Thursday, November 14, 2019

Name of lord shiva

Three major names of Lord Shiva… Shiva, Shambhu and Shankar

Lord Shankar is the greatest ethic because he is the original source of all disciplines, Veda, scriptures, Agams and arts. Therefore, he has been called the God of pure science, learning and all beings. Lord Shiva is also the last resting place of all the lovers. Their blast power arises for the welfare of the creatures. Whenever the religion is opposed and the policy path is violated, the welfare Shiva grants it to him.

Lord Shiva and his name is the origin of all the mangalas and the antithesis of the amangals. Shiva, Shambhu and Shankar, these three names are their main and all three means - the birthplace of the ultimate welfare, Kalyanamay, Mangalamay and Param Shanthamaya as a whole.

Lord Shiva is the father of all and Bhagwati Parvati is called Jagjanani and Jagadamba. He has infinite compassion and kindness on his child. His name is Ashutosh. Grateful and generous are such that the name has been given His innocence is very much liked by the devotees. It is Bhole Baba's nature to grace without reason, to love his child. Who else can be a welfare and public protector like him.

Kalkut poison came out from the sea, whose flames caused havoc in all the three worlds. All beings started going into the trap of deaths , there was no such ability to absorb the Kalkut poison. The responsibility of protecting the subjects was with the Prajapatigans , but when they too became unable, all went to Shankarji's shelter and submitted their sorrow.

What could be a more welfare, educative, exemplary policy than what Lord Shankar said to Goddess Parvati at that time. Seeing the creatures suffering from poison and suffering, God said- 'Devi! These poor creatures are very distraught. They have come to me with a desire to save their lives. It is my duty that I abbey them because the only objective of their ability is to follow them both.

Sadhus, moral people also protect their living beings by sacrificing their fleeting lives.  Kalyani!  The one who gives blessings to the male beings, is satisfied with the Supreme Lord Shri Hari and on which he becomes satisfied, I and the entire world also are satisfied. '

Lord Shiva is himself a moral man. Through his discussion, he has taught the Jiva not to have any accession, to be detached from opulence and splendor, contentment, self-control, saintliness, simplicity, devotion to truth, contemplation of his duty and chanting of eternal name. All these are his ideal adherent policies.

To protect the living beings by sacrificing their lives, to always be engaged in contemplating their interests - what could be a greater policy. The merciful Shiva did all this. "I drink this poison so that my subjects are interested." Saying this, they drank the poison and called it Neelkanth. All the three worlds were saved.

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