Friday, November 1, 2019

Incident related to Mirabai

'I have heard that there is only one man in Vrindavan ...'

 Vrindavan has been the land of Lord Krishna.

 Sri Krishna is accommodated in every particle of Vrindavan.

 Regarding such a place, it is said that "there is only one man here and all the other women", you will probably be surprised to hear.

 But this is completely true, and this is not what Meeraji, an exclusive devotee of Krishna, says.

 There is a very beautiful story in this context.

 Once Meera came to Vrindavan from Dwarka.
 There was a group of sages and saints with Meera ji, which also had many women.
 Due to evening, not everyone thought it appropriate to go ahead.

 Meera Ji said that Jeeva Goswami Ji's ashram is nearby.
 All people reached the ashram of Jeeva Goswami.

 Goswami's servant stopped Meera's group outside the ashram.
 The servant said that Goswami does not meet any woman.

 Listening to the servant, Meera ji smiled and wrote a letter and gave it to the servant.

 The servant reached Goswami with that letter.

 On reading the letter, Goswami came out running and started apologizing to Meera Ji.

 Meera Ji wrote in the letter,
 'I have heard that there is only one man in Vrindavan, Shri Krishna, but all others do devotion to Shri Krishna in the gopi sense.

 I do not know if any man other than Krishna is present in Vrindavan. '

 The essence of this statement of Meera Ji is also found in the Gita.

ShreeKrishna says
 'This world is nature ie woman and I am the only man who is divine.
 I am the one who conducts the world cycle by establishing seeds in nature.

 Therefore, it is foolish to distinguish man and woman.

 After death, a man or woman becomes free from all gender differences. '

 Ardhanarishwar form of Lord Shiva also gives the knowledge that the distinction between man and woman is ignorance.

 He who distinguishes them insults God.
 In order to attain God, it is necessary to renounce the discrimination between men and women and keep equality in everyone.

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