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Prabodhini Ekadashi

Prabodhini Ekadashi

Lord Shri Krishna said: O Arjuna! I narrate the conversation between Narada and Brahmaji regarding the 'Prabodhini Ekadashi' of Shuklapaksha of Kartik month, which liberates you.

 Once Naradji asked Brahmaji: 'O father! What is the result of 'Prabodhini Ekadashi' fast, please kindly tell me all this in detail. '
Brahma said: O son! The thing which is difficult to meet in Trilok, that thing also meets the 'Prabodhini Ekadashi' fast of Shuklapaksha of Kartik month. Due to the effect of this fast, many bad deeds done before birth are destroyed in a moment. Hey son A person who reverently does a little virtue on this day, his immortality becomes as stable as a mountain. His father goes to Vishnuloka. Great sins such as brahmahatya are also destroyed by awakening at night on Prabodhini Ekadashi.

Hey Narada! A man must observe this Ekadashi fast of Kartik month to please God. A person who observes this Ekadashi fast is wealthier, yogi, ascetic and winner of the senses, because Ekadashi is very dear to Lord Vishnu.
On this day of Ekadashi, human beings who donate, meditate on the attainment of God, tapa, home, yajna (Goddess jaap is also the ultimate sacrifice. 'Yajnam japayyagyanosmi'. In yajna, chanting is my form. '- Srimad Bhagavadgita), etc., they get unseen virtue.
 Therefore, O Narada! You should also worship Lord Vishnu in a systematic way. On this Ekadashi, a person should get up in Brahmamuhurta and take a pledge of fast and worship. The night should be spent near the Lord performing songs, dances, stories and kirtans.

On the day of Prabodhini Ekadashi, one should worship God with flowers, naivaidhya, incense, etc., and offer prayers to God. Its results is many times more than that of pilgrimage and charity etc.
 Those who worship Lord Vishnu with flowers of rose, flowers of Bakul and Ashoka, flowers of white and red Kaner, from Durvadal, from Shamipatra, from Champakpushp, they are missed by the cycle of movement. In this way, after worshiping the Lord in the night, after bathing in the morning and praying to the Lord, one should worship the Guru and leave his fast by giving Dakshina to the virtuous and holy Brahmins.

Those who renounce any thing in the Chaturmasya fast, should reclaim it from this day. Those who do a systematic fast on the day of Prabodhini Ekadashi, get eternal happiness and finally go to heaven.

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