house. Produces food on its own, loves food with children, in fact it is a happy farmer.

Here the farmer used to eat bread and said to his woman: -
 “The Neela bull has become very old, now he does not work in any way, if I gets a few rupees from the any where then this year will work.
 I will go to Sadhoram Mahajan, he will give me money on interest. "
 After taking food, he went to Sadhoram Mahajan, after pleading for very long. After then Saadho was agree to pay money for own condition on behalf of 1 rupee interest rate at per 100 rupee.

From an iron vault, Sadhoram took out a bag and counted it and gave the money to the farmer.
 The farmer walked to his house with money, he started thinking on the way- "We are also some man. Not even cash Rs. 5 in the house. On requesting how much he gave the money.
  Sadhoram he how is rich, has hundreds of rupees on him. He is really a happy man.
 Sadhoram used to do a small shop, he used to bring clothes from a big shop and sell it.
 The next day Sadhoram went to get clothes, took clothes from Seth Prithvi Chand's shop there.

He was sitting there in such a that time, many telegram came some from Bombay, some from Calcutta, some had written 5 lakhs profit, some one lakhs.
 Sadho Mahajan kept watching all this, he went with the cloth.
 On the way, he started thinking, "We too are some men, a hundred and two hundred rupee joined then we are called Mahajan."
 How is Prithvi Chand, the benefit of millions in a day "he is really happy."
 On the other hand, Prithvi Chand was sitting in the house. At same time a telegram was come that there was a loss of 5 lakhs. They were worried that the servant said: -
 Today there is a feast at Raybahadur Seth home, you have to go. The motor is ready. ”Prithvi Chand boarded the motor and went to Raibhadur’s bungalow.

There were gold and silver chairs lying there, the Collector-the Commissioner was shaking hands with Raibahadur, bigs Seth was standing,
 Who asked Prithvi Chand Seth there, he also sat in a chair.
 Many Lat Sahab(Land Lord's) came, shaking hands with Raibahadur, drank tea with him and went away.
 Prithvi Chand was returning in his motor, thinking on the way, we too are afraid of loss of 5 lakhs, how saucy of Raibahadur is there. Many Lat saheb
shake hand with him. Really Raibahadur is happy person.

Now here after leaving guests , Raibahadur got a headache,  biger to biger doctor came in a room.
 Many telegram had come together for losses, he also worried, remembered the business, theywere worried… They looked out of the window and saw a beggar going in his fun with a stick in his hand. .
 Raibahadur saw him and said: "he is really happy, it does not worry about loss nor profit, it does not even have to give the party to Lat Saheb. That's he is happy.

 * The meaning of telling this story is so much, that we consider each other happy. Who really is happy knows only those who have inner peace.

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|| Shri Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga ||

|| Shri Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga ||

 This story is told about its establishment - Once Rakshasraj Ravana went to the Himalayas to do austerities to get darshan of Lord Shiva.

He cut off his head one by one and started offering it to Shivalinga. Thus he cut off his nine heads and offered them there. When he was ready to cut his tenth and final head, Lord Shiva appeared in front of him, very pleased and satisfied. Holding the hand of Ravana, who was trying to cut the head, they stopped him from doing so. He also added his nine heads as before and, being very happy, asked him to ask for the boons.

Ravana, as a boon , asked Lord Shiva permission to take that Shivling to his capital Lanka. Lord Shiva gave him this boon but also imposed a condition with him. He said, you can take Shivling but if you place it somewhere on the way, then it will become immovable there, you will not be able to lift it again.

Ravana accepted this and picked up the Shivling and left for Lanka. On the way, he felt the need to toilet  in journey . He held the Shivling in the hands of an aheer (Lord Ganesha) and went for freeing toilet problem . That Ahir felt the weight of Shivling too much and he could not handle it. Forced, he placed the Shivling on the ground.

When Ravana came back, even after trying hard, he could not lift the Shivling in any way. Finally, after getting tired, after making a mark of his thumb on that holy Shivling, he left it there and returned to Lanka. After that the gods like Brahma, Vishnu etc. came there and worshiped that Shiva Linga. In this way, they returned to their respective dhams(destination) by doing his honor there. This Jyotirlinga is known as 'Shri Vaidyanath'.

This ShriVaidyanath-Jyotirlinga is about to give eternal results . It is eleven fingers high. It has a thumb-shaped girdle on top of it. It is said that this is the mark that Ravana made from his thumb. There is a law to offer water to pilgrims from far and wide. The glory of this Jyotirlinga is very famous for the cure of disease.

It is told in the Puranas that a person who visits this Jyotirlinga gets rid of all his sins. The grace of Lord Shiva remains on him forever. The physical, divine, physical troubles do not come to him, by the grace of Lord Shankar, they gets rid of all obstacles and all diseases. They attains the ultimate peaceful Shivdham.

Devotees and love of God

(A Beautiful Story - Love of Shri Krishna and Vidur) 

Lord Sri Krishna went to the Kaurava assembly as the peacekeeper of the Pandavas to save the world from the war of Mahabharata.

There, he proposed to provide 5 villages to the Pandavas, but did not consider Duryodhana, but instead started boasting, Prabhu is also a leeladhari, showing him great form who they are and then when Duryodhana requested Lord Prabhu ! Come, have a meal, then Lord Shreekrishna telling them the three conditions of food (feeling, effect and absence) and rejecting that meal.

After telling this the Lord decided to go to the house of his uncle-aunt Mr. Vidur and Mrs. Vidurani, who had been waiting for many years.

From the day Shri Vidur Vidurani saw Thakur for the first time (after the appearance of the Lord), she wished that he would come home one day.

Today it is as if God has run to give the results of a lifetime of penance to both of them.


It is early morning, Shri Vidur ji Maharaj, who laid down his life waiting for the Lord to come home, is not at home today, while the Lord is coming.
 Vidurani is taking bath.


God knocked on the door and said: Aunty! O aunty!
 (See, His compassion Nirgun Brahm is today connecting himself with his devotees and see the good fortune of Shri Vidurani ji. Lord himself is standing at the door waiting to see if  open the door then I can enter. That Shri Krishna  whose dhama(Residence) in there are many place where the incoming gods also lose while waiting for his darshan, today Shreekrishna are standing by the door of Vidurani.)


Mrs. Vidurani ji ran on hearing Lord's voice and opens the door without wearing any clothes.
 Did she see that Srikrishna, aged 75 years, is still looking like a young teenager of 16 years. What a beautiful look he has ... curly hair, earrings in earlobes, armlet in hands , necklaces, golden crowns on foreheads, sweet smile on his face, anklets at the feet,  Shyam Sunder who is wearing yellow peetamber,now he is standing at my door today.


Today, as if she coming without clothes, Vidurani's mother gave the proof that this physical body has no importance in the union of Jiva-Shiva. But by obeying the dignity of the woman, the Lord immediately put his yellow Pitamber on Vidurani.
 It is as if the fire of seperation has found its calm today, the lover has met the beloved.
 Mother brought the Lord inside by holding the finger.

Breathing is fast, arms and legs are inactive, tears are shedding in the eyes, bliss is not able to dissolve in the body, blood is running fast in the veins of the body, she has lost consciousness of what to do. ??
 Where should I sit them,what should I feed it or sit and say my mind and listen to them.


Devlok is watching all with compassionate vision and is not tired of appreciating the good fortune of Shri Vidur-Vidurani.


Now when little consciousness arose Vidurani said: Lala! I kept waiting for you every day, always kept refreshing butter, kept looking at you, laying eyelids, I and your uncle kept standing at the door every day and saw that the Dwarikadish must come today, but you have not come.


Today I have not even removed the butter and you have come, what will I feed my heart now.
 Prabhu said: Kaki, whatever is in the house… bring only , why do you think so much.
 Vidurani went and had only bananas in the house to offer to him , she started feeding Thakur and has forgotten senses herself so much that she is feeding with the peels except left the original part. And see Kanha too that he too is in love ..They are eating those peels with pleasure.
 Mother even laid the stall upside down to sit, but look at the ease of those God that they sat at the same stall without saying anything.

In this way Vidurji Maharaj came from the market and said: Kanhaiya! you ! Just then the word did not come on the mouth . He behold with a glance as if the poor had got the wealth of a lifetime.


When the consciousness returned, he said to Vidurani: Why is feeding him the peels, his hands started stopping, then the Lord grabbed Vidurji's hand and said Kaka! The joy that I do not find in food made from palace. Then the peels that Kaki is giving today - I am getting that pleasure, do not stop them.


It is only meant to say that God has assured this creature that I will come, I will meet! But when I will meet, how I will meet and how long I will meet .. It is not told, but it is sure that they will definitely meet their dear devotees .. !!

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