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Story of a Saint of Vrindavan

Story of a Saint of Vrindavan

Jai Jai Radhe Radhe🙏🙏
 In Sri Vrindavan there lived a saintly saint named Pujya Shri Sevadas Ji Maharaj. Shri Sevadas Ji Maharaj did not collect any item in his life. A loincloth, a kamandal, a garland and Shri Shaligram Ji used to keep it together. A small hut was made in which a beautiful coffer was kept. Very few saints used to do bhajan by sitting inside the hut, spending most of their time in bhajan under the tree. If a saint comes, he would give them easy access inside the hut. Once upon a time, a rogue person came there and had his eyes on the beautiful box kept inside the hut. He thought that the Mahatma must have received a treasure which is hidden here. What work of wealth does the Mahatma take? I will steal it as soon as I get a chance.

One day Babaji was doing bhajan behind the hut. Taking the opportunity, the thief entered the cottage and twisted the sandook. Another small box was placed inside that box. The thief also opened the box and saw that there was another small box inside it too. While doing so, he received several boxes and eventually received a small box. He opened the chest and was very sad to see. Only soil was kept in it. He was getting out of the hut, filled with great grief that at that time Shri Sevadas ji came there. Mr. Sevadas Ji said to the thief - Why are you so sad? The thief said - What soil does someone keep in such a beautiful box? You are very strange Mahatma.

Shri Sevadas Ji said - It is appropriate to keep the most valuable item in the box only. The thief said - what valuable item is this soil? Baba said - This is not ordinary soil, it is the holy Shri Vrindavan Raja. Many saints have attained Lord Krishna through the majesty of Raja here. Gods are also tempted to obtain this raja. The king here has a touch of the feet of Shri Krishna. Sri Krishna has kept this Raja in his Shrimukh. The thief did not understand much about Baba and started going out of the hut. Baba said - listen! You are going empty handed after suffering so much, you should get the fruits of hard work also. The thief said - Why do you laugh, do you even have to give?

Mr. Sevadas Ji said - I have nothing to give but this Braj Raj has the ability to provide everything. The thief said - what can soil give to anyone? If you have faith, then this kingdom can be mixed with God itself. It is your business to steal and if you go empty-handed from the Mahatma, then it is also not right. Take this Prasad while you go. Saying so, Mr. Sevadas Ji took a little Braj Raj and applied it on the forehead of the thief. As soon as Raja touched the forehead, he filled in a thief and started chanting the holy names of God - Shri Radha Krishna, Keshav, Govind Govind. His heart became clean and he fell at the feet of the Mahatma. The Mahatma made his life Krishnamay by giving him preaching of Harinam and saint service.

 Radhe Radhe🌹🌹

Raz means the soil that touches the feet of Shri Krishna.

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