Sunday, November 10, 2019

Radharani's power

* Shri Radhey… *🙌🏼🌷💐

 * Jai Jai Shri Radhey .... 🙌🏼🌷💐 *

 * 💮 !! ... Radharani's power ... !! 💮 *

 After Govardhan Leela, the name of * Sri Krishna * of the entire Brajmandal began to be discussed, all the Brajwasis were cheering * Shri Krishna * and singing his glory. There was a discussion of * Shri Krishna * among the Gopis of Braj. There were some gopis and gopis gathered at one place and this discussion was going on, when one gop Madhumangala said, what is the specialty of * Shri Krishna * in this, we can do this work also.

Sakhi Lalita of * Radharani * was also present there. She immediately said, "Yes, yes, you have seen your merit, when * Shri Krishna * raised the mountain, you all put your sticks under the mountain and took a hand from Kanha. It was said that Kanha had twisted her fingers a bit and had broken all her sticks, then this was what you all said together * Kanha * handle you, then * Kanha * took over the mountain. ".

Hearing this, Madhumangal said, "Yes, I agree that * Kanha * handled it, but we tried what you did !!"

On hearing this, Lalita said, "Yes, I have seen the power of your Kanha too, I have done nothing but our friend * Radharani * did it"
 Madhumangal said, "Well, what did Radharani * do?
 Lalita replied "The mountain was raised by our * Radharani *, * Shri Krishna * is just named".

Hearing this, all the gop sakha started laughing and said "Lo ji, where did this * Radharani * come from, raised the mountain * Kanha *, pain in hand * Kanha *, stood in one place for the whole seven days * Kanha, * No hungry  Worried about thirst, no feeling of fatigue, no pain, everything did * Kanha * and where came in between * Radharani *

 Then Lalita says, when Kanha raised the mountain, at that time, you guys said something else, otherwise you would also have known that the mountain was raised by our Radharani "or hearing all the Gopaskha said" in such a catastrophic situation and go  What we had to die, we were the shelter of one Krishna who protected everyone's life. "
Lalita said "Even then you did not know that the mountain was raised by our * Radharani *" All Gopasakha said "We have not seen anything like that" then Lalita said "Well tell me how * Kanha * raised the mountain. ".

 Madhumangal said * "Kanha * had lifted the mountain with his left hand, there was no need of right hand"

Then Lalita said, "Then I say that our * Radharani * raised the mountain, not * Shri Krishna *, if * Shri Krishna * raised the mountain with his power, he raised it with the right hand but he raised the mountain with the left hand, because any  The right side of the man is his own and the left part symbolizes the woman, when * Kanha * raised the mountain then he remembered * Sri Radharani * and then raised the mountain, that's why he  Scope Mount raised left hand, * the remembrance of Krishna * Sri Radharani * by holding the mountain become his strength. "  Now no one * Balagopal * had any answer to this argument of Lalita, all went into silence and Lalita went away from * Radhe-Radhe * humming.

 It is true that Radhe Rani is the primordial power of Lord * Shri Krishna *, whenever Lord Krishna did any special work, first remembered his power, * Shri Radharani always remained with * Shri Krishna * as the power of Shri Krishna *, hence  It is said that if you want to attain * Shri Krishna * then you should please * Shri Radharani *.  Where * Radharani * will be there, * Shri Krishna * comes on his own.  This is why devotees take Radha's name before * Shri Krishna *.

 * Jai Shree Radharani… * 🙌🏼🌷💐

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