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The story of Bankebihari's temple in Vrindavan

The story of Bankebihari's temple in Vrindavan

There is a black colored statue of Bihari in the Bankebihari Ji temple in Vrindavan.  There is a belief about this statue that this statue contains Sakshat Shrikrishna and Radhaji, so the mere results of their visit brings the results of Radha-Krishna's visitations. The legend and the leela of the appearance of this statue is very interesting and amazing, so every year on the fifth date of Margashirsha month, Bankebihari manifesto is celebrated in the Bankebihari temple.Legend of the appearance of Bankebihari ji, is related to Swami Haridas ji who is Guru of Tansen. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Shri Krishna.

Sitting in Nidhivan, the seat of near the Shri Krishna, located in Vrindavan, they used to get  wooed by his music for Shreekrishna. Haridas ji, immersed in devotion to the Lord, used to get absorbed in the Lord whenever he sang songs. Lord Shri Krishna came in front of them with his devotion and singing. Haridas ji became enchanted and began to caress Shri Krishna. One day one of his disciples said that you alone get the benefit of Shri Krishna's visit, let us also have a vision of Shyaam sundar . After this Haridas ji sank in devotion to Shri Krishna and started singing hymns.

The couple of Radha-Krishna appeared and suddenly there was a change in the tone of Haridas and

Song started 

भाई री सहज जोरी प्रकट भई,जुरंग की गौर स्याम घन दामिनी जैसे।प्रथम है हुती अब हूँ आगे हूँ रहि है न टरि है तैसे।अंग-अंग की उजकाई सुघराई चतुराई सुंदरता ऐसे।श्री हरिदास के स्वामी श्यामा पुंज बिहारी सम वैसे वैसे।

bhaee ree sahaj joree prakat bhee,jurang kee gaur syaam ghan daaminee jaise.pratham hai hutee ab hoon aage hoon rahi hai na tari hai taise.ang-ang kee ujakaee sugharaee chaturaee sundarata aise.shree haridaas ke svaamee shyaama punj bihaaree sam vaise vaise.

Shri Krishna and Radhaji desired to be near Haridas. Haridas Ji told Krishnaji that I am a saint, Lord. I will make you wear langaut(nappies) , but will bring Mother from ornaments regularly. Listening to the devotee, Shri Krishna smiled and the couple pair of Radha-Krishna appeared in unison as a Deity. Haridas ji named this Deity as 'Bankebihari'. This Deity is seen in the Banke Bihari temple. Both Radha and Krishna are included in the Deity of Banke Bihari, whoever sees this Deity of Shri Krishna, his wishes are fulfilled.

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